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Captured in Charcoal + Part 2


Heero felt his body melt as the deliciously hot water thumped its way into his muscles. Mmnn…it felt so good…

Curls of damp steam billowed around him as he relaxed in the middle of the wet flood of hot rivulets. Pulling his fingers into his field of vision, he slid his fingers over a bar of soap before scrubbing the pads of his fingers free from the last of the charcoal. Today's life drawing class had been really good. The piece he’d done today was much better than any other was, he felt. Completing it very close to his satisfaction, he’d felt … almost smug when he’d looked at the stunning piece of work when he came back home.

The face of the figure in his picture was almost that of the beautiful model. He hadn’t felt that he’d captured the beauty of the model’s face, and had almost driven himself crazy trying. When he brought it home, somewhat unsatisfied, he’d carefully taken it from his portfolio to realise that everyone who said it was fantastic, were somewhat right. He liked it. Even if it wasn’t as he wanted it to be, he thought it was good. He definitely thought as though his work had improved.

He turned the hot water up slightly higher when the water went down to an average temperature. He liked to keep the water hot against his skin, and as he slowly used the hot water up, he had to keep turning the heat up a bit more.

He wondered if he would get to see the model again. He’d managed to catch his name as he tried to postpone his leaving after the life drawing class had finished. It was Duo.


There was something…magnetic about the name. About the boy. He remembered as he had stayed back after class, hoping that Duo would come up to him, talk to him, look at him, *anything*. But, as he’d started feeling uncomfortable pretending that he was packing his things together, when there was nothing left to pack up, Heero had left. He’d even walked slower on his way to the bus stand, hoping that maybe … well, anything.

But no.

Nothing. Duo hadn’t caught up with him after class, they hadn’t spoken, not even looked at each other much. He remembered as they were asked to turn their work towards the middle of the room to show to everyone, Duo had interestedly looked around at everyone’s pieces, a soft smile on his face. Heero had nearly died when Duo’s analysing gaze came to his. There was no lingering, no congratulating, anything. Heero was left pondering over what Duo thought of his efforts, and if they were up to Duo’s standards. He hadn’t come to a conclusion as he worried himself over it though. Hadn’t figured whether Duo’s observant eyes were congratulating, amused, or disdainful. They were just…neutral, and left Heero clueless.

Not that it mattered of course…

Gah. Why was he punishing himself over this? He couldn’t help it. He just wanted to … to be noticed by the one person that had actually evoked these… feelings in him.

Despite his cold behavior and his seemingly uncaring actions, Heero was still human. He got lonely, he wanted to be wanted, and wanted someone to want. And for the first time, he thought he’d found someone that he really liked, but that person didn’t seem to feel the same in return.

He sighed. Sheesh, he thought he sounded like an idiotic schoolgirl fawning over her crush. Lame perhaps, but he couldn’t help it. It was weird. So weird that he gave up on his thoughts when he felt no more hot water was available. Turning the shower off, he lazily swiped a towel over himself before pulling on a pair of boxers. The soft fabric stuck annoying at him as it clung to his half-wet skin. Ignoring the irritating feeling, he padded over to where he had lay the big drawing of Duo on his bed.

The figure looked serene and peaceful. Nowhere as beautiful as the real thing was though.

How he wished he could see Duo again.

There was no way he was going to miss the class next week if there was a chance of Duo being there. He felt an undeniable attraction to the longhaired beauty, and he just wanted to see him again. Ah well, there wasn’t much he could do he guessed. He would just have to wait till next week.


Next week, and the week after came and went. But Duo wasn’t the model. It was the elderly woman that they had drawn plenty of times before. He really wanted to see him. Over the past two weeks, he’d thought and thought about Duo. His mind had conjured all sorts of scenarios for him. None of which had happened.

Duo hadn’t come to model. He hadn’t gone up to Heero saying how he really liked him. He hadn’t accidentally bumped into him in town then suggested getting lunch together. Nothing.

And it left Heero feeling inexplicably hollow and down.

It was Tuesday again, and Heero had rushed to college after making a spilt second decision to attend. After 2 weeks - an entire 14 days of tormenting himself, he’d given up hope of seeing Duo again, choosing to go to his life drawing class so he would have enough work to get a decent grade.

Then he got the shock of his life when Duo was the model. He’d gaped at Duo, soaking in the perfect, beautiful vision until one of the teachers congratulated him for assessing and thinking about his work before starting. They were to use charcoal today. Heero smiled at that. He liked charcoal. Liked the smooth, smoky effect it made as he pushed it into the paper with his fingers.

The pose was made even more beautiful with Duo being the model. Duo was sat up, his hair flowing over his back like a chestnut waterfall as he sat slender arms holding his knees with his chin rested thoughtfully on top of them. Beautiful.

Heero praised every God he knew the name of for having a fantastic view. Slightly diagonal, he could see all of Duo’s perfect figure and the beautiful face was even slightly tilted in his direction. A shaky but happy breath of air, and he started.


A smooth, curve.

A light series of gentle touches.

A swift, feathery swipe.

A few soft caresses of the charcoal on the paper as he marked Duo’s elegant, slender fingers inter-linking atop his legs.

He tossed the hair out of his eyes before he gently stroked the beautiful line from Duo’s neck, his smooth back, and the sweeping curve of his rear, which melded into the long, long legs. He bypassed the shining mass of hair in favour of going to add details to the young model’s face. He looked over his paper at Duo, marked down what he saw, looked back up, and continued until the basic features of Duo’s gorgeous features were caught like a butterfly in a net, on his piece of paper.

The gentlest strokes of his fingertip helped to shade in Duo’s face, bringing out the stunning features until the person he’d drawn looked nearly alive on his page. The same gentle look in the large, clear eyes. The same beautiful, soft smile. The same graceful, lightly defined features. He tilted his head at the page, scrutinising his work before he continued to work hard until the 15-minute break.


He couldn’t explain why, but he always felt…at one with art, feeling wonderfully relaxed and peaceful when he did it. But there was something else when he drew Duo. There was a strange feeling of comfort, of companionship coming through from under the feelings of nervous excitement. He enjoyed it even more than he usually did. It was wonderful. He smiled at his peaceful thoughts as he stroked his finger over the image of Duo’s thigh on his page. Adding a tiny bit more definition, he again rubbed the tip of his finger over the mark, smoothing it into the paper.

"OK! That was a great first sitting! You’ve all done really well! Right, we’ll take a quick break then continue."

Heero looked up at the instructions and continued working though the break as he usually did. His hair kept falling into his eyes and with each slide of his hair, Heero would toss the silky bangs out of his way. Enough to be able to see where he was etching in the platform that Duo had been seated on. As always, the models dressed, stretched and relaxed during the break and today was no exception. He looked up, slightly surprised when he found the art studio totally empty.

Ok then…

He shrugged, moving to continue his work, having nothing better to do. Then he stopped, flicked his gaze around the room before standing up and working out the kinks the past hour had inflicted upon him.

He strolled around the room, thoughtfully rubbing his charcoal covered fingers together as he made his way over to the windows on the far side of the room. He peered out of the window at the dark night infused with streets below. Lights from building, from cars and traffic lights glowed with various colours as he watched life outside.

He felt contemplative, yet his mind was blank. Staring blankly at the streets outside, he relaxed, resting his chin on the windowsill. He started when he felt a tap on his shoulder, the unannounced touch making him jump. He whipped round in surprise, his heart skipping a beat when he saw who it was.

"Hi! I’m Duo!"



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