+ Title: The Eye of Horus - Part 6
(Full Title: Heero Yuy and the Eye of Horus)
+ Author: Vinyl Koneko (Emily)
+ See Prologue for warnings, pairings...

The Eye of Horus + Part 6

Beijing, China

Wufei Chang went through his texts, bookmarking anything that could have any relation to the Eye of Horus or the jade scarab. Easier said that done, the books on Egyptian-specific texts weren't difficult to locate, but then skimming through stacks and stacks of information nearly made his head spin. Luckily, Wufei's wife, Sally, and his five-year-old daughter, Mei-Lan[1], were more than eager to help. He decided to leave the books out instead of putting the unnecessary ones away, sensing that Heero would come prepared with sources of his own.

It wasn't too long before the Changs heard the plane motoring through the plain outside, knocking over the tall grasses, leaving a streak of bent foliage in its wake. Heero Yuy, a young man Wufei didn't recognize, and Trowa Barton steadily made their way to the house, the braided one seeming to trail behind a little, absorbing every detail of his surroundings.

Wufei pushed his glasses back up on his nose, grinning slightly as his two comrades. "Yuy, Barton...nice to see that OZ hasn't succeeded in killing you yet."

Heero met Wufei's expression with a smirk of his own. "They haven't been trying hard enough."

The quip caused Wufei to chuckle slightly. "I'm sure the two of you have been raising OZ hell." The Chinese young man caught the stranger shifting uncomfortably. "I don't believe we've met before."

The other extended his hand, surprising Wufei with a firm handshake. "Duo Maxwell. You might have heard of me."

"I have, actually. You're a private collector of mythology. Possibly you'd be interested in looking at my collection?"

Duo smiled brightly. "I'd enjoy that."

"Good. We should get inside before Sally has our heads about being late to dinner."

When they got to the dining area, Wufei's wife was bringing food to the table, followed by Mei-Lan who was carefully handling the tea kettle and cups. Introductions were once more made, for Duo's sake, before sitting down to eat. The meal was simple, yet delicious just the same. Almost immediately upon hearing that Duo collected mythology, Mei-Lan's interest was gained, the young girl seizing the opportunity as a chance for a story. "Can you tell us one, Duo?" she pleaded, pouting her lower lip and batting eyelashes.

Wufei was about to scold his daughter for being rude to a guest when Duo smiled. "Sure. Do you know the Greek myth about Apollo and Hyakinthos?" Mei-Lan shook her head. "Well, it goes something like this...

"Hyakinthos, the young son of a king and as beautiful as the very gods of Mount Olympus, was in love with Apollo, the god of the sun and medicine. Apollo often came down to the shores of the Eurotas River in Sparta to spend time with his young friend and enjoy each other's company. Tired of music and his long bow, Apollo found relief in pastimes near his lover's house. Together they would go hunting through the woods and glades on the mountain sides, or they would practice gymnastics, a skill for which the Spartans were renowned. The simple life awoke Apollo's appetites, which made Hyakinthos seem more charming than ever.

"Once, in the heat of a summer afternoon, the lovers, naked, sleeked themselves with oil, and tried their hand at discus throwing, each trying as hard as possible to outdo the other. The bronze discus flew higher and higher. Finally, Apollo gathered all of his strength and spun, wheeled, and let fly the shiny disk, which rose swift as a bird, cutting the clouds in two. Then, glittering like a star, it began to tumble down.

"Hyakinthos ran to meet it. He was hurrying to take his turn, to prove to Apollo that he, though just a young athlete, was no less able than the god at this sport. The discus landed, but having fallen from such a great height it bounced and violently struck Hyakinthos in the head. He let out a groan and crumpled to the ground. Blood spurted thickly from his wound, coloring crimson the curly black hair of the handsome youth.

"Horrified, Apollo raced over. He bent over Hyakinthos, raised him up, and rested the boy's head on his knees, trying desperately to stop the blood flowing from the wound. But it was all in vain. Hyakinthos grew paler and paler. His eyes, always so clear, lost their gleam and his head rolled to one side, just like a flower wilting under the rays of the afternoon sun."

Wufei couldn't tell if he was seeing things or not, but at that point in the tale, it appeared that Duo was speaking directly to Heero.

"Heartbroken, Apollo cried out: 'Death has taken you in his claws, beloved friend! Woe, for by my own hand you have died. And yet its crime was meeting yours at play. Was that a crime? Or was my love to blame - the guilt that follows love that loves too much? Oh, if only I could pay for my deed by joining you in your journey to the cheerless realms of the dead. Oh, why am I cursed to live forever? Why can't I follow you?'

"Apollo held his dying friend close to his breast, and his tears fell in a stream onto the boy's bloody hair. Hyakinthos died, and his soul flew to the kingdom of Hades. Apollo bent close to the dead boy's ear, and softly whispered: 'In my heart you will live forever, beautiful Hyakinthos. May your memory live always among men as well.' At the word from Apollo, a fragrant red flower rose from Hyakinthos's blood. We call it a hyacinth, and on its petals, you can still read the letters 'Ay,' the sigh of pain that rose from Apollo's breast."[2]

Pushing his chair aside and standing slowly, Duo motioned to the hallway leading away from the room. "If you'll excuse me, I have things to attend to." Without another word, he left the room.

Wufei caught Sally's questioning gaze out of the corner of his eye. He just shrugged in response, taking a sip of his tea.


[1] Let me explain... In Japanese, there is no "L" sound, and the closest thing to it is the "R". Now I have no idea if Meiran is only spelled that way because that's what her name is, or if the intention was Meilan and there was a translation goof. To avoid any confusion, I'm taking my own creative liberties with the name. Appearance-wise, think Mei from "Tonari no Totoro" only with blue eyes like Sally.
[2] SOURCE: The World History of Male Love - http://www.androphile.org/preview/sitemap/

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