Notes: Gah! I forgot to add this in the last notes! >_< Gomen! Heero's anger at not knowing what to do in life stems from himself, to himself. He's frustrated because he doesn't know what path he wants to follow in life sort of thing... *wonders* Does that help. ^_^; Gomen... not feeling eloquent today. -_-
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Author: Koko Kitty
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Captured in Charcoal + Part 8

The second part of the class flew by in a haze for Heero. Had Duo really agreed to model for him? At his house? It couldn't be... It had to be a dream... His hand and his brain worked automatically to the teacher's instructions, while his mind was running around his head, yipping with joy and sick anticipation. He and Duo were going to be alone, at his house... He didn't know whether to panic or laugh evilly.

The last task was to do a sketch as normal. But with the opposite hand to what you normally used. Heero winced internally. He could barely -hold- a pen in his left hand, let alone draw with it. The task took his mind off the near future, and Heero smirked slightly when he produced a fairly decent result. Debatably....

"See, that wasn't too bad was it? The exercises we did before would have loosened you all up for it. Right then! See you next week!"

/Shit... / The class was over. Duo hadn't needed to pose nude today, and only needed to grab his backpack and jacket before walking towards, and looking expectantly at Heero.

/Shit, shit, shit, shit. /

Heero took a deep breath. He was a little nervous at the prospect of having Duo at his house. To model for him no less. He smiled at Duo when he came nearer, trying not to drop anything and look stupid as he tidied his things together.

Having got himself sorted, he grabbed his denim jacket, moving to pull it on. He blushed when he felt his T-shirt ride up; his stomach exposed. In a fit of embarrassment, he quickly tried to get his jacket on so he could pull the T-shirt down. Luck wasn't with him it seemed, and he clumsily fumbled for the other sleeve behind him. He saw Duo smile at him before moving to help him into his jacket. Heero kept his head down, burning with humiliation. He looked up at Duo, both of them laughing it off before walking side by side with each other out of the room.

"I don't have a car or anything, so I'm afraid we're gonna have to get the bus..."

Duo's smile made him relax a bit. "It's ok! It's what I always get anyway."

Heero concentrated on walking in a straight line as they walked aside each other. Walking so close to the person he'd admired for so long was making him feel something akin to giddy. He felt incredibly aware of himself, slightly on edge with Duo's intimate closeness to him. Duo's hand would occasionally brush the back of his, and though the tension could be painfully felt, he didn't say anything.

Heero tried desperately to think of some sort of conversation starter, yet his mind was elsewhere, thinking far ahead to what was going to happen this evening. It was already getting late - class ended at 7pm, and they wouldn't get to Heero's until roughly 7:35pm.

Heero felt useless. He felt as though he should say something, but he couldn't think what. He slowly felt worse and worse about his ability to entertain the beautiful boy, and doubted that Duo liked him in the least. Looking up at the darkening, blue-washed sky, he sighed silently.

He just wanted to make Duo smile.


Heero put his portfolio down, balancing it against his leg so he could hunt for his keys. The dark cloud that had situated itself above his head did not go unnoticed it seemed.

"You ok?"


"You. You ok? You seem quiet."

Heero quirked an eyebrow and smirked. "I'm always quiet."


Heero smiled briefly. "I'm fine. Thanks for the concern though."

Duo eyed him a little longer before letting it drop. "Ok."

Opening the door, Heero held it open for Duo who thanked him with a smile. Hauling his folder into the house, he closed the door behind him and toed his shoes off. He grabbed his portfolio, making his way to his bedroom. Duo had also taken his shoes off by the door, and was following Heero at a slower pace so he could get a good look round.

The house wasn't huge, but definitely cosy and welcoming. Furnished simply and stylishly, Duo's face lit with admiration as he walked through the house.

"Nice place you have here!"

Heero turned round and smiled briefly. He was glad Duo liked it. "Thanks."

A quick grin was tossed at him before Duo averted his gaze to look at his surroundings again. They came to Heero's bedroom, Heero sighing audibly with relief and his muscles relaxing slightly from their tense position. His room had a great mellowing effect on him, and he loved to just chill out and relax in here. A nicely sized room, Heero had a luscious king sized bed which Duo sat on as Heero pottered about the room.

Heero blushed a little as Duo noticed the pieces from life drawing on his bed. He usually took them out of his folder to lighten the load, and put it back in after he came back from life drawing. Which was now. Unzipping his folder, he started shifting things in there to make room.

"Is that me?" Heero looked up to find a bright smile on Duo's face as he held the piece he had done of Duo in charcoal, head resting peacefully on his knees and his hair falling around him. He flushed slightly. "Yeah."

"I remember that!"

Duo looked distinctly awed, and whispered his fingers over the dusky surface, not daring to actually touch it in case he should ruin it.

"It's beautiful..."

Heero sat down next to Duo, looking at the piece with him.


Duo looked up at the noise laced with disbelief, "It is! You're really amazing at drawing you know." He shook his head slightly, disbelieving of Heero's incredible talent. He looked at the large drawing of himself. The person in the picture was stunning, emanating an enthralling beauty. He smiled.

"You draw so well. I don't look that good in real life."

Duo looked to Heero and their eyes met, the messy haired boy seeming to look deeper into him for a moment before he quirked an eyebrow then murmured softly.

"Yes, you do."


Duo daredn't look away from the brilliant blue eyes locked with his own. He didn't trust his voice at that moment and could only choke out a meek whisper.

"Thank you."

The silence started to stretch, not entirely uncomfortable, but heavy with tension. Tension of which, was broken by a deep grumble. Duo raised an eyebrow and watched as Heero's cheeks were suddenly stained pink and he tore his gaze away apologetically.

"Sorry! I haven't eaten this afternoon."

Duo chuckled, handing Heero his work to be put away.

"It's ok! Go make something. I can help you!"

Heero looked up, watching as Duo energetically bounced to his feet to wait for him. Slowly getting up, he realised something as they walked to the kitchen, announcing it when they got there.

"I don't think I have much to eat here."

"Aah, we'll figure something out for ya."

Heero raised an eyebrow as Duo started rummaging through all his cupboards and at his use of 'you', not 'us'.

"You not wanting anything?"

The longhaired model looked over from where he was knelt on the work surface, head halfway in a cupboard. He wasn't expecting to be fed. But he was pretty hungry, and wasn't going to turn down food when he wanted some.

"I'd love some!"

Heero grinned before diving into the fridge to see what was in there.



Two pieces of generously sized chicken breasts sizzled in the pan, succulent and looking darn tempting. Heero poked at them with a wooden spatula, turning them over and idly stirring the sauce they were in. He looked over to where Duo was pouring a can of soup into a pan of cooked pasta, which had been drained. He quirked an eyebrow, confused.

"Uh... Duo? What're you doing?"

A broad smile greeted him, "Making pasta to go with your chicken!"


Another grin, "The soup's an easy way to get sauce. Trust me, you'll like it."


Thinking about it, Heero supposed that the cream of chicken and mushroom soup was a cheap, quick way of making sauce. He smiled to himself. He'd have to ask if Duo has anymore quick, cheap shortcuts.


Heero bathed in the silent company that Duo was providing. They both ate in companionable silence after the initial bustle of serving the meal and commenting on the great taste. The Japanese boy rarely had people over, mostly only close people for homework purposes. He glanced over to where Duo was seated opposite to him, watching the light twinkle among the silky strands of chestnut coloured hair. He sighed, watching in awe for a moment as Duo seemed to thoroughly enjoy his meal. He basked in the homely, comforting atmosphere. If only Duo lived here permanently, filling the silence with his cheerful personality and keeping Heero company.

"You live here alone?"

Heero sharply looked up to encounter Duo's expectant yet undemanding expression.

"Um... yeah."

Duo smiled in understanding. "Me too." He grinned, "No adoring girlfriend?"

Heero snorted at the idea. One, he had yet to meet a girl he liked and two, no one seemed to take an interest in him.

"No girlfriend."

Heero looked up to find a smile playing on Duo's soft lips, a hint of mischief lurking in his expression.


They had both finished their meals, lingering at the table to chat idly about their lives. They had somehow steered toward a conversation about relationships, both finding out that the other was single and waiting for that special someone. Heero's heart pounded as he recalled the tense atmosphere in the room, their eyes locking frequently before they shyly looked away.

He mentally thanked Duo when he changed the subject to what was going on in their lives at the moment. Heero found out that the young model also had a dorm room to himself, living alone with no parents alive. Heero's heart went out to him, totally understanding the lonely life that Duo had described. Their conversion had been unstrained, and when the evening had drawn to a close, Heero felt wonderfully fulfilled. It had been almost 10 o'clock when Duo realised how late it was, stating that he really ought to get going. Duo didn't fail to notice that he hadn't modelled as he said he would, apologising profusely for not doing so and promising that he would some other day. He'd suggested that they started earlier on in the day and not after class when it was already late. Heero had enthusiastically agreed, seeing Duo only to the door when the longhaired beauty insisted that he could make his own way home.

So now, he stood at his door, a cool breeze tousling his hair. He couldn't see Duo any longer, the longhaired vision having walked from his sight. He closed the door, leaning back on the cool wooden surface and sighing happily. He couldn't wait till the next class.



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