Author: Koko Kitty
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Captured in Charcoal + Part 9


Heero glanced up to double check where the line fell in accordance to the one he'd just done. Noting the image of the section in the book into his mind, he lightly stroked the lead of the pencil in a soft, curving line, flickering his blue eyes up at the book occasionally to double check he was doing this correctly.

While doing the anatomy sketches asked of him, the messy haired boy thought back to last week. The events of last Tuesday had been repeating themselves in his head all week, and kept reliving themselves in his mind. Duo coming over here had been so daunting but became so wonderful. There were certain things that he couldn't get out of his head. Like how Duo had paused in the middle of their conversation about relationships, a sauce-covered pasta bow held stationary on the end of his fork as he'd focused those dreamy violet eyes on his own and had said in a whisper "I really wish I was with someone." Heero's heart had catapulted through his ribcage at that moment, he had been sure, and he remembered how he'd hoarsely choked out a tiny, "Me too." in reply.

Now he didn't quite know how to act around the model. The conversations they had made him feel nervous. But despite how that time with Duo had made his heart flutter with excitement at being in Duo's company, he had enjoyed it immensely. They had had the chance to get to know each other a lot better, learning about each other's lives, hobbies and interests. He had felt on the spot last week when Duo had asked what sort of things he liked, then relieved when he found that the beautiful boy liked much of the same things.

Heero paused in his study of the anatomy, idly twirling his pencil on his sketchpad. Maybe, just maybe, there was a possibility that he would have a chance with Duo. A possibility that he could be with him? Could Duo ever be interested in him?

Heero daredn't hope, less his dreams be crushed and he be left feeling hollow and empty. At least they were becoming friends. It seemed. And Heero relished that, deciding that he loved the casual, easy conversations like they'd had last week. Even if he couldn't cuddle up with Duo, planting kisses on him as they spoke, like in his daydreams. He shook his head at himself, shaking it harder and getting his act together when he saw the time. It seemed loneliness was taking its toll, and wanting the beautiful boy made the solitude harder.


Sat in the drawing room for his life drawing class, Heero realised something. What if Duo wasn't the model today?


He didn't know what had made him presume that Duo would be here this week, but he had. His worries dissipated though, when the subject of his thoughts strolled through the door, just on time. Looking as gorgeous as ever in close fitting trousers and T-shirt, Duo smiled in greeting to the class. Heero could have sworn that Duo nodded to him in acknowledgement as well as presenting that winning smile to him. He smiled/smirked back before uncharacteristically wriggling delightedly in his seat. He was looking forward to this class.


He blinked at the small pot the tutor had plonked in front of him, raising an eyebrow in question.

"Tell you in a minute."

Heero shrugged, reaching for the pot. The substance was powdery, dark and looked like it would blow away with the slightest breath. He dipped a finger in it, wondering if it was the powdered graphite they had used a while ago. It wasn't though. The powder didn't leave that shiny, lead touch on his fingers, and instead, turned them a dusky, jet black.

"Right then class! I bet you've all figured out what this is now. I want you to do the same thing you did last time, using your fingers to draw the figure. I want some real expression in these all right? Donít rub out those little bits that fall onto the paper and don't be afraid to loosen up your style. Just whack loads on your fingers, really load it up, and get it onto your paper. Use rubbers to help you carve it out. For those of you that weren't here when we di....."

Heero tuned out the tutor's voice for a moment, hearing him only in the distance as he watched Duo come out of the dressing area. In the same silken robe as usual, Duo carefully stepped into the room, in case he disturbed the tutor's instructions. Heero watched, mesmerised as the silky sway of chestnut hair swung with his moments, caressing and sliding over the lusciously encased body. His eyes traced up the model's perfect figure, and Heero sighed dreamily in his head at what he saw. He continued looking up, eyes devouring the neckline of the robe. Loosely tied, the 'V' shape neckline hung very low, exposing smooth, toned skin. Heero's eyes flickered up, frozen when they encountered Duo's own eyes. He saw the amused, friendly smile before he looked away, uncomfortable partly from devouring Duo and from embarrassment of being caught looking. He honed his hearing back the teacher, who was now moving towards Duo and ushering him onto a very large, white, wooden box. Seating himself on it, Duo moved about as the teacher wanted him to, ending in a position where he was sat down as normal, leaning back slightly and taking some of his weight on his arms which were at each side of him. Heero watched as the tutor OK-ed the pose, and then went to tweak the lights. Blue eyes, dilated with lust were fixed on the model as he fiddled with the belt of the robe. It seemed Heero wasn't as lucky today, as he didn't have a frontal view... shame. Today, he could see Duo's side, and some of his back; a slight diagonal position. He vaguely debated moving positions then decided this would make a good change.

He looked round at the class, who already seemed to be starting. Not wanting to get left behind, Heero picked up his little pot, and sunk a fingertip into the soft, powdery mass. Blackened with charcoal, he smeared the digit on the page, marking the graceful curve of Duo's back. Somewhere in the past 5 minutes, Duo must have collected his hair up and gathered it over one shoulder, as Heero was treated to lots of flawless skin. He admired as he analysed, brown silky strands of hair falling into his eyes as he worked.


He looked up, surprised at the announcement of break. It seemed very soon... He glanced down at his work, pleased. Drawing with his fingers was fun, and he loved the relaxed, loose and carefree mood it put him into. He wasn't surprised to note that the entire class had left the room for break. However, he noted with a churning leap of happiness that Duo was still here. He'd just gotten changed, fiddling with a blue long-sleeved top. Heero got up, feeling brave all of a sudden. He vaguely walked towards the sink; a good excuse to be nearer to the vision pulling the jumper over his head. As he came nearer, Duo's head popped out from the neck of the garment, hair looking ruffled. Duo brushed aside his long bangs with a swipe of his hand before smiling brightly at Heero.


Heero smiled. Partly because this felt more comfortable than nerve-racking now. He nodded his head in acknowledgement in Duo's direction as he came to a stop near the gorgeous man.

Duo looked hopeful, averting his gaze for a moment. "Hey... I was just wondering -"

Heero smiled amusedly all of a sudden, coming closer to Duo who blinked stupified at Heero's sudden, increasing proximity.

"You... um... have a little..."

He reached towards Duo's face, which was slightly tilted up towards him. His lips were slightly parted, eyes focused on Heero's. Heero flickered his gaze to the small bit of wool resting softly against Duo's cheek, his fingers slowly reaching towards it. Though they weren't touching, the Japanese art student was incredibly conscious of the way that Duo's body seemed to fit so perfectly with his own. Duo's small frame seemed to be made to fit within his body; a fact, which Heero quickly dismissed to concentrate on the issue at hand.

His fingers whispered against Duo's cheek, revelling in the silken, smooth texture of his skin. He brushed aside the little woollen bit of fluff, before his eyes widened.

"Uh..", he smirked a little, "damn, I..."

Duo quirked a questioning eyebrow before flickering his eyes towards Heero's hands. He gawped - Heero's fingertips were covered in dusky charcoal. The start of a laugh halted when he felt Heero stroke his face with tiny touches of his fingers.

Heero saw a stray strand of chocolate coloured hair fall in the corner of his eye as he slowly lowered his face towards Duo's. Gods... Duo's proximity was having an odd effect on him. His heart jumped crazily, his chest seeming like one big, odd ache. He wasn't terribly sure what he was doing, and what he was sure of, felt so right that he didn't want to stop. His breathing quickened when Duo reached up to close the distance between them, his heart halting momentarily as he felt the soft touch of Duo's lips on his own. His eyes fluttered closed as he leant into the kiss, which was nothing further than a simple, heart stopping touch. Light, tentative whispers of their mouths met before their mouths seem to naturally part, neither of them moving for a moment as they reflected on what had just happened. Heero could feel the barest murmur of Duo's light breathing against his face. He-

The sound of the door opening was heard, and they quickly sprung away from each other. Heero looked to see who it was. It was David - the talented older student that came frequently. He took a deep breath before glancing to Duo. A small smile was quickly given to him, an almost shy look to Duo's warm expression. He watched as Duo slowly moved away, holding his gaze until the long braid disappeared into the model's dressing room. His heart seemed to start beating again, and Heero came back to his senses, walking to where he was sat and sitting down with a dazed air about him. /Wow.../



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