Author: Koko Kitty
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Captured in Charcoal + Part 10


Oh, my God...

Heero had somehow made it back to his seat, his weakened knees managing to get him there in one piece. He flopped down onto the wooden surface, narrowly avoiding the pot of powdered charcoal. [1]


His mind had totally left him, his head an empty void except for the /Oh, my God.../ floating through his conscious. That, and the /He kissed me, he kissed me, he kissed me.../.

His breathing was still coming unevenly, his heart still doing acrobats and hammering in his chest. He could still feel the fluttering touch of Duo's soft mouth lingering on his lips. Seeing movement in the corner of his eyes, he glanced towards it, seeing Duo back in that robe, one hand on his cheek and the other motioning for him to come over. Raising an eyebrow, he got up, somewhat shakily, walking over to where Duo was stood by the sink.

"Can you help me get this charcoal off?"

He smirked at the smears of dusky black that Duo revealed when he moved his hand from where it had been covering the marks that Heero had stroked there.

Nodding numbly, Heero tried to ignore the strong beating his heart was doing. Reaching for the towel hung on the wall, he turned the tap on, briefly washing his hands so he wouldn't doodle all over Duo's face again and then dampened one corner of the towel. Reaching for Duo's face, he held the smiling face still, cupping his fingers under Duo's chin. The soft feel of his skin seeped into Heero's mind before he refocused on the area to be cleaned. Wiping the wet cloth over the dirtied cheek, Heero stroked the material over the stain, which came off fairly easily from the satiny skin. His hand slowed in it's stroking motion, Heero trying to draw the moment out longer. Glancing from the freshly cleaned cheek, he looked down into Duo's gorgeous eyes. The violet depths were focused on him, and Heero's hand stopped; paused against Duo's cheek as he found himself being unable to concentrate on anything else.

A sneeze from one end of the room reminded them both that they weren't alone, and they broke away with small smiles when the door opened and closed with more students' arrival back into class. The tutor who had come back with a mug of coffee motioned for Duo to get back into his pose, and Heero smiled at the model before returning to his seat.


The second hour of class flew by for Heero, who relaxed into the calming activity of life drawing. The room was peacefully quiet, they had a beautiful model who seemed to radiate with life and energy, and things were going well. Heero analysed his work, which seemed to be finished. Glancing up at the real thing, he realised something, going to dig around in his portfolio where he knew he'd put a rubber. Feeling around blindly in the large, black case, he bypassed pencils, masking tape and fixative, to curl his slender fingers around the small eraser he'd be searching for. Coming back to his work, Heero carefully used the object to take some charcoal away from the mass of silken hair he'd drawn. Gently easing the charcoal off the paper, he etched in the streaks of light that seemed to dance upon Duo's hair. Using a fingertip to soften the area he'd lightened, Heero proceeded to spend the last ten minutes admiring Duo's lean, slim, nude form and adding small, finishing touches to make the piece perfect.

The end of class was announced all too soon, and the young art student grudgingly packed his things away. Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Heero spun round, brushing aside the bangs that had fallen into his eyes to find Duo smiling warmly at him. Catching his breath at the gorgeous vision, he smiled back, feeling warm inside at Duo's presence.

"Ummm... remember how I said I'd model for you?"

Heero remembered all too well...

"Well, it's been a week since I went to yours with the intent to model, and I still haven't helped you out." A cute, rueful grin. "I sorta feel bad for it... want me to come over again at all?"

Heero smiled. It didn't matter how they'd said that starting any life drawing after class would be too late in the day. And Heero wasn't going to say no to the opportunity... He smiled, happy that Duo has voiced the suggestion.

"That'd be great, if you can come over."

Duo nodded enthusiastically. "It's fine with me!" He seemed to ooze an excitement that Heero couldn't help get caught up in, unable to fight a silly grin as he followed Duo out of the emptying drawing room.



[1] I'm not sure if you can get powdered charcoal. You probably can I guess. Thing is, I wrote the kiss scene in the last part before the rest of it, and in that scene, Heero had /charcoal/ on his fingers. The powdered graphite I know exists and have used, but not charcoal... Ah well, that's the joy of AUs, ne? ^_^

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