+ Title: The Eye of Horus - Part 4
(Full Title: Heero Yuy and the Eye of Horus)
+ Author: Vinyl Koneko (Emily)
+ See Prologue for warnings, pairings...

The Eye of Horus + Part 4

Sydney, Australia

The first things Heero noticed about Duo were his stunning amethyst eyes, tinted with irritation and what seemed to be peevishness, but despite Duo's unpleasant attitude - which Heero was more than willing to take responsibility for - Heero's former lover was still as beautiful as the Japanese-American remembered.

This realization, of course, nudged his planned train of thought into areas Heero didn't even want to consider. 'If I could just touch him once more, maybe that would be enough...'

'You got to be kidding, Yuy. What are you going to say? "I know it's been five years, but that bed is looking really nice right now, so what do you say me and you see how much stress that baby can take?" I don't think it works that way. He's probably seeing someone else, Yuy. Very attractive and very available lead to other relationships, not sitting around and pining away for your sorry ass.'

Heero shook away his nagging conscience, trying to focus on the matter at hand, which happened to be a very stern looking Duo trying to figure out why he was still standing in the doorway and not kicking Heero out on his own. "Something's come up. OZ is onto something big."

Duo snorted. "Could that explain why they had a whole three officers follow you here?"

Heero's attention snapped to Duo as the longhaired American crossed the room to look out over the balcony at the surrounding city. "How would you know if I had been followed?"

"I saw them over at the beach and got curious, so I asked if they were lost. They said they were looking for you. Then one of the guys recognized me from a little rebellion I took charge of in Spain, so I killed them before they decided to do anything with me." Duo turned from his view of the city, plopping down in one of the plush armchairs. "Besides, OZ will suspect you before they'll suspect me, which is great for me but sucks for you." The room was silent for a moment before Duo spoke again. "So what's this big thing OZ is after?"

Heero smiled inwardly. Duo's curiosity and thirst for adventure seemed to temporary void any resentment he held towards Heero. "They're digging for the Eye of Horus. It's a-"

"Scepter claimed to wield the wrath of the mighty Ra. Heero, I collect mythology, could you give me some credit that I might know something for once?"

"Sorry," Heero mumbled guiltily, staring down at his hands folded in his lap. "I'm sorry for a lot of what I put you through."

Heero thought he saw the pull of a smile gracing Duo's features, but it seemed to vanish as quickly as it appeared. "Yeah, well, that's not the point. You obviously came because you think you need my help, although the great Doctor Heero Yuy never needs anyone's help with his superior knowledge and intellect, but I'm needed just the same." Heero let the rant go, figuring he deserved it and much more. "So, what do you want?"

"A contact of mine told me that the key to the power of Ra lies in the jade scarab. Would you know anything about that?"

Duo rubbed his chin in thought. "Nope. Never heard about that," he said, almost a little too quickly for Heero's liking. He tried to make eye contact, but Duo refused to look his way.

"You're lying."

Duo's expression could only be described as flabbergasted. "E-excuse me?"

"I can tell. You always were a bad liar."

"You leave me in Greece after I told you I loved you, and now, five years later, you break into my hotel room in Australia, hoping I will help you, only to accuse me of lying." If looks could kill, Heero was sure the one Duo was giving him would cause Heero to burst into flames. 'And they say my glare is lethal.' "I don't see where you think you can get off, Yuy."

Heero stood up and slowly approached Duo, surprised that he had been able to restrain himself from creating an even bigger argument. He knew Duo was venting, and he knew that after all this time Duo needed it, but the other man did still lie about any knowledge he might have on the jade scarab. Heero cupped Duo's face in both of his hands, feeling Duo's pulse pound against the carotid artery beneath Heero's thumb.

"Duo," Heero said as evenly as possible with Duo's lips mere inches from his own, "what do you know about the jade scarab?"

"It's about the size of a walnut," Duo said softly, his gaze never leaving Heero's. "And it's made purely of jade, not a single impurity in the stone. It was said to be well hidden in the original shrine for Ra. He had it made to protect the Eye and keep it hidden throughout the lifespan of the world, but holding the jade scarab is not enough, because a piece was removed from it...the piece that brings life to the scarab itself."

"What's the missing piece?"

Duo bit his bottom lip before continuing. "It's an ankh made of solid gold, and based on images in the shrine, the ankh should only be about a centimeter long, but not even the Egyptians recorded what happened to that key piece." The corner of his mouth twitched. "You see, after Greece I went to Egypt, and the mystery was lying there in the sand waiting for me to figure out what happened to that ankh. I got so wrapped up in the whole thing that it was affecting my health, mentally and physically, so I came here to recuperate for a while."

"Do you know where the scarab is?"

Duo nodded. "I have an idea. I suppose you want me to leave with you?"

"Trowa's waiting at the airport with the plane."

"Trowa still lets you drag him around?"

"As long as I pay him, he does."

Duo backed out of Heero's hold, grinning nostalgically as he started to pack his belongings. "Is he seeing anyone or still too shy?"

"Yes," the archaeologist responded, anticipating Duo's next questions. "His name is Quatre, you would like him because he feeds his guests very well and would pay money for your brain."

"Well, that's nice for Trowa. I'm happy for him."

Heero was mentally interrogating himself as to whether it was his place to ask about Duo's own personal life since their, for a lack of better a better term, falling apart. Heero watched as Duo changed his shirt, noting how the time the other man spent exposed to the sun tanned his skin to a nice light bronze that complimented the shimmering highlights in Duo's chestnut mass of hair. Something hanging off a leather strip around Duo's neck caught Heero's attention, bringing his gaze to just above Duo's sternum.

It was a jade scarab.


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