Author: Kazzi Krystal
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Rating: PG-13 for shonen ai romance (1+2) & language
Spoilers: None
Warnings: This fic contains Slash, Shonen Ai, Yaoi, BoyxBoy, HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP, etc. That is same-gender romance. No details, or even implications of in this, but if this topic makes you uncomfortable please do not read. If you DO read then I cannot be held responsible for your inability to read and follow simple instructions.
I'm English, and we spell properly over here. Therefore any spelling 'errors' aren't. ;)
FLAMERS WILL BE - laughed at and then used to burn my IT project, and shortly thereafter the teacher. I'm sorry but if you can't read the warning and follow it if you do not like SLASH then it mystifies me how you work out how to get dressed in the morning, much less turn a computer on!!
Summary: A friendly game gets out of hand as Heero and Duo are forced to bring feelings and emotions to the open. Contains 1+2 slash. Candyfloss fic
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Notes: Major thanks go to Kai and Tsuki-Moon... who probably don't know that I'm a major fan of theirs!! I totally admire their writing, and it is due to them that I got hooked on so completely on Gundam Wing!!
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Truth or Dare?

"Truth or Dare?"

Duo grinned and leant back against a tree. For once the pilots were able to forget about the war and the Gundams, and relax and be themselves.

It didn't happen often, but they were determined to enjoy it while they could (although Duo held a sneaking suspicion that Heero would rather be reviewing mission reports than out here 'socialising').

Quatre bit his lip, considering his choice.

"Come ON Quats! Man you're slow, truth or dare?"

Trowa looped an arm around his fair-haired lover. "Leave him alone, Maxwell, he'll choose in his own time," he reminded the braided boy.

Quatre smiled up at him ad Duo felt a stab of envy cut into him. It wasn't that he grudged the happiness of his two friends, he was only jealous that he wasn't happy in the same way... he only wished that Heero...

NO, no... he wouldn't think of it, it would only spoil the day...

"Truth," Quatre finally decided. WuFei gave a rare smile. It was not a particularly nice one. Quatre began rethinking his choice. "Did I ... I say 'truth' I'm pretty sure I meant to say 'dare'... the thought died on his lips as Heero casually reminded him of the forfeit "you could always jump in," he suggested, gesturing to the lake behind them, "if you can't do the truth do the forfeit..."

Quatre looked at the lake. It wasn't the water so much as the green slimy stuff floating on top of it, although he was pretty sure that water wasn't supposed to be quite _that_ shade of muddy brown... "I'll do the truth," he decided firmly. Everyone looked to WuFei expectantly.

WuFei looked at Quatre.

Quatre looked at his drink and took a pull. A long pull.

"Which of us... would you most like to sleep with," WuFei eventually asked. Quatre smiled and leaned back into Trowa as WuFei finished his sentence "other than your koi?"

Quatre's smile vanished. "Other than Trowa?!" He repeated, startled.

Duo whooped. "Nice one WuFei!! Come on Quats, 'fess up!!"

"Well ... most like ... ano ... well ..." Quatre stuttered. Trowa frowned, complaining at the question, but was merely reminded that the forfeit could always be chosen.

"No ... I'll answer ... I guess," Quatre repeated.

There was a silence.

"It doesn't have to be most liked, just least un-liked," Heero pointed out.

"Heero, they're the same thing..." Duo teased.

"No they aren't."

"Yeah, they are!"

"No, they're not. 'Most liked' implies that you want to do I, while 'least un-liked' implies that you don't.

All Duo could do was gape at the amount of words willingly spilling from Heero. Heero took his silence as agreement. "Well Quatre?" He prompted.

"Well... it would be... it would be you Heero!" Quatre managed to blurt out embarrassedly.

Back off Quatre, you've got Trowa... Duo thought, while laughing at the expression on Heero's usually inexpressive face. It was always amusing to see Mr. 'Perfect Soldier' show emotion, particularly such an unguarded one.

"Nande?! Why?!"

Quatre, now composed, sipped at his bottle calmly "It's not my turn anymore," he reminded, "it's WuFei's..."

Duo laughed again. "He's right there! Truth or dare Wu-man?"

WuFei reached behind Duo and yanked on his braid.

"ITAI!! K'so man, leggo of the hair!"

"Call me Wu-man again and that hair will be the least of you're problems! The NAME is WuFei!"

"Yeah, right, whatever Wu-man," Duo returned, only after retreating to the other end of the rug.

"Dare" WuFei growled, "now how long will I have to wait before you can think of a good one?"

"You want a dare?" Duo grinned. "You get it! We all know your beliefs on 'weak' women', but how would you fair if you had to do something ladylike... putting on makeup for example..."

WuFei freeze-framed, before exclaiming "Makeup? But we have not brought such a thing!!"

Duo tossed his bag across to WuFei. "Yes. We do."

"Nande K'so?!"

"Hey, Wu-man, you're the one who informed me that I needed make up for that mission..."

"Hai," a resigned sigh.

"There's a nail varnish in there too," Duo pointed out. "I like the 'passionate prostitute' red myself," he added with his stereotypical grin.

WuFei growled, the sound remarkably similar to a bitter 'no justice', and muttered, "You had this planned the entire time, didn't you!"

Duo shrugged. "Hey, I had to have something to do in the daytime, when there were no missions and nothing good on television."

Picking up a lipstick, WuFei gingerly lifted the lid. "Pink?!"

Duo sniggered, "'Krystal Sugarplum', actually," he read from the bottom, "and as I seem to remember you liked it a lot more when I had to wear it..."

Holding the lipstick between his thumb and forefinger, and glaring at it as if it were a poisonous snake about to strike, WuFei shifted his grip enough to allow the vibrant pink to touch his lips. Jaggedly he traced the stick around his mouth, the makeup seeming determined to go in the opposite direction to WuFei's will, steering as well (read 'badly') as a shopping cart.

Turquoise eye shadow was next, followed by blusher ('rogue rouge'). The eyeliner ('silver sequin') was just about handleable, but the mascara proved to be too much, as, after poking the wand into his eye repeatedly, WuFei roared 'NO JUSTICE', and flung the torturous device into the middle of the lake.

"Sugio!!" Cried Duo, in between laughs, "I hated that thing!!" The others, including Heero, were laughing too hard to comment.

"Your turn Maxwell," WuFei glowered. Duo gulped and stoped laughing, noticing the manic gleam in WuFei's eyes. "Truth or dare, Maxwell?"

Duo backed away nervously.

"K'so!!" The shout came from between clenched teeth as he retrieved his braid from Heero's clenched hand. "Will everyone leave the hair alone?!"

"Don't try to escape then, Duo" Quatre's point was logical, honest and irritating. To Duo anyway.

"Fine..." Duo returned his gaze to the anticipatory gleam in WuFei's eyes, and decided to play things safe. "Truth."

"Truth..." WuFei rolled his eyes, "have you ever been in love?"

Duo paused "yes," he said, the comment emphasised by its subduedety.

The others looked shocked. Quatre smiled. "That's nice."

Heero narrowed his eyes. "You never told me that," he said, accusingly.

"You never asked. Anyway, I figured you wouldn't care."

Heero frowned and mumbled something. It sounded like 'I care', but Duo couldn't be sure, and what were the odds of Heero saying something like that? Duo wasn't sure but he didn't want the chance to be destroyed by asking Heero to repeat himself.

Duo turned to Trowa, "your turn," he reminded.

"Ano... truth."

Duo bit his lip slightly in thought, before asking, "What is the worst feeling, or the worst thing that someone can do to you?"

Trowa looked startled and lowered his eyes. Quatre saw the shiver in the glance and squeezed his lover's hand reassuringly. Trowa didn't look up as he spoke, "Loneliness... feeling... out of place, like don't belong there, you don't belong anywhere ... and ... ano... making me feel like that would be the worst thing that anyone could do to me..." Trowa's voice had grown very quiet by the end of his 'confession'.

"Oh Trowa... koi..." Quatre wrapped his arms around the boy, "and I won't leave you ... ever ... you're stuck with me Tro-chan..." Trowa lifted vulnerable eyes to Quatre, who was at such an angle to see deeply into both.

Well done Maxwell... Duo congratulated himself silently, you have the lousiest most pathetic stupid ideas for questions ever...

WuFei looked abashed at the display between the two. He cleared his throat, "Heero?"

Heero thought briefly of the dares that had already been witnessed that day, in addition to WuFei's transsexual début, he had sat through a self-conscious Quatre chatting up and dirty dancing with a near-by tree, and Duo performing his best pole-dance... to a rather surprised looking squirrel... Controlling the heat that rose unbidden to his cheeks at the thought of Duo's dare, he looked to WuFei. "Truth," he informed him, decisively, deciding against the avoidable humiliation of a dare.

Duo looked up, "truth?" he echoed questioningly. Heero nodded; less certain now that it appeared the question was to be of Duo's choosing. "Okay Heero, here's a question, are you capable of feeling... anything? Any emotion at all...?"

Heero looked at the other pilots. For a long time - the longest time - he'd thought himself to be incapable of any emotion ... but now ... his eyes snapped back to Duo... "Hai," he answered, dropping his gaze, and being very glad that Duo hadn't picked up on his thoughts a few minutes ago. If he had that question would have been redundant...

Duo looked shocked, as much at Heero's admission than the answer. Heero felt emotions to be a 'failure', and Heero Yuy did not fail... Heero raised an eyebrow in response, but turned to Quatre.

"My turn?" Quatre sounded resigned to the fate, "truth," he informed the nodding heads.

Trowa looked thoughtful. "Have you ever regretted becoming a Gundam Pilot?" he asked after a few moments of thought.

After a slight pause; "No, not really. If I wasn't then someone else would be, and I wouldn't want to leave them to deal with the bad parts ... and I wouldn't miss the good parts for the world!" he replied, giving Trowa's hand a squeeze and smiling at the other pilots.

Oh yeah ... twist the knife a touch more why don't you... Duo reflected bitterly.

"Anyway," Quatre finished "I want to help."

Duo pasted a sunny smile over his face. "Wu-man?"

"My NAME is WUFEI, and WUFEI refuses to join in until you have disposed of this dishonourable makeup!"

"Aww, you pulling out?! Wu-----Fei... you're NO fun!"

"So, you will be taking your next go, right?"


"Good, truth or dare?"

"Wha-? It's my go already?"

"Yes, truth or dare?

"Ano... truth... I can not be bothered to get up!"

"Okay," Heero cut in, "how long were you in love for?" He tried to make the question sound casual, but was painfully aware that this was prying further than they had done in this game before.

Duo looked shocked and turned away before answering, "I ... still am..." He said, drawing a shaky breath.

Really... really Duo? And you didn't think I'd care? Didn't know? Who is it? Do I know her? Him?

If Duo saw the questions in his friend's eyes, he neglected to answer them, turning instead to the boy opposite him, "Trowa?"


"You guys are so boring!! Wont' someone pick a dare and entertain us a little?" Duo pouted.

"You chose truth yourself, Maxwell, it is dishonourable to complain now!"

"Okay, Wu-man," Duo conceded, "I'll stop complaining."

WuFei decided to overlook the misuse of his name. "Trowa? What is... your... worst memory?"

WuFei asked, making it up as he spoke.

"Geeze WuFei, haven't we done the depressing question already?!" yeah, I was the one who fucked up then... "Trowa, we'll pick another one."

"It's okay," Trowa decided to answer regardless. "In honesty? Thinking... believing... that Quatre... that any of you could, would be hurt, or killed..."

There was a sombre moment, then; "Aww, Tro-kun, I never knew you cared!" Duo's voice was light and he'd pasted a dopey grin on, but it was clear that Trowa's words had affected him. "Heero, your turn!"


"Okay," Duo decided to poke a bit of revenge for his last truth, "have you ever been, or are now, in love?"

Heero was stunned at the forthright question. "A-a-ano... I... think so..."

Duo pushed the question despite his shock. "Are you now?" he knew why it was important, but not why he was daring to ask here.

"Yes. I am," Heero was a lot more confident in his response now, as if he had answered the question as much for himself as for Duo and the other pilots.

K'so! Relena Peacecraft - I hate you, bitch! Duo vowed, hiding behind his happy facade. Heero looked at Duo, confusion showing slightly, but only in his eyes. "Duo?"

Duo jumped, what was it that Heero was asking? A foolishly self-conscious reining in on his thoughts helped him to calm down, "Ano ... Quatre's turn!"

"Quatre shook his head, "Nup, the stakes are getting a little too high for me!"


"WuFEI isn't playing anymore, WuFEI is trying to work out how to get this black sludge off!"

"You mean that eyeliner and mascara?"

"The silver gunk and the black gunk, hai."

Duo grinned. WuMAN won't be able to get the 'black sludge' off until we get back, 'cause WuMAN needs the eye-makeup remover from DUOs room...!"

WuFei paused to digest this information before roaring 'NO JUSTICE!' and leaping toward the braided boy. Duo dove behind Trowa and Quatre with a cry of "if you kill me I won't get you the makeup remover!! I mean it Wu-man!!"

WuFei stopped with a jolt and sat down, glowering disapprovingly, but assenting mentally that Duo could and would be killed after the black gunk had beeen removed. "Maxwell, it's your turn," he pointed out.

Duo frowned "Again?!" he exclaimed.

"Hai, the others forfeited, it's come back to you."

"Yeah, but awww man... Truth."

"Truth? Heero repeated for normality's sake, as if he didn't care fo rthe answer, hadn't planned the question, as if... "Who're you in love with, Duo?"

Duo's head snapped up. What kind of fucking question is that...?! He barely kept his exclamation from reaching his lips. "Ano... Eto... a... a person..."

"EVASION!! WuFei cried, smirking at Duo's discomfort.

"No it's not," Duo returned, almost snappily, "it's the truth. 'I'm in ... a person... that's my truth!"

"'Person?' very descriptive ... can we assume from that that it is a guy?" Heero challenged.

"Duo blanched slightly, but glared at Heero regardless. "Assume away, Yuy, it's not my go!"

"So it's mine?" Heero asked with his characteristic calmness, a calmness that he did not feel.

"No, it's Trowa's."

Trowa looked away, eyebrows raised, "Nuh uh, I'm sticking with Quatre, these stakes are too high, and I forfeit to Heero..."

"We the only ones playing now?" Heero asked, challenging Trowa's eyebrows to a raising competition and winning.

The others nodded their concurrence. Someone muttered about the 'dishonourable game'. "Fine, truth or dare, Yuy?"


Why is he nervous?! You can't see it except in his eyes ... SHUT UP DUO... and stop gazing into his eyes... even if they are so nice...

"Truth," Duo repeated to buy himself time. "Okay, your turn, who are you in love with? What's their name?"

"That's two questions," Heero pointed out.

"Just answer!!" Duo was fast losing track of this game, he could feel Heero and himself point scoring with the questions, but couldn't work out who was winning... his short reply hadn't won him any, that was for sure.

"I'll answer like you did," Heero responded, "a person."

"Very descriptive... can we assume that it's a guy?" Duo challenged, sardonically.


Duo double took; he hadn't expected an answer, let alone that one..."So Relena's actually a man is she?" he mused aloud.

"Not as far as I know, but then again I wouldn't... It's not Relena, Duo..."

"Oh." Okay... so who is it...? One of us...? Me...? Shut. Up. Duo!! God when am I going to stop being a baka?!

"Your turn?"

"Ano...?" Duo started, pushed off his trail of thought. "Oh, truth..." like there's much choice at this stage...

"Do you... are you... do we know them?

"Them? Oh, yeah ... yeah, you know him."

"So it is a guy then?"

Duo at once kicked himself for the slip of tongue. Heero would pick up on it this time, wouldn't he! "K'so, fuck, I didn't mean to say that!!"

"Too late."

"Fine, yours, truth?"


"Do we know who you want then?"

"Ano... eto... hai..."

Well, he's stressed...'yes'? Wonder if it's one of the others...

"Yours - truth?"


"Is it one of us?"

"A pilot?" Duo wasn't' about to play dumb on the meaning.

"A GUNDAM pilot."


A straight answer, Heero thought to himself shimmata, my turn... "Truth."

"Who are you in love with?"

"A Gundam Pilot."

"That wasn't what I asked..."

"I know."

Duo narrowed his eyes, "You're not playing fair."

"I know. Phrase your questions better. Like I'm going to. Your turn."

Duo was still reeling from the three sentences Heero had just spoken to him. "Truth," he muttered. Heero looked directly at him and took a breath. "Are you in love with me?"

What? Time slowed and stopped.


Duo met Heero's gaze, his blue eyes aiming for emotionless... ...and missing by a mile...



Time started

A pause.




"I FORFEIT, I'm FORFEITING MY TURN!!" Duo dumped his jacket and ran down to the waters edge before kicking off his shoes and diving in otherwise fully clothed.

"Nande K'so?!" Heero jumped up and ran down to the water. "Duo?! What the FUCK are you DOING!?"

"Swimming," Duo returned sarcastically.

"And WHY?!"

"Because I FORFEIT!"

"Demo... why did you forfeit?"

"B'cause I didn't wanna answer the question!"

A pause, Heero slid down to a sitting position on the bank of the lake. "Duo?"


Heero paused, "Would... would you answer my question... Please?"

"I don't wanna Heero!!"

"Please Duo!!" Heero was aware he was close to begging and didn't really care that much at this point.

"I don't' wanna say it Heero!" Duo was shouting desperately by now.


"I don't' wanna say that I love you!"

"Why?" Heero was equally desperate for an answer.

"B'CAUSE IT'S TRUE, OKAY?!!" Fuck, shit, damn, k'so, shimmata!!!!!!! Duo swore as he dove beneath the water's murky depths and swam to the other side.

Heero was silent.

"K'so!" Duo swore again, this time aloud, "Duo no baka!!" He made a half-hearted attempt to pull himself out of the lake. Giving up he folded his arms on the side and lowered his head onto his arms, fighting the 'foolish' tears that bit at his eyes. "Dammit Heero..." he muttered.

"What?" An uncharacteristically soft whisper snuck through Duo's ear as two arms caressed his shoulders. Duo jumped; startled that Heero had been able to sneak up on him, even more startled that he had bothered to, without even taking off his jacket first... As he jumped the edge of the muddy bank crumbled and Duo lost his grip, slipping backwards into Heero, who tightened his grip on Duo's arms.

"Did you mean it?" Heero whispered, biting his lip slightly.

Duo froze, before slowly nodding, "Yeah... yeah, I did... I'm sorry, okay? Sorry..."

"Don't be, I'm not." Heero gave Duo a half smile, the kind that made his knees feel weak...

"Nani?" Duo asked, needing confirmation.

"My turn? Truth."

"Okay, Heero... Are you in love with me?"

Despite the fact that he had known the question to be coming, Heero still started, his breath quickening slightly. "Hai, Duo," He managed eventually, "I am."

Duo leaned into Heero, and, propelling himself from the bank, dunked Heero in the water.

The 'Perfect Soldier' resurfaced, coughing slightly. "What the .. hell was that for?!" He exclaimed in confusion.

"Heero, don't you ever freak me out like that again!! I was sure you hated me!!"

Heero didn't respond verbally, instead he leaned into Duo and kissed him slowly. Breaking away again Heero looked into Duo's wide, emotive eyes. "I could never hate you, Duo," he swore, inclining his head to give Duo another small kiss, "and for the record? You are not a baka... try bishonen..."

Duo smiled. Leaning into Heero he repaid him with some kisses of his own...


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