Desert Heat (cont)

Quatre's fingers grasped his shaft gently and started to move along it's length, squeezing and releasing carefully as his did. As he stroked Duo's hardness, the American leaned over to kiss him again, his tongue fighting skillfully with Quatre's, as he moaned into the blonde's mouth.

Releasing his lips, Quatre pulled back and gazed at him with large eyes, "I want...." He licked his lips, the sight sending a shot of heat through Duo's veins. "Let me do what you did." He said in a rush.

Duo drew in a breath, his body hardening even more. "Are you sure?"

The blonde nodded silently and Duo pulled away from his fingers, rolling over to his back. Once he was settled, Quatre leaned over, his smooth hip in perfect reach for the American, and hesitantly flicked out his tongue to taste Duo.

Duo held his breath as Quatre moved slowly, tasting him carefully, deciding whether this was something that he really wanted to do. Then without any warning he slid his lips down Duo's shaft, causing the American to dig his fingers into the pale flesh of his leg.

"Christ, Quatre!" He ground out through his teeth and the boy started to move along his length, applying different degrees of pressure.

As he allowed himself to become immersed in the pleasure of Quatre's mouth on him, his fingers slowly explored the blonde's leg, sliding around the smooth over the soft skin of his rear. He stroked his hand along one cheek and then across the boy's lower back.

Suddenly he jumped, his body tightening almost painfully, "Quatre!" He gasped. "S-stop...I'm going to....."

Quatre just increased his strokes, his tongue swirling along the underside of Duo's shaft. Duo threw his head back, unable to stop his reactions. His body arched into the blonde's warm mouth as he released into the moist heat of the boy's mouth. Quatre coughed and drew back. His fingers kept moving on the American's length and he felt the sticky substance hit him on the cheek.

As he let go of Duo, the brunette sat up, almost laughing as he kissed the boy. "I tried to stop you." He gasped.

Quatre blushed and looked away.

"No!" Duo cried. "Don't be upset." He kissed him again. "Some things require practice....that's one of them."

Quatre sat up as Duo crawled off the bed and with a wink he disappeared from the room, saying he was going for a wash cloth. He returned shortly and kneeling on the floor in front of the blonde, he gently cleaned his fluids from the boy's flushed skin, kissing him wherever he cleaned him.

When he finished, he leaned up, gently exploring Quatre's soft mouth, his fingers brushing lightly across him, skillfully bringing him to a half erect state. Pulling back from the gasping boy, he smiled.

"I'm not finished with you yet," He whispered huskily. "There's much more to learn."

Quatre's eyes widened as Duo got to his feet and left the room again. He came back quickly, holding his hands behind his back.

"I want you to lie down and close your eyes."


"Lie down on the bed and close your eyes. I promise, I won't do anything to hurt you."

Quatre eyed him warily and then lay back on the bed, closing his sapphire eyes. Duo walked over and looked down at him, drawing in a breath. He was exquisite and Duo bet he didn't even know it. His small size just added to his beauty, his pale skin literally glowed with health, his entire form was slender, but finely muscled...just hinting at the real strength the boy possessed. His hair fell in soft golden waves across his forehead and with his eyes closed...he looked almost angelic.

Duo felt his body start to respond again as his eyes traveled the length of Quatre's body. And for whatever reason, the small Arab had decided to chose him as his first lover....Duo felt touched by the boy's trust.

He sat on the edge of the bed, setting the object in his hand on the floor. "Do you trust me?" He whispered, leaning over and nipping Quatre's ear, his fingers trailing along his chest.

"Y-yes." Quatre gasped.

The blonde started as he felt a strip of cloth being placed over his eyes.

"Shhh...." a voice whispered close to his ear and fingers quickly tied the cloth in place. "Trust me...I won't hurt you."

Gentle hands started to run along the length of his body, caressing across his stomach and travelling back up to pinch his nipples. He could feel his body waking back up, surprised at his reaction so soon after. He'd always heard the it took a long time to recover from such things.

"You're still young..." Duo's gentle voice explained. "That's why." He'd somehow seen Quatre's confusion on his face and understood it.

Then there was some movement on the bed and then he jumped as something cool hit his skin. "D-Duo?" He whispered.

"Trust me."

Duo ran his fingers through whatever it was, smearing it across Quatre's nipples and then reaching down to coat his erection with...

"The honey?" Quatre asked incredulously.

No reply, only a low chuckle and then he felt Duo's tongue run across his nipple, carefully cleaning the sticky substance from his skin, drawing a sharp gasp from his lips. He quivered as Duo's mouth traveled down his body, cleaning little drips of the honey up as he went.

Then he came to Quatre's erection and without any hesitation, started to lap the sweet substance from his sensitive skin. Quatre suddenly realized the reasons for what Duo did, he needed to apply a fair amount of pressure to get all the honey from his length, the strokes of his tongue driving the small pilot out of his mind.

Then Duo drew back, keeping one hand on the Arabian's body lightly caressing his flushed skin, he found the small tube of lubricant that he had with him. Carefully coating himself with the slick gel, he moved away from Quatre, drawing the boy to a sitting position.

The American moved around to lay on the bed, behind Quatre and then took his hand. "Straddle my waist." He said huskily.

Without argument the blonde obeyed, keeping his hands on Duo's body to guide him. Duo moved slightly underneath him and he felt something blunt pressing against him as the brunette reached up and removed his blindfold.

"I want you like this..." Duo whispered. "You control the pace. Go as fast or as slow as you think you can handle it." His finger clasped Quatre's erection, running lightly along it's length.

Quatre swallowed as he understood what Duo wanted, pinpricks of fear washing over him.

"It's alright." Duo soothed, his other hand stroking the soft skin of Quatre's side.

Quatre took a deep breath and slowly started to pushed back, his eyes clenching shut as Duo's shaft started to stretch him. Duo whispered soft words to him as he stopped and allowed himself to adjust before moving again.

This time he moved back, he reached a point where he was assailed with a sudden sharp pain and then Duo slid easily into him. The blonde rested his body against Duo's, his breath coming in short gasps.

When he opened his eyes, Duo was watching him carefully, his own violet eyes black with the pleasure of being in the hot, tight confines of Quatre's body. He nodded at the American slowly and started to lift himself up.

Duo pressed one hand against Quatre's waist guiding him, helping him set the pace as his other hand matched the blonde's movements on his shaft. Their breathing was short and harsh as they moved against one another, all discomfort gone for Quatre, leaving only a searing pleasure.

Duo opened his eyes again, drawing in a gasp at the sight of the blonde pilot moving on top of him. His beauty heightened even more by the rising flush of his skin. He tightened his grip on Quatre's erection and doubled his pace, quickly bringing the boy to his climax.

Quatre cried out and then impaled himself fully as his body clenched around Duo, his seed spilling out over the American's hand. It took all Duo had to keep from following him as his muscles gripped him almost painfully. He held Quatre still against him, waiting for him to relax again.

When he did, Duo growled and rolled the pair of them over, never leaving the blonde's body. Quatre let out a cry of surprise as he hooked his ankles around Duo's back and the brunette started to move relentlessly within him.

With a hoarse cry, Duo fell forward, leaning his forehead against Quatre's, his teeth clenched as he exploded within the hot recesses of Quatre's body. Quatre's arms went around his shoulders as he collapsed on top of him, his heart pounding wildly.

Quatre's fingers gently ran up and down his back as their breathing started to return to normal. Finally Duo shifted, pulling carefully out of Quatre's body, kissing him as he did so. Rolling to his side he gathered the blonde to him, holding him tightly.

"I don't care!" He muttered as Quatre started to speak. "I couldn't walk if OZ attacked the place. We'll clean up in the morning." He looked down as Quatre rested his head on his chest. "Are you okay?"

"Just a little sore," Quatre replied. "But, I'm fine."

"That'll go away pretty fast," Duo said sleepily, tightening his arms around Quatre he closed his eyes.

Morning came sooner than Quatre would have liked, the bright sun falling through the windows and hitting him in the face. He grumbled sleepily and rolled onto his stomach, burying his face in the pillows.

"I'm going to have to talk to Rashid about putting curtains in here." He muttered. "Thick, black ones...what do you think, Du...oh!" His eyes flew open under the pillows as warm lips touched his back.

He gasped as Duo's warm body pressed against his back.

" you regret what we did last night?" Duo's husky voice whispered against his ear.

"N-no." Quatre shivered, his body coming to life as the American nipped at the back of his neck.


He felt the hard shaft of Duo's erection pressing against him as the chestnut haired pilot's hands slid skillfully over his body. Pressing him face against the pillows he let out a soft moan as sharp teeth grazed his shoulder.

"You're even more tempting in the you know that?" Duo murmured, running his hands over the blonde's smooth buttocks.

Quatre shook his head, gasping as Duo slid a slick finger into him. He shivered and pressed back against Duo's hand as he gently thrust his fingers in and out of the boy's body.

"You are....believe me."

Another finger was added and this time Duo made sure his fingertips struck a spot inside Quatre that made the blonde almost scream and thrust his hips into the bed.

"Very tempting..." Came a husky chuckle as Duo removed his fingers and pulled the Arabian's hips up a little. "And very ready, I'd say."

Quatre groaned and pressed his face into the pillows even more as Duo slowly pressed himself into his body; hissing between his teeth as the blonde's body gripped him tightly.

Holding onto Quatre's hips, he pulled back and then plunged back in, angling himself to bring the boy the most pleasure.

He then bent forward and reached around, finding Quatre's erection and started to move his hand along it's length.

"I didn't get a chance to show you this last night." He breathed.

Quatre could only moan as Duo moved within him, jolts of pure pleasure screaming through his body with each thrust. The American gasped and started to thrust faster, his release finding him faster than he expected.

He kept moving his fingers along Quatre's shaft, even after he'd emptied himself and his legs threatened to give out. He moved his lips along the creamy skin of the blonde's back, hearing the boy gasp and pant under him.

Pulling out of Quatre's body, he rolled the blonde over and slid his mouth down the length of his hardness, suckling greedily as Quatre whimpered and thrust into his mouth.

He could feel the boy's muscles start to tighten as his climax approached and carefully thrust two fingers into him.

Quatre screamed and arched off the bed as Duo's fingers hit that spot inside again and he exploded into his mouth, bursts of light flaring behind his eyelids.

"Quatre?" Gentle hands shook him. "Hey...Quatre."

He slowly opened his eyes and gazed hazily up at Duo.

"Jeez, you scared me. I don't think I've ever seen someone pass out like that before." Duo's worried face cleared before his eyes. "Are you okay?"

The blonde sat up and smiled at him. "Yeah. I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

Quatre leaned forward and gently kissed the brunette. "I'm more than fine....I can't imagine anything feeling better than what you just did."

Duo sat back and chuckled. "It was pretty amazing, wasn't it?"

The blonde raised an eyebrow.

"I meant the entire experience...last night and this morning. What we did was amazing." He kissed the blonde. "You were incredible." The American stood up and pulled Quatre to his feet. "And we both need a shower."

The Arabian pilot laughed and allowed himself to be led into the bathroom.

Later that morning, Quatre emerged from the little house and sat down at the table, a cup of tea in his hand. He opened up his laptop and brought up the worldwide news channels, the blood draining from his face as he listened.

Duo had come out right behind him and was now leaning against one of the columns that supported the roof of the patio as they listened to OZ broadcast their plans for the colonies.

"The ex-federation soldiers illegally occupying the colonies have been defeated. The new OZ weapons have started removing the mines between the colonies. Because of this, communication between the colonies have started again."

Duo looked over at Quatre, frowning angrily. "Does OZ want to control the colonies by every means possible?"

"Yes and they are doing it in the worst way." Quatre replied pushing his chair from the table and standing. "If they used the military, then people would resist. Instead they claim that they only came to give 'benevolent guidance'..."

"The people of the colonies are careless," Duo looked away and closed his eyes. "That's why they don't realize what OZ is really planning."

Quatre looked up at him a slight frown on his pale features. "We should return to the colonies, with our Gundams. The Gundams were made for the colonies, only we can help them against OZ."

Duo looked at him, his violet eyes unreadable. "Yes, but how are we going to get up into space? We can't attract OZ's attention."

Quatre thought for a moment. "We want to attract their attention. If OZ claims that they only want peace, then they can't use the threat of hurting the colonies against us."

"If OZ were to show thier true nature..."

"Then the people of the colonies will know what OZ is really thinking and OZ can't afford to lose their support." Quatre finished for him.

A short time later the pair pushed aside some of the trees and looked out at the cargo planes. They were starting on the next part of their battle. Careful words had been spoken of seeing each other again, once they reached space, but they both knew the it would probably be along time before they did.

They chose not to speak word of caring to one another...only friendship...both sensing somehow that whatever the future had in store for them...thier destinies did not lie with each other.


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