+ Title: The Eye of Horus - Part 7
(Full Title: Heero Yuy and the Eye of Horus)
+ Author: Vinyl Koneko (Emily)
+ See Prologue for warnings, pairings...

The Eye of Horus + Part 7

Beijing, China

Duo didn't know what had gotten into him. 'Why did I pick that myth? There are plenty of others that are much more entertaining that I know, but I picked the myth about Apollo and his lover.' Not having much of an option in places to go and think, Duo heaved himself onto the port wing of the aircraft, lying on his back and watching the sky contemplatively.

[ "Heartbroken, Apollo cried out: 'Death has taken you in his claws, beloved friend! Woe, for by my own hand you have died. And yet its crime was meeting yours at play. Was that a crime? Or was my love to blame - the guilt that follows love that loves too much? Oh, if only I could pay for my deed by joining you in your journey to the cheerless realms of the dead. Oh, why am I cursed to live forever? Why can't I follow you?'" ]

In realization, the braided man let out a strangled sob, but quickly put his hands over his mouth before it could escape to be carried off into the night. 'It's been five years, Maxwell, why the hell does this still bother you?'

'Because the feelings haven't changed,' Duo answered his own mental interrogation. 'Because if I hadn't been so angry at him I could have forgotten the entire thing and it would feel like it was just yesterday when we were together in Athens.'

Duo heard the door of the Changs home open and slam shut again. Whoever it was, Duo wasn't in the mood to have company. He moved to slide off the wing and try to blend in with the shadows when he heard booted footsteps behind him. Reflexes kicking in, Duo rolled aside and, in the same motion, grabbed the knife hidden inside his right boot, swinging around into a defensive stance. The response of his possible attacker was anything but threatening. Duo was being laughed at.

The longhaired man slid the blade back into its protective sheath, grateful for the darkness of the night hiding the blush that Duo was certain was gracing his complexion. He hated being laughed at. He hated it even more considering that the person doing the laughing was none other than Doctor Heero Yuy himself.

Duo's face bore a sour expression. "Are you done?"

Heero nodded, obviously straining in effort to keep from looking amused. It took a few seconds, but he managed to school his features into a less mocking expression. Faced with Duo's obviously foul disposition, Heero looked more unguarded and open. "You're angry with me."

Indigo eyes widened in disbelief. "Shit, Heero, nice to know you earned that doctorate with your keen observation skills. I realized you don't even need my help! Don't deny it, either. You need the jade scarab to get to the Eye, but without the ankh the scarab is useless, and without the scarab the ankh is useless, so even if OZ does get a lead, they still don't have the scarab, and from what I've heard, it might be best to leave the Eye where it can't hurt anybody."

Heero's Prussian blue gaze was focused so intently on Duo that the longhaired man felt as if he was about to cave under the pressure. "That's not why you're angry. You're still stuck in Greece."

Duo's eyes narrowed. "You told me you'd return." His voice was lowered to a harsh whisper. He barely registered how with each passing second, Heero was moving closer and closer.

"I'm returning now." Heero grasped Duo's hand in his own, planting a kiss inside the other man's palm. Duo felt his knees go watery. "I missed you, Duo."

That was when Duo's knees gave out under him, causing him to collapse back down onto the wing of the plane. He didn't know how to react. His mind wanted to be angry, his heart wanted to love. Duo looked over at Heero, who was crouching down in front of him, their hands still twined between them.

"Damn it, Heero," Duo whispered wryly, "I hate what you do to me."

Duo hesitated long enough to catch the look of confusion and trepidation that crossed Heero's face before throwing himself into the other man's embrace, relief flooding over him when Heero began to return the kiss, both young men exploring the warm, moist caverns of each other's mouths, a once familiar world that they both thought had been lost to them forever. Duo felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the moment as the heat filled him from head to toe, creating a sense of ecstasy that hadn't been felt in five years. It had been too long.

A burning desire for oxygen forced to two apart, flushed, gasping, and clinging to one another as if letting go would mean accepting that the transpired events could have been a dream. Duo could hear the door to the house open and shut once again, but he couldn't force himself to tear his gaze away from Heero's to see who was looking for them.

"Mama said your rooms are ready for the night, so you can put your stuff in them, and Papa said that you can wait and look at his books tomorrow if you're sleepy from the plane ride!" Mei-Lan was standing next to one of the landing gear, smiling widely and occasionally whistling through a gap caused by a missing tooth. Duo couldn't help but smile when he noticed that the small girl was wearing Heero's fedora. "Papa also said that if I'm good I'll get to hear another story. Is that the truth?"

"I can tell you as many stories as you want, Mei-Lan." Duo felt as if the mood had been ruined.

"Tell your Papa we'll be there in a minute," Heero said.

"Okay!" Mei-Lan enthusiastically ran back inside the house, the door slamming in her wake.

"I suppose you have to go play archaeologist, now," the longhaired man sighed.

"That's why we're here." Heero stood, stretching briefly, planting an apologetic kiss on Duo's forehead. "Come on, we have an ankh to find."


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