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Author: KK
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Notes: A quick note to Mabi from ff.net and to others, that I am /not/ planning to write big angst in this - I'm hoping just to keep it as a fluffy get-together, happily ever after fic. There might be a liiiittle bit of angst along the way, but not much. ^_^

Captured in Charcoal + Part 13

/ ...? /

Heero blearily cracked his eyes open, immediately closing them when the light streaming through the curtains threatened to temporarily blind him. Instead, he felt, and remembered. He was on his couch, cosily snuggled in the deep, cushiony depths with his arms and legs wrapped around and over one very naked Duo. Easing his eyes open again, he confirmed his memories when he peered over, seeing the sleeping, peaceful figure of his life-drawing classes' occasional model. He gingerly peeked over at the model in his arms, mentally cursing the morning light, which was slowly forcing him to fully wake up. Duo was still asleep it seemed; a soft, content, relaxed expression painted on that beautiful face.

Heero lay there, still blissfully enclosed in the blanket's warmth, with Duo's back nestled against his chest. Gently rubbing his nose against the bare, smooth shoulder in front of him, he recalled with a feeling of disbelief, the events of last night. Not much had happened, really... Though when he recalled the soft press of Duo's mouth over his cheek and jaw, and the feel of him trailing soft fingertips along his chest, his heartbeat would accelerate that little bit more.

Long chestnut bangs has fallen into the longhaired boy's face, unnoticed and uncared for in the face of content slumber. Brushing them away as best as he could from where he lay behind Duo, Heero quietly settled deeper into the sofa, contemplating.

When had he got so damn lucky? The events of last night flittered back to him, along with the few times they'd spent together for the past few months previous. The memory of Duo, artistically laid upon his sofa, eyes soft as Heero had nervously sketched him returned. As things stood at the moment, Heero had not only got the chance to squeeze in another helpful drawing, but he had been developing these... feelings. He was now familiar, but not particularly comfortable with the sharp ache of need and want that would occasionally intensify within him. He felt it in his chest, stomach and groin, a companion to the unsure manner Heero found himself acting in at times around Duo.


Duo confused him. Between the shy, bashful Duo and the confident, playful Duo, Heero was lost, not being able to pin Duo down and figure him out. There were so many different sides to Duo, but each of them contributed to the one thing he'd remembered in a long while as something he really wanted. Were matters of the heart always this confusing?

He sighed to himself before a brush against his leg caught his attention. He watched as Duo stirred, groggily scratching the top of his arm before pausing them scooting around to face him. Heero failed to repress an amused smile as Duo sleepily tried to greet him, doggedly and vaguely wafting a hand in a waving gesture before giving up and letting his face drop against Heero's bare chest. Chuckling quietly to himself, Heero rearranged the blanket to suit their new position before draping an arm around Duo's waist where it seemed to sit naturally.

Propping his head up with his free hand, he peered down at Duo, studying him. Half of the handsome face was hidden, pressed against his chest where Heero could feel the deep, even breaths whisper over his skin. Bluey violet eyes, which housed a dancing light within them were closed, a relaxed, unguarded expression on the model's beautiful face.

Heero reluctantly moved his hand from around Duo's waist, the sleep-mussed long length of Duo's hair calling for his fingers to comb through it. Starting with the long bangs that framed the gorgeous face, he gently ran his fingers through the thick hair, and carefully easing out the knots and tangles he came across.

He had never remembered a time when he was so utterly content. The way they were curled up together, so comfortably and so relaxed felt so wonderful and so *right*.

But how long would this feeling last?

He smoothed the palm of his hand down the length of Duo's back. Halting the movement to settle his hand at the base of Duo's back. This ... intimacy with a person was very odd for Heero. It was something he very much craved as a human being, yet something that he had been deprived of while growing up. It was new, yet welcomed, and as Heero found out, was very nice. Tightening his hold around Duo by a fraction, he pulled the longhaired boy closer, burying his face against the warm, sleek neck.

A soft mumble met his actions, eventually followed by a sleepy Duo slowly shuffling around to face him. Smiling down at the fuzzy, sleep hazed expression, he returned Duo's soft, sleepy smile and the whispered greeting of, "Hey, you."

They lay there for a long, lazy while, occasionally snuggling deeper against one another, stroking fingertips over warm, velvety skin or pressing feathery kisses on each other. Heero glanced at the clock when he felt the familiar clench of his stomach that usually occurred when he woke up. He looked down sheepishly at Duo who had closed his eyes again, simply revelling in the bliss and quiet of the moment.

"Duo?" A slight peek through hazy, violet eyes. "You hungry?"

He smiled as Duo looked up with interest, nodding in reply. Placing a last kiss on the tempting mouth in front of him, Heero moved to shuffle off the sofa, Duo making space for Heero to climb off and watching as the shirtless student padded over to the small kitchen with his shirt in hand. Pulling the blankets closer to himself, Duo watched with a smile as Heero yawned, scratching the back of his head for a moment before vaguely putting on his shirt while wandering around the kitchen and collecting ingredients. Duo watched the curved, sweeping lines of Heero's tight body deliciously silhouetted in the morning light through the thin fabric of the shirt draped over his shoulders. That peek he had of the art student's body teased his senses. Made him want to see Heero's body again but without the veil of the shirt covering it. And yet at the same time, the shirt was provoking him wonderfully, sitting softly upon Heero's frame that he loved just looking through it at that finely crafted body.

It felt... homely, this moment did. This brief period in time felt comfortable to Duo and he felt warmed by the way Heero grinned at him while waiting for the food to cook. He pushed himself up onto an elbow to address Heero, blowing away the lock of hair that fell into his eyes.

"You doing anything today?"

"Hm... No, I'm free." A brief pause. "Why?"

"I have my free day on Wednesdays... you wanna do something?"

He waited nervously; not allowing himself to look away from the indigo, thoughtful gaze as Heero debated with himself then smirked.

"Like a date?"

A brief chuckle. "Yeah, I guess."

"I'd like that."

Duo let out a small breath of air, relieved, before smiling happily.

"Hey. You like orange juice?"

As an enthusiastic nod of the head met him, Heero filled two glasses with freshly squeezed orange juice. Taking the two glasses back to the living room, he sat by the sofa and handed Duo a glass.



Sitting up, the longhaired model took the glass, nearly filled to the top with bright, sunny-coloured orange juice. With a grin, he took a sip. Then, his look of appreciation melted into a frown. Heero paused, confused and worried at the look on Duo's face as he forced himself to swallow. Was something wrong with the juice? But... he'd tested it. The oranges were sweet and fresh...

"Urgh... don't like the bits, man!" A sheepish smile. "Sorry!"

The young student felt relieved that nothing was wrong per say. At least nothing he couldn't fix. He shook his head amusedly as he plucked the glass from the model's hand and took it into the kitchen. Using a sieve to rid the beverage of the offending pieces of fruit, Heero tossed the bits into his own glass.

He turned to give the glass back to Duo who'd shuffled into the kitchen with him, blanket modestly held around him.

"Don't know how you can like that." Duo muttered, "Don't know whether to drink it or eat it."

Heero grinned as he gave the glass back.

"Here. Smooth."

"Just how I like 'em." Duo smirked.

Heero raised an eyebrow at that before the buzz of the oven's timer stole his attention.

"Breakfast's ready."

Violet eyes lit hungrily as Heero laid various bowls and plates down. It was a light breakfast, consisting of fruit salad, fruit juice, and various oven-warmed continental pastries. Tucking in, Duo's eyes narrowed with appreciation.

"This is great!"

A soft smile from the person opposite him was returned.

"So. What'd you want to do today?"

Heero turned thoughtful. There wasn't too much to do around his area.

"Want to head to town? There's not really anything to do around here."

A few nods met the suggestion before the young model quirked his head in thought.

"Hey, you wanna go bowling? I haven't done that in ages!"

"Urgh... I can't bowl. Only been a few times and I was rubbish."

Duo laughed. "It'll be fun! We'll both be a load of rubbish together!"

Successfully won over, Heero agreed. Lazily finishing breakfast, they proceeded to get ready, taking showers separately much to Heero's mild dismay. A quick, soft kiss while helping Duo into his jacket, and they were off, hand in hand.



Heero's confusion, argument with himself and anger is at himself at his inability to decide what he wants to do later on in life. He's only around 18 in the fic, as is Duo, so he's faced with those wonderful life-changing decisions of uni/college etc. As mentioned in a previous part, he posted an acception of a course to do in the new academic year, which he'll take, full time, at the college he's taking life drawing at. He gets to dabble in various areas of art, while continuing IT type short-courses in the evening, so he's still taking a bit of everything. :)
As mentioned in ... part 8, both their parents have passed away. Which is part of the AU-ness of this: They're both without parents, but are living on their own in apartment-type places, and have a source of money from being parent-less and job-less. *shrugs and blames on AU-ness*

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