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Author: Koko Kitty
Category: (eventual) 1x2 yaoi AU
Pairings: 1+2+1
Rating: I've said eventual NC-17, but at the moment it's probably… a PG? PG 13?

Captured in Charcoal + Part 14

He was elated. Since their recent bold move in intimacy, Heero had dared himself to touch or brush against Duo every so often, when the desire to do so would overtake his conscious. And that wasn't what made him giddy with delight.

It was that Duo accepted his touch. Leant into it, and accepted his gentle squeezes against Duo's waist, his brushes against the long, smooth hair and his playful prods to get the model's attention.

It was odd. He'd seen him naked. Not only as a life drawing model, but naked in his own home for his own pleasure and for his own fingers to seek and feel and explore where they had dared. He'd kissed him, tasted and explored his mouth and lips. He'd touched the soft skin of the model's divine torso and legs and arms.

But with that, he'd had an inkling that there would be that pressure to have sex with the gorgeous model. But somehow, that hurdle hadn't made itself present yet. It was odd. Maybe wrong? Didn't most people try to jump into bed with other at the word go?

It was unexplainable but not unwelcome. He loved being able to revel in giving and receiving affection, just for affection's sake and nothing more.

While spending time in each other's company as friends, Duo had often touched him - a hand laid upon his shoulder, idly and softly stroking at his neck. A poke at the tummy. A brush against his stomach to help guide him to a particular direction, but none of the gestures demanded anything. It was just how Duo got his attention, but Heero could recall each and every one of those touches. They'd burnt into his memory as he'd replayed the brush of fingertips against his skin, over and over again. He relished Duo's close proximity when he came to him for a kiss or an embrace. The feel of Duo's firm, taut body melded into his own was forever etched into his mind.

He started, his heart jumping in surprise as fingers flickered, centimetres away from his eyes in an up and down motion.

"Heero?" Smiling violet eyes… "You still with us? It's your turn."


He got up; his scattered thoughts, which had started from his focused gaze on Duo as he'd, bowled, leaving him hastily. He frowned.

"Duo… I told you I'd only done this a couple of times right?"

"Mm hm."

"And I told you I was really crap at it?"


"And I still have to do this?"

"Uh huh."


He eyed the bowling lane as though it was his worse enemy. He didn't quite fancy making a fool of himself, as he did last time he'd done this. Especially not in front of someone he wanted to impress. Last time, his long time friend, Trowa, had bullied him into going for one of his birthdays. And he'd hated it… mostly because he'd been pretty bad at it.

With a deep breath, he decided he couldn't get out of this and bravely and confidently bowled his first go…

…to watch the solid glisten of the bowling bowl gradually veer to the left, brushing one pin on its wobbly journey and making it topple. He eyed the remaining nine pins with dismay before hearing a burst of quiet choking behind him. Turning round, he sulked at the sight of Duo trying his damnedest not to laugh.

"Aww! Heero, you'll get better!"

He grunted, unconvinced, against the warm juncture of neck and shoulder in front of him as Duo flung his arms around him. He felt a light kiss placed on his cheek.

"You get another go."

Urgh… he untangled himself with the warmth of Duo's body to vaguely fling another ball down the lane, this time, knocking three more.

The gorgeous man in front of him smiled brightly at him before moving to take his turn.

"Getting better, Heero!"

"Alright, Heero!!! Striiiiike!!! WOO!"

His arms were filled with jubilant energy, his mouth covered by a sweet softness he knew as Duo's gorgeous mouth.

"Right! Gonna kick yer ass, now! My turn!"

The game was getting really good - he'd slowly got the hang of the game, getting more and more accurate as time progressed. The morning had been a really bright and happy one, both students enjoying themselves thoroughly as they playfully competed against one another.

Strike after strike followed from both players, Heero concentrating with all his might and mentally pleading for his lucky streak to stay with him. It came to his last bowl of the game, this time, his luck failing him as he missed one pin.


They easily leant on one another as they looked at their scores on the monitor ahead.

Then, he was embraced, arms wrapping themselves around him as Duo kissed his exposed collarbone.

He could feel the longhaired boy smile against his skin.

"I win."

Heero smiled against Duo's forehead before kissing the smooth skin under his mouth. He didn't feel any regret or shame. He hadn't had fun like that in a long time and was honoured that Duo had wanted him to spend time with him.

He gave the firm body against him a squeeze of his own, before manoeuvring them toward their discarded jackets.



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