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Author: Koko Kitty
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Captured in Charcoal + Part 12

It had only taken 15 minutes for Heero's breathing to regulate itself and for his heart to even it's rapid beating. The vision of Duo laid out, looking so relaxed was truly magnificent. Was this some sort of twisted dream?

He traced a fingertip over the paper, softening the light pencil mark he'd just made. The piece had something about it, something in the quick, expressive sketching that gave it a different quality from the detailed, precise drawings Heero did, yet with a life of its own it was not disliked by the young artist. Glancing up, he looked at Duo's face, marking down what he saw. Meeting the model's eyes, he smiled shyly before ducking his head down to regard his drawing.

It was so peaceful doing this. Heero felt relaxed, taking his time drawing and feeling a cozy laziness surround them both, time seeming as though it had slowed. Loosing himself in the activity, he broke out of his reverie when Duo softly and suddenly spoke.

"I like you..."

Heero blinked, hand paused in motion against the board, his mind blank as he looked up. Duo met his gaze. Did he hear what he thought he'd heard? Or was his hopeful mind making him hear things? Yet the blue/violet depths held something expectant and hesitant about them. A few short moments passed where time seemed to stop as Heero's mind digested the announcement before reacting to it.

"... I...I like you, too."

Their eyes were still locked with each other.

"Can I move?"

Heero looked down to his finished sketch, nodding numbly to Duo. He watched, heart leaping as Duo slowly rose from the sofa, hair slipping over his shoulders and framing his perfect, naked form as he made his way over to the seated art student. Heero watched as Duo carefully took the board from his lap, placing it a short distance away and propping it against a cupboard. His body ached with need as Duo moved the chair that had supported the top of the board and straddled his lap. The beautiful model then proceeded to hold his face in both hands before lowering his face and bringing their lips together.

Returning the passionate kiss with enthusiasm, Heero's hand dropped the pencil he'd been holding and both arms came up to encircle the smaller frame of Duo's body. His eyes slid shut automatically, closing off his sense of sight to better feel the soft touches of Duo's tongue on his mouth and the flawless expanse of his body. Planes of smooth, soft skin and silky hair met his fingers, making a flare of desire race through his chest. He moaned as Duo pulled away for a second before kissing him again, slowly, exploring with light touches from his soft lips. He pulled the model closer when he felt a small shiver dance through the small, lean frame, encircling Duo in his embrace. The world faded away to just the two of them, Heero's mind an odd mix of calm and chaos as he revelled in the feeling of Duo in his arms. Small sighs of pleasure and gasps were exchanged between them, perched on the chair where they stayed for what seemed a short eternity.

Placing a few last kisses on Duo's sweet mouth, Heero gently pulled away. Somewhere during the kiss, Duo's arms had slipped around his shoulders where they remained as they looked at each other with wonder. Duo kissed him chastely again, a few brief kisses pressed among them as Heero picked Duo up and took him to the sofa. He sat down, retaining the same position as before but nestled in the plush softness of the sofa rather than the chair. Feeling a slight coolness to Duo's skin, Heero reached behind him and pulled the blanket that was draped over the back of the sofa and swung it over Duo's shoulders. The blanket encased them both, keeping the warmth trapped between them.

Heero brought a hand round from around Duo's back and gently traced over the longhaired boy's shoulders. Leaning forward, he mimicked the caresses with his mouth before slowly kissing his way up the smooth column of Duo's neck where he felt the model's breath hitch slightly. Moving up to kiss along Duo's jaw, Heero planted a kiss on his chin before hovering, barely touching, over Duo's mouth. The young model closed the distance between them, continuing the soft kisses from before.

Heero could feel the small shivers tremble through Duo's body which resulted from tracing his fingers along Duo's sides. He helped by raising his arms when Duo's hands tried to pull his shirt off, leaving his chest exposed to the model's hungry eyes. Closing his eyes and letting his head fall back against the sofa, Heero sighed with pleasure as Duo's fingers whispered over the muscles defining his torso. Opening his eyes when the touches stopped, his eyes met dilated violet ones.

"You're so perfect..."

The awed whisper from those slightly reddened lips made him pull Duo down, where they resumed their caresses. Lying down facing the handsome, slightly flushed face, Heero felt a little more complete. Duo's presence and returned feelings were more than Heero could wish for and the rest of the evening was spent curled up on the sofa in each other's arms. Soft kisses and gentle touches were shared until long after the sun had set. Feeling pleasantly drowned in hopeful feelings and soft kisses, both students fell asleep, arms wrapped around each other and legs entwined together.



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