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Series: 'The magic book of sex answers' series
Title: "The Kitchen-sink Drama"
Author: KK
Category: Yaoi lemon PWP
Pairings: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/labels: Yaoi, OOC?, lemon, PWP
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The Kitchen-sink Drama
'The magic book of sex answers' series

The sharp sting of the icy cold autumn wind caught at his face; cutting over smooth skin and slicing through elegant, defined features. As the blustery weather mercilessly continued, the full, blinding sun shone brightly, warming and heating the dark silky hair that was blowing about wildly in its rumpled braid.

/Frikkin' hell, it's damn cold out today. /

The wind continued to beat strongly at Duo's body, harsh in its temperature. Wrestling to force the plastic peg onto the line over the sock, Duo let out a string of curses as his hair blew every which way into his face. He was about to throw the item of washing down to swat his hair back when a warm, sturdy presence moulded itself to him, slightly callused though smooth and warm hands reaching up to sweep the hair clear from his face as a gentle kiss reached his temple. Knowing whom to expect, he turned his head with a heartfelt smile.

"Hey, Heero."

Heero smiled back in return, bringing his free arm forward to hold Duo tightly against himself.


Duo continued to hang out the last few items of clothing he had left to go, the anger that had slowly built up from battling with the wind draining in an instant in Heero's comforting presence. Everything was always better when Heero was there. Duo smiled to himself, pressing himself deeper within the loving embrace of Heero's arms.

"You know, I feel like a damn housewife doing this you know."

Heero chuckled into the warm, peach soft skin of Duo's neck, "It's your turn today," There was a short silence before Duo felt his lover smirk against his neck and before he heard the low, dark whisper in his ear.

"Maybe you should dress up in a pinafore then."

Duo turned to offer Heero a brief mysterious smile before he continued to put the washing out.


(Heero's POV)

I vaguely see Duo come into the living room, as I concentrate on arranging the documents on disc I'd just been given earlier on in the day. I see his form wafting around the room briskly as I transfer the spreadsheets to the necessary folders; my eyes focused on the screen of the laptop infront of me.

I see him walk past me from the corner of my eye and as I am about to turn to him, I feel him come behind me where I am reclined across the sofa. Raising an eyebrow in wonder as I feel a soft brush on the top of my head, I don't recognise the object Duo's using until I see him sweep a feather duster across my bare shoulder.

I am just about to turn around to question his actions when it's swept over my eyes, the cool, silky gathering of feathers brushing over my face. He moves to tickle the top of my chest, the area that's bared by my tanktop; dipping the tip of the duster down into it, and swishing it like a cat's tail from side to side. I try to look at him again, but he slides the duster across my cheek, effectively telling me he doesn't want me to turn my head.

I sit there; somewhere between amused and puzzled, then start slightly when I feel the barest smear of the feathers across my nipples. I focus my attention on the tiny swipes of the duster on my left nipple, as he eases it in and out of my top. I feel little sparks flash directly to my groin from the action as he works to tease both of them hard, using the barest tickles of the feathers against my chest.

He removes the duster from my shirt then, and instead, pushes it between my legs; the spandex I've changed into after work not doing much to hide the feeling of him rubbing it up and down against my awakening arousal. I moan quietly as he gives a slightly firmer shove of the duster, before tossing it aside and walking off.

It is only then that I see what he's wearing.

He fairly struts out of the room, pulling out a pair of rubber gloves from where they were tucked in the waistband of the g-string he's wearing. I blink at what looks to be a purple velvet g-string, then look up at I hear the snap of the gloves as he tugs them on. He's not wearing anything but the gloves, the g-string...

And, a pink, frilly apron.

I gape at him, before scrabbling out of the sofa, almost throwing my laptop aside when he walks out of the room. He pops his head back in to toss me the sexiest smirk I could imagine before he walks out again; a hint of the pink pinafore flicking behind him signalling his departure. Suffice to say it wasn't long before I stumbled out of the room to follow where he had gone.

I shift in my shorts, the erection I now have, feeling uncomfortable in its confines. I find him in the kitchen and I stop at the doorway, groaning under my breath when I see him. He's elbow deep in suds at the kitchen sink, his body bouncing around slightly as he battles with the plate he's cleaning. I can almost see his smirk before he pulls a hand from the sink to scratch the left side of his back, the big froth of bubbles that were on his gloved hand, oozing down his body and trailing over his bare ass. I moan deep in my throat before I go over to where Duo is and instantly wrap both arms around him, pressing my body tight into his. He utters a sound of pleasure deep in his throat as he pushes back against me.

I pull back enough to yank the pink bow that holds the apron closed, the need to touch Duo's body overriding how provocative he looks in it. Tugging it over his head, I slide his braid from it before carelessly throwing it vaguely over my shoulder.

He cries out when I plunge my arms in with his and proceed to slap the soapy mass I've gathered all over his front; my slick hands glide all over his chest with the addition of the bubbles, teasing him to the point where he's tossed his head back onto my shoulder. Instinctively, he starts rocking himself up and down my length, making the tight coil and ache in my groin even more intense. He has his eyes screwed shut and doesn't seem to register anything when I turn the cold tap on, holding my hand under the icy cold blast of water. I amusedly peer over his shoulder to see the velvet of his g-string stretched and tented with his erection, and pause to stroke the pushily covered length lightly before I ease them down his legs.

His formally closed eyes bolt open; windows of deep violet revealed when I close my water-cooled hand over his erection, pumping him slowly. He moans loudly before his breath stop-starts from the icy sensation. He thrusts himself between the two stimuli of my hot, hard cock pressed tight against his ass and my firm hand on his arousal, his sexy little gasps and pants driving me crazy.

Desperate to put out the fire that he's stoked up to sky-high temperatures, I scoop a handful of bubbles again, pulling him back to bend over, holding to the sink before I rub the slippery mass between the flawless cheeks of his ass. He moans my name in rapture when I work my fingers into his puckered entrance; he feels tight against my fingers and it's immediately after I deem him prepared that I quickly strip myself then lunge for the bubbles again. I coat myself in the slick substance, unable to prevent the groan wrenched from my throat as the tight ache both intensifies and simmers down from my touch. He's turns his head; lust filled features peering over his shoulder to watch me as I touch myself. His mouth opens to emit a breathless gasp at the sight of me and his body arches back as he abandons himself.

The need to immerse myself into his heavenly, tight little body overwhelms me, and we're both panting and moaning when I find myself doing just that. A slow, long sink into him and I'm panting against his back, bracing myself, also holding onto the sink as I recover from the cresting wave of completeness that drowned and nearly suffocated me when I'd seated myself to the hilt in him. I use the grasp I have on his hip to help me start thrusting shallowly into him. He's glistening with a sheen of sex-induced sweat, panting my name in breathless little whimpers that spur my pace up another notch.

Duo pushes back against me, encouraging my tentative movements, assuring me that he's ok. I moan from his silent demand and bury my face into the base of his neck, sprinkling his back and shoulders with tiny kisses. The pace quickly becomes frantic and frenzied as we both strive to reach completion, our hips crashing together wetly as he meets each of my long, hard thrusts perfectly. The sight of him bending over, holding onto the sink, his damp, soapy, writhing body harmonically moving with mine is the last sight I see before I reach round to furiously stroke his erection, forcing him to come with me as I feel my climax crash forcefully on top of me. He tosses his head back and cries out hoarsely from the sudden rush of pleasure of being stroked both inside and out, and I savour the sight of his orgasm as the friction Duo's body grips me with pushes me to an achingly satisfying climax. I feel his erection pulse, creamy slick seed spilling between my fingers and over my hand, just as I groan loudly into Duo's shoulder as the pleasure in my body sings to a high pitched crescendo before slowly ebbing away in waves.

When I return to earth, I find myself panting and gasping, Duo doing pretty much the same. I slowly pull out, pulling slight moans from our hoarse throats as super-sensitised flesh moves against flesh. I groan slightly, still panting heavily.

"I didn't hurt you did I?"

He shakily pulls himself into an upright position, tugging the gloves off, the both of us stumbling to the living room to sit down.

"Not at all, Heero-koi. It was..."

We've reached the sofa, with somewhat weak knees and he curls up against me as I pull the blue blanket from where it's draped over the back of it.


He finishes his previously incomplete statement. It gives me a warm content feeling inside as we curl up together on the sofa. We're both looking out of the large window, where the falling leaves of the autumn trees can be seen, highlighted by the bright, golden hues of the setting sun. I pull him tighter to me, unable to remove my goofy grin caused by the sheer beauty of this moment.



Finally finished on 07/12/2001

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