Author: May Chang
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The Path Between + Chapter 9

I like punishing Trowa. The thing is, I just can't believe how many suggestions Quatre gave me to punish him. You'd think that Wufei's been a bad boy to Quatre.....

.......funny, I always thought that Wufei was on top. I mean, you can hear Quatre screaming Wufei's name at the top of his lungs every freakin' night.

....Ok, so I do that too, but he's louder!!

Zechs is healing quite nicely, even though it was Quatre and Trowa who were ahem healing him. Of course, I think Quatre scared him with some of the "punishment" suggestions he gave me. Hell, he scared me!

Who would have thought that cute and blond is such a nymph-----

Oof! QUATRE!!!!!!!!

Grr....... I'll get him later. ...I wonder how what would happen if I dragged Wufei in?

I dragged my mind out of the gutters as I turned my attention back at Noin and Zechs.

"We need to get the queen back!" Noin was yelling, furious at the advisors. Hn, like I said, I hate politics and military shit.

"But we cannot risk the kingdom, Captain Noin," one of the advisors replied haughtily.

I rolled my eyes and got to my feet. The other advisors just looked at me with disdain. I wanted to take Deathscythe out right now and lop their heads off. But I can't. Relena would be mad and it would make such a mess on the beautiful carpet!

"Then how's about we just head off to the Romefeller Empire and you people can pretend that you know nothing about the rescue attempt?" I asked, looking at the advisors with my best impression of Wufei's "you-people-are-idiots-why-do-I-bother-with-you" look. Hell, that one works. It actually affected those idiots to actually nod in agreement with my half-ass plan and move on to some new topic.

"Um.... Duo?" Quatre whispered, looking at me. I looked back.

"Yeah, Q-bean?"

"Um, you do know what you're doing, right?"

"Absolutely no fucking clue!" I replied cheerfully. "All I know is that we're going to need supplies for the trip to Romefeller!"

Wufei gave off an exasperated sigh as he turned to leave the room. Quatre followed him, as did Noin and Zechs. The advisors were pestering Dorothy with the problems of the kingdom, and the look on her face told me that if they don't back off soon, the carpet will be quite ruined. I chose that moment to drag my two lovers out of the room.


We were all packed and ready to leave the Sanq Kingdom by the morning's light. I shifted Deathscythe slightly, then I shifted uncomfortably on my saddle. I shot a glare at Trowa, who was sitting on Heavy Arms with a blank expression.

Then he moved uncomfortably on his saddle. I grinned viciously at him. He glared back.

Heero just rode between me and Trowa, and glared at the both of us.

.....Dammit, I was gonna have some fun......

Hm, it would seem that me and Trowa aren't the only ones who's feeling pain. Quatre just shifted in his saddle, with the same facial expression as me. Noin just looked at us with a look of pure suffering, then turned as the gates opened. I led the procession out of the castle, nodding a greeting to Mueller and Alex. I grinned mentally.

Now comes the fun part.


My butt hurts.

And no, it's not because of the ride or the fact that Trowa fucked me raw.

......Ok, so it was both of them.......

I began wishing I'd brought one of the pillows from the room with me. That way, at least I wouldn't have to squirm so much. Shinigami, thankfully, is very tolerant of all my squirming about. Trowa and Heero were both in the back, and Wufei was up in front with Quatre. That's a first.

Finally, curiosity, and the pain in my ass, got to me. I just had to know about what their lives were like before they became dangergelders.

....So I'm nosy. Just remember, I just want to know about their past, not their sex lives.

......I especially don't want to know about Quatre's sex life.........

Manacles???? And what is this???? Leather bondage????? Quatre, who the hell raised you???

"Hey, Quatty, how's about you tell me about your life before you came here?" I asked, looking at Quatre, shifting a bit as I tried to ignore the pain. Quatre blinked, then looked away. He was pale all of a sudden, and I felt that I've intruded in to something private.

"Aw, man, I'm sorry!" I apologized. I was about to rant on, when Quatre looked up again, smiled sadly and shook his head.

"No that's ok," he replied. Wufei was just as quiet as me as Quatre took in a deep breath. He looked straight ahead as he began the story of his life.

"I am the only son of a pretty large and wealthy family on Recluce," he began. "My father is one of the temple masters. My mother was a master cook. Then there are my sisters."

Ick. Daddy Winner is one of the temple masters? Boy, do I feel sorry for you, Quatre.

"When I say that I have a big family, I meant it," Quatre continued. "I have 29 sisters."

I nearly fell off of Shinigami. 29??!!

"Why do you have so many sisters?" Wufei asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Father was a bit, how do you say, uh, precocious when he younger," Quatre replied, blushing slightly. I wanted to counter that with the number of girls I'd slept with.

.....but that's another story.

"Anyways, my sisters were all raised for different professions, ranging from store-keeper to masters in Nylan. I was also raised to be one of the temple masters as well as an artisan, but I found my life on Recluce.....boring."

"Hmph, typical," I snorted, glaring at the road. "The masters are always like that. Don't worry, you're not the only one who got this due to boredom."

Quatre looked up at me, eyes filled with questions. Shit, I did not want to talk about my past. Not yet.

Quickly, I looked at Wufei.

"So, how about you, Wu? Why did you get kicked off of Recluce?" I asked, trying to get Quatre away from asking about my past. Wufei just looked at me, then sighed.


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