Author: KatiKat
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Hidden Treasure + Part 3

Duo looked at Heero, begging him with his eyes to do something, to help him avoid this embarrassment.

"Will you introduce us to your bride finally?" Wufei asked bending forward just a little, laying his hands on his hips and raising his eyebrows.

"Do it and I will physically harm you, Lowe," Duo hissed, but Heero decided to ignore it. He laid an arm around Duo's shoulders and turned him around so that he was now facing Wufei.

"This is my future wife, Duette."

Duo shrunk back a little and closed his eyes. Oh, horror!

Wufei leaned even closer with the intention of taking the lady's hand in his to kiss it, when something stopped him. He frowned, looked even closer, straightened and leaned forward again. Then it hit him and his eyes opened widely and his jaw hit the floor.

He stood like that for a long while and so Duo - hearing the unusual silence - peeked at him from underneath his unruly bangs. If anyone else had been the centre of Wufei's attention, he would have laughed seeing his comical grimace. But since it was he, he shut his eyes even tighter and prepared himself for the explosion that would come.

And come she did.

"Maxwell?" Wufei shrieked and Duo jumped. "What are you doing here dressed like a... like a... WOMAN?!" he shrieked again almost deafening his friends in the process.

Heero glared at him. "You can cry even louder. I don't think they heard you on the other side of the planet!"

Wufei paid no attention to him, his eyes fixed on Duo. "Is this another one of your jokes to embarrass me, Maxwell?"

"Not all strange things Duo does have something to do with you, Chang," Heero answered calmly wincing slightly as Duo elbowed him hard in his ribs at the word 'strange'.

"No? Well, what about the time when King Father honoured my clan with his visit and Duo was there as a guest, too - unfortunately. He put a lizard in my pants!!!"

Duo just had to snicker remembering the scene: Wufei jumping around on one foot with his hand in his pants while trying to shake the damn lizard out - in front of the whole clan AND King Father. He would never forget that scene. He thought their eyes would fall out of their heads.

"Chang, that was years ago," Heero tried to reason with him.

"Yeah? And what about this spring, when Meiran visited my clan. He-" pointing at Duo, "- got me drunk and then he left me buck naked with a pink bow tied around my..." his voice faltered, "... private parts sleeping on her threshold!" At this point Wufei seemed to be out of himself.

"But she liked the bow," Duo objected in a small voice.

Wufei just glared at him.

Trowa and Quatre, who were now standing close to each other, followed this conversation with a great interest. They preferred to stay safely out of it, but nobody could deny it WAS interesting. They looked at each other. They hadn't known about Meiran liking that bow thingy.

"Well, sorry to disappoint you, Chang, but this time it's really not about you," Heero said calmly, his arm still draped around his "bride's" shoulders.

Wufei raised one eyebrow. "Convince me!"

"Duo is playing the part of my bride. I needed one and he was the only one suitable to do it."

Wufei's eyes grew large and his jaw hit the floor once again. "You mean he... he is your... and that you..." He seemed to be unable to finish one sentence.

But then he cracked up and started to laugh. It begun with a small chuckle but soon grew to a jaw-cracking, stomach-aching laughter. He bent at his waist, as if holding his insides from spilling out and laughed so hard tears begun to stream down his face.

Now it was Duo's time to frown. He crossed his arms on his chest and was tapping with his foot. "Hey, what's so funny, Wu?"

But that brought another wave of laughter. "Maxwell... a woman... in a dress..."

Duo's frown deepened and he turned to Heero to tell him he should do something about this laughing idiot before someone experienced physical harm. But instead of finding help he saw Heero... smirk? Heero was laughing at him? Yep, the corners of his lips were turned up!

And Duo had enough. He had been embarrassed enough today. Without even a conscious thought he swung his right fist and hit Heero directly in his jaw sending him to the ground. He landed with a "umpf", looking shocked as he massaged his quickly swelling jaw.

Wufei stopped laughing and his eyes once again threatened to pop out of his head as they kept switching between the fallen Heero and surprised looking Duo.

Andas if it that wouldn't have been enough, a strong voice echoed from behind them: "Well, looks like your bride has fire in her veins, son."

Everybody turned to the main door where none other than Heero's father stood.

And Wufei - hearing his comment - started to laugh again, of course.

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