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Author: Koko Kitty
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Captured in Charcoal + Part 6

Heero grunted irritatedly at himself. Packing his things together, he wondered whether it was logical that he didn't want to attend Life Drawing if Duo wouldn't be there. He would never have debated such a thing in the past, but since that day that Duo breezed into their class as the model, he found that he was doing quite a few daft things. Like delaying having the leave the class if Duo was still lingering. Like wondering whether to go to class or not because Duo hadn't been there for the past two weeks...

He pulled out the two pieces that had derived from the last couple of classes. The first page was dotted with various sketches of the same man that had modelled when they were looking at how people differed with age. /When Duo last modelled.../ Some of them had skulls drawn next to, or superimposed over them as they had been studying skeletal structure and how everything connected.

The second, were a few sheets on which they had done some ink work. Loose, expressive brush strokes danced on the pages, streaks and streams of ink wonderfully describing the relaxed poses the model had been in.

Heero smiled lightly at his work before placing them onto his bed to file away later. He looked at the time - he needed to set off now if he was going to arrive on time. He debated it, shaking his head at himself when his argument was /Duo might be there.../ He closed the door behind him, listening for the gentle <click> and double checking the door was locked before leaving for class.


Heero glared. He knew he shouldn't have bothered attending! He listened idly for what they were to do today, glaring at the old woman that was today's model as if it was all fault that Duo wasn't the one sat in that chair. He sighed quietly, his annoyance rushing out along with the breath of air he exhaled. Reminding himself that he was here for the class and to learn, he slouched over to get three sheets of coloured paper.


He glanced behind him to look at the model. Only three colours to play with... He decided finally on an off white cream, blue and purple. Hopefully he had made a decent decision. Bending down to reach for a pair of scissors and a stick of glue, he returned to where he'd set up an easel. This was going to be a lot trickier than he initially thought. They were to use cut out shapes of paper to make an image based on the style that Henri Matisse worked in, in his later years when his eyesight had begun to fail him yet the need to continue to create was still with him. He sat, thinking for a while. Glancing over at the books that were laid out on the floor for them to use as reference material, he looked at the model and the boards that had been placed behind him. Separating what he saw in front of him into the back, middle and foreground, Heero started.


A few glances round at other peoples' work for guidance, a few peeks at the books a short distance in front of him, one break and a short eternity later, Heero had finished.

He glanced down at the floor to see a mass of paper shredded, small slivers scattered about; a bluey-purple sea of paper. He looked up, seeing the pristine, neat piece of work in front of him and smirked slightly; he'd just finished on time. It had been a nightmare.

What he saw interested him. It had been a challenge to do, and an interesting method to use. The figure was reclined in a chair, a hand supporting her head and the other relaxed against her leg. He had used the off cream colour for her face, hands and neck, doubling it up for the background where he had used it for the walls of the room. Her jumper was blue, the trousers purple and he had used the opposite colour for each to do the creases and shadows of the fabric. He had found it difficult to use only the three colours allowed to create an image where there were so many tones, hues, shades. He had to use the whitish colour for the floor, and the blue for the plant. It had been fun though, and the outcome was artistically simple. Packing his things up, Heero headed home feeling satisfied.


He hesitated.

Standing beside the bright red post-box in the cold wind, Heero turned the letter he held in his hands. The crisp brown envelope contained the reply slip to the offer that the college had made him. He had marked down that he was accepting the offer, but was now wondering if it had been the right decision. He contemplated. Yes. It would be the most sensible choice. The course was an art course where he would spend a year experimenting with a multitude of art based things. He would get the chance to do photography, design, sculpture, textiles, printmaking... the course would hopefully help him decide what he wanted to settle on doing. He posted the letter. The Life Drawing and computing courses he was taking at college after school hours were useful to satisfy his other interests, and he would continue them when he went to college in September. He nodded to himself, sure that he had chosen to do the correct thing. He wouldn't be tied down with anything specific as of yet, and he walked home, glad he had sorted that out.

Arriving home, he took his jacket off, shivering as the warmth left him. Pushing his shoes off, Heero padded over to make a cup of coffee, flopping on the sofa and turning the TV on as he waited for the water to boil. He tapped his fingers idly as he flicked through the various channels available. He was bored. There were a few people he called close friends that he could ring, but he didn't feel like talking to anyone at the moment. He closed his eyes, relaxing against the welcoming plush and softness of the sofa. His thoughts lazily meandered to the teasing, playful image of Duo. Heero realised he hadn't thought of him much today, caught up in the bustle of school and chores. He tried to pin down Duo's character. He was playful, popular, must have knew he was stunning and friendly enough to talk to him. An all round nice guy.

He smiled sadly. His daydreams told him that they would be good friends, but the way he acted in his daydreams didn't leak into how he was in real life. He wasn't cool and suave around Duo, and didn't have the charm or confidence to invite him to dinner. He was thankful when the whistle of the kettle sounded, able to abandon his confusing thoughts in favour of making a warm drink to huddle over.


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