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Author: Koko Kitty
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Captured in Charcoal + Part 3

"Hi! I'm Duo!"

Heero whipped round, having not even known that anyone had come into the room. Fuck! That voice… He unconsciously held his breath as he turned. It was him…


He blinked stupidly at the gorgeous boy in front of him, not knowing what the hell to say. He thanked whichever God it was that temporarily gave him his voice back.

"I… I'm Heero."

A warm, dazzling smile was given in return. "Nice to meet you!"

Heero smiled nervously, "Likewise."

His eyes flickered away from Duo briefly. He felt as though looking at Duo too much would make his insides churn harder than they already were. He felt uncomfortable. He caught the glance that Duo threw to his space in the drawing studio.

"Your work's amazing y'know."

Heero bowed his head slightly, looking down at the floor and smiling awkwardly. "Thank you…"

Duo smiled at brilliantly at him again. God…that smile… Heero swore his heart missed a beat as Duo moved to lean against the wall beside him. He was SO close… The Japanese boy slyly chanced a look at him. Duo seemed to be wistfully looking at the room, a slight smile playing on his soft looking lips. Since he didn't seem to notice, Heero took the chance to look.

The lights above him lit up his hair, teasing Heero by looking incredibly soft and silky. His charcoal-dirtied fingers itched to reach out and secretly touch it to confirm its appearance. Soft tendrils of hair framed the handsome face in which was a set of twinkling violet blue eyes. His eyes were large and clear, glittering with friendship and playfulness, bringing out the smile that often graced Duo's face.

Heero's devouring gaze trailed away reluctantly to take in Duo's body. Clothed handsomely in comfy blue jeans and a soft, warm and dark jumper, he looked … gorgeous. Cosy and relaxed. He glanced down at himself, feeling a hint of self-consciousness twinge inside him. He wondered how nice it would feel to be held against the soft fabric covering Duo's lithe, firm torso. He tore his eyes away sadly.

I wish…

Heero sighed silently. He and Duo were both leaning against the wall in more comfortable silence. Catching movement in the corner of his eye, he glanced down and saw Duo playing with a lock of hair, swirling it round and round. His blue eyes watched as the soft section of hair looped over the long fingers, over and over in rhythmic motion.

A gentle <click> and the spell was broken. They both turned to look at the door where one of the tutors had entered. The teacher smiled encouragingly at them both before tipping his head up to Duo.

"Hey, break's nearly over. You better get ready."


And with that, Duo pushed himself from the wall, casually strolling over to get changed. Heero instantly felt bereft. He watched until Duo disappeared into the other room before he moved to sit where he was seated this week. He picked up a piece of willow charcoal, pushing and driving it into the wooden seat he was straddled on [1]. The stick broke under the pressure of his fingers, crumbling and breaking into tiny fragments that darkened his fingers further. He looked at his piece of paper; a mostly completed drawing of Duo. It didn't seem satisfactory any more. It didn't do justice to the real thing. He had the urge to streak it with his dark and dusty fingers, repressing the urge when the rest of the class slouched and marched back into the class.

"OK! Now that everyone's back, we'll crack on! When you’re ready!"


He mooched to the bus stop, the cold biting wind playing havoc with his jacket and his hair. He gritted his teeth as the wind threw his portfolio all over the place, bearing it till he reached his destination. Huddling against a wall he placed his portfolio down, sullenly waiting for the bus.

Heero thought back to the class today. Although being so close to Duo had made him feel on the spot and awkward, he couldn't deny how wonderful it had been to be near him. But he felt inadequate. Why hadn't he struck up conversation or something? Do something to show he wasn't a boring, dull person? He sulked. I totally screwed up. Why was this so hard? Heero stopped himself. He was speaking as though he actually had a chance with Duo! As though the happy, cheerful and friendly beauty would actually be interested in a sulky, quiet person like him.

He looked down at himself. The pads of his fingers were slightly roughened. The hair that blew in his eyes was messy and untamed. He didn't possess the same light that Duo did. He spoke to few people, not knowing what to say. The melancholy wouldn't leave him, and he felt completative until the bus came. He climbed on, slouching down in a seat and staring out at the pitch-dark night until he got home. When he got there, he wearily opened the door, dropping his portfolio and rucksack before stumbling into his room and falling onto his bed.


[1] I think our teacher said they were called donkeys…. 0_o. They're wooden benches that you straddle, and they have a section at the front that lifts up and that you rest a board against. The tilt of the board can be altered, and the section of the bench thing that is lifted up reveals a compartment where you can plonk all your art stuffage. Sheet of paper gets plonked on said board and away you go! ^____^


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