5 Dates With Duo + Epilogue (cont)

"No," Duo admitted.

"Do you think that will really happen?"

"Probably not," Duo said lightly, seeming not too concerned either way. He was silent for a moment before he burst out into song, "Heero and Duo sitting in a tree!"



"Duo! "

"First comes love!"

"Duo, shut up!"

"Then comes marriage!"

Heero growled wordlessly.

"Then comes Ow!" Duo was cut short as a well-aimed wrench whacked him in the back. Duo sulked resentfully for a moment before swiftly brightening once more. "You know what we should do after the war?" Duo asked in a voice of one who has just come up with a fantastic new idea. "We should date!"

"Shut up," Heero growled, silently willing the American pilot to go away.

"Oh, right. You can't put up with me during daylight, huh?" Duo grinned, and peered over to look at the Japanese boy. "Come on, Heero. How about one date? Could you put up with me for one date?"

"A date?"

"Yeah, one date. Could you do it?"

Heero was silent for a moment, typing swiftly, before he said, "Why the hell would I want to?"

Duo rolled his eyes. "To be with me, of course. Come on, could you?"

"What would a date involve?" Heero asked suspiciously.

"You don't trust me to pick a good date place?" Duo hopped down from Deathscythe to search for spare parts with which to fix the depressing amount of damage he had found.

"Of course I don't trust you outside of missions, idiot."

"You have such a tactful way with words..." Duo commented amiably, sorting through boxes of old wrecked suits.

"Shut up."

"So would you go with me? Huh?"

"You didn't answer my question. What would a date involve?"

Duo thoughtfully tapped pliers he had found against his chin, thinking. "It would be entirely up to me. I'd make you suffer really bad."

"Make me suffer?" Heero paused in his typing. Taking his laptop with him he perched himself on Wing's arm so he could better gauge Duo's expressions.

"Yeah, remember? For ravishing me all the time?"

"I haven't done that yet."

"But you're planning to, ain't cha?"

Heero snorted softly, glancing at Duo before returning to the laptop monitor. "Probably."

"Exactly. I mean, you deserve to suffer just for making me lay on a hanger floor! That wrench was killing me!"

"Shut up."

"We're having a conversation, ya know," Duo felt it was about time he pointed out. Finding what he was looking for, he returned to his Gundam and swung himself back up.

Heero growled. "Fine. Where the hell would you take me?"

"I'd drag you dancing probably, or make you dress up in really embarrassing stuff. You'd have to do whatever I say otherwise it wouldn't count."

"Sounds stupid."

"So, could you put up with me for one date?"

Heero snorted. "Yes, idiot. I could probably refrain from killing you during one date, if that's what you're asking."

"Two dates, then? Could you live through two dates with me, Yuy?"

"I suppose," Heero said, not really paying attention to the conversation.

"Three fuck!" Duo sucked on the finger he had accidentally cut and then brought it close to his face to inspect the wound. "Stupid gundaninum...Three dates, Yuy?"

"Whatever," Heero growled, annoyed.

"Four?" Injury forgotten Duo resumed the conversation with enthusiasm.

"Duo, shut up." Heero, researching potential enemy bases, could not believe that Duo was still talking.

"Could you put up with me for four dates?" Duo insisted.

"Would we be doing the same thing?" Heero reflected that by answering he was really only making things worse for himself.

"No, I'd think up different ways of making you suffer. I'm pretty creative, you know." Duo, on the other hand, was thrilled at how responsive Heero was being.

"Why should I bother to go on dates with you if only to suffer?"

Duo sighed in exasperation, waving a wrench around for emphasis. "To be with me, I told you!

"I want to be with you...?"

"If you're not quick, I'll be with someone else!"

"Who would want you?"

"Lots of people, I bet. Then you'd be sorry!"

"I'll just get you a tattoo."

Duo sounded interested, and he turned to Heero with a look of curiosity. "Really? What kind of tattoo?"

Heero smirked. "One that says across your forehead, 'Property of Heero Yuy.'"

"Very funny."

"Hn," Heero said in a pleased-sounding grunt.

"Fine, consider it overcoming your weakness, kay? Now could you put up with me for four dates?"

"Yes, now shut up."

"Five?" Heero gritted his teeth. "Come on, just answer. Could you put up with me "

"Yes! Now shut up!" Heero heard a crunch, and cursed as he realized he had been punching the keys too hard in his irritation and had practically smashed his keyboard.

"How about six? Could you "

"Duo," Heero growled, and Duo paused at the warning tone he heard in the Japanese boy's voice. "If I could put up with you for five dates, I could put up with you forever."

Duo's eyes lit up, and Heero instantly regretted his words. He cursed himself again for giving the overactive boy more fuel to work with.

"Do you want to be with me forever?" Duo asked cheekily, coming over to sit next to Heero on Wing's arm.


Heero gritted his teeth as Duo inched closer and shouted in his face, "Heero's contradicting himself! Look who's not perfect now!"

"Duo..." He shoved the boy, forgetting for a second they were on a 40 story high suit. Duo just went with the shove, swinging himself backwards and dangling with his legs curled around the arm.

"So, Mr. Charming? Do you? Want to be with me forever, I mean? You said so yourself! Unless...I know! If you tell me you're a bloody, no good hypocrite I'll forget you said it! Say it! Say, "I'm Heero Yuy and I'm a bloody, no good hypocrite!"

"Shut "

"Come on!" Duo complained, and drawled in a mockingly romantic voice, "Don't you want to be with me forever, darling?"

"After five dates I might as well. Now shut up!"

"You do want to!" Duo fanned himself with the wrench in his hand.

"What else am I going to do?" Heero asked quietly. Duo considered taking pity on him. Then after about four seconds of mercy quickly rejected the foolish notion.

"After the war, I'm going to ask you out on five dates!" Heero still couldn't believe that Duo was still talking. "I hope you have sugar, Heero, because your words are going to taste so bitter once I make you eat them!"

"You won't remember."

"Are you mocking my intelligence, Yuy?"


Miffed, Duo monkeyed down Wing and returned to the arm of his own suit. "I'm still going to have the last laugh!"

"You're going to remember? It's not as if we're going to live past the war."

"I know," Duo said lightly, rubbing his fingers against the smooth metal he sat on. "I'll probably forget."

"Probably," Heero agreed, for once.

"But if I remember, I'm going to make you eat your words."

"You won't remember."

"I guess not," Duo admitted.

"And even if you do remember, it doesn't matter because I'm not going out with you for five dates."

Duo turned to Heero in mock distress. "But you just said you could! Are you backing down?"

"It's stupid."

"Does that mean you don't think you could handle it, ne?"

"You'll forget, or we won't live. Either way it doesn't matter." Closing the subject, Heero started to type before he remembered that the keyboard was broken. Silently fuming he thought about where to get a new one.

Duo pouted slightly. "I guess..." Sighing, he turned away from the other boy and returned his attention to Deathscythe.

"It's a stupid idea anyway."

"Shut up, Heero," Duo said absently, mind on his Gundam and the conversation practically forgotten.


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