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Captured in Charcoal + Part 1

Heero angrily slammed the hammer home, hitting his designated target of the small 20mm nail. Silently, he went round, expelling some of his pent up frustration by whamming in each unanswering tack. The cool, calm technology room he was in, resounded with a harsh metallic sound with each hit of the hammer, the secluded room offering no answers as the Japanese boy fumed.

He'd been lectured yet again about his inability to decide what to do for his future. At the moment, it didn't really seem that important. Did it? He liked the things he was doing. So what if he couldn't decide what specific thing he wanted to focus his career on? Heero stopped, the canvas frames he had been making, now finished. He felt lost. He didn't know what it was he truly wanted, and seemed to be lingering and stalling in a small whirlwind of things with no specific direction. Each of his subject teachers frequently told him how great he was at each subject he did, and although that was great, it didn't leave him with a strong ability in any one particular area. He rubbed his head, fingers brushing away the soft, dark locks of hair that hung in his eyes. He sighed quietly when his massaging fingertips eased the ache in his head. What should he do?

Should he choose a random subject, and just go with it? 'Cause there was no way that he could select one specific area of life he loved enough to turn into a career. There was just so much to do. So much that he enjoyed. He didn't want to be stuck in a dead end job that would limit his hobbies and that he wouldn't feel free in.

He shook his head violently, clenching his teeth tightly when his brain seemed to rattle loudly in his skull. Picking up the materials he'd used, he scooped up the canvas frames and headed towards the art department. Leaving the frames in the storage cupboard for the glue to dry, he returned the unused tacks and the hammer back to technology then headed home.


Heero sat at his laptop, not entirely sure what he wanted to do now that he'd turned it on. It was the first thing he did whenever he got back home. The quiet, calming hum of it soothed him, a sound he'd grown used to, quietly filling the stark silence of his room. Drumming his fingers lightly on the keys, he tried to think of anything that he could do, that wasn't homework. He could hack into the school's files...again. He sighed. Nah, that was getting boring now. Tapping his fingers restlessly, he gave a resigned expellation of air as he worked to start on the homework he had.

A few hours later Heero printed off the essay he had written, getting up to go get a drink.

He leant against the counter of the empty kitchen, long, slender fingers wrapped around the warm mug he held. Deep, rich blue eyes glanced up at the clock. 2:45. Still a good couple of hours before his life drawing class. He wondered whether to go or not. It wasn't that he didn't like the class. Quite the contrary in fact. He wasn't sure if he was up to it today or not. He nibbled at his lip; a bad habit that he'd acquired. Yeah, he might as well. He didn't have much else to do, and it'd build up his portfolio. He snorted slightly. He didn't even know if he would ever need 'a portfolio'. None of the art courses he'd looked at in universities had appealed to him. Nothing that made him desperately want to do the course. He mindlessly brought a hand up to rub at the back of his neck. What to do...what to do...He gave up on the thought, tossing the remnants of his mug down the sink before heading off to get showered and ready.


Was it him, or was today just one long, dull day? He felt bored. Restless. There was nothing to do. His fingers itched to paint, or spend the day on the laptop. His mind warred between technology and art. Pushing the thoughts to one side, Heero checked that he was ok for paper and supplies before grabbing his stuff and leaving the room.

He was bundled up in winter clothes, still deliciously hot from the burning shower he'd had. He rubbed his chin against the dark fleecy scarf he had on, the fluffy texture pleasant against his skin. He was in the centre of town now, idly making his way up the hill to college.

It was not long till the cold winter weather seeped through him; the glow from his formally warm skin now diminished from the bitter weather that stung at his skin. He silently cursed the weather and bared it, stoically trekking his way to college.


He sat in his class, a clean sheet of paper in front of him ready for whatever his teachers were going to throw at him. A glance around the room confirmed familiar faces, some of the people from his art class at school, some from who knows where, and also, some new people. He grinned as no one showed any outward signs of apprehension, everyone looking professional, and as if they knew what they were doing. He smirked. The entire class was always brilliant. Creating work of a great standard. Then there were the odd ones that everyone envied who were just amazing. Often the quiet ones he mused. David, a man who'd been coming to the class for a few weeks now, was one of those geniuses, one that few people acknowledged until they saw his work.

His attention was jerked away as it refocused on one of the teachers who has walked into the centre of the room, explaining the agenda for the day.

"Right, as you can see, we have some new people here today. I know we said we were going to do some ink work today, but as before, we're gonna have a free-for-all, so that we can assess the level of art of the new students. So, feel free to do whatever you want today. It'll be a long sitting; we'll get the model to pose for the full two hours of the lesson, with a break in-between. That ok? Right, we'll just set up the pose, then off you go!"

With that, the female teacher flounced off to the room where the models changed in, while the male teacher fiddled about with the single bed and a variety of cloths. Heero still didn't know their names. They'd never been told. Ah well. No importance. He dragged his portfolio nearer, rummaging around quickly to look for some willow charcoal. He couldn't be bothered doing anything more extravagant. This'd do.

The bed seemed to be in a satisfactory position now, and deep red cloths had been draped over it. The male teacher was fiddling with the lights now, the room dimming and brightening as he worked to get something he deemed all right.

Heero watched idly as the female teacher emerged from the small adjoining room. He sat, twiddling the thin piece of charcoal between his fingers, the thin, black, dusty stick suddenly snapping between his fingers when the model emerged.

Heero gaped. Each and every class that he'd come to, it had almost always been the same models. Old, elderly people, and the one middle-aged woman. The same old people. People that he now got tired of drawing. But this...this was a surprise to say the least. Instead of one of the regular models that stepped out of the room, it was a young boy who couldn't have been older than he was. Heero blinked...

He was stunning.

Huge, beautiful eyes of the bluest hue laced with violet, were twinkling brightly. They had that something in them that made them glisten more than anyone else's [1]. A tumble of silky chestnut hair fell down his back, bangs falling around the handsome face where there was a warm, slightly nervous smile. A blue silk dressing gown was tied casually around the male's slender waist, the fabric contorting itself to the slim, athletic body. Heero swore he heard his jaw drop in the vicinity of his feet. Wow...

This was definitely a surprise. A most pleasant one. Heero silently closed his mouth so he wouldn't drool over his paper as he avidly watched the robe been untied. One swift swoosh of the fabric, and the silken cloth fell to the floor, revealing a flawless, taut, perfectly proportioned body. Heero softly gasped. He was absolutely breathtaking...

He flickered his eyes away, feeling as though he'd looked for too long; uncomfortable with openly staring when he could be caught. Shifting slightly in his seat, he felt himself feel flushed at the slight stirring in his groin. He caught sight of the rest of the art class in similar shock, then he looked back to the centre of the room.

His breathing came shallowly as he regarded the boy artistically sprawled face down on the bed. The red cloths brought out the warm hue of his hair, and the warmly tinted lights made his skin glow. He couldn't help but stare at the boy who was placed at a slight diagonal to his field of vision. He could see the beautiful face, head tilted slightly back to expose the graceful length of his neck. He could see the expanse of the tight, slim body. He could see the soft swell and curve of the flawless cheeks of his rear. And he could see the long, slender legs, flowing down from the elegant, sensual arch of his back.

He swallowed dryly, the teachers moving to place blue and violet silks among the red that was already there. Blinking away embarrassedly, Heero fumbled with the broken piece of charcoal as one of the teachers looked up.

"Right! There you are! You've got an hour till break."

A brief smile, then both teachers walked away from the bed, leaving the incredible vision for the class to draw.

Heero closed his eyes to take a deep breath, blue eyes opening when he'd settled himself a bit. Right. He could do this. He looked up, drowning in the scene before him. He felt lost. He just couldn't stop staring. He took another deep breath before lightly sketching the outline, marking out proportions and where everything would go, and how he wanted it to look. He tried to be professional about this. But it felt...he could feel a faint blush heat his face as he traced the mesmerising curve of the longhaired boy's legs and buttocks.

Yet another deep breath and a lick of his dry lips, then Heero buckled down to start working.


[1] Have you noticed, that some people DO have *really* twinkley eyes? Why is that? *ponders*


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