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Series: 'The magic book of sex answers' series
Title: Page 28 - "The Massage Marvel"
Author: KK
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'The magic book of sex answers' series + Page 28
The Massage Marvel

Duo roughly yanked the vid phone's cable out of the wall before he sauntered over to his and Heero's bedroom to lay some big fluffy white towels on the bed. It was Friday evening, and Duo had learnt this was when Heero was at his worse after a tiring week of working. Even perfect soldiers could get irritated and tired from work, and Duo intended to pamper his lover tonight. Duo grinned before bouncing off to the bathroom. He couldn't explain why, but he was in a jolly mood. Maybe because he'd planned this and was looking forward to it. Either way, there was a contented smile glued to his face as he ran a lovely hot bath for one Mr. Yuy. Heh...and himself. He glanced at his watch. A few minutes before 8:30pm. Perfect. He grabbed the bottle of massage oil from the cabinet, setting it on the small table beside their bed. Then returned to the bathroom to stop the hot flow of water when it had reached a suitable level.

He heard the jangling of keys in the lock announcing Heero's return. Walking down the corridor, he greeted a worn out looking Heero with a long, slow smooch.


He broke off the kiss to take Heero's briefcase from him, removing the jacket from his shoulders. Heero smiled at the unusual treatment.

"What's going on?"

"I'm gonna pamper you. I figured you could do with it after working hard all week."

An amused but interested quirk of the eyebrow.


Duo grinned, moving forward to push himself into the warm space between Heero's arms, eyes easing closed with contentment when Heero wrapped his strong arms around him and held him in a wonderful, warm embrace.

Heero leant down to plant a kiss on Duo's temple before he whispered, "What do you have planned?"

Duo looked up, a happy smile on his face, "Walk this way, Mr. Yuy."

With that, Duo pulled his lover back down the corridor and into the bathroom. A spark of desire lit Heero's blue eyes as he eyed the steaming, bubbly bath with longing. He peered down as Duo started to strip him, undoing the buttons to his shirt. He moved his arms down to settle on Duo's waist.

"You're coming in with me, right?"

Duo looked up, planting a kiss on Heero's slightly smiling lips. "Yup!"

Heero grinned, moving to undress Duo as he did the same to him. When they were both devoid of clothes, Duo tested the water before pulling Heero in. Heero sank himself straight into the water; a long, deep moan leaving his lips as the hot water melted the aches in his body. The bath felt absolutely divine, the temperature perfect and soothing. He opened his eyes to look at Duo when he felt his lover ease himself into the bath with him. With a grin, he tugged Duo on top of him, capturing his mouth in a kiss.

"Thank you, koi. This is wonderful."

"It's just the beginning. There's more to come."

Heero watched as Duo grabbed a bar of soap, working a large mass of bubbles into his hands before he attacked his chest and shoulders. His arms came up to hold Duo as he cleaned his torso, grabbing a cloth before working to clean the rest of his body.

Every little inch, Duo cleaned. Heero moaned, his hips instinctively rocking up when Duo grazed the soapy cloth between his cheeks, the soft material barely brushing over his entrance. In return, Heero had thoroughly cleaned Duo, who'd kicked the water about in the bath, squealing when he cleaned his feet. Duo's hair was now nice and clean, and they both were now sitting in the bedroom, giggling and kissing as they dried each other off on the bed. Heero held the huge towel he had around them both, holding it still, wrapped around them as he kissed Duo. He slowly explored Duo's mouth, a slow, lazy and sensual kiss that made Heero feel entirely too warm.

Duo eased Heero down onto the bed, mouths still locked and his tongue slowly stroking Heero's. He broke the kiss off with a series of small kisses.

"I had a massage planned..."

Heero moaned slightly. "That'd be great."

Duo grinned as he reached over for the massage oil, revelling in the sight of Heero laying back on the bed, relaxed and with a slight grin plastered on his face. Much better than the tense Heero that had walked through the door earlier on.

"On your front, please."

Heero flipped over with a grin, shifting on top of the towels as he got himself comfy. He felt Duo push his legs open slightly so he could kneel between his feet. Duo opened the bottle of massage oil. He'd been looking for something to buy Hilde for her birthday, and the scent of this particular range had pulled at him. He remembered as he'd seen the massage oil, deeming it perfect and purchasing it for him and Heero along with a bunch of stuff for her. He looked at the bottle as he opened it. '...with warming, sensuous musk.' He grinned. Perfect.

Drizzling the oil into the palm of his hand, he rubbed his hands together, the warm, musky scent filling the air. He warmed it up between his hands before smoothing it onto one of Heero's feet, easing his fingers into the sole as he listened to the sighs of relief and pleasure emanating from near the top of the bed. He worked slowly, pressing the knots of tension out, doing one foot then the other. He smoothed his hands up to the toned calves, homing in on where there were knots and easing them out. Another drizzle of the oil before he moved up to Heero's thighs, gently massaging the oil into the muscles and rubbing it into Heero's inner thighs.

Heero moaned for different reasons when he felt Duo slide his slick palms on his inner thighs, the hands moving all the way up and tickling at the sensitive skin between his sac and his entrance. He moaned into the pillow, feeling disappointed when the hands smoothed themselves back down to rub over the back of his knees. Duo stroked back up the length of his legs, then continued up to massage his rear with slick fingers. Heero moaned as Duo massaged and squeezed at his ass, stroking a palm over each cheek. Heero held his breath in the pause in the air as Duo poured some more massage oil out. He bit the pillow, stifling a moan when a slick finger stroked between his cheeks, rubbing the slick, scented oil over his entrance. He shifted his hips on the bed, feeling his awakening arousal rub at the towels. He moaned, the sound muffled by the pillow as Duo barely slid a finger into him, dipping it in and out slightly before leaving to massage his back.

He panted into the soft cotton beneath his face, groaning as Duo straddled his rear to rub the kinks from his back. He could feel Duo's bare ass against his own, and wet tendrils of his hair on his legs and between his thighs. He groaned as Duo leant down to lick at his ear, hands trailing up to kneed the muscles in his arms before the husky whisper was spoken into his ear.

"Turn over"

Heero obliged eagerly, moaning as Duo's movements as he climbed off him made his hair brush over his straining erection. Again, Duo started at his feet, massaging hands slowly moving up relaxing yet terribly arousing. Heero laid there, an occasional moan breaking from his lips as he felt Duo's smooth, slippery hands rub and stroke all over his body. He gasped as Duo rubbed his hands over his inner thighs again, fingertips dancing over the area of his groin yet avoiding his erection entirely. He moaned loudly, arching off the bed as Duo's fingers stroked lightly around the base of his length.


He felt Duo's hands glide over his stomach muscles, rubbing all over his chest. He gasped in short pants when Duo's fingers skipped over his nipples in quick brushes that sent shudders of pleasure rushing through his body, straight to the ache in his groin. He arched up as Duo pushed his rear back, providing some much-needed friction on his length. He watched, panting, as Duo moved off him, moving to straddle his thighs. He moaned when Duo slid his hands down, bypassing his arousal yet again, but cupping his balls in his hands and gently massaging them between his fingers. Heero cried out at the feeling, writhing on the bed as Duo teased him with featherlight strokes.


He heard an amused chuckle from Duo, and glared at him with lust-filled eyes before yanking his lover down to ravage his mouth with a rugged kiss as he grabbed Duo's behind. Duo was panting, slightly flushed when they broke off, crying out when Heero's hand wrapped around his erection, stroking quickly and firmly.

"Stop teasing me, and do something."

Duo smirked, upending the bottle of oil over Heero's pulsing erection and squeezing the plastic bottle hard. He felt Heero buck his hips up as his arousal was covered in the slick fragrant oil.

"Like this?"

Duo stroked Heero's erection firmly, pinning him down when he moaned loudly, thrusting his hips up into the tight friction that Duo's hand provided.

"Aah!! Duo!!"

Duo regarded the flushed, passion filled face of his lover and took pity on him. He leant his body forward for a kiss before positioning himself above the hard, pulsing length of Heero's arousal. He closed his eyes to better feel the exquisite pleasure of being slowly stretched by Heero's erection as he slowly lowered and impaled himself.

"Oh, God..."

Heero threw his head back, panting as Duo's tight heat slowly enveloped him. He rest his hands on Duo's hips, helping to steady his descent as his tight, hot body lowered onto his slick length.

Duo moaned, breathlessly panting as he felt himself slowly stretched to accommodate Heero's arousal. It didn't hurt, Heero's well lubricated length easily sliding inside him, and it wasn't long before he was rising up and down on his length.

Heero panted, whimpering Duo's name as sensation racked his body. He rocked his hips up, matching Duo's downward pushes as he rode him. His hands gripped Duo's hips gently, encouraging the pace to speed up as he felt his climax well inside him, desperate for release.

Duo rode Heero faster, crying out loudly as Heero's length brushed his prostate repeatedly, getting desperate for release himself. He reached for the massage oil again, messily pouring some into his palms and quickly rubbing them together. He moved his right hand behind him, reaching back to play with Heero's balls as he stroked himself with the other. Heero cried out at the extra stimulation, throwing his head back in passion when he saw Duo stroking himself. He opened his eyes to watch as Duo's hand moved up and down, glancing up to see Duo's head thrown back, panting through open, moist lips. He moaned at the sight, thrusting his hips up slightly harder, and pulling Duo down to meet them.

Duo tore his eyes open, watching that panting, handsome face as he wildly rode Heero. He felt his climax drag itself from where Heero's length was stroking inside him firmly, intensifying the ache in his groin before coursing through his arousal. He cried out loudly in response to the loud moans he heard from Heero, continuing to ride his pulsing length as he felt Heero come inside him.

Heero cried out hoarsely as his climax swept over him, flooding his senses with indescribable, intense pleasure. He released himself deep inside Duo, moaning as he felt Duo's creamy release spill onto his chest.

He caught Duo as he flopped forward onto him, holding him close in his arms. He caught his breath, feeling Duo's pants over the slightly sweaty skin of his neck.

A few moments later, Heero moaned as Duo eased himself off his length. Grabbing a towel, he cleaned them both up before brushing the remaining towels off the bed then pulling Duo under the covers. He curled up behind him, comfortably spooning their bodies together, enjoying the cosy slide of cotton on their naked bodies. Throwing a leg over Duo's, he gently kissed the back of Duo's neck.

"Thank you, koi. I loved that."

Duo grinned before turning around to face Heero.

"Like being pampered then?"

Heero smirked. "Definitely."

Duo smiled happily, snuggling against the warm, strong body. Heero lovingly stroked the soft skin of Duo's hip beneath his hand.

"I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Not at all. I loved it."

Heero kissed the top of Duo's head, stroking the slightly damp silky mass with the hand that wasn't holding him close. He chuckled.

"Do I get this treatment every Friday?"

Duo fairly squawked. "You'd be lucky!"

Heero grinned, pressing a kiss on those cute, pouting lips.

"Maybe I should pamper you when you get back from work tomorrow..."

Duo looked up, interested.

Heero smirked, "We have any of that massage oil left?"


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