Author: KatiKat
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Hidden Treasure + Part 5

Heero showed Duo his room, but before he could step over the threshold Duo slipped by him and closed the door behind him with a vicious bang. Heero was able to jump back in the last moment. Otherwise he would now have sported a broken nose or he would've been able carry his teeth in his pocket. He leaned closer to the door and listened to Duo fuming and stomping around the room, kicking and throwing everything that found itself in his path. Heero decided that it wouldn't be wise to disturb Duo's... uhm... rest right now. So he knocked lightly at the thick wooden door. "Duo? If you need something, I have the room just next to you to the right, okay?" Nothing. "Duo?" he asked when Duo didn't answer.

"Whatever, Lowe!" came the angry growl from the other side of the door and Heero chose retreat as the best tactic. For now.

He shuffled wearily to the doors of his own room, opened them, shuffled inside, closed them behind himself, shuffled over to the bed, and plopped backwards so that he was lying on his back counting the cracks in the ceiling bemusedly. When had all of his plans gone to hell? Okay, looking back he had to admit that his plans were a little bit... uhm... shortsighted? Well, that and dumb, nuts, crazy... How could he have ever come up with an idea like that he would never understand. And now he had to find a way out of it. For Duo. He had pulled him into this so he would have to get him out of it. Before his father - his conservative "visit the temple every Friday" father - saw him impersonating the bride of the General's son.

And if these problems weren't enough, there was always this damn attraction he now felt towards his best friend. The hot feeling that burned in his veins every time he was close enough to touch the other boy. And of course Duo seemed to be totally unaffected.

Heero groaned. By Shinigami, how had he managed to get himself in a mess like this?

There was a knock at the door. The hope that it could be Duo flared up in him but when the door opened after he had called for the person to step in, it was only the servants carrying a big wooden bathtub. They sat it down in front of the burning fireplace and then dozens of buckets full of hot water were brought in and poured into the waiting tub.

Heero sat up watching them without actually being interested in what they were doing. But when the last servant prepared to leave the room he called him back. "What about my bride?"

"We brought her own tub and hot water, but she refused the help of our maidens with undressing and bathing," the servant answered politely.

No wonder
, Heero thought sarcastically. Nodding to the servant he let him go and got up from the bed. He started to undress and, when the short white underpants were the only thing he had still on, there was another knock on the door. This time it sounded rather reluctant. Heero rolled his eyes and sighed. Couldn't they leave him alone for just a couple of minutes?

"What is it?" he called impatiently.

The door opened just a little and Duo peaked in. "Heero? Can I come in?" he asked. He sounded somehow... embarrassed? Well, the previous rage was gone. Thanks god, thought Heero. My jaw would not withstand another punch like that.

"Of course, come in, come in," Heero invited his bride in, trying not to sound too eager.

Duo slipped into the room and closed the door behind him quickly. He was still wearing the travel dress although his hair was down already. He was twisting his hands in front of him looking nervous.

Heero stepped closer to his friend and touched one of the strands that framed Duo's heart shaped face. He was beautiful. Heero sighed internally and blushed suddenly feeling his body react to his friend's proximity. Duo looked up at him with his big violet eyes and Heero was lost...

Feeling the most private parts of his body swell with desire kicked him back into reality. Coughing to hide his embarrassment, he backed away from his friend and snatched up the bath robe that had been so conveniently laid out on one of the chairs. "What's wrong, Duo?" he asked pulling the robe on quickly, hiding the bulge in the front of his pants.

Duo frowned, confused by his friend's actions, but then he remembered why he had come here. "Well, uhm... I need your help," he admitted rather reluctantly.

"Of course I will help you. With whatever you need," Heero assured him, totally convinced about being able to solve any problems plaguing his "bride".

Duo sighed with relief. "Great! Then maybe you will be able to untie these?" he asked - disgust clearly evident in his voice. Turning away from him and lifting his hair up with one of his hands, he gestured at the tightly knotted laces in the back of his dress.

Heero swallowed, watching the elegant curve of Duo's neck and the porcelain skin of his shoulders displayed in front of him. His member was now so hard that not even the bathrobe was able to hide it anymore. And now he should actually undress Duo? The object of his desire?

Oh god, what had he gotten himself into?

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