Author: May Chang
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Author's Note: Um, sorry to do this to you people, but as you know, Dekim Barton is suppose to have taken over Treize's body. So if I say Trieze for now, I'm actually referring to Dekim, not Trieze himself. Trieze will get him body back.....later......

The Path Between + Chapter 8

Dekim Barton is a bastard. I hope he burns in hell.....if there is a hell.

And yet, he's earned my grudging respect. ......Sorta........

Wufei and Noin were cursing up a storm, impressing me quite well. I never even heard of some of the curses that Wufei said. Quatre and Dorothy looked peeved, while Heero and Trowa blocks of stone. At least they're not like that in bed. I turned to Relena to see what her reaction and was surprised to see none.

.......Sometimes I hate political people...........

"I can't believe grandfather would stoop so low," Dorothy muttered. Relena and I turned to blink at the blonde girl.

"....What did you say?" I asked, not believing what I just heard. Dorothy took a deep breath and looked from me to Relena.

"Duke Dermail is the leader of the Romefeller Empire and he is also my grandfather," she replied, looking out into the Kazarian camp.

I winced; no wonder Dorothy popped up here. Who'd want to have him for a grandfather?

If you must know, the Romefeller Empire is a very militaristic empire, with a lot of man power. They're also very technologically advanced, so if the Sanq Kingdom was to go head to head against the Romefeller Empire....... Well, I hope you led a nice life, people. The Kazarians were just a diversion then. I made a face; did I mentioned that I also hate the military? Dekim must have promised them the Sanq Kingdom if they helped him.

I looked back down into the camp and noticed that, strangely enough, Une wasn't wearing her hair in those cute buns. Yes, they're cute. Just don't expect me to wear them anytime soon.

Relena was also looking down into the camp, a determined look on her face as she stared at her long-lost brother. She then turned to Dorothy and Noin.

"I am going down there," she announced. Dorothy stared at Relena as though she's lost her mind. Noin was actually making strangled noises. I don't think she liked that idea.

"Your Majesty, you can't be serious!" Noin managed to say. Relena looked back at Zechs.

"I'm dead serious Noin," she replied. She then smiled as she fingered a black bracelet on her left wrist. "And don't worry, I still have this. Let's see if this thing still works!"

I sent out a probing thought at the bracelet, and to my utmost surprised, found it to be a black oak bracelet, infused with order. A lot of order. I grinned nastily as I edged towards Relena.

"Hey, Queenie, if you get the chance, backhand Trieze, will ya?" I asked.
Relena blinked, while Noin tried to suppress, failing miserably, a grin. Then Relena smiled back at me, almost as vicious as my smile. I'm really gonna like this girl.

"Are you sure, though, Your Majesty?" Noin asked, face going serious.

Relena nodded. "Noin, Duo, Heero, can you please accompany me?" Relena asked as she made her way down the stairs. "Dorothy, make sure my men don't get killed. And for goodness sakes, please don't indulge yourself on the honey cakes while I'm gone!"

Dorothy blushed, while Quatre giggled. Wufei just lifted an eyebrow as he watched us leave.


I didn't really expect Relena to just march right up to Trieze and demand that he let Zechs go.

But she did. And I nearly howled with laughter at the expression on Trieze's face.

Noin was having a bit of problem. She's got a queen whom she's protected for years and the love of her life, bound and bloody at Trieze's feet. I finally got a good look at Zechs. And I winced at the number of wounds on his body.

"I'm here now, Trieze," Relena announced, eyes hard. "Now, let my brother go." I could see Zechs was not happy. He obviously didn't want Relena to trade herself for him. Hmph, I don't blame him. Treize smiled at Relena, and I could feel my hackles raise. I do not like this man.

At this point, Une surprised me. She walked over to Zechs , unbounded him, picked him up and shoved him into Noin's arms. In her eyes, instead of the insanity and the look of adoration for Trieze, I saw...concern. Strange..........

"Now, be on your way," Trieze said, shooing us out of the camp. I could actually feel Heero trying to bore a hole into Trieze's skull. I don't blame him, though just looking into Treize's eyes, I wondered if he was ever sane. I quickly moved over to Noin and Zechs, shooting a quick glance at Relena. She was being led by Une to one of the tents, followed by Trieze. I grumbled a few curses, bringing out a dry chuckle from Zechs. Noin and I quickly got him onto Aya (Relena's horse), then mounted our own horses and rode off back to the castle.

....Damn, I hope Relena remembered to backhand Treize....


I grabbed Quatre and Trowa for a round of healing lessons. I also started grumbling about the incompetence of the masters back at Recluce as the three of us continued to ahem heal Zechs.

Noin was giggling like mad at the expression Zechs was giving her.

"Anou.... Duo? Are you sure you -- "

"Yes Quatre. Heal, dammit. Zechs won't kill you."


"Shut up, Trowa."


"That's it! You're getting the floor!!"

"I don't think now's the --"

"Shut up, Quatre. I'm trying to punish Trowa here!"

"That's where manacles come in, Duo."

"......Ya don't say?"


Zechs gave Noin a look that just screamed "HELP ME!!!!"


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