Title: 5 Dates With Duo - Part 4
Author: Lady Archer
Pairing: 1 + 2
Warnings: Fluff that is sometimes deep fluff and climaxes into limey fluff and then fades off into sap/aw-inducing fluff. Post-war
Disclaimer: They ain't mine.
Feedback: Thank you again to everyone who reviewed. More hugs for you. ^_^

5 Dates With Duo: Date Four - The Starry Space Club

Heero woke up with a feeling of utmost dread. He spent a long time lying on his bed, planning ways to weasel himself out of the date later that day. After thinking up and rejecting a long list of schemes, he came to the sad conclusion that there wasn't going to be any hope of convincing Duo to pick a different date destination.

He spent the day pointedly not thinking about that night, and kept it up until it was almost time for him to pick up Duo. Apprehensively he opened his closet door.

<"Oh, and by the way, wear something comfortable on our fourth date because we're going dancing.">

Heero sighed, closed his eyes, grabbed random pieces of attire, and ended up dressed in a button-down green shirt and dark slacks.

Knowing that he couldn't delay anymore, he left his apartment and drove to the address Duo had given him. He considered turning back the entire ten minutes it took to get there, and it was with a deep breath and a resigned sense of dread that he made it up to Duo's rented apartment door.

He knocked on the door, and was greeted with the awesome sight of Duo dressed for a club. He wore a tight, sleeveless shirt, tight, low- slung pants, and boots that came up to his ankles; he was draped in gaudy jewelry and had ribbons twisted through his hair.

Duo grinned when he saw the glazed look in Heero's eyes, and gently took him by the arm and led him into the apartment. Realizing they were entering and not leaving, Heero gave Duo a confused look. "Aren't we going?"

Duo smirked. "You're not ready." Heero looked down at himself, and felt a terrible sinking feeling in his stomach.

"What's wrong?" he asked suspiciously.

Duo looked him up and down. "The outfits fine and all, I just want to...pretty you up a little," Duo said.

Heero gaped at him. "You want me to wear make-up?"

Duo grinned. "I want to dress you up. Let me?"

"What are you going to do?"

"I just want to play a little. Yesterday I bought some stuff that I really think will look good on you. Let me?" he repeated.

Heero glared at Duo, but he knew he couldn't say no. Putting up a good fight for five minutes but eventually conceding defeat, Heero allowed Duo to lead him to a mat that was in the small living room. Duo told Heero to sit down on it.

Duo left and returned shortly with a bag of his newly acquired cosmetics and told Heero to close his eyes. Heero grudgingly complied, silently cursing the boy. Duo kneeled in front of Heero and set to work.

Heero felt as Duo slowly traced patterns all along Heero's face, sometimes with soft brushes or with harder liners. Duo worked silently for several minutes. "Okay, I'm almost done," Duo said after a while. "I just need you to unbutton your shirt and to lie down," he instructed.

Heero opened his eyes in alarm. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Lie down," Duo repeated. Sighing, wondering what he was doing, Heero obeyed. "This is just a final touch, kay?" Heero saw him take out a black lipliner before he was once again forced to close his eyes. Heero was hard pressed not to laugh as the soft tip ran across his stomach.

Duo pulled back, helped Heero up so that he was in a kneeling position, and then gave Heero several silver chains to wear around his neck.

He told Heero to stand, and then looked him up and down. "Finished," Duo said happily. "Damn, Heero, you look *really* good." Heero was debating whether or not he even wanted to know as Duo led him to a full-length mirror.

Heero stared at himself, torn between the desire to laugh and the more pressing desire to throttle Duo. The spirals and flowers and fluid symbols Duo had painted on his face, accentuating his eyes and flowing down to his neck, coupled with the deep blue eyeliner and the wine red color of his lips made him look like some sort of exotic dancer. His hair sparkled slightly depending on where he turned, but the worst part was yet to come.

His shirt was left open revealing the entire expanse of his front, and written on his stomach in tall, bold letters were the words PROPERTY OF DUO MAXWELL.

"Take it off," Heero said flatly.

Duo grinned, seemingly extremely pleased with himself. "If you want to stop dating me, Yuy, you can wipe it all off any time you want. If you don't want to, though..." Duo trailed off and shrugged.

Heero stared at his reflection. One night, he told himself. You can make it through one more night without killing Duo.

He turned to the happy American and said in a conquered voice, "Let's go." Duo grinned and led the way downstairs. He joked about leading Heero around on a leash. Heero `joked' about strangling Duo with said leash.

Getting into Heero's car, Duo directed him to the place he had picked out. Duo chatted the whole time about how his week had been, and about how much he had looked forward to tonight.

"I'll go to the club," Heero said, "But I won't dance."

"You'll dance," Duo said.

"I won't."

"Believe me, Yuy, you will."

"How do you know?"

"Because it's going to be me asking you."

Heero snorted softly, and didn't say anything for the rest of the trip save grunts of acknowledgment to Duo's directions. After about fifteen minutes they arrived to a deceptively small-looking building nestled between an eatery and a business building. The building was black with small splashes of white, and above the entrance were bright yellow words that proclaimed, "The Starry Space Club."

They got out of the car, Duo hopping up and down on his feet, obviously impatient to go in. Heero went at a distinctly slower pace. He was already regretting this as he could hear soft beats drifting through the walls.

After a long wait in line they walked inside and Heero's worst fears were confirmed. Lights were dim, music was bone-jarringly loud, and people were everywhere drinking and dancing. Inside, the dance floor spanned three stories by means of a spiral staircase in the middle of the room, the black walls and painted stars giving dancers the impression of traveling through space. Heero, having actually traveled through space, was decidedly unimpressed.

Duo was saying things to him, but he couldn't make out the words and it was too dark for him to read his lips. Realizing this, Duo took Heero's hand and led him to the bar where the music was slightly less earsplitting.

"Still regret coming?" Duo asked with a grin.

"Yes," Heero said with absolute conviction.

This seemed to only make Duo more amused. "You'll have fun, don't worry." He hailed over the bartender and ordered two drinks.

"I am not dancing." Heero decided it might be necessary to make clear this fact to Duo, who just waved a dismissing hand.

"Here's the plan -- "

"We have a plan for here, too?"

"Yeah, but you're not gonna like this plan."

"I'm in this stupid place. It can't get any worse than that," Heero foolishly believed.

"You are going to get really drunk," Duo said just as the bartender passed them their drinks.

Heero stared into the blue concoction that was in front of him. "I am not drinking," he said.

"It's just a drink," Duo pointed out. "I think you'll have more fun dancing if you have a drink."


Duo sighed, and looked thoughtful for a moment. Heero watched with interest as a sudden light went off in Duo's eyes, and he wondered if he should be worried. "Okay," Duo said slowly. "I won't drink at all. I'll stay totally sober."

"So? I'm still not drinking."

"I'll make sure nothing happens to you," Duo said seriously. Heero looked skeptical. "Unless, of course, you don't trust me."

Their eyes locked, and without a word Heero lifted his glass and downed the whole drink in one gulp. He put the cup down, and raised an eyebrow. Duo was staring at him, his eyes suspiciously bright, though Heero supposed it could have been the lighting.

Duo's mouth dropped open when Heero willingly ordered another drink. "One drink won't get me drunk," Heero stated matter-of-factly and then ended up ordering and drinking seven more glasses.

"Heero, seriously, I believe you," Duo said, staring wide-eyed at Heero. "You can stop drinking."

Heero distantly registered that he was successfully drunk as he ordered himself another drink. "Tastes good," he said indistinctly as he drank it before Duo could protest.

Duo bit his lip, and if Heero hadn't been drunk he would have seen the concerned light entering his eyes.

"Heero, I -- " Heero hiccupped slightly and Duo stopped, momentarily dumbstruck. "Heero, listen -- "

"Yeah?" Heero drawled.

Duo took a deep breath. "Heero, I -- "

"You're reeeaaaal cute," Heero slurred suddenly, leaning on Duo. "I really really really really like you."

Duo blinked and blushed slightly.

"Damn best-looking man...person...I ever..." Heero trailed off as he spotted something interesting. He reached out and grabbed hold of a chestnut-colored long rope of silk, and he lovingly ran his hands along it, eyes wide in awe.

"S'pretty," he mumbled. Duo coughed uncomfortably.

"I think this was a bad -- "

"Dance with me," Heero said abruptly, his voice clear for a moment before fading into an incoherent mutter. Heero wrapped the silky strands around his hand and used it as a leash to drag Duo onto the dance floor before the stunned American could utter a word.

Stumbling slightly, Heero put his hands on Duo's shoulders to steady himself. "Dance wi' me," he repeated, eyes wide with adoration in thanks to an alcohol-induced innocence.

"Okay," Duo whispered, and slowly wrapped an arm around Heero's waist as Heero wrapped an arm around him. Heero entwined his fingers from his free hand with Duo, and leaned close until he was pressed completely against Duo.

Everything seemed so...perfect, and he was absolutely high on the intoxicating man in his arms. The music flowed through every inch of him, and he swayed to the seductive beat, forcing Duo to sway in time with him.

For several songs they danced, and Heero was beside himself with delight. He turned to look in violet pools in which he was momentarily drowned.

And then he burst into laughter. Duo looked at him strangely. "What's so funny?"

Heero shook his head and continued to shake with mirth even as he continued to dance.

"Heero? What's so funny? I want to know!"

"Everything!" Heero exclaimed amidst his laughter, and then seemed unable to say anything else.

Duo stared at Heero, and then he too burst into laughter. "You know, you're right. Everything is funny."

And for several more songs they danced and laughed. A much faster paced song boomed through the place, and Heero pulled away suddenly. Duo looked confused.

"Something wrong?"

"Will you follow me?" Heero asked, his eyes bright and his words slurred.

"Yeah, anywhere," Duo said, and Heero took his hand and led him upstairs.

"I miss space so much yeah I go there all the time but every time I'm down here I just can't help but want to fly the earth is so ugly but from space it's so so beautiful I'd go to space just to look down on earth," Heero babbled nonstop. Reaching the second floor they found that there were globes of color symbolizing planets and Heero was momentarily distracted by them.

"Which one you wanna live on Duo?" Heero asked.

Duo looked at him and smirked slightly. "I don't think they're fit for human settlement, Yuy," he said.

"Which one?" Heero insisted.

"Why do you want to know?" Duo wasn't sure why he arguing with a drunk man.

"Cause I've gotta follow you," Heero said in a voice that in any other situation would have been perceived as serious but in this situation was just comical. He pointed to the words on his chest.

Duo blinked, and then burst into laughter, and Heero laughed too because...well, he wasn't quite sure why.

Heero tried to inspect other fascinating things in the room, but he was stopped by a hand on his arm. He turned around and saw his beautiful boyfriend.

"Hi ya," he said, lifting his arm and curling his fingers slightly in a small wave.

Duo grinned. "Dance with me, Heero?" Heero didn't even bother to answer, just grabbed both of Duo's hands and dragged them to the middle of the dance floor. Heero led Duo through a dizzying dance complete with twirls, dips, kicks, bounces to the beat, and heavy groping.

Heero looked at Duo's awestruck expression. "Having fun, love?" he slurred.

"Damn," Duo breathed, and then dragged Heero off to the side, pressed him against the wall, and kissed him senseless -- something that took an incredibly short amount of time all things considered. "You never told me you could dance," Duo accused softly in-between kisses.

Heero blinked rapidly, trying to process the words and failing to decipher all but a few. He grabbed Duo's hand once more and led him up to the third level of the dance club.

Once again they lost themselves in the music. At one point an unfamiliar face appeared besides Heero and stepped between him and Duo.

"Hey there," the woman purred in a sultry voice, "want to dance with me?"

Heero stared at her, and after slowly making sense of the words shook his head. "Can't," he said, and pointed to his chest.

She stared at his chest, and traced a hand over the bold words. Heero saw Duo tap her on the shoulder, and though he didn't catch what was said the woman seemed very unhappy and perhaps a little frightened.

"Too bad," she said, and left. Duo opened his mouth to speak but the movement brought Heero's attention to his lips and he latched onto the American and plundered his mouth. He pulled away and then took Duo's hands and danced with him some more.

As the current song faded a much slower song took its place and they once again pressed together, swaying gently in time to the beat.

"S'perfect," Heero said softly.

Duo, whose head had been resting on Heero's shoulder, looked up. "What's perfect, Heero?" he asked.

Heero giggled, and was surprised when Duo's jaw dropped. "You okay?" he asked.

Duo slowly shook his head, and then slowly repeated, "What's perfect?"

"You have to guess."

Duo smiled slightly, and thought about it. "Me?" he asked, and glared when Heero burst into loud laughter.



Heero grinned and shook his head.

"Hmmm...this night?"

"S'night was...almost perfect," Heero slurred.





"Then I don't know. What's perfect?"


"I thought everything was funny."

"Everything was funny," Heero said, smiling slightly, "but now everything's perfect. Right?"

Duo looked into Heero's eyes. "Right, now everything's perfect." And then Heero laughed again.

They danced for several more hours. Heero dragged them from floor to floor throughout the entire night, and refused to let them take a break.

At about 4 in the morning Duo decided it was time to go, and he tugged on Heero's arms, steering him to the exit.

"Dance with me?" Heero asked, eyes wide.

Duo smiled softly. "We'll dance later, kay?" Heero nodded, and allowed Duo to lead them out. Duo took Heero's keys and drove them back to his building.

Leaning heavily on Duo, the American helped Heero stumble up to his apartment door. Duo used Heero's keys to open the door and guided Heero to his bed, taking off his shoes and clothes and laying a soft kiss on his lips.

In the morning when Heero woke up he was very unhappy to find Duo gone, or he supposed he would have been had he not had the more pressing concern of emptying his stomach into the toilet and finding some aspirin. His head was pounding, and the night before was a total blur.

It wasn't until he had gotten home from work that he found a note on his dresser.

Hey Heero

Had lots of fun. *Lots of fun*. You did too, in case you
don't remember. I'm going to assume we're on for next
Saturday unless you tell me otherwise. I have really
good plans for then. I'll come by your place around
11:00 am. See you!

Remember Yuy: five's the lucky number.

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