Title: 5 Dates With Duo - Part 5
Author: Lady Archer
Pairing: 1 + 2
Warnings: Fluff that is sometimes deep fluff and climaxes into limey fluff and then fades off into sap/aw-inducing fluff. Post-war
Disclaimer: They ain't mine.
Note: Major sap ahead. It just came out of no where and whacked me over the head. >_<

5 Dates With Duo: Date Five - At the Beach

"Dance with me?"

Heero was flying through space on a twisting staircase. He was running...

...Up...And down...

...Up and down...

...Up and down...

...Running after a laughing boy with a long braid and shining purple eyes who kept asking him to dance...

...He couldn't catch up and everything with confused...

...And then there was a banging that sounded painfully through his head...




...And again...

...And again...

A rational part of his mind was going on and on in a constant, mind- drumming monotone, the voice distant and hard to hear...

...You're dreaming...you've overslept...remember the mission, Yuy...It was supposed to last five hours tops...and it stretched to 48 and...you went to bed at nine in the morning...tired...you've overslept...

And his head kept banging...and banging...and banging...and then suddenly...

There was silence. Peaceful, blessed silence, and Heero let out an unconscious sigh of relief...


"Heero! Hey! Where are you? Heero! Oh Holy hell! What will become of the world when Heero Yuy oversleeps? Heero!"

Heero's eyes flew open and he instantly took out his gun and pointed it - directly between two grinning purple eyes.

"...The hell?"

"Didn't think you were ever going to wake, Yuy."

Heero glared at Duo who was thoughtfully tapping his chin with a slim finger. The purple eyes glanced off to the side, and Heero followed his gaze and immediately paled when he saw the glass of water in Duo's hand.

"I was kind of hoping I was going to have to take more drastic measures " He stopped short when in one swift move Heero sat up, shot out a hand to grip Duo's wrist, and then used his other hand to replace his gun under his pillow and to take the offending glass of water and place it safely on his dresser, all in a quick three seconds.

"What is it with you and pouring water on me?" Heero growled irritably.

Duo winked. "I guess I just like to see you all wet and sexy."

Heero opened his mouth then abruptly closed it. He took a deep breath. "You have got to stop picking the lock on my door "

"Maybe if you'd open your door once in a while..."

"There are damn security cameras in this building and I am not getting your ass out of jail when you get caught."

Duo snickered, and Heero glared at him. "What?"

"Honestly, Heero. Do you think some security officer is gonna take old Shinigami down? Please!" Duo waved a dismissing hand.

Heero smirked. "I'm a cop. Maybe I should arrest you."

Duo raised an eyebrow and affected a look of interest. "I didn't realize you were into kink...!"

Heero choked. "Idiot..." he muttered.

Duo laughed. "So Heero, you planning on getting out of bed or am I going to have to totally redesign my plans to involve you, me, and your very soft bed? I'd be pretty pissed at you...though I'd probably get over it pretty quickly." He winked again, and Heero, annoyed, pushed past him and disappeared into the bathroom.

When he had come out of the shower and gotten dressed he saw Duo lounging comfortably on his couch looking through a large shopping bag.

"Ready to go?" Heero asked, knowing better by now than to ask where. Duo stood up and walked in front of him, slowly eyeing him up and down. Heero waited impatiently during the scrutiny, and glared when Duo shook his head in disapproval.

"Strip." Heero choked. Again.

"What?" he said in a strangled voice.

Duo raised his eyebrows and gestured towards Heero's clothes. "That won't do! Strip." Heero continued to stare at Duo, who rolled his eyes. "We're going to the beach, and you can't wear that."

"You could have told me. I own a bathing suit."

Duo smirked, and Heero, learning to trust the sinking feeling in his stomach, considered bolting. "But I bought one just for you. Wear it for me?" Heero watched in trepidation as Duo reached into the bag he had brought and came out with a tiny piece of cloth that under no circumstances could be considered a bathing suit.

"No way in hell am I wearing that," Heero stated flatly. Duo pouted.

"Please? Just once?"


"Just "


Duo sighed. "Fine, I'll just leave and pick up some other cop to go to the beach with me who will appreciate my presents and my efforts..." Heero growled in frustration.

"I'll come, but I won't wear that," he tried to compromise.

"I'm just asking you to wear it once, Heero! I mean, I only get one more date to play with you!"

Heero grimaced, stared at the suit, then at Duo's hopeful face, and then took the offensive suit and disappeared into his bedroom.

He came out dressed in frayed jeans and an old t-shirt. Duo raised an eyebrow. "That doesn't look like you're wearing the suit to me..."

Heero smirked, tugged low on his pants, and pointed to show that he quite clearly was wearing the suit underneath.

Duo glared. "You can't wear jeans over it!"

"You said wear it. I am."

"Tricky bastard." Duo sighed and then grinned. "Well, I've got all the stuff we need," he gestured to his large bag, "ready to go?"

They left, Duo's black car waiting outside for them. Getting inside they drove off. "Why are we going to a beach?" Heero asked. He had been so sure Duo was going to take him somewhere particularly torturous for their last date, and so an unremarkable date to the beach was remarkably suspicious.

He looked over and saw a wistful smile slip across Duo's face. "Cause that's where we first met, of course. Remember? We played around in the sand and proclaimed our undying love for each other and shared our first kiss..." Duo sighed.

Heero stared at Duo. "What?"

"Oh, right. I meant to say that we met on a port and I shot you twice and we're going to a beach cause I wanted to see you in that suit. Same difference, ne?" Duo asked, grinning.

Heero snorted, and looked out the window, eyes on the passing scenery. After a long ride they arrived at a public beach, and Heero eyed the crowds warily.

Parking, Duo hopped out of the car and tugged Heero after him. They walked around for a while merely enjoying the atmosphere before Duo finally decided they needed to choose a good spot to lay down on. Heero watched as Duo searched face set in determination for and found a good spot that was off to the side, far away from most of the crowds.

They sat down on the sand and merely stayed there for a moment, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. "Doesn't it feel weird to be normal?" Duo asked casually.

Heero raised an eyebrow. "Define normal."

Duo looked at him and blinked. "Umm...what most people do?"

"Don't ask me. Define it."

Duo thought about it. Heero leaned back, his elbows propping him up, and watched as Duo struggled for an answer. "Normal is...it's what...hell...it's what is expected, I guess. What the average person does. What's typical."

"Maybe going to the beach with you will become typical. And then maybe going to the beach with you will be normal for me." Duo blinked again, and stared at Heero, silently.

"Going to the beach is normal for everyone," Duo pointed out.

"It is not normal to me. Piloting a Gundam and firing a gun is normal to me. But I suppose I can add going to the beach with you as normal as well. It depends on how much you annoy me today."

Duo smiled slightly. He held up a bottle of sun block and raised his eyebrows. Smirking slightly Heero commanded Duo to lie down on his stomach, and he proceeded to cover every inch of the American with lotion. He was very thorough, much to Duo's delight. Afterwards, Duo repaid the favor to Heero.

A slight wind blew past them as they sat, staring out into the ocean. Duo came forward and to sit just beyond the wave's reach, eyes never leaving the crystalline waters.

Heero came to kneel behind him. Slowly, he took Duo's braid in his hand and gently tugged off the band and unraveled it. He sat back, watching the strands immediately take to the wind in a wild dance.

Duo finally turned away from the ocean and turned to Heero with a questioning look. Heero ran his fingers through the wild strands. "Maybe letting your hair down and playing with it will be normal for me."

"Do you want it to be normal?"

"You're beautiful."

"Do you want it to be normal?" Duo repeated.

"Yes," Heero said simply.

Duo shrugged slightly. "I'll keep it down," he said softly.

"But you always braid it."

"But it's pretty easy isn't it? That's what you're saying? I just don't braid it...and then braiding it won't be normal anymore, will it?"

Heero gave a small smile. "I didn't say that. You assumed I did."

"Then what did you say?" Heero smirked softly and he didn't answer. "Okay, I'll keep it down." They both turned to look out into the sea. They watched the water for a long time, Heero's hands constantly playing with the silky hair that danced around him.

After a while Duo turned to Heero with a gleam in his eye. "Want to go swimming?"

"I'm not wearing that damn bathing suit."

"Swim with me anyway. We'll dry on the beach, kay?" He stood up and before Heero could protest dragged him into the water, fully dressed.

"Duo!" The American just laughed and swam a while out before stopping and treading the water, staring at Heero in a silent challenge, his shirt clinging to his skin. Heero stared at the sight for a moment before diving in after him. They swam around for a little, chasing one another through the water.

At one point Heero lost sight of Duo and he looked around frantically, unable to spot him. He felt a slight tug and he looked down too late as Duo instantly swam away clutching Heero's jeans to his chest. Heero surfaced and saw Duo standing on the beach, waving his pants through the air, daring him to come after them. Cursing him in every language he knew, Heero gritted his teeth and left the water, his face red.

Duo whistled and Heero snapped, running at the boy too quickly for Duo to escape and tackling him to the ground. He pined Duo's arms above his head and straddled his waist, glaring into laughing eyes.

Glaring still Heero snatched the jeans and put them on, cursing the grinning boy, and moving to sit a few feet away from Duo, arms around his knees. Heero felt Duo come up and hug him from behind.

"You're pretty wet," Duo noted. Heero just snorted. "I noticed a volleyball net a little bit away when we first came. Want to play?"

"Volleyball?" Heero asked, dubiously.

"Yup, a little one on one."

"One on one volleyball."

"Oh, are you not up to it? I suppose after your crushing defeat in the All-Important Earthsphere Wide 2x1 Basketball Competition you might be a little embarrassed to compete with me..."

"Hardly. And I thought it was 1x2."

"I won, why should you come first? I thought you didn't care!"

"You're a bit conceited, Duo. Now I'm thinking I might prefer 1x2."

"How about whoever wins gets to choose whether its 1x2 or 2x1?"

Heero smirked. "Fine with me." They stood up and found their way to the net. They stood on either side, exchanging childish taunts just for amusement. Duo threw the ball into the air and with a large smack to the ball they played.

An hour later Heero spiked the ball again in the exact opposite direction Duo was running to, and the American collapsed backwards onto the sand.

"I give up," he announced.

Heero came over to kneel by him. "Giving up? Not like you."

"You're beating me 67 to 4, you bastard." Heero smirked. "And you know it. Braggart. Its cause I beat you at basketball, isn't it?"

The smirk widened. "I aim for perfection."

"You call me a sore loser," Duo muttered. "It's probably cause I took your pants, too."

"What do I win?" Heero sat down seeing that Duo didn't seem too inclined to get up anytime soon.

Duo raised an eyebrow, still lying forlornly on the rough sand. "You want a prize?"

"I think I deserve a prize," Heero decided.

"I didn't get a prize."

"You cheated. It's your tournament, so what's my prize?"

Duo thought about it. "Me?"

Heero looked dubious. "Why would I want you?" Duo just grinned.

He leaped up and dragged Heero up with him. Hand in hand they walked along the beach until they came to a small ice cream shop. Duo ordered two cones, despite Heero's protests that he didn't like ice cream, and after lots of pleas and dire threats shoved the frozen cream down Heero's throat until he grudgingly admitted that it was pretty good.

At about this time Duo decided that it was time to build something with the sand. "What are you going to make?" Heero asked.

Duo grinned, "I didn't say I was going to make something."

Heero frowned. "What are you going to do?"

"I'll tell you, but only if you promise to follow my instructions exactly."


"Please? I "

"No." Duo sighed, disappointed.

"Fine, do you wanna just like down in the sand and do nothing, then?"

Heero shrugged. "That's fine with me." Walking back to their original spot they settled down. Heero laid back and closed his eyes, hands behind his head.

He took a deep breath, enjoying the sun for a while when he frowned slightly. Something was tickling his foot. He shifted a little, and found that he couldn't move his leg. Eyes flying open he sat up straight and found Duo busily burying him with sand. His entire right leg was already covered.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Duo glanced up and said distractedly, "I'm building with the sand," before he returned to the challenging work of packing sand over every inch of Heero's body.

"I didn't agree!"

Heero saw Duo smirk in a very self-satisfied way. "Maybe you should review our conversation."

"I said I..." Heero trailed off and cursed.

"Lay back, Yuy. I have a lot of skin left to cover and I'm going to be pissed if you mess up my hard work." Heero glared at Duo who merely shoved him back and continued burying him. Heero stared up at the sky, fuming.

After about twenty minutes his entire lower body had been covered. "Is there a point to this?" Heero decided to ask, since asking Duo to stop, asking Duo how much of him he was planning to cover, and trying to distract Duo with tempting promises had all failed.

"Of course there's a point."

Heero waited, and when no answer was forthcoming requested an elaboration.

"The point is to cover you from toes to neck in sand."

"That's the point."


"You're doing this why?" Heero started to rise angrily but Duo waved his hands and pushed him back down.

"Don't move! You'll mess it up!" Staying perfectly still Heero repeated his question. "I've never buried someone in sand before."

Heero gave up, and waited while Duo continued the tedious work. Another fifteen minutes and he was up to his chest, and another ten after that he was covered from his toes to his neck. He looked at Duo expectantly. "Well? Are you done?"

Duo smirked, and Heero felt that sinking feeling again. "You don't think I'd let all this hard work go to waste, do you?" Without another word Duo straddled his immobilized-love, leaned down, and plundered his mouth. Heero stared up at him, and lifted his lips to deepen the kiss but Duo pulled away, grinning. Heero frowned, not liking this game at all.

Enjoying himself immensely, Duo proceeded to lick and tease every inch of Heero's face, leaving the trapped man panting, eyes glazed. Heero tried to reach for Duo and cursed when he realized the sand had hardened slightly and he was stuck. For a long time Duo continued his delicious torture, until Heero couldn't take it anymore and forced himself through the sandy trap, instantly pinning Duo and kissing him madly, running his hands all along the American.

"Bastard," he hissed. Duo laughed and kissed him. They rolled around in the sand, and after a while Heero quite forgot why he had been mad.

After a while they calmed down and found themselves once more on the rough sand staring out at into the sea, the water brushing past their feet. It was getting dark, and the beach was practically empty. A slight breeze blew past them.



"What is it with you and rough, uncomfortable surfaces?"

Heero dug his fingers into the sand. "I don't mind the sand." They stared out into the water.

Then Duo turned to Heero with a sly look. "Ne, Heero? When did you realize that you looooove me?"

Heero turned to look at Duo and said with absolute sincerity, "When the war ended, and you weren't there."

Duo smiled slightly.

Heero looked away. "What about you? When did you know?"

"I told ya, Heero." Heero's eyes narrowed slightly, thinking, but Duo just grinned. "When I was in the hanger with the wrench in my back. That's when I knew." Heero chuckled softly.

"That was such a stupid idea, you know." Heero commented.

"Maybe," Duo agreed before slowly pressing his lips against Heero's in a slow, leisurely kiss. They merely tasted each other, sharing one another's breath for several seconds. Lowering down to the sandy beach once more they made love while the skies slowly darkened around them. Later, they lay in each other's arms, waves washing past them.

"You sure showed me, Heero," Duo remarked.

Heero stared at Duo, and then before he could stop himself he burst into laughter. Duo blinked in surprise at hearing Heero's rich laughter, but then he too starting laughing. Still chuckling slightly, Heero intertwined their fingers, and they slept together on the beach.

"What about this?" Duo asked sleepily. "Will sex on the beach be normal for us?"

Heero snorted softly. "Maybe." They shared another soft kiss.

Being together? Yeah, that became normal for them, too. All it cost was 5 dates.

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