+ Title: The Eye of Horus - Part 3
(Full Title: Heero Yuy and the Eye of Horus)
+ Author: Vinyl Koneko (Emily)
+ See Prologue for warnings, pairings...

The Eye of Horus + Part 3

Sydney, Australia

Duo Maxwell was sitting on the veranda of an open-air café - drinking an iced coffee and watching the Pacific Ocean roll in and out, controlled by the moon - when he saw the uniformed OZ officer stepping out of a cab onto the street, two more following right behind him. They were pointing around wildly, but whether they were lost or looking for something, Duo couldn't tell. The black-haired one seemed angry, trying to shame the blond and brown-haired officers, but the other two men remained aloof, uncaring.

OZ had no hold in Australia, unlike the almost overwhelming amount of posts in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Strategically, the country did not seem that significant. The arrival of the small party in Sydney made Duo nervous. He knew more information would be necessary to come to any conclusions, so Duo drew mentally drew up a plan.

He stood casually, leaving enough money on the table to cover the drink and a tip. Duo put on his sunglasses and made his way over to the officers.

"G'day, mates. What can I do ya for?" Duo faked an Australian accent with a cheeky grin.

The lieutenant in charge stood a good few inches taller than Duo. Lieutenant Trant, as the pin on the officer's breast read, was sneering down his nose at the other man. "We're looking for someone who's coming from New York. You probably don't know him."

"Ain't no harm in tryin'." Duo frowned. He most likely didn't know the person, but it might give him an idea on why OZ was here to begin with, and if they were going to stay for long.

"He's an archaeologist," the brown-haired officer, Muller, supplied the answer for Trant. "His name's Heero Yuy."

'Heero Yuy...' Duo felt his mouth go dry and the blood drain from his face. "Well, ah...good luck to ya, mates. I'll prolly see ya'll 'round." Duo turned around, planning to make a beeline back to the room his was waiting when he felt a grasp on his shoulder.

"Wait a minute. You seem familiar."

Duo glanced behind him, glaring at the blond man's hand on his shoulder. He looked at the man's face and was all of a sudden overwhelmed with a wave of déjà vu. 'Dammit.' "Well, heh, whaddya know? Nice to see you again, Alex... If you'll excuse me, I have a busy schedule, so I, ah, got to go." Duo spun out of the other man's grip, but was jerked back sharply with a sharp tug at his braid.

He knew who Alex was. The blond man had run into him before and knew enough about Duo to know that no matter how educated the longhaired man was, he was a sign of trouble. Their previous encounter was in Spain, Duo studying the architecture of Spanish castles when OZ came in and decided to claim Galicia and the surrounding land as their own. Duo got hundreds of unhappy Spaniards to band together, ending up destroying OZ's homebase in Spain by planting dynamite and very angry bulls in key locations. Alex had been in charge, and Duo made his face no secret to the blond man, gloating in the victory as the remaining OZ officers that were based in Galicia left through the ships that hadn't been destroyed, slipping off back into the Mediterranean.

From what Duo heard, Khushrenada had been so angry at the loss of face and land that Alex lost all rank, barely avoiding death at the hands of the general's wrath.

Duo could feel the officer's breath in his ear. "Tú estás la peste pequeño que destruyó la base militar de OZ en España."

"Sí, señor, tú me agarró allí."[1]

Before the OZ soldiers could tell what was going to happen, Duo hooked his right leg behind Alex's knees, tripping the man and bringing him to the ground. The collision with the firm earth caused Alex to see stars, dazed long enough for Duo to grab his pistol, keeping it trained on the three men. "Don't try anything funny, or I will be forced to shoot you."

Of course, as human psychology goes, the command to not do anything brings about the action recommended against, so Muller went for the gun at his hip. Duo registered the motion and snapped off a couple of shots, one to Muller's right hand and the other to his heart. The officer fell to the ground, dead. The whole scene gathered a crowd of people, causing enough distraction for Alex to get back to his feet and Trant to have his gun trained on Duo's head.

Duo smiled broadly, knowing it would set the two men on edge. "Welcome to Australia, mates." Duo threw himself to the ground, knowing that any sudden movements would cause Trant to fire his weapon. With Duo suddenly on the ground, the only thing in the path of the bullet was Alex, who had been standing a few meters behind the longhaired man. Alex fell to his knees, fingering the wound on his chest and looking at his superior in surprise before falling over dead. Duo fired Alex's pistol once more, hitting the lieutenant square between the eyes.

Duo tossed the gun back to Alex's body, nodding briefly at the crowd before continuing to the hotel he was staying at. No one called the police, and no one followed him. It seemed to be a unanimous agreement that three less OZ soldiers in the world was beneficial to everyone.

He climbed the stairs to his room quickly, digging the key out of his pocket as he took the steps two at a time. He could have taken the elevator, but the small, enclosed space and the creaky cage made him fidgety. When he reached the door to his room, he wasn't surprised to see that it was already unlocked. Duo opened the door quickly, violet eyes meeting deep blue.

"Nice of you to drop by, Heero," Duo said cynically. "You missed on hell of a time."


A/N: Any *real* Aussies, forgive my attempts. Australian accent just wasn't something I could pull of the top of my head at the moment, and I didn't feel like putting Crocodile Dundee in the VCR. ^_~

[1] "You are the little pest that destroyed OZ's military base in Spain." "Yes, sir, you caught me there."

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