Note: To clear up anything mostly. I've been asked the smaller details regarding this fic, and I can't get hold of some of the people asking sometimes, such as at mediaminer. So, here we go. Heero and Duo are both the same age and at the same level of education. But, they are taking courses at different places. Duo is taking his at college and Heero at school. (They can do that in the UK... *shrug*) However, Heero takes -extra- classes (at college) where he satisfies his other interests or takes them to further his experience. (Such as taking life drawing to help with art, and IT for his personal interest.) This is where it's a bit odd... but it's AU, right? ^_^;; I've got them both in a dorm type situation, like ones you may find at university, despite them still being in college. Heero lives alone in his dorm. Gets a benefit for being in full time education, not working and being parentless. (Both are orphans.) *rubs head* Did that make any sense? Gomen if it didn't! Feel free to ask further. ^____^;

Disclaimer: I really wish that the G-Boys were mine, but I don't think that's a wish that'll be coming true... I claim ownership to absolutely nothing but this poor attempt at an entertaining fictional piece.
Author: KK
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Captured in Charcoal + Part 7

Heero grit his teeth, growling and cursing as he walked to his life drawing class. It was freezing cold, and he was fighting tense shudders that kept shaking his body. He clenched his jaw to stop his teeth chattering, hands feeling as though they would drop off from the frozen state they felt like they were in. He numbly walked into the door to open it when he arrived at the correct building, his skin stinging where it had been exposed to the brutal weather.

Arriving at class slightly early, he blinked at the number of students that seemed to fill the room today. They weren't very many at all. This was the first class after the holidays, and it was a possibility that people were not aware that there was a class today. He shrugged the number of people away, making his way to the far end of the room where there wasn't anyone else. Setting up his things, Heero sat, huddled into his jacket. The tutors were tidying the room up, placing a circular platform in the middle of the room. Heero sat, idly watching them as his mind drifted off.

It had been 4 weeks since he last saw Duo due to the two-week holiday they had just had. In that time, Heero had convinced himself that he was over the longhaired man. There wasn't a chance for him anyway, and he had told himself that Duo wasn't his type. He was too outgoing, too popular. Probably only went out with the most beautiful and wanted people - he knew the sort. And most likely didn't like the idea of having a relationship with another male. He pulled his hands into his sleeves for warmth as he thought about how his feelings had blown about crazily regarding the gorgeous model. There were times when he felt utterly alone, imagined Duo holding him then was saddened when he realised that Duo wasn't actually there. Then there were times that he felt angry with himself for allowing one person to unconsciously control his emotions like this. And then, there were times when he felt emotionally drained, and didn't know -what- to think.

Heero sighed, slumping over in his seat as he waited for whatever they were going to do today. His eyes widened, the only outward way he seemed to be affected by the entrance of a particular person. Shit! It was him...

Internally, his heart was beating irregularly; way too loudly for Heero's comfort. He felt like a hoard of bulls were partying in his stomach, and his limbs jellified with nerves. He watched as Duo strolled into the room, his stride casual and light. His hair was loosely and casually tied in a braid and his bangs framed his face, the silken strands glistening as the studio lights shone down on him. Low slung, well-fitted trousers, a white jumper and denim jacket encased the model, accenting the toned and slender body. Heero drooled. He was over Duo ... He was...

"Duo, if you just sit down there..." The teacher indicated the platform set up on the floor, "I asked you all just before the holidays to bring a pen with you to this class. Is there anyone that doesn't have one?"


"Good. Today we're going to try out quite a few things. I'll tell you as we go along. It's gonna be a fun class today! First of all, I'm going to give you three minutes to do a line drawing of Duo here." Heero smirked as Duo grinned and waved slightly to the class. "Remember, you don't have long. Concentrate on getting the pose and proportions correct. This is gonna be quick stuff all right? Three minutes, starting from... now!"

Heero quickly put pen to paper, geared up from the mere fact that it was Duo that was modelling. He found it odd using pen; more accustomed to the greyish and softer tones of pencil, but he worked diligently at getting Duo's relaxed pose down. He smiled at the cute expression on Duo's face, head nestled between his palms. His elbows rest on his knees, and Heero scribbled away quickly, having heard a minute was already past.

They continued with these sketches, the time they had getting less each time. After the three-minute allowance, there was a minute, 30 seconds and the last one, they had 15 seconds. The tutor had made them all bring their sheets to the centre of the room where Duo was seated, got them all to lay them out to show them to the group. Quickly looking around everyone's sheets, Heero quickly glanced down at Duo to find he was being looked at. A cute, acknowledging smile was given to him, which Heero returned after cursing his insides for flipping and jumping. He averted his gaze back down to the work they had done, barely listening to the teacher go on about how he loved the rushed, expressive pen strokes. He could still feel Duo's eyes on him and it made him feel warm. Taking a breath of relief when he felt Duo look elsewhere, he forced himself to listen again.

"Don't worry about supplies. You'll be using quite a lot of sheets today - we'll be providing it. You don't need high quality cartridge paper for what we're doing today. Right, if you all grab another one, we'll do some more."

Heero found that he was enjoying this class.


"This time, I want you do sketch the model, but don't take your pens off the paper! If you need to work on a different bit to what you're working on, you'll have to whizz your pen to that area. Remember, keep your pen on the paper all times!"

"OK, this one, you're not allowed to look at your sheets, got it? Keep your eyes on the model, and just draw by instinct, ok? Don't look!"

"Right. One minute - draw that pose. After that, I want you all to move round one, to the next person's place and improve that person's piece in the next minute. And so on and so forth. At the end, your original piece will be improved by the whole group, with contributions from everyone, ok?"


The customary break came in no time, and Heero felt an immediate grind to the bustling activity of the first hour when he was left with nothing to do. He watched for a while as people flitted about the room, walking in and out, buying drinks and chatting among themselves. His eyes instinctively searched for Duo, but he couldn't see him.

He drew his sketchpad out of his bag, eyeing the people in the room hopefully. Maybe he could get some sketches to use for his coursework...

He tried to work as quickly as possible, thankful for the quick activities they had been doing. Gradually getting frustrated with people moving about every two seconds, he was ready to fling his sketchpad to the other side of the room when a very light, amused clearing of the throat was heard behind him. He turned round, feeling his face heat up when he saw Duo slightly behind and to the side of him. Why did he never know when Duo did that?! He slammed his sketchpad shut, embarrassed to have been watched.

"Umm...they're not very good." He felt inadequate and stupid, but Duo shook his head immediately.

"Yes, they were!" That warm, encouraging smile again along with a reprimanding but gentle push of Heero's shoulder. That simple brush against him...Heero melted.

"I told you. If you need a model, I'd be happy to help you out." Duo shrugged, conveying that it wouldn't be problematic for him to do so. What was Heero supposed to do? Take up the offer?

"Want me to? I wouldn't mind... Contrary to what people sometimes think, I can sit still for more than 15 minutes." That same smile graced Duo's handsome features, and Heero felt himself falling further for him. He was all too aware of Duo's smooth skin, of the soft hair that fell around the playful friendly features and the warmth from that slender body. A sudden urge to take up the offer and to seize the opportunity grabbed him, and he found himself agreeing.

"If you wouldn't mind, that'd be great." Geez... could his face feel any hotter?

"'Course not! When you free?"

Heero shrugged, "Um... pretty much whenever."

Duo seemed to contemplate for a moment. "Today too soon?"


"Mm-hmm. After this or something."

"Aah... sure."

Duo grinned at him before flouncing off. Heero sat there stupidly, watching the braid bounce behind its owner as Duo spoke to the tutor that had called him over. Heero blinked. Holy Heck... Duo was coming to his house, tonight? He felt his heart pound uncomfortably. What had he done?



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