Author: May Chang
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The Path Between + Chapter 7

I stretched lazily and blinked open my eyes only to drown in emerald ones. I smiled as Trowa leaned over and kissed me. Heero just snuggled up closer to my back and kissed my neck.

"Ready for another round?" Trowa purred. I opened my mouth to answer --


"Yuy! Barton! Maxwell!" Wufei marched in. "Get up now!"

"Oi! Wu, did you get up on the wrong side of Quatre?" I grumbled.

That earned me a glare from Wufei and a smile from Heero. ......OK, so I felt Heero smile. It's the same thing, people!


"OK, what is so damn important to wake us up at this ungodly hour?" I asked, giving Noin my best Yuy Death Glare I could make. It didn't work.

Noin gave me a grim look, then pointed at the window. Curious, I walked over to the window, looked out, and gasped.

Outside were the damn Kazarians. The whole damn army, parked right outside of the castle. A flash of white caught my eyes and I turned to see Lady Une's cloak billowing in the wind. She was screaming at one of the soldiers, and from here, it looked like she wasthreatening to do some very evil things to the guy.

"We're surrounded?" Heero asked, startling me to realize that he was right next to me. Trowa was also looking out of the window, face blank. Noin nodded grimly, running a hand through her bangs. My stomach chose that moment to announce itself. I blushed.

"Anou.... Could we at least eat first then talk about the psycho bitch from hell?" I complained. Heero, Trowa and Wufei looked at me as though I was insane. Quatre rolled his eyes and Noin just gave an exasperated sigh.


The first wave of attack came slightly after the noon meal. It was more of a probing attack, searching for a weakness. It's good to say that they didn't find any, and lost a couple hundred people in the process. From the towers, I could see Une was pretty pissed.

"Hn. When they said that the Peacemillion Guards were good, I didn't know that they were that good," Wufei said, looking at the soldiers with admiration. .....I wonder if he thinks of anything else besides fighting.

....oh wait, that's where Quatre comes in.

I sighed and turned to see what my two lovers where doing. Well, I see Heero is busy polishing the nicks out of his sword. ...But where the hell is --?

Something hit my head. I looked up and saw, to my utmost amazement, Trowa standing on a piece of rope, holding on to a bunch of stone. He looked down and smiled shyly at me. Then he jumped off and landed in front of me. I think I nearly had a heart attack.

"Trowa, it's not nice to scare Duo like that," Heero said, a glint of amusement in his eyes. "You may just get the floor tonight."

"You wouldn't do that to me, would you?" Trowa asked, giving me puppy eyes.

.....I'm such a sucker for puppy eyes....

Wufei rolled his eyes as I got a bit mushy with Trowa. "Please! Either pay attention or go get a room!" he growled, glaring at me and Trowa. I stuck out my tongue at the raven-haired fighter. Why does he have to be such a party-pooper??

.....oh yeah, because it's Wufei.........

......I wonder what'll happen if I got him drunk?

Oooh.... The possibilities..........

Oog. Trowa!!!! Quit elbowing me in the ribs!!!! That's it, you are getting the flo --

........damn, you are such a good kisser.

........smug bastard............


Well, the next day was just as dull. Une sends more probing attack, finds no weakness, destroys a few idiots and disappears. I was going out of my mind. I wanted some action, not just the kind you find in bed to two sweaty, sexy guys. Two very sexy, very fu --

Duo, must get back on track. No more sex thoughts for you.

.....but Heero and Trowa are just soo..........

No, Duo. Think something other than Heero and Trowa. Like, um, a naked Zechs.

No, that doesn't work. Naked, uh............

Aw, shit. Now I'm horny. Where the hell are Heero and Trowa?


Well, now I'm happy. After getting ravished by Trowa (and in a broom closet, no less!), I walked happily out and looked out at the Kazarians outside the walls. I was about to turn and find Heero when a flash of gold caught my eyes. I leaned over, making the archers there get pissed at me. I squinted my eyes and realized who I was staring at.

My happy mood went poof.

"Get Capt. Noin, Her Majesty and the others up here now!" I snapped at one of the archers. He nodded and scurried down the steps as I watched Zechs, who was bound by his hands on a block. He was being paraded out into the middle of the Kazarian camp. Une was there, looking quite surprised. Noin and the others quickly arrived.

"What's going on?" she demanded. I pointed and the others turned to see a bound Zechs. Noin's hand flew to her mouth, eyes wide.

"Who is he?" Relena asked, mouth tightened into a white line. "I've.... seen him somewhere before."

"Queen Relena!" a voice boomed. I think I could feel a migraine coming up. "I have a compromise for you!"

Relena glared out into the enemy camp. I really like this girl. She's got guts. "Who are you, and why do you have that man tied like that?!" she demanded, clearly pissed.

"I am Trieze Kushrenada, the White Wizard for His Excellency Duke Dermail." A brown-haired man in white appeared out of the Kazarian crowd. The soldiers were cringing away, and Lady Une was right next to him. He reached out and grabbed Zechs' hair as he looked out into the castle.

"Are you aware, Your Majesty, that your brother Milliardo is still quite alive?" he asked, smiling down at Zechs.

Relena blinked, eyes stunned for a second before returning to her political face. "No, I did not know that," she replied, her face determined.

Trieze smirked, yanking Zechs' head towards the castle. "Then I offer you a trade, my Queen: yourself for your brother," he replied casually.


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