+ Title: The Eye of Horus - Part 13
(Full Title: Heero Yuy and the Eye of Horus)
+ Author: Vinyl Koneko (Emily)
+ See Prologue for warnings, pairings...

The Eye of Horus + Part 13

Cairo, Egypt

Quatre smiled slightly, full of relief, when Heero's eyes fluttered open. He looked pained, but the blond man couldn't determine if the pain was from the injury or the previous evening's events. If it hadn't been for Abdul, Heero would have died on the mountain from blood loss or due to the scavengers that lived in the vicinity. Abdul had apologized profusely, going on about how he saw OZ coming, but by the time he reached where Heero and Duo were, it had been too late.

Heero accepted the glass of water Quatre offered him. He had been out for the count for nearly twenty-four hours. Quatre knew that Heero would force himself to heal as quickly as possible, though. The other man wouldn't rest until he knew the mission was over. 'He doesn't even know about Duo yet...'

"How do you feel?" Quatre ventured, the silence getting unbearable.

"Like hell," Heero replied. His voice sounded a little groggy, so he cleared his throat. "How long was I out?"

"Just a little less than a day. You're fine, more or less. The bullet glanced right off your hip, apparently, so once the pain subsides you're more or less good to go. We had to make sure the wound didn't get infected and you got stitches from where the bullet had to be taken out, but that's really it."

"Hn," Heero grunted as he forced himself to sit upright. "OZ has the ankh?"

Quatre nodded mutely.

"They'll find out it's useless without the scarab." Heero's eyes narrowed at the other man's faltering smile. "We have the scarab, don't we?" He swore when Quatre didn't respond, his mouth forming a tight line. "How does OZ have it if Duo does?"

Aquamarine eyes took on an apologetic look, and he saw the understanding cross Heero's features.

"Shit." Heero stood, wincing as the weight made its way up to his injured hip. Quatre moved to try to get Heero back on the bed, but a Prussian blue glare don't him to stay away. Quatre knew better than to get in the way of an angry Heero. The Japanese-American pushed aside the curtain[1], looking in the distant rooms and using the wall to support half his weight. "Duo! Duo! Damn it, Quatre, where is he!?"

"I'm sorry, Heero," Quatre put as much sympathy in his voice as he could manage. "OZ has him. Now please, you shouldn't be standing."

Heero lowered his head, allowing Quatre to lead him back to the room. "I abandoned him again."

"You passed out; there was nothing you could do about it."

"He probably thinks I'm dead."

"Well you aren't, so don't worry about it." Quatre bit his lower lip. "Trowa and Rashiid went out earlier to see what they could find out. You can't race head first into this. You're lucky you're not dead."

Heero was gazing blankly at the wall. Quatre let out an aggravated sigh. "I know you plan on leaving the second I step out of this room, but can you at least wait until Trowa returns? Then you'll have an idea on what to expect." Quatre turned to leave the room.

"I'll wait for Trowa. I'd be in over my head if I went injured and alone."

Quatre turned around, smiling at his friend. "Thank you, Heero. Now just rest." He left, going for the hidden part of the building that was underground and comprised of the Maganacs' headquarters. As a result of being built in the earth itself, the base of operations was cooler than the levels above.

The desert-facing side had a ramp that lead up to the surface so vehicles could be driven up and down. A door could be pulled down to camouflage the entrance, having been painted to look like the rest of the building from far away. Quatre noticed one of the Maganacs running up to pull open the door, a jeep driving down into the headquarters. He smiled when he saw Trowa climb out, and he raced over to his lover.

"Heero's awake," Quatre announced, "but, understandably, he's in a mood and won't wait around for long."

Trowa pulled the slightly smaller blond man to his side with one arm, planting a chaste kiss on his forehead. "Wouldn't expect otherwise from him."

Quatre frowned slightly. "But does he care more about OZ finding the Eye or Duo's well being?"

"OZ wouldn't have Duo if they didn't think Heero would come for him."

Quatre sighed, leaning into Trowa's embrace. "I just want everything to turn out all right at the end of this. Heero tends to get himself into more trouble than he can handle."

The taller man's mouth quirked upwards into a smile. "That's why I'm here to help."

"Look how modest you are!" Quatre said, voice oozing sarcasm as he playfully punched Trowa's shoulder. "One of the few times you need to be serious and you're trying to be a clown."

Trowa just shrugged.

"So, did you and Rashiid learn anything interesting?"

"The general and Doctor Marquise are heading out tomorrow around noon with several soldiers. They're going to find the Eye, since the legends said that the scarab combined with the ankh will lead you to it."

Blond eyebrows furrowed together. "Where are they going to start?"

"Same site where Duo found the scarab, in an uncovered shrine near the pyramids of Giza. I don't know what the decision was based on, but they seemed pretty certain."

"Then we leave tomorrow before noon," came a voice from behind. Quatre spun around to see Heero leaned up against a table with a scale model of the city built on top of it. "Too much is at stake for us not to."


[1]Remember, no doors because you want a draft when it's hotter than hell outside. Think like a bead curtain only cloth, or a Japanese noren only longer.


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