Title: Desert Heat
Author: Lady Nagisa
Rating: NC-17
Category: Yaoi, Lemon, PWP, Light Angst, Some Sap
Pairings: 2x4
Feedback: Yep!
Spoilers: Several....um...from Episodes 10 & 11 and a scene from episode 17 is used.
Author's Notes: NEVER again will I have a conversation with Cloudy-chan about Quatre's pants and Trowa's butt, while coloring doujinshi pictures.....this is what we get from that.....the muses go all strange on me. Also...I decided to dub the house as Rashid's...they never said in the series exactly "whose" house they were staying in....for me this fit more than the usual Quatre's family's house idea....

Desert Heat

It had all fallen apart. That was Duo's foremost thought as the cargo plane sped away from the little desert village. They'd fought so hard and in the blink of an eye it had crumbled away beneath them.

Heero Yuy was dead; destroyed by his own hand, just to keep OZ from taking his Gundam. Trowa Barton had taken his body to god knows where; silent as usual as to what he had planned. Wufei Chang had just disappeared into the confusion; leaving not a hint as to where he was going to go. The Maguanac soldiers, were fighting in vain to protect their ideals, and to allow their people to escape safely; knowing all the while that they very well could lose this battle.

And all he could do was flee; with the most unlikely companion a street kid like himself could team up with. Both of them powerless to lift a finger to aid the blonde's troubled people.

His thoughts turned to the young boy piloting the plane. Quatre Winner, probably the most unusual candidate to be piloting a Gundam; participating in guerrilla warfare. At first glance, the disinherited heir to the richest family in the colonies, appeared delicate...almost frail. His soft voice and perfect mannerisms did nothing but add to the appearance. But that's exactly what it was. An appearance.

In the short time Duo had been with him, he'd discovered the small Arabian pilot to possess a strength of character that was unequaled; except maybe amongst the other Gundam pilots. He loved and was deeply loved by the people he fought with, and when he felt they were threatened, carried a fierceness like Duo had never seen before.

"Up there," Quatre gestured. "We can land safely."

Duo pulled himself from his musings and leaned forward, looking out the window to where the blonde had indicated. "Where do we go from there?"

"Rashid has a house not far from here. We can use that until we decide what action to take next."

"Haven't we involved them enough?" Duo asked bitterly.

Quatre winced at his words. "There's not much else we can do. We have to lay low for a while; until OZ stops searching for us."

"If they stop searching for us."

"They will. Eventually something else will take their attention." Quatre replied as he angled the large plane downwards.

They landed the plane, making sure it was well concealed among the trees at the edge of the desert, and Quatre led Duo through the dense green until they came upon a large house, nestled deep in the woods.

With a reassuring smile, the blonde took Duo inside. "Rashid told me a long time ago that if I ever needed it, this place was free for my use. I'd hoped to never have to take him up on it."

Duo looked around, setting his duffel bag on the floor. "I guess it's better than living in the plane." He replied...a dry attempt at humor.

"Come, we'll find you a bedroom. We're both exhausted." Quatre led him down a short hallway.

Once he saw that Duo was settled in one of the small bedrooms; Quatre went across the hall to another, tossing his bag on a dresser standing in the corner. With a heavy sigh, he lay back on the bed, his blue eyes grave.

"Rashid, my friend...I can only pray to Allah that you and the others got away alright. That maybe what little help Duo and I could offer was enough to turn the tides for you." He said softly to the ceiling.

His thoughts turned to the other Gundam pilots, hoping that they were alright; still feeling the echoes of pain in his heart from when Heero Yuy self-detonated. Somehow, he felt that the Japanese pilot still lived. Maybe Trowa Barton had sensed the same and that was why he had gathered his broken body and taken him with him.

He thought about the chestnut haired pilot sleeping across the hall from him. They hadn't known each other for long, but they'd learned much about one another in that short time. Duo tried valiantly to put forth a joker's attitude to everyone...to hold them at bay. Underneath, Quatre could sense his loneliness. He could see his actions, all tainted with a thread of pain...loss that the American could never completely let go of.

On the battlefield, Duo lost his cheerful demeanor and one could believe that he truly was the embodiment of the God of Death that he dubbed himself as. He was ruthless, tearing into his enemies with the full force of his pain and loneliness.

He shook his head sadly, We all have our demons...everyone of us...that drives us to fight this battle. Rolling to his side, he eventually fell asleep, still thinking of the battles that he knew they would have to fight.


The blonde opened his eyes and stared up into Duo's bright violet ones. "Hmmm?"

"Hey man. You said to wake you when I woke up." Duo said sitting on the edge of the bed, watching the sleepy blonde.

"Huh...yeah...give me a minute." Quatre threw one arm over his eyes, yawning.

Duo chuckled, it seemed that this particular pilot didn't wake up very well. He watched Quatre as he stretched and slowly opened his sapphire eyes, the realization that the boy was beautiful striking Duo suddenly. Simply beautiful, he thought to himself as Quatre sat up and glanced around the room. His whole appearance just cried out for someone to kiss him; from his sleep tousled golden hair, to his pale face, sleepy eyes and slightly pouting mouth. Right now he practically screamed seduction without even realizing it.

Quatre looked up, surprised as Duo suddenly jumped to his feet. "Yeah, well...I'll...uh...meet you out front. Kay?"

"Sure," Quatre replied, slightly confused.

He shook his head as Duo hurried from the room, wondering what had made the braided pilot so nervous.

A short time later, Quatre emerged onto the small patio where Duo sat gazing out over the lush grass around the house. "Amazing isn't it?" The blonde asked as he set his laptop on the table.

Duo glanced up. "Huh?"

"All this green, growing right at the edge of a desert."

"Oh, yeah. It is something else." The American replied.

Quatre sat down and flipped open his computer, turning it on. Duo watched him intently as he punched some keys, frowned and then typed something. Finally, with a sigh the blonde closed the laptop and sat back.


Quatre shook his head and looked pensively out over the yard. "Maybe it's too soon to be expecting anything, but I keep hoping to hear something."

Duo stood up, "Does this place have a kitchen? I think what we both need is some food."

Quatre nodded. "There'll only be dry or canned goods though. Rashid didn't come here often, so he didn't keep anything here that would be fresh."

"I'm sure we can come up with something." The American laughed grabbing Quatre's hand and pulling him to his feet.

He pulled a little too hard and when Quatre stood he lost his balance and fell against Duo, the chestnut haired pilot's arms going around his shoulders to steady him. Duo drew in a quick breath at the feel of the smaller boy's body colliding with his own, and for a moment they just stood there, motionless.

"Duo?" The Arabian breathed softly.

His blue eyes widened as the American lowered his head and lightly brushed his lips across Quatre's. It was the barest of touches, as light as a soft feather, but it was enough to send Quatre's heart racing. Duo suddenly released the blonde and stepped back, his cheeks flaming.

"Q-Quatre...I'm sorry." He stammered.


"It won't happen again!" Duo cried.

"Duo, it's alright." Quatre lay a gentle hand on his arm. "I'm not upset. Just surprised." He smiled at the violet eyed boy. "Let's forget it. Come on, we were going to fix dinner, right?"

Duo nodded numbly. Forget it? I don't think I can. All that did was make me want more.

The pair hardly spoke as they moved around the kitchen, finding enough dried and canned stuffs to put together a simple meal. Duo didn't notice that all the while they were working, Quatre was stealing shy glances at him.

The kiss had aroused a curiosity in the boy and he wondered what it would be like to be fully kissed by the chestnut haired pilot. He'd never been kissed before, other than from his various sisters and he'd found the experience quite pleasant. That it was from one such as Duo was no concern to him, he'd know from the time he'd started having physical feelings that he wasn't particularly interested in girls.

Shaking the thoughts from his head, he wandered into the little pantry to see what else might be there. Meanwhile, Duo picked up the plates and started to carry them out the door to the patio. He stopped and turned around, when he heard a happy cry from the pantry, and Quatre emerged holding a small woven bag in his hand.

"Rashid left lemon candies here!" He exclaimed, holding the bag up.

Duo lifted an eyebrow. "I never took him for having a sweet tooth."

"He doesn't." Quatre laughed. "He must have them here because he knew that Abdul and myself do...there was always a chance that one of us might end up here." He tucked the bag under his arm and disappeared back into the pantry. "Go ahead, I'll be out in a minute." He called over his shoulder.

Duo shrugged and carried the food out to the table and Quatre soon joined him.

"We have dessert!" He laughed, holding out a small tray. "I can't believe this stuff was here!"

Duo poked one of the objects on the tray warily. "Those look like....orange peelings."

"They are!" Quatre set the tray in the center of the table. "Candied orange peel and lemon peel...and honey lemon drops. The candied peels are the best though. You'll see."

"If you say so."

The pair ate quietly, talking very little. Finally Duo sat back and grinned at the blonde.

"That wasn't too bad for what we had to work with."

Quatre shook his head as he cleared the table.

"Let me help." Duo jumped up.

"No. You relax, I've got this." He disappeared into the house and returned shortly with a small jar in his hand, containing an amber colored liquid.

Duo raised an eyebrow in question.

"Honey." Quatre stated simply, opening the jar and setting it on the table. Then with a sparkling smile, he pulled his chair over and sat in front of Duo. "Close your eyes."


"Close your eyes." Quatre insisted.

Duo closed his eyes and waited, hearing Quatre move around in front of him. Something touched his lip and in surprise, he opened his mouth. When he did, Quatre gently placed a piece of the candied orange peel, drizzled in honey on his tongue.

"Wow..." Duo said, after he'd swallowed.

"Keep your eyes closed," Quatre said softly, placing a piece of the lemon in his mouth.

Several more pieces followed until Duo decided he'd had enough. He opened his eyes in time to see Quatre eat a piece of the peeling, dripping some of the honey in the hand he was holding under his mouth.

Without even thinking, Duo reached out and took the Arabian's slim hand in his. Pulling it to him, he gently kissed Quatre's palm, stopping to lick the sugary, sticky honey from his skin. He then reached out and touched the blonde's face, leaning in to kiss him again. He heard Quatre draw in a sharp breath and raised his head to see the boy's face flushed, his blue eyes wide.

"No." Quatre said softly as he started to draw away. "Please, do it. I can feel you touch me even before you do...."

With that, Duo leaned forward and brushed his lips across Quatre's again. Then he slanted his head and pressed his mouth to the blonde's, running his tongue over Quatre's lips. Quatre took the gentle hint and parted his lips, allowing Duo access to the sweetness beyond. Duo felt him shiver as he caressed the roof of his mouth and ran his tongue across the edge of his teeth.

Finally, drawing back, he looked at the blonde's wide eyes. "You taste like honey." He whispered. "Honey and lemons."

Quatre drew in a shaky breath, nodding slightly, unable to speak.

Duo almost laughed as he pushed his chair back and stood up. "We are playing with fire doing that, I think. We should just both go get some sleep and forget all about such things. I've always found that kissing games tend to get people in trouble."

Quatre watched wide eyed as, for the third time, Duo left him sitting alone. He moved his chair around and sat back, watching the stars that hung in the black sky overhead, and struggling to quell the disturbing feelings that Duo had raised in him. He'd been excited like this before, but never from another person's touch. He decided that he liked it....and he wanted to feel it again.

Standing up, he grabbed the tray of sweets from the table and carried them into the kitchen. Setting them on the counter he headed for his room, hesitating, as he reached it. Biting his lip he turned and walked to Duo's door, listening carefully. He could hear the other pilot moving around inside.

"Duo?" He knocked quietly.


He opened the door and walked in, his eyes taking in the slim from of the other pilot sitting on the bed. Mustering his courage, he went and sat down beside the American.

"I just wanted you to know that I am not angry."

Duo looked him over. "I sort of got that impression. It didn't bother you to be kissed by another boy?"

"No. Actually I liked it. Very much." He bit his lower lip.

Duo held his breath, almost sensing what was coming next.

"I'd like you to do it again." The blonde said softly. "I'd like you to show me what it's like...to...." He blushed brightly and Duo stiffened.

"Quatre," He took the boy's chin in his hand and turned him to look at him. "Do you know what you are saying?"

The blonde nodded.

"If I start this, I can't promise that I will stop if you ask me to....you need to be sure that this is something you really want me to do."

Quatre's reply was to shift so he was facing Duo and lean in to kiss him, his slim arms going around the American's neck. Duo gasped into the Arabian's mouth as he felt his body tighten in response to Quatre's lemon-sweet taste.

He still tastes like those damn candied peels, Duo thought hazily as he pulled the boy against his chest and took control of the kiss, his tongue sweeping over every part of Quatre's mouth. With a low moan, the American lay back on the bed, pulling the blonde with him, his hands sliding Quatre's vest off his shoulders.

His hands went to the buttons of Quatre's shirt, his lips lazily exploring his exposed skin as he started to undo the buttons. Going as far as he could with the Arab lying on top of him, he drew back and then chuckled as he rolled them, pinning Quatre under him.

He went back to exposing the boy's slender torso as he felt Quatre's hands go to his own top, fumbling with the buttons. Duo shifted and straddled Quatre, his violet eyes glittering as first he pulled his own top off and then finished removing Quatre's shirt. He then lay back down, gathering the blonde in his arms, hearing him gasp as their bare skin met.

He kissed him gently and then leaned over to nibble at his neck, feeling Quatre's rapid pulse under his lips. Down he went, to lavish attention to the spot where the blonde's neck and shoulder met, drawing startled gasps from the boy. Quatre jumped and grasped Duo's shoulders tightly as he drew a tight nipple into his mouth and bit gently on it. Streaks of fire raced through the boy's body at the feel of the violet eyed pilot's hands and lips on his chest, kissing, biting...sometimes pinching and twisting, bringing his nipple to an almost painful hardness.

Duo then moved back up, capturing Quatre's lips and stifling his cry as he moved his body against Quatre's, rubbing the length of their erections against each other. He thrust his tongue into Quatre's mouth in perfect rhythm to the movement of his hips, bringing the boy to almost a frenzy of sensation.

Quatre's eyes opened as Duo moved back, straddling his legs again. The American kissed his finger tips and pressed them to Quatre's mouth and then he reached down, his fingers quickly unbuckling the blonde's belt and unzipping his slacks. He slid his fingers under the material and gently grasped Quatre's hard shaft, making the boy jump in surprise.

Well, we are full of surprises, aren't we? Duo thought to himself as he shifted so he could draw Quatre's slacks down over his hips, freeing him to Duo's gaze. Duo felt him kick the pants off as he leaned forward and ran the tip of his tongue around his smooth head.

Moving to a more comfortable spot, he then explored every inch of Quatre's length with his tongue, smiling at the startled sounds the blonde was making as he traced the veins along the underside of his shaft. Then he stopped at the tip, opened his lips and swallowed him as far as he could.

"Ahh!" Quatre jumped on the bed, his back arching as he was engulfed in dampness so hot it almost scalded him.

His head reeled as Duo started moving his mouth up and down his length. He was a healthy teen, he'd touched himself in the past, giving himself pleasure....but nothing he ever did had prepared him for the riot of pleasure that was now pulling him under.

"Duo!" He cried, his voice harsh as he started to move his hips against the American's lips.

Duo felt the blonde's climax coming over him and increased the pressure of his mouth on Quatre's shaft, reveling in the Arab's cries of pleasure. Fingers tangled in his hair as the boy thrust his hips upwards into Duo's mouth and exploded, his voice screaming Duo's name at the same time.

Duo lifted his head and looked Quatre in the eyes as he smiled and licked his lips. Then moving upwards he kissed the blonde fully allowing him to taste himself in the brunette's mouth.

"D-Duo..." Quatre gasped as his mouth was released. "Y-you..."

Duo took Quatre's hand in his and guided him downwards to his own aching erection. "Touch me." He whispered.