Author: Koko Kitty
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Captured in Charcoal + Part 11

"That'd be great, if you can come over."

Duo nodded enthusiastically. "It's fine with me!" He seemed to ooze an excitement that Heero couldn't help but get caught up in, unable to fight a silly grin as he followed Duo out of the emptying drawing room.

Together, they walked to the bus stop, just like they had last week. The nights were getting lighter, and it was relatively light as they made their way to Heero's. The young art student couldn't help but think that it was a wonderful night. It was cool but not cold, and a light breeze would occasionally tease the hair out of their eyes. They spoke about nonsense on the short journey to the bus stop, and Heero found himself, again, thoroughly enjoying Duo's warm company. It didn't escape Heero that barely an hour and a half ago, he and the stunning model were lip to lip. He could feel an almost constant anticipatory ache inside him, one that could only be sated by Duo's presence, yet seemed to deepen its hold whenever the longhaired boy came near. It was a good ache though, and one that Heero felt now as Duo eased into his personal space to stand, lightly touching against his body. There was a perfection, an undeniable feeling of rightness for Heero as Duo seemed to meld himself against his side.

The drab streets and the impatient people stood with them at the bus stop seemed to fade away, unimportant, as Heero glanced down into the handsome face lightly resting against his chest below his collarbone. It was odd, but the same person that made his heart catapult from behind his lungs also provoked a calm from him. And stood at the battered bus shelter, Heero felt better and less alone than he had for a long time.

He moved so that his chin barely touched the top of Duo's head. He could feel the fine, soft strands whisper against the underside of his jaw and a similar tickle of the silken hair brush his hand as Duo's loose hair moved in the light breeze. Heero moved his right hand, which he noticed would nestle nicely around Duo's back, and gently brushed the back of his fingers against the model's hair. The longhaired boy occasionally wore his hair unbound at life drawing, and now, Heero felt the cool, silken strands glide through his fingers. He felt as though he could stroke Duo's hair all day long as he watched himself brush his hand through it, fascinated and addicted to the feathery, silky coolness of it.

He paused in his minute ministrations when he felt watched, averting his gaze from his hand to encounter those wonderful, clear, expressive eyes. He felt a pang of guilt at being caught doing something he suddenly felt he shouldn't have being doing, despite the soft smile and relaxed features of Duo's gorgeous face. He pulled his hand away the short distance back to his side.

"...Sorry. I shouldn't have..."

He was met by rapid head shaking.

"No, no! It's ok," The soft smile made his feel at ease as it always did. "... it felt nice."

Darting his eyes to Duo's for reassurance, he felt the urge to touch the smooth, radiant mass again. Which he did, trailing a hand over the long, chestnut coloured strands.

He whispered, so quietly that only Duo, in his immediate vicinity could hear. "Your hair's amazing you know." Their eyes met.

"Thank you..."

Heero couldn't seem to break his gaze, which was currently locked with violet tinged depths. He lowered his eyes for a brief moment though, glancing down at the soft, tempting appearance of Duo's mouth as though to confirm its proximity. Before he could close the small distance between them, the bus rudely, loudly and suddenly pulled in, waking them both up.



They got to Heero's without incident, the shorthaired boy opening the door and letting Duo through before stepping in himself. Switching on the light, he took his shoes off, seeing Duo do the same. He grinned to himself as he watched Duo pad into the room, feet clad in white cotton socks peeping out from his trouser legs. /Cute./

Hauling his portfolio into the room, he placed it down by the sofa before wandering towards the kitchen.

"Want anything to eat?"

"No, thanks. I said I'd model for you and last time we ate, you never did any drawing." Light, brief laughter ended Duo's reasoning.

Heero allowed himself a small smile, "Anything to drink?"

Duo seemed to perk and followed Heero into the small but cosy kitchen, "Sure! Whatcha got?"

The taller boy swung open the fridge, displaying water, juice and various fizzy beverages.

"I'll have a coke, please."

Grabbing the large bottle of dark, fizzy content, Heero poured out two glasses, handing one to his guest. He raised an eyebrow over the top of his glass as Duo fairly gulped the entire glass down.

"Ah! I needed that!"

Heero smirked, "Want another?"

Duo shook his head from side to side in a negative fashion, "Nah. That was great. Thanks!"

Heero sipped slowly at his drink, watching Duo look around the kitchen idly.

"So ... where do you want me?"

Heero blinked at Duo's playful toned question and the smirk on his face. Heero's mind didn't miss the opportunity to show him exactly where he wanted Duo. Clearing his throat and mentally shaking his head clear, he glanced into the living room from where he was.

"Um...Sofa?" He could feel a blush rising...

Duo nodded. "OK."

Heero put his glass down, the drink forgotten at the thought that Duo would shortly be stark naked in his house, just the two of them. He couldn't help but feel nervous at the idea. It wasn't every day that gorgeous guys offered to help him out for his coursework. Though he needed someone to model for him desperately, and was incredibly lucky to have someone to do that job, he wasn't sure he could handle his own personal model being so good looking... or someone who he found himself liking a lot over the time he'd known him.

He dumbly watched as Duo made his way to the large, plush sofa, falling back on it, limbs spread in various directions. He returned the amused smirk directed at him before moving to grab some art supplies. Walking to the sofa where he'd left his portfolio, he leant over to dig for some paper, masking tape, a pencil, rubber and some willow charcoal. Feeling a single finger prod at his ass, Heero nearly jumped, but instead, he settled for whipping round, wide-eyed at a smirking Duo.

"Oi, how'd you want me?" He was sure Duo was going to start laughing...

Heero was torn between blushing furiously and giving the suggestive model a taste of his own medicine.

"On your stomach."

Duo snorted amusedly, moving to strip. Heero turned away with embarrassment, busying himself by setting up his things. He turned to tell Duo he'd be back in a moment, catching him just before he was about to push his trousers off.

"Uhh... I'm just gonna get a board. I won't be a moment."

At Duo's nod, he dashed out of the room. It wasn't that he was embarrassed... well, ok, maybe a little. It wasn't anything he hadn't seen before. Hell, the first day that Duo modelled in their class, he'd dropped his robe right in front of him, allowing Heero to drink in his nude, flawless self. Heero knew the perfection that carved Duo's body. He was all too aware of it, and yet Duo, playful and nude in his house on his sofa didn't fail to strike up a blush as well as a needy ache in his ... lower regions. Removing a large board from the side of his bookcase, he stopped to calm himself. He felt a bit daft - he'd done this plenty of times. Just not on a one on one basis... He thanked that he'd asked Duo to lie face down. It'd give him the safer view of his rear and back. A very luscious, rounded yet firm rear and long, slender... Heero shook his head in a pitiful attempt to stop the mental pictures. Wailing in frustration at himself, he grabbed the board and marched back into the living room.

Stopping at the doorway, he revelled in the vision lying down on his sofa. Duo was toned, there was no question about it. His frame was very compact, yet there was unmistakable muscle apparent in his sleek, slender form. Heero gulped. He met Duo's eyes for a moment as the model looked up from where he was, before making his way back to the chair he'd put a metre or two away from the sofa. He deftly set everything up, and in a short time, Heero was seated in a chair, board resting on his knees; the top of the large piece of wood resting against the back of a chair that Heero had turned round and placed in front of him. His paper was held securely by the masking tape he'd put in each corner and picking up a pencil, he found he was ready to start. Licking his dry lips nervously, then exhaling the breath he'd been holding for a short time, he looked up to find Duo looking undecided. He raised a questioning eyebrow that raised further when the longhaired model pushed himself up a little onto his arms.

"Umm... is this pose ok?"

Heero looked over the perfect body displayed in front of him. It was more than ok. Duo had swept the majority of his hair aside, which gave Heero an exquisite view. Except that bit of hair there...

Putting the board down, he got up, walking over to the sofa. With a fingertip, he brushed aside the lock of hair that was nestled in the dip of Duo's spine, feeling wonderfully soft skin beneath his finger. He felt Duo shiver at his touch, exhaling a soft gasp. Heero restrained himself from groping the gorgeous young man all over. He grinned minutely at Duo who was blinking wide, curious eyes at him.

He glanced over at Duo's body spread out before him, feeling bold and brushing the hair out of Duo's eyes. "Perfect."

Walking back to his chair, he put the board back on his knees and the back of the chair in front of him. Looking up, he met Duo's eyes, smiling shyly yet brightly before he started.



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