Author: Rae
Genre: Romance, LEMON (it should have it's own), and somewhat humorous
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU. PWP. 1x2 lemon.
Disclaimer: I don't own it, them, or me, so there.
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Note: Thanks to Tayles for the inspiration behind this fic and beta-ing it for me, even though it was supposed to be a gift to her.
Summary: Duo's had a hard day, but a stranger in a pub can make it better.

Contact at Pub in a Tub + Part 1

"Aw, you poor blighter. Let me get you another pint, gov." The girl behind the bar was a friendly soul. Duo was grateful for that. After the day he'd had, it was nice to have a semi-decent conversation with a nice and decent person. Of course, it helped that she normally let him flirt shamelessly with her without taking it offensively or personally. They both knew that he had no interest in her beyond the drinks she kept bringing to the counter.

"Thanks, Tayles. You know, it's days like this that make me wish I'd dropped out of college and joined the army." She laughed at his tired joke and refilled his half-empty mug.

"Wat hap`n`d, Duo?" Her voice was thick with an English accent.

"Another shipment lost due to the damn programming in shipping." He was a member of middle management in a medium-sized shipping venue, earning a middle-class salary for doing an ordinary, boring day-job. In other words, it was Duo's hell personalized. However, his grandmother had sacrificed for years to get him where he was and he refused to be ungrateful. "You know, one of these days, I'd like to find a way to forget for at least a couple of hours that I do tedious work for nothing"

"You're whining," she pointed out teasingly, her accent disappearing. She pushed the bowl of salty peanuts closer to his elbow. "Eat up. I'm sure that you've probably missed every meal since breakfast."

He sighed and smiled slightly. "Breakfast?" Gratefully, he popped a handful of the nuts into his mouth and chewed them slowly.

"Oh, Duo. If you keep going on like this, you're going to be burned out before you're twenty-three." She leaned against the counter and looked at him closely, her gray-blue eyes showing her concern. "Maybe you should take a vacation?"

"I have to wait until my year is up before I get a week off. As it is, I can look forward to another six months of dealing with stupid people and fixing their mistakes." His head hit the bar as he groaned. "My life is pointless!"

She smiled and ruffled his already unruly bangs. "Instead of a vacation, you need a companion. Someone to come home to and talk with. It would be less expensive than using me as a substitute. You need amore, Duo. Someone to cuddle with on days like these."

"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch…" Duo sang dryly, taking a drink of his beer. "What you're saying is that I need to get laid, am I right?"

"Those`re your words, gov." The accent was back as she moved away to serve another man at the bar. Duo stared down at his mug and glared at the amber liquid inside. She was right, he knew. He needed something more than what he had.

The stool beside him was pulled away from the bar and sat on. Duo noted the presence of another man, but didn't bother to turn his to look at him. The pub he was in wasn't exactly famous for its open-minded inhabitants. As far as Duo could tell, he was the first and only gay male to ever frequent the joint.

It made it difficult to pick up a date, but he loved the atmosphere that the Pub in the Tub provided. He loved this place; it was the first bar he got drunk in when he turned of age, it was the location of his first date with both genders, and he knew the owner personally.

Tayles came back and asked the man next to Duo for his drink order. "Water is fine." She raised an eyebrow, winked at Duo, and served the man his water with ice. Before she could move on, he reached out and touched her hand, effectively holding her in place for a moment. "Tell me, has a woman in pink come in the door behind me?"

His speech was very formal and spoken in a nasal monotone. Duo felt an involuntary shiver run up his spine and turned to look at the speaker. The man was the same as Duo, with short, mussed brown hair. He was looking at Tayles with steely blue eyes, his face devoid of any expression.

'Inhuman,' thought Dou. It wasn't only the lack of emotion. The man was perfectly built; a lean body with muscles that were evident but not overly defined, narrow hips, and a derriere that made Duo's hands itch. 'This is my god. This is the man I want to go home to after a day in hell.'

"Um, no?" The bartender replied as an eyebrow rose in confusion. "Should there have been a woman?"

"Not if I'm lucky," the answer was short as the man let go of Tayles and took a sip of his water. Duo looked at Tayles and met her gaze with his own violet irises. He smiled at her and winked, telling her silently that if the man turned out to be a nut, he'd defend her. She rolled her eyes but smiled gratefully, automatically reaching out to refill his emptied mug. This time, she only filled it up halfway.

Unable to resist, Duo turned to the man beside him and smiled charmingly, letting his curiosity get the better of him. "So, a woman in pink? Not a woman in red?"

Blue eyes met his and one elegant eyebrow rose. Duo had seen that look before; it was the look of a 'superior' looking down on one of his subordinates. Instead of it being a turn-off, Duo took it as a challenge. Forget the fact that the man probably wasn't interested in another man anyway; he was too cute to turn away from.

"I take it that the lady in question has questionable fashion sense?" Duo asked, leaning an elbow on the bar as he regarded the man steadily. "Obviously, if she'd be seen in public in such a getup, she isn't a very wise woman, is she?"

"Relena Peacecraft is one of the wisest and respected of the social class in this city. If you doubt her sensibility, you may wish to lodge a complaint against those that would have her as Mayor."

"You're hiding from the future Mayor?" Duo asked, amusement thick in his voice. When the man cocked an eyebrow and nodded, Duo laughed. "That's too good! I've heard of her. The only daughter of Senator Peacecraft and sister to the famously infamous Zechs Merquise. She's quite a catch. Why are you hiding from her?"

The man took a drink of his water and sat the glass down on the bar, his hand keeping its grasp. "She's decided that she should marry and that I am the most suitable prospect."

"Ech." Duo was sympathetic. He had heard the woman speak on television a few times and had read articles about her. From what he could gleam, she was a nice enough chit, just taken to being obsessive over certain things; taxes, education, and it would seem, the man at the bar. "You don't want to be the Mayor's husband? Sit around all day and plan social galas and fundraisers?"

The man looked at him again, his eyes assessing Duo. "Is your hair braided?" It was an inane question and caught Duo off-guard. After a second he nodded and pulled his braid from his jacket. Company policy at work said that long hair had to be done up close to the head, whether the employee was male or female. Duo refused to put his hair in a bun or to cut it, so that left hiding it as his only other option.

It was long enough to hang to the top of his buttocks. He held it out with his right and gestured that it was okay to touch it. "I've been growing this since before I knew it was there." He held his breath when the man reached out and touched it gently with one slender, long-fingered hand.

Duo licked his lips, feeling his groin tighten as the touch on his braid held him mesmerized. The man was sliding his hand gently along its length, his attention fixed on the hair under his hand. It was one of those surreal moments in time that happen once in a lifetime and stay with you for the rest of it.

"Heero!" The man froze at the high-pitched squeal and Duo froze in response to that stiffness. He turned his head carefully, his braid still held in the man's grip, to see the would-be Mayor standing in the door to the pub dressed in pink and looking at them.

"I'll give you whatever you want if you'll pretend that we're dating." The man said suddenly, startling Duo from his evaluation of Relena Peacecraft. He looked into dark blue eyes-'Prussian', he realized suddenly-and felt lost in that deep gaze.

"Heero, darling. I've found you." Relena placed a hand on Heero's shoulder and leaned between them, effectively blocking them from each other's view. "I thought that you were going to follow me to the restaurant for lunch, but when I turned around you were gone. It's taken me all this time to find you."

Duo looked up and left and saw Tayles watching them closely. Her eyes were sparkling and he knew that she had heard the last part of their conversation before they'd been interrupted. She nodded to him, a signal that he should do what he'd been asked to.

"Excuse me," he gently clasped Relena's hand in his and pulled it down from Heero's shoulder. "No offense, but it kind of irks me when someone else calls him 'darling'." She blinked at him, her smile turning to a frown.

He gently ran his hand down Heero's arm to his hand, and then twined his fingers through his hand, so that both of their hands were now wrapped around his braid. "Pardon?" she asked, her voice shaky as her eyes flew between them. Obviously, this was a development that she hadn't expected, but she was handling it as well as a gently bred and intelligent lady could.

"I know that you've known Heero a lot longer than I have, but I have to stake my claim." He smiled as charmingly as he could, feeling a little guilty for deceiving her even while he was applauding his own acting skills.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Relena folded her hands in front of her and smiled cordially, only the crinkling at the corner of her eyes betraying her strain. "I don't believe we've been properly introduced. I'm Relena Peacecraft."

Abiding by the rules of decorum, Duo stood up and offered her his hand. She accepted it; instead of shaking her hand, however, Duo leaned over and kissed it. "Duo Maxwell. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Peacecraft. I would like to say that I'll be voting for you as Mayor in the upcoming election."

"I appreciate the vote, Mr. Maxwell. I do hope you'll forgive me for the intrusion. I'm afraid that I've made an error of assumption. I'll just leave you and Heero to finish your drinks." She turned to walk away, but paused and turned back. "Under the circumstances, I hope that I'll see you at the luncheon tomorrow afternoon. Good day, gentlemen."

She was gone just as quickly as she had arrived. Duo sagged in relief and tried to pull his hand away from Heero's, but the other man's grip was like iron, holding him in place. "Thank you."

"No problem, man. You know, I actually wasn't expecting her to take it that well. She just let go." It had seemed too easy to Duo, especially from the impression he'd gotten from Heero. "Anyway, I'm glad that that was over quickly because I have to go."

Heero did let him go then and they both stood up. Duo reached for his wallet but the other man had placed enough bills on the bar to cover both of their tabs. "My treat."

"Thanks. Hey, maybe I'll see you around again, huh?" Duo asked, feeling giddy at the thought. Heero's touch had made him instantly hard and breathless, a dizzying combination.

He smiled at Tayles as she took the money, her smile encouraging. "Have a good eve, gov. Come again soon."

They walked outside together, stepping into the chilly shadows of the city. Duo drew his jacket tighter around his wiry frame and wished that he had a car. Living in the cramped conditions of the city made it easier to take the bus to work, but there weren't any buses that ran in the direction of the Pub in the Tub.

"Do you live around here?" Heero asked. He was wearing a jean jacket, which he buttoned up at that moment.

Duo shook his head and pointed up the street. "I live three blocks north and two east from here. A nice little apartment." He smiled at Heero, unwilling to part ways just yet. "You could always come over and have some coffee. It'll take the chill off."

The other man shook his head and walked to a car sitting on the curb. It was a black corvette with a white top. "My place is a little further. Do you like art?"

"What kind? It depends, really. I can't say that there's one style that I like and that's it, because I like certain pieces, not artists or periods. Are you a collector?"

"Of sorts."

"I'd love to take a look sometime, if it wouldn't be a problem," he suggested hopefully, his smile crooked. Heero looked at him for a moment without saying anything.

Then, "You can come over now, if you'd like."

A smile lit Duo's face, making his eyes gleam in the streetlights. "Like? I'd love too. It beats walking home in the cold. I assume that you're driving?"

For the first time that evening, Heero smiled. It was just a tilt of his lips, but it was enough to make Duo catch his breath. It lightened his face and his eyes, giving the former a younger look. "Hop in."

"Thanks." Duo did as he was told, sliding into the soft, leather interior of the car. He leaned against the door and watched as Heero climbed into the driver's seat. The engine roared to life, then purred gently as Heero pulled away from the curb. "Man, this car is wonderful. In high school, it would have been the perfect place for a shag."

"Hn." Despite his monosyllabic reply, there was a smirk on his face that Duo surmised as 'been there, done that'.

Curious, he narrowed his eyes at Heero. "So? Have you? Done it in this car, I mean?"

"No." Which was really too bad, Duo thought. There were probably any number of people who would have jumped at the chance to baptize the 'vette properly, especially if the offer included Heero. "Is that an offer?"

Violet eyes blinked in surprise at the almost blatant invitation. "Hell, yes!" A moment later, Heero pulled down a darkened alley and stopped the car, cutting the engine off. "You're serious? Here and now?"

"You don't want to?" Heero asked, his tone indicating that he found that thought nearly impossible. He was about ready to start the car again when Duo gathered his wits, courage, and hormones around him and climbed into his lap.

"Oh, I definitely want to. I just wanted to make sure that you were completely willing." He wiggled in Heero's lap, feeling the hardened evidence of Heero's 'willingness' through the material of his suit pants. He chuckled huskily. "I think that my doubts have been laid to rest."

"How about we take care of the rest of you?" His arms encircled Duo and pulled their chests flush against each other.

"Mmm," Duo murmured happily as warm lips traced the line of his jaw. His own hands were busily undoing the buttons on the front of Heero's jacket. "Why don't we take this into the backseat?"

In answer, the seat suddenly reclined, making Duo lose his balance. Heero's hands held him captive as their mouths met and melded, their tongues quickly joining the fun to swirl around the others. Their hands moved quickly and deftly to rid each other of the first layer of clothes: their jackets.

Heero was wearing a T-shirt, Duo a white button-down shirt. Neither offered a barrier they embraced, Duo's hands slipping between them and up Heero's shirts as Heero's hands caressed his back under the dress shirt. They were breathing heavy already, and hadn't even gotten farther than over the belt, under the clothes.

"This is pathetic, man. I used to be able to orchestrate three orgies, and my own threesome without breaking a sweat. I don't know if I'm just getting old, or if it's you."

"Me?" Heero asked between a gasp and a kiss. His lips and tongue were leaving their mark on Duo's neck as the braided man panted and started to rock his hips against Heero's.

"Yeah, you. My best buddy told me once-" He broke off on a groan as Heero's hands dipped inside his slacks and grabbed his ass. "Q told me once that having sex with different people was different and that eventually someone would have to be able to satisfy me."

There was a pause, and then Heero laughed against Duo's skin. "Be able to satisfy you?"

Duo sighed and leaned up slightly. He was straddling Heero's hips, their groins pressed together as they slowly worked their way through each other's shirts. Heero's was bunched under his armpits. Duo's had only made it as far as being unbuttoned before Heero found a spot on his neck that interested him.

"Every guy as his own stamina and ability to go for longer than others. In the early days of college, I could have worked my way through the campus twice and still have been able to go to school the next day. I was so overly hormonal that my roommate has pictures of me dry-humping my pillow in my sleep. He said that I did it every night, which I believe, because I had to shower every morning to get rid of the mess."

Heero collapsed against the seat and stared up at Duo. "How many people have you slept with?"

"In my lifetime?" Duo stalled before sighing under the inevitable. "In my lifetime, I could probably have filled a phone book, if I'd ever bothered to get half of their names. In the last two years? None, unless you count voyeurism, and then in my defense I have to say that I honestly didn't realize that Treize could see into my apartment so easily."

There was an awkward pause, during which Duo realized how much his honesty was probably not appreciated and started to climb of Heero's lap. Two strong hands gripped his hips, keeping him in place. "I had one lover. We were together for about two years before he packed up and left. That was about a year ago, so it's been a long time for me, too."

Duo sighed and settled himself comfortably against Heero, thoughts of sex put on the back burner for a moment. "We could probably check out those paintings right now and postpone this inevitably. If you're not comfortable-"

"I am. That's what surprises me. I want to do this here and now. I want to do this with you." Heero said softly. The braided man melted back against him, molding their bodies together once again.

"Keep that up, and you'll never get rid of me," Duo warned, pressing his lips softly against Heero's. He paused long enough to take Heero's shirt of the rest of the way and slip his own over his shoulders, and then began again, starting from the beginning with heated kisses and tender touches.

"You make that sound like a bad thing," Heero returned, his hands on the snap and zipper of Duo's pants. Before actually undoing them, he ran the back of his knuckles down the imprint of Duo's cock, making him groan at the contact, his fingers clenching around Heero's shoulders. "I could get used to this."

In retribution for that unexpected move, Duo brought one hand down and squeezed one of Heero's nipples, making the other man gasp in pleasure. Duo didn't have sensitive nipples, but it would appear that Heero did. He pinched the other one and smiled when Heero arched slightly into the touch. "So could I."

Their lips met again and locked together as their hands roamed freely. Heero found the ticklish spot under Duo's ribs, and Duo found another sensitive spot just above Heero's hips with his fingers.

With his own pants slowly being pushed over his butt, Duo decided that he needed access to Heero's package. His fingers found the button of Heero's jeans and then the zipper. He was surprised to find that the jeans were the only things keeping him from touching Heero's skin.

"You go commando?" He asked, grinning wickedly. He slipped his hand into the opening and slowly slid downwards until his palm found the hard length he was searching for. His fingers closed about Heero's penis and now the man bucked up into Duo's touch. He took the opportunity to pull Heero's pants down a ways, freeing the erection so that it stood proud and firm, the tip brushing against Duo's thigh. "Wow."

"Admire it later," growled Heero.

"Play with it now?" suggested Duo leeringly. "Gladly." He sat down on Heero's thighs so that their groins were close, and then wrapped his fingers around his new 'toy'. Heero's hands gripped his knees and squeezed. He set up a slow rhythm: without something to use as lubrication, too fast equaled too much friction and less pleasure, more pain.

"Glove box," Heero ground out. Duo took the hint and quickly leaned across the passenger seat. There was a little light that came on when he opened the glove box and it was simple enough to find the little tube kept within.

"Mmm. Flavored. Cherry, my favorite." Duo winked down at Heero, though he couldn't be sure that the other man saw it in the darkness. He quickly put some of the lube in the palm of his hand and returned to work. He smeared it on Heero's cock, taking great pleasure in making sure that it was covered from tip to base. He had great plans for it before the night was out. "I just realized something."

"Hm?" Heero's reply wasn't coherent, so adept were Duo's hands at what he was doing.

"This won't work. I want you inside me, not the other way around. Either we find a way to turn, or we move this party over a seat."

"Or you can shimmy out of those pants and turn around," Heero proposed, his hands sliding around Duo's back and down, until he was gripping the rounded curves of Duo's ass.

"I like the way you think." Duo grinned and leaned up, releasing Heero's penis and stretching this way and that as 'shimmied' to the best of his ability. Eventually, with much grunting, rubbing, and moaning, he managed to pry Heero's hands off of his body so that he could get rid of his clothes.

The moment he had his boxers off and turned around, Heero's hands were back, grabbing him by the hips and pulling him down so that Heero's cock was snug in the crack between Duo's cheeks. They both groaned at the intimate contact.

"There's not enough room in here for too much foreplay, so lube up what needs it and get inside me before I decide to finish myself of without you."

"You're a very talkative person. Very mouthy," Heero commented dryly as he spread more of the lube on his penis, and then used his hand to oil the puckered entrance of Duo's ass.

"Keep that up, and you won't get a chance to see what else my mouth can do," Duo rejoined. A moment later, he gasped in shock, his heart nearly stopping in his chest as Heero began to push into him.

He remembered the feeling of being taken; it wasn't anything he hadn't done before, but this time was different. He wouldn't say that it normally felt invasive, but that was as close as he could come to a description. However, as Heero pushed into him, he felt something closer to completion than invasion. It felt like the combination of a good sex and the replete feeling of post-coital bliss.

He leaned back, impaling himself on the other man's erection. His eyes slipped shut as Heero filled him completely, his ass resting against Heero's groin. An arm slipped around his waist and a hand gripped his cock, giving it its much-deserved attention.

The sound of their breathing filled the car as they sat that way for a moment. Not surprisingly, Duo had no words that could give justice to what he was feeling, but he vocalized his thoughts as coherently as possible. "Oh, fuck."

When he was almost certain that his heart wouldn't jump out of his chest, Duo began to move, sliding slowly up and down the shaft inside of him, careful to keep the thrusting of his hips slow and steady, maximizing each one to the fullest. Heero's hand kept time to his rhythm, until they were both breathing harshly, their bodies taut with anticipation as they slowly rode together towards climax.

As Duo got closer to his orgasm, he sped up, his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly as he rode up and down on Heero's cock, the friction increasing inside his body until he was ready to explode. Then Heero's free hand came up and touched the spot beneath his ribs, and he did explode, his sperm shooting out onto the steering column as his muscles tightened around the penis inside him.

Heero followed a moment later, the feeling of Duo muscle contraction pushing him over the edge. Sated, the braided man collapsed backwards. He sighed happily when strong arms wrapped around him, holding him tight to Heero's chest.


"Heero?" Duo sighed the name, a satisfied grin on his face. He received no response and called it again, wiggling a little to make sure that he had the other man's full attention. When that got no reaction, he shifted until he could look into Heero's face. "The bastard. If he falls asleep every time we have sex, then we're going to have some serious problems."

He sighed in frustration when he realized that his new lover had passed out on him, leaving them naked and sticky in a dark alley in the middle of the night.

Fifteen minutes later, he had managed to move Heero to the passenger seat, find his clothes, get them both partially dressed, and start the car. Now all he had to do was figure out where Heero lived. He gladly searched the other man's pockets, taking extra care to grope him, and found what he was looking for.

"Heero Yuy, huh? Nice enough name. What is that, Chinese? Whatever…oh, wow." He stared at the address on the license, then at the man beside him. "When you said that it was a little further, I didn't realize you meant that it wasn't even in this city! Okay, that settles it. We're heading to my place."

He put the car in gear and backed out of the alley; the other end was blocked off with cans and trash piles, neither of which he wanted to run over with the lovely car currently in his possession.


Getting Heero up the stairs was another dilemma in itself. It had taken him time and energy just to get him in the other seat, he couldn't imagine trying to lug him to his apartment by himself.

He finally settled on swallowing his pride and ringing up to his landlord. "Yes, Treize, I do realize what time it is. No, I'm not sorry for waking you up. I have a problem…yes, I do seem to have a lot of personal issues, but that's not what I'm talking about. I have a half-naked man down-" He was cut off when the buzzer went dead. A few minutes later, the door opened.

Out stepped a meticulously dressed man. "Hello, Maxwell. I'm here to assist you just like you asked."

"Grope him even one time, and I will castrate you personally with a butter knife. Understand?"

The older man smiled congenially and nodded, the gleam already in his eyes. It would figure that Duo would have chosen an apartment that belonged to the horniest man in the world (besides Duo, of course).

"What are your plans with this young man?" Treize asked curiously as they hefted Heero out of the car and into the building.

Breathing hard for different reasons that earlier, Duo answered, "I'd love to keep him locked in a closet so that I can have him whenever I want, but I'm thinking that in the morning, I'd be really lucky if he even stuck around. He didn't drink, so I'm thinking that he's just tired and that'll wear off in a few hours."

"You could ravish him while he sleeps."

"Treize, please keep your comments, opinions, and hands to yourself," Duo replied as he pried the other man's hands first from his ass, and then from Heero's. "I will castrate you in the morning. If I remember."

"Promises, promises."


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