Title: 5 Dates With Duo - Part 3
Author: Lady Archer
Pairing: 1 + 2
Warnings: Fluff that is sometimes deep fluff and climaxes into limey fluff and then fades off into sap/aw-inducing fluff. Post-war
Disclaimer: They ain't mine.
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5 Dates With Duo: Date Three - Movies and Grassy Lane Park

Heero was delighted beyond words. If he had been the type, his face would be lit up with a happy smile. As it was, he merely wasn't as tense as usual. Duo had called him yesterday, and had told him exactly where they were going to go today. Granted, Duo had called because he wanted Heero to meet him there, but the important thing was that Heero had all the information.

They were going to the movies. A terribly conventional date, yes, but that was insignificant to the fact that Heero knew enough details to know that the date was conventional. And not only that, but they were going to go to a 10:00 movie, and Heero could dress however he pleased. What movie they were going to see Heero hadn't been informed of, but he didn't really mind that either.

At 9:40 Heero got dressed, and was ready to leave when he heard his vidphone ring. And that's when he was informed that an emergency had come up and Lady Une expected him to come to headquarters in ten minutes for a mission that would last anywhere from four days to two weeks.

"Damn it!" Heero growled when he hung up. He muttered a continuous stream of curses under his breath as he regrettably called up Duo on his cel phone.

"Duo here, what's up?"

"Duo." There was a pause.

"Hey, Heero. You still at your apartment? We're gonna miss the movie, if you don't hurry up, you know."

Heero took a deep, breath, disappointed that there was nothing in reach for him to strangle or pummel. "I have to cancel."


"Preventers work. I'm going to be gone for a few days."

"Oh, yeah, sure. Well, that can't be helped, ne? So...that's fine. Get back to me."

"I will. Bye, Duo," Heero said and hung up. It turned out to be a bitch of a mission. Security systems at an important government building in the L1 colony were acting up, and it turned out to be a sabotage deal, and unfortunately there were two successful assassination attempts. Heero and four others had had to go, uncover the underground ring, prevent six other assassination attempts, and then completely redesign the security to prevent this from happening again. Heero got a total of about two hours of sleep from mission beginning to mission end, and even that had been in fifteen-minute increments.

When Heero got back to his apartment eight days later he was hungry, irritable, and in serious need of a shower and some sleep. He opened his apartment door, expecting to collapse on the couch even though he would have liked to have the energy to fix himself something to eat.

What he had not anticipated, however, was seeing Duo lounging on his sofa munching on some chips and watching TV. He flashed Heero a smile, who continued to stand dumbfounded in the doorway. "Hey, Heero. What's up?"

Heero continued to stare at him, stock-still. Heero was very happy to see Duo, he really was, but the first thought that came to mind was the sad conclusion that he wasn't going to be sleeping anytime soon, a feeling that was confirmed very quickly.

Duo got up from his comfortable seat and strolled over to him with an amused look as if Heero should have expected to see him lying there in his apartment. He gently took Heero's arm and led him to the couch. He disappeared for a moment and returned with two sandwiches and a glass of orange juice, all of which Heero consumed in a few seconds flat.

Duo took away the empty plate and glass, returned, and took Heero's arm once more and led him to the bathroom. He shoved a towel in Heero's hand, said a quick, "I'll come back in fifteen minutes," and shut the door.

Heero stared at the towel in his hand, and then up at the closed door, and then decided to deal with it later and went ahead and showered. Feeling ten times better, he opened the bathroom door, and saw clothes folded neatly on the mat right outside the door. Shaking his head, he picked up the clothes and changed, exiting the bathroom just as Duo came back.

Duo looked Heero up and down, and then nodded to himself, apparently satisfied. He took Heero's arm for the third time, brought Heero back to the couch, sat him down, and then settled next to Heero, head on his shoulder and arms wrapped around his waist. He didn't seem inclined to talk, but was quite comfortable to just lean on Heero and watch TV.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Heero finally asked. Heero supposed he could have used a more tactful phrasing as he watched the hurt flash briefly across Duo's face, but he was a bit too disoriented to care.

"You canceled our date," Duo said, "and so I rescheduled."

"For now?" Heero had the feeling there were more pressing questions he should be asking, but he couldn't seem to figure out what they were.


"Are you seriously suggesting that I want to go to the movies right now?" Heero was surprised he hadn't passed out yet.

"Nope, I heard about your mission ­ you were pretty damn vague, you know ­ from Quat who heard it from Trowa who keeps pretty close in touch with Une. He also told me when you would be back. So, I rented," and Duo held up a bag that contained at least six movies that Heero had failed to notice in his sad state.

Suddenly, something occurred to Heero. "How did you get into my apartment?"

Duo rolled his eyes. "Please, I picked the lock. It took five seconds, tops." Heero nodded. Things seemed to make so much sense when one was half-unconscious. "See, I knew you'd be pretty tired. That's why I decided not to torture you today, and instead we're just gonna have a nice and easy couch and movie date."

Heero decided to consent, if only because he didn't want to find out what Duo had planned before Duo had decided "not to torture him today." Duo seemed very happy with finding such an agreeable Heero, and he went into the kitchen and reappeared with a large bowl of popcorn, popped in a movie, and settled on the couch next to Heero.

The movie was an action flick, so one-dimensional in plot that even Heero ­ who was falling asleep ­ knew all the plot twists ages before they happened. Duo seemed to enjoy it, talking almost non-stop through the flick with comments that he seemed to find incredibly witty and Heero had to admit were pretty funny. Heero didn't really mind those, but he had to admit he could do with out the constant, "That mobile suit would make a great car," and "Did you know that Hilde turns those models into shuttles?" and then the long explanations of how exactly that could be.

The best part, in Heero's opinion, was the fact that Duo was molded into his side, and that he could play with his braid for as long as he wanted. The worst part, by far, was that Duo had actually intended to watch a movie and nothing else. That was definitely Heero's least favorite part.

"Heero?" Duo asked quietly during one of the lulls in the third movie he had insisted they watch.

Heero blinked sleepily and looked at Duo. "Hm?"

"I saw a movie a few months ago. It had been about the war, and though the producers insisted that the characters were all fictional cause they couldn't get permission from anyone to cast real people, the main characters were so obviously the five of us it wasn't even funny. I mean, yeah one guy was short and had black hair, but he had a braid down to his ass and called his `Gundam that wasn't a Gundam' Deadlyknife. I mean, come on."

Heero snorted softly. "Pretty pathetic."

"Yeah, and it paralleled the war almost exactly, they just changed the names of places and things is all."

"Was it good?" Duo didn't answer immediately as they were both distracted when a particularly loud explosion returned their attention to the movie.

After watching for a few minutes, Duo said, "Yeah, I mean at first I was pissed because no one told me about it, but...it was really good. Except...they kind of didn't follow everything exactly."

"Did you rent it? Are you asking me if I want to see it?" Duo looked at Heero.

"Yeah, I did." Stopping the movie that they were currently watching, Duo popped in a new video called, "Endless Waltz." At first Heero thought it was a just a documentary, and he was going to insist that Duo shut it off. There was no need to watch something that he had had to live through.

But then Heero was amused by the characters; they were exactly like the people they were obviously supposed to be, they just changed minuscule details like hair color, age, appearance trademarks, or rank. Heero was shocked that no one had sued this movie and demanded it never be shown again.

He watched as the five "not-thems" as Duo called them hid in schools, destroyed bases, made the same mistakes they had made, and fought battles. There was a heavy emphasis on the relationship between his character and the Relena-character. He supposed Duo was still upset about this, and he supposed that Duo didn't much care for the many sex scenes between him and Relena's not-them.

"It's just a movie," Heero said, and he tightened his grip around Duo to emphasis the fact that it was Duo in his arms and not Relena. However a look in Duo's eyes told him that he had missed the point entirely.

It was towards the end of the movie that Heero found out what had really upset Duo, during a discussion between several important government members.

<After years of struggle, at last the war is over,> Diplomat 1 (as Heero dubbed him) said.

<Yes, yes, perhaps at last we will achieve the peace that we have so desperately sought,> said Diplomat 2.

<Ah, but we will have to work very hard. This peace has not come easily, and nor will it stay if we do not nurture it.> This was the Diplomat 3.

Heero rolled his eyes. This dialogue was starting to make him physically ill.

<There is still an important matter to discuss,> Diplomat 2 said. <There is the matter of those who fought in the war.>

<You mean the mobile suit pilots? Are they not heroes? Should they not be rewarded and hailed as such?> said Diplomat 1.

<We have discussed this with others, both earth and colony representatives and with the people, and have reached a consensus,> said Diplomat 3.

<Yes, we have come to the conclusion that these pilots are a menace to society.>

Heero straightened slightly at this.

<But they fought in the war!>

<There is no place in a world of peace for soldiers of war.>

<Those who have been trained to fight will always fight, and we cannot afford it in our fragile peace.>

<I see your points,> said Diplomat 1 after they had argued about it for a bit, calling the pilots "blood-thirsty murderers" and other such flattering names.

<We have no choice but to see that the pilots do not harm our peace, and to act accordingly.>

Heero had been astonished at the sudden turn of the conversation, and his mouth dropped open when the five pilots were killed.

"Holy hell," he said in amazement.

He looked down and noticed that Duo was staring at Heero's shirt, and was pointedly not looking at the TV. Heero shut off the movie and looked at him. "Duo, tell me this hasn't affected you." He didn't answer, and Heero was incredulous. "It's just a stupid movie. Some people don't like us, so what?"

"They have a point, though," Duo said softly.

"Yes, we killed, yes we murdered, but we never enjoyed it and we never took it for granted!" Heero couldn't believe that Duo was this...hurt by the movie.

Duo looked up and met Heero's eyes, and like a switch his dreary mood disappeared. "Congratulations, Heero," he said happily.

Heero's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "For what?"

"For winning the 'Saying the Right Thing' award." Duo smiled and laid his head on Heero's should, apparently done with the conversation. Heero, however, most certainly was not.

"What is that supposed to mean?" He grabbed Duo's chin and forced him to look into his eyes.

"Heero, the war is over. We killed, and when it was over I swore on everything I could think of that I would never fight again. You, however, went to the Preventers. You willingly chose to kill. I don't care about your intentions, and I don't care that you're doing good. You're still fighting." He smiled slightly, "I just had to make sure you didn't enjoy it."

Heero stared at Duo, his expression unreadable. Duo's lips quirked up, "We would have had quite a problem if I found out that you had a thing for killing, something along the lines of me walking out of here and not walking back."

Heero nodded slowly, and instead of letting go of Duo's chin leaned forward for an angry kiss that eventually turned into something much more passionate. He traced Duo's sweet lips with his tongue, resting his hands on Duo's hips and dragging him closer, moaning deeply when he felt Duo run hands along his chest.

For several minutes they merely explored one another in hot passion, reveling in the feel of one another after so long. Duo pulled away at one point, breathing heavily and smiling slightly. "Do you have plans for tomorrow?"

Heero shook through his daze long enough to think about it, and then shook his head no. "That's good, because I have plans for tomorrow as well."

"We're having another date tomorrow?"

"Of course not. This still counts for this date."

"But it's a different day. It should count as two," Heero insisted.

Duo grinned. "I told you already, I gave you two easy runs. You're gonna have to work for it now, my friend."

Heero sighed, and found he could do nothing but agree, silently damning Duo's twisted logic. "Where are we going?"

Duo closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened them, and said, "You are an absolute idiot if you are still asking me that." Heero sighed, and sadly accepted the fact that he was going to remain forever uniformed.

"So tomorrow we'll leave in the morning, kay?"

Heero nodded. "Do you want me to take you home?"

Duo raised his eyebrows. "Who said I'm going there?" Heero's eyes widened.

"You're...staying? Tonight?" Duo nodded.

"Yup," he said, and Heero was sure he was going to die of joy, "but no sex."

Heero blinked. "...Excuse me?"

"No sex," Duo repeated calmly.


Duo cast a sidelong glance at him. "This is my game, Heero, and I get five dates to play with you, if you want to keep going, of course. I'm going to sleep in your bed with you tonight, and we're gonna cuddle and all that shit, but that's it."

"You don't want to have sex?" Heero asked in amazement.

"Of course I do, Heero. Sometimes, though, you have to sacrifice for a greater good."

"A greater good?" Heero was incredulous.

"Have you ever heard of a little word `revenge'? You should look it up sometime."

"Ah," Heero said as understanding came.

Duo grinned, walked into Heero's bedroom, stripped down to his boxers, and wiggled under the covers.

Heero slowly followed him, eyes tracking every move, silently damning the seductive American to hell. Taking a deep breath, Heero followed him into bed. After a few seconds of rearrangements they ended up entwined in the middle of the bed, arms and legs casually twisted together.

Heero stared at ceiling, because he knew that if he looked at Duo he would take him, damn the rules.

Against better judgment he snuck a peak at Duo, who was grinning, obviously enjoying this sick, twisted revenge of his.

"This is a sick, twisted revenge," Heero said.

Duo laughed and didn't deny it. Heero fell asleep very easily, and he supposed that it must've had something to do with the fact that he had intended to pass out four movies and one make-out session ago. Needless to say who had the starring role in his dream that night.

Heero slowly woke up many hours later as he felt the sun creeping into his eyes, and he was greeted with the unusual but surprisingly natural feeling of Duo spooned up against him. He slowly trailed a hand down Duo's side, and he knew that if Duo wished to revenge against him for a million dates he wouldn't protest as long as he had the promise of what came after to look forward to.

He watched as Duo slowly woke up, blinking owlishly up at him and grinning. He yawned loudly and stretched. "Morning, Heero," he said. After they had both showered and dressed ­ unfortunately, to Heero's unhappiness, not together ­ they sat together at a small table in Heero's kitchenette and ate a quick breakfast of cold cereal.

"Ready to go?" Duo asked when they were done, wearing Heero's clothes having not brought any of his own.

Heero bit his lip to keep from asking where, and instead just nodded. Duo led Heero downstairs and out the building and they walked along the sidewalk silently until they came to a park called Grassy Lane.

Heero raised his eyebrows. "We're going to a park?"

Duo grinned. "Yup, a walk in the park."

"Why are you going for such clichés?" Heero asked curiously. Duo looked at him.

"They're new to me. I've never been to a park with you before, Heero," he said seriously.

Walking inside Duo dropped all seriousness and turned to Heero with a mock authoritive air. "Okay, here's the plan."

"We have a plan?"

Duo winked. "Just for you, Heero." Heero smiled slightly.

"What's to plan in a park?"

"It's really simple, okay? We separate and go to one of the food stands and you go and get an ice cream or a hot dog or something as deliciously terrible for me, I go and buy some fruit or nasty nutrition bar for you, we eat, we walk, and we laugh a lot for no apparent reason just because we can."

"Wouldn't it be easier to just buy our own food?"

Duo rolled his eyes. "That's not how it works," he said. Heero decided not to waste any time arguing. Walking around they separated, and met each other on a bench under a shady tree. And Heero handed Duo a deliciously fried funnel cake topped with a triple scoop of cookie dough ice cream and Duo handed Heero a fresh salad and a bowl of strawberries.

They sat down ­ very near to each other ­ and happily ate their treats. When they finished they stood up and by no one's initiative found themselves holding hands.

For a while they just walked aimlessly, outwardly admiring the scenery and fresh atmosphere but really admiring each other.

They talked of unimportant things and when Duo kicked Heero for a particularly unsatisfactory answer Heero snapped and ended up chasing Duo through the entire park. He finally caught up with him and tackled Duo to the ground. Laughing ­ for no real apparent reason, Heero was slightly amazed to find ­ they rolled around a few times before they broke apart and merely stared up at the sky, panting.

Heero couldn't shake the feeling of how cliché this date was and pointed it out to Duo. "So?" Duo asked. "What did you think we would do?"

"I just...this is not what I pictured when I imagined a date with you. I figured for something more...eccentric."

"Disappointed?" Duo asked, looked slightly insulted.

"No," Heero said and meant it.

"You know, I've never been to a park before, not with you. It's not cliché to me," Duo repeated.

"No, it isn't," Heero agreed, and they stayed that way for many hours, lying on the grass and watching the sky, thinking of space and wars and the past and each other.

When it was starting to get dark they made their way back to Heero's apartment and Duo once again walked Heero to his door. "You know what next week is, don't you Heero?" Duo asked with a cheeky grin that widened when Heero paled. "Do you want to pick the dance club? I have a few in mind, but I'll let you pick if you want."

"I am not going dancing."

"Then you're backing out? Already?"

Heero let out a low growl. "Fine. You pick. Where are we going?"

Taking out a scrap piece of paper, Duo scribbled down a few notes and handed it to Heero. "This," he said, pointing to an address, "is where I've been staying since I came here. It's really near to where I have a contract, so this is all very convenient for me. This," he pointed to something else, "is what time you're picking me up. Lastly, this," he pointed to a question mark, "is which club we're going to, because I'm not telling until Saturday since you don't want to pick." He grinned. "See you, Heero."

Heero studied the paper, and when he looked up Duo was gone. He tried to, he really did. He closed his eyes and concentrated and tried to hate the idea of going dancing with Duo, but no matter how much he tried he found that he couldn't.


A/N: Three things --

First, I called the movie, "Endless Waltz" because I couldn't think of another name, and it wasn't supposed to be the actual movie. In the fic it's just a title for a movie that covered the entire war.

Second, I know I really skimmed over the mission, but who cares about that? Am I right? ^_~

Last, the names to all the places (Grassy Lane Park, Cathy's Cafe, etc.) were made up. If they are acutal places, I didn't intend for them to be.

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