Author: KatiKat
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Hidden Treasure + Part 1

They were travelling for approximately two hours when Heero finally noticed. He gave Duo a sidelong glance and had trouble containing his smile. Duo was squirming and fidgeting in his saddle, scratching all the reachable spots on his body.

"Duo, what are you doing?" he asked his voice completely steady.

Duo's head shot up and he gave Heero a startled look that quickly turned into one of annoyance. "I think I'm allergic to women's clothes," Duo muttered. Seeing Heero´s eyebrows raise he explained. "Everything itches."

Heero´s white stallion -called Wing because of his speed- trotted over to Duo's black mare, Shinigami. Duo gave her the name of the God of Death because of her devious character to attack people - everyone besides him and Heero. Heero reached over and caught Duo's scratching hand in his.

"Stop it, Duo. You will either tear the dress or fall from the horse. Shini is starting to get nervous because of you."

Duo huffed and pouted while folding his arms across his chest. "I feel like an idiot, I look like an idiot and I'm even riding like an idiot." He pointed disgustingly to the special saddle he was riding in.

"Duo, you are supposed to be a woman. And women use specially designed saddles to ride," Heero explained patiently.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm not stupid, I know that. But I can't ride like that all the way to the capital city. No way. I'm getting cramps in my legs."

Heero sighed. He turned Wing and moved with the stallion to Duo's other side so that Duo was now with his back and right side to him.

Duo frowned and looked over his shoulder. "What are you doing, Heero?" There was suspicion in his voice.

Heero reached over and gripped Duo tightly around his waist and shoulders pulling him over to Wing so that they were now riding on the same horse together.

Duo squeaked in panic as he was lifted from the saddle and seated securely in front of his best friend. Instinctively he hugged Heero tightly around his narrow waist to steady himself.

"Damn it, Lowe, what do you think you are doing?" Duo bellowed, meeting Heero´s amused eyes with his own angry ones.

The group of soldiers Heero´s father sent to accompany them laughed. Catcalls reached their ears and Duo turned red.

"You are crazy, Heero. And I'm crazy, too. How could I let myself be talked into this? I had to be totally out of myself when I agreed to do it. Totally wacko..." Duo mumbled to himself again and again his eyes fixed on the green bushes that grew on both sides of the dust road they were travelling on.

Heero´s lips curved with a small smile. He couldn't help himself. Duo was cute while pouting and talking to himself. He looked down as his best friend who was snuggled comfortably against his chest and... really looked at him for the first time since they had known each other. And what he saw stunned him totally.

Duo was beautiful. His long chestnut hair was held up by a beautifully carved gold clasp leaving his long neck bare. A few locks escaped the clasp and framed the beautiful and delicately featured face -- unforgettable big violet eyes, a long thin nose and pouty lips. The black and violet travel dress with its comfortable wide shirt and long wide sleeves were hugging his narrow waist, and the bunch of material where usually women's breast were was making a bulge of its own, masking the flatness of Duo's chest. But still - under the mask of an incredibly attractive woman he could still see his best friend. And that was what startled him the most - he wasn't attracted to the woman whose role Duo played. He was attracted to the boy who was hiding behind the mask.

The first spark of desire started to burn in his guts. Holding Duo securely in his arms, feeling his arms around his waist, his face pressed into Heero´s shoulder, lips only a breath away from his neck... From a simple act of friendship it was getting more intimate.

He bit his lip to hold back the moan feeling Duo's butt grind against his crotch. Oh, god!

Heero was starting to get the idea, that this plan was really really crazy...

Oh, god...

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