+ Title: The Eye of Horus - Part 14
(Full Title: Heero Yuy and the Eye of Horus)
+ Author: Vinyl Koneko (Emily)
+ See Prologue for warnings, pairings...

The Eye of Horus + Part 14

Cairo, Egypt

"We're heading to the shrine at noon. The scarab needs to be tested. If it works, the Eye is ours," Zechs couldn't help but smile victoriously.

Treize's eyes narrowed. "Since when are you at liberty to command my soldiers?"

The blond man evened his gaze at the general. "You said anything involving researching or looking for the Eye was under my authority and your supervision. The scarab involves both of those things, so it's today that we're going to proceed." Zech's expression soured. "And if your soldiers can shoot properly, Yuy is dead and we have nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, that pet of yours decides to give us more trouble."

The older man's features darkened visibly. "Duo isn't accepting my hospitality like he should be. I believe that it's your fault."

"I deal with ancient artifacts, not people."

"We should prepare for a celebration," Treize continued, "if the Eye is to be found within the next few hours. Lady Une..."

A tall woman with brown hair cropped up into two buns stepped towards General Khushrenada from her silent guard in the doorway. "Yes, Mister Treize?"

"We're leaving in an hour. Duo is coming with us. I want you to make sure he is dressed...appropriately."

"Did you have anything in mind, sir?"

"There's a trunk at the foot of my bed. The garments in the first box should fit."

Une schooled her expression into one of understanding. "I'll get to it." She exited without another word, just a sharp salute before leaving.

"You're allowing yourself to be distracted, Treize. Distraction leads to mistakes."

"Well, then," the general returned sharply, "you must have been too distracted to do your duty because in order to find the scarab and the ankh since you had to steal them from Doctor Yuy." Treize left the room, leaving Zechs to glower at his back.


It had rained the previous day, which was odd for this time in the summer, but the OZ soldiers didn't think anything of it. Rain meant that the humidity was nowhere near as oppressive as usual, and it made their lives a bit more comfortable. All the soldiers at Treize's current disposal in Cairo were piling into desert-outfitted jeeps, ready for whatever needed to be done. Digging equipment followed in a truck with three-dozen of the hired hands who were forced to follow the vehicles on foot.

Zechs lowered the brim of his hat to shield his eyes from the sun. 'I'm going to take a vacation when this is over. Someplace mildly temperate with no sand.'

The soldiers were all ready to go. They just had to wait for General Khushrenada. He was nowhere to be seen, as well was Lady Une. Treize finally emerged, wearing his full uniform down to the black cape across his shoulders. He waved a gloved hand to the people assembled before climbing into his jeep. Lady Une was soon behind dragging a disgruntled-looking Duo Maxwell behind her, hands bound together and legs tied with enough slack for small steps. Zechs almost felt bad for the young man, but a friend of his enemy was also his enemy, so the blond man felt no sympathy.

Maxwell's appropriate attire according to Treize consisted of light cotton pants and a vest matching the hue of his eyes, lacing in the front but not closed completely tight. Zechs couldn't tell what Treize's purpose with the longhaired American was. He couldn't tell if it was sexual or just a taken opportunity to taunt Yuy if he should still be alive. Zechs hoped it was the latter in knowing he'd be able to enjoy in that, as well.

Marquise jumped over the passenger-side door and settled himself in the seat beside General Khushrenada while Lady Une forced Duo into the back and slide in beside him. Treize started up the engine and began to head down the road towards the pyramids, his soldiers' vehicles following close behind.

"Where the hell are we going?"

"After the Eye of Horus, of course, dear Duo," Treize replied, unaffected by the younger man's outburst. Zechs caught Maxwell shuddering in the rearview mirror from the endearment. He couldn't help but smirk.

"We aren't going to let you have the Eye, even if you do find it."

"The only real threat was Yuy, and he most likely will not be joining us this afternoon," Zechs opted to rub salt in the wound. "You or your friends can't possibly hurt us."

Duo snorted. "I took care of some of your ranks back in Sydney, and I believe I got two this morning. I hope that counts for something."

"Yet you were unable to escape the two times you tried."

"Let's see you jump out of a window seven stories up and see what happens. Maybe that'll help me decide if that's the better way to go."

"Enough, both of you, it's pitiful. You're acting like children." Treize pulled the jeep next to one of the canvas tents at the dig site, turning the ignition to shut off the engine and climbing out. "You're both about to witness the recovery of the Eye. It's something you've both been waiting for, so don't spoil it."

"Too late, Khushy, it was ruined for me back when the bad guys took control." Duo crossed his arms across his chest. "Knowing Heero, he's out there right now waiting for you so he can make his move, and when he does, you can be sure that OZ will be on the receiving end, which won't be pretty."

"Duo, you talk a lot. You'd be a prettier desert rose if you weren't so verbal. Lady Une, assist him in being less vocal." Treize undid the thong around his neck, pulling the scarab out from under his uniform to study it in the sunlight. He watched Une take the handkerchief from her pocket and use it as a gag to silence the longhaired man. Duo tried to struggle in protest, but with his limbs bound, the effort proved futile.

All the soldiers had arrived and were standing in rows, awaiting Treize's order. He pulled the ankh out of his pocket. The scarab started to glow in response, throbbing a rhythm that got faster and faster to a steady monotone as the ankh was held closer and closer. The light from the scarab soon enveloped the ankh, and a burst of green exploded forth, causing all persons in the area to either dive to the ground or shield their faces. Duo kept watching, enrapt. The jade scarab had turned into what appeared to be the actual insect, wings fluttering, but with the shape of a golden ankh on its back.

Zechs smiled, ecstatic had what he had just witnessed, and more curious as to how the ancient Egyptians crafted such a thing instead of the location of the Eye.

It was Treize who got a grip on why they activated the scarab in the first place. "Bring us to the Eye of Horus," he said, face a mere foot from where the insect hovered. Without another word, the scarab flew off in a flash, leaving a trail of green light in its wake. The soldiers scrambled into the vehicles to chase after it, not even waiting for an order from their general.


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