+ Title: The Eye of Horus - Part 5
(Full Title: Heero Yuy and the Eye of Horus)
+ Author: Vinyl Koneko (Emily)
+ See Prologue for warnings, pairings...

The Eye of Horus + Part 5

En route from Australia to China

Trowa Barton basked in the silence of the small aircraft. The flight from Sydney, Australia to Beijing, China was long, the only things to see out of the viewports being the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea, which all just looked like the same, vast body of water when you got right down to it. Things were relatively quiet, Duo having fallen asleep in the bench behind the co-pilot's seat, snoring softly every now and then, but not enough to be irritating. Heero seemed lost in his own little world, studying his notes from time to time, Prussian blue eyes peering out from under the brim of the ever-present fedora to check engine readouts and the altimeter in between turning the pages of the battered, leatherbound notebook.

The green-eyed man knew Heero was feeling uneasy. It was almost palpable. They usually had a little more in the means of conversation mid-flight, usually his Japanese friend thinking outloud with some commentary from Trowa whenever he felt he could intercede, but at the moment, there wasn't even that. Trowa knew Heero wasn't just respecting the fact that Duo was resting. If the longhaired man could sleep through the sound of the engines roaring and propellers spinning right outside, a few exchanged words wouldn't be noticed at all.

Even though it wasn't that, Trowa knew it still involved Duo in some way. He was aware that the two had broken off connections anything but positively. Trowa didn't know what sort of behavior to anticipate on the behalf of either party. All Trowa really knew of Duo was a good humor and a constant drive for excitement. How those traits affected Heero, Trowa couldn't beging to imagine. They had made quite the couple.

"Chang should know something about the missing piece of the scarab," Heero's gaze was still staring blankly to the horizon. "Whether it's in their recorded history or not, Wufei will have something...possibly from another empire."

Trowa glanced over to his friend, curious as to where Heero was going with the thought. "You mean the Romans?"

Heero nodded. "More likely than not. If the ankh was made in Egypt, there would have been some documentation from both sides, the craftsman and whoever made the purchase, but Duo said the Egyptians didn't even know about it, which means the buyer's papers were destroyed, and the craftsman was from elsewhere. The Roman Empire is the most likely seeing as how the two dealt with each other frequently enough."

"But the Roman Empire was so big*. Finding a specific trade would be next to impossible."

"If my instinct is correct, the head priest at Ra's shrine will have requested the item to be made, it would have been a high priority item since the shrines were rich. Wufei has access to a database in Venice. He can get the requests in and get the information in a matter of a couple hours."

Trowa didn't respond. He felt no need to. Heero was always so certain, and Trowa had never seen his friend's instinct fail him. Of course, there was always a first time for everything, but still...Heero seemed so certain. If that particular path ran into a dead end, they'd just need to start over again. They had the jade scarab safe and sound, so OZ would be chasing their tails around the pyraminds of Giza until they died. Worst case scenario, OZ would find the ankh and there would be a mutual stalemate unless some sort of agreement could be come to.

'Duo could decide he's still holding a grudge against Heero and sell the scarab to OZ, but from the sound of his shared opinions on Khushrenada's organization, that's unlikely to happen.'

A dark strip of land in the distance broke the monotony of the sea, and as the small aircraft continued Northwest, the strip started to take up more and more of their vision, expanding into the country of China.

Trowa was worried that OZ might have anticipated them going to Beijing, but he couldn't detect any of OZ's naval fleet in formation to shoot them down.

'Archaeology was no where near this competitive before Khushrenada saw it as a get-rich-quick sceme for OZ, and as long as they have Zechs Marquise under their control, they have a chance of doing just that. Marquise is good, I'll give him that, but he thinks with his bank account and not his heart. It's a shame to see his talent just wasted.'

Trowa navigated the plane more to the West so they would slightly overshoot the capital. He wasn't sure how safe the closest airport would be in keeping their presence a secret from OZ, so the landing strip near the Chang's home would have to do. It wasn't the best kept, and landing in the nearly waist-high grasses proved difficult, but better grass than OZ soldiers. This particular plane was unarmed.

He heard an exaggerated yawn and the pop of stiff joints behind him, notifying Duo's arrival back to the land of the conscious. Trowa carefully reduced speed and altitude, lowering the craft to the runway as smoothly as possible.

"Sure this guy will be able to help?" Duo seemed doubtful. Trowa mentally noticed how the question was asked generally instead of to Heero specifically.

"Wufei's very thorough. If he doesn't know the details, he'll find someone that does." Heero climbed out of the cockpit into the belly of the plane, sliding open the door and jumping out the second Trowa stopped motoring. The emerald-eyed pilot shut of the engine, motioning for Duo to follow Heero's lead.


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