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Title: Captured in Charcoal (part 4)
Author: Koko Kitty
see part 1 for warnings, notes

Captured in Charcoal + Part 4

Heero leant his head in his palm wearily. Surely it was wrong for a guy to think the sugary thoughts that he was thinking of? He couldn't help it though. Everyday language just didn't do justice for how he felt about Duo, and he was forced to think poetic thoughts to come close to describing the longhaired boy.

He had no idea what it was that made him so attracted to him. The feeling made him uncomfortable; Duo's mere presence in a room would have him panicking on what he looked like, and made his throat close up and choke him. His heart would hammer loudly, his breath catching with lack of oxygen when he forgot to breathe.

An hour.

A whole sixty minutes before he was due to set off for his life drawing class. He was currently sat in a class at school, listening to the teacher drone on. His slender fingers twirled a pencil absently on the table. He used to hate Tuesdays; he had a full day of school then a meek half an hour before he had to rush off to college. Now though, his stomach would churn with anticipation throughout the day until it was time for his class. Anticipation for the possibility he would see Duo. He pouted slightly. He bet that Duo already had someone... or wasn't into men. How depressing... Where was his fascination with Duo supposed to go anyway? Like Duo was gonna sweep him off his feet in a class and they would live happily ever after? He laughed bitterly to himself before feeling resigned. He could always dream...


It wasn't him. Heero had paused in the middle of ripping some masking tape when he saw the model emerge. It wasn't Duo. He sighed to himself, disappointed. He was a fool to think that Duo would be their model every week. Maybe he could actually learn something this week rather than spend the two hours daydreaming as he drew the gorgeous boy.

"Ok, this week we're going to concentrate on observing how people differ with age. You're gonna have to move about so that you can all see clearly. I want everyone to spend the whole of the first hour doing a portrait of the model. I want you all to *look*, with attention to detail. I want some really good quality stuff, ok? Right! Off you go then! Just pencil sketches this week, please."


Heero eyed the model as smoothed the last piece of masking tape in the last corner of his paper. He didn't have to move as he was positioned more or less directly in front of the model. Today's model was one they had used often. Fairly old and a good candidate for the task at hand. Clothed casually and seated in a chair, the man closed his eyes and relaxed in a stationary position for the long sitting ahead.

Heero picked out a pencil before eyeing his huge sheet of paper. He didn't find the idea of drawing a humongous head very appealing and marked his paper into two halves before starting. He checked the man's face shape before leaning forward to lightly sketch a slightly narrowed oval onto his paper.Checking that the standard guidelines applied to the model, he proceeded to mark them in when he decided that they did. Sketchy lines then described the eyes, nose and mouth. Heero marked the boundaries between where the man's ears were, before roughly marking out where the man's hair was. Quickly marking in the neck and shoulders, Heero tossed aside the hair that was falling into his eyes before he leant back. He smirked when he saw that he'd filled the half of the page perfectly before he proceeded to get his head down for some concentrated, precision drawing.


"Right! 15minutes break then!"

Heero glanced up at the teacher. /Already? / He glanced down at his page and smirked to himself. It was pretty good actually. Heh... He wasn't 100% finished though and as usual, didn't move from his seat when break was announced. Though people at his school attended this class, he didn't really talk to them much and didn't hang around with them when they went off for break in this class. He sat, happily -he looked around the room- almost alone in the room, finishing off the drawing.

He heard the door open and close a few times as people flitted in and out of the room. He chose to ignore it as he concentrated on softening the shading he had just put down. He looked at the pad of his finger amusedly. It seemed he could never leave this class without some sort of material from dirtying him. His fingertip was silvery with lead. He absently rubbed it against his thumb as he poked about for a dark, softer leaded pencil for the heavier shading to be added.

He heard the door go again when he found the implement he was looking for. He casually glanced towards the direction of the door, restraining himself from falling off his seat in fright when amused violet eyes filled his view to the immediate right. The pencil he had just found was flung a short distance away when Heero's arm, along with his body had jumped up with shock. His breathing sped up for a moment.

"Geez... you scared me."

Duo seemed amused as he picked up Heero's pencil, handing it back to him, "So I see." A smile, bordering laugh, lit up his gorgeous features.

Where on earth had Duo come from?? And how long had he being peering over his shoulder, watching? Heero awkwardly dabbled about with the drawing. Duo's analysing presence so close to him made him uncomfortable now he knew he was there. He put his pencil down and stood up, brushing his shoulder against Duo's as he climbed off the bench. He stiffly walked to the sink, turning on the tap and scrubbing at the dirty pad of his finger. He heard movement behind him, and instinctively knew that the longhaired gorgeous guy was sauntering towards him. It made him feel nervous. He was correct - Duo turned round to lean against the sink as Heero continued to wash his hands.

"You're so good at drawing people."

Heero glanced sideways at him. "Thanks."

Duo smiled, watching the messy-haired Heero trying to wash his hands clean.

"They never have any soap here... "

Duo laughed lightly, "I know. I find it really annoying when I have class here." He smiled.

Heero reached for a paper towel as he looked at Duo, interestedly. "You're a student here?"

"Mm-hmm! Though I'm not always in this building for my lessons."

Heero quickly thought of something to keep the conversation up. This was nice.

"Not all the models are students here are they?"

"Umm... I don't think so. Some are though. Easy way of getting some extra money."

They both laughed slightly before relaxing into a comfortable silence. Heero pretended to continue drying his hands, not knowing what else to do. He didn't want to move away from Duo, enjoying being in his company despite the acrobatics that his stomach was doing inside him. He chose to stay quiet. "What about you then? What do you do?"

Heero blinked. "Me?"

"Well, yeah... " An amused sparkle seemed to laugh at him in Duo's beautiful eyes.

/Duhh! Who else is he talking to? / Heero hit himself internally. Hard.

"I'm a student. My teacher thought it'd be good experience for our art class to attend these classes though, so that's why I'm here."

Duo nodded, confirming that he'd listened. He laughed suddenly.

"Are you like me then, having to frantically get all your art coursework done on time?"

Heero smiled. "Yeah. But I'm doing portraiture as my main topic, and it's hard to find models." He pulled a face, "I don't particularly want to ask anyone in school to do it, either. Makes my coursework a bit difficult, so the life drawing helps quite a bit."

A casual shrug. "I could model for you."

"... " He looked at Duo, disbelieving. Was he kidding?

The violet-eyed boy smiled at him. "What?"

"You kidding?"

He laughed and then shrugged. "If it'd help you, I wouldn't mind."

Heero quirked his mouth a little. "I won't be able to pay you! I'm a poor college student."

He was pushed into shock, his mind somewhere in the middle of blank and bustling with questions at Duo's next comment. The bluey violet eyes looked directly into his own, a playful smirk on Duo's perfect lips.

"You'll have to repay me some other way then."

A playful wink, and he was gone.



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