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Summary: After a bad day and a -wonderful- night, Duo wakes up with a knee in his back and a head in his lap…both belonging to two different people. How the hell did that happen?

Contact at Pub in a Tub + Part 2

Waking up is never fun after a horrible day and is sometimes even worse after a great round of sex. For Duo Maxwell, waking up on the Friday after his first ever 'one-night stand' was like waking up in the middle of the highway wearing a construction cone: exciting in the 'up heave the contents of your stomach and scream' kind of fashion.

He was in bed, that much he knew, but there was something very wrong with that fact, because he wasn't in bed alone. Hell, he wasn't in bed with just one other person, either. At least, he didn't think he was. He was pretty sure that if someone's knee was in his back and someone's head was resting on his thigh, then there were two people under the covers with him.

Of course, he wasn't about to complain. Someone was breathing heavily on his groin in their sleep, making his penis erect before he was even fully awake, and the warm body pressed against his back was nice, almost soothing in its presence. Then again, the hand creeping towards his hip was almost too smooth in its movements.

"Treize, you will remove your hand from the vicinity of my nether regions or suffer the consequences. I do believe that I promised to castrate you. I'm willing to take that back if you -get out-!" The last became a yell as the hand didn't only -not- stop, but continued until it was touching his hip near his arousal.

"But Duo…" came the near-whine response. Duo took a guess and raised his leg sharply. The hands topped and Treize grunted in pain as the back of his head met with Duo's knee. "Fine, fine spoilsport. I can tell already that you've been spending too much time with Wufei."

The older man sat up and smoothed his hair. Duo was happy to see that he was still dressed, with just the top buttons of his shirt undone. The longhaired man glared at him, raising one eyebrow. "Have you ever thought that maybe your bed-hopping is the reason that Wufei wants nothing to do with you?"

The ginger-haired man stiffened, and then glared at Duo with a regal air. "Have you ever thought that your bitchy attitude is what turned Wufei away from -you-."

"Listen here you-" Duo started, pushing himself up. An arm around his waist cut him short and pulled him back to the mattress.

"I hate to interrupt what seems to be a private argument between you," a soft voice whispered into Duo's ear, "but I'd rather keep you where you are." The arm around his waist tightened and drew him back against Heero's lanky form. The braided man smirked at Treize and settled back happily.

Treize stood up gracefully and nodded at the two men in bed. "Since you're going to be occupied otherwise, I do believe that I'll attend to my duties." He gave them a low bow and left the room. A minute later, the door to the apartment opened and closed.

Duo smiled and wiggled backwards, pressing his butt against Heero's groin and arousal. "Good morning."

"Hmm…good morning to you, too," the other man replied, pressing his lips against Duo's neck as his hand moved from Duo's hip to dip between his lips. Duo groaned and pressed he into that warm palm, eyes closing as Heero's hand closed over his arousal and squeezed it gently.

A warm tongue lapped at his skin, making him shiver even as Heero began to stroke his length. Heero's other arm wormed its way around the side of Duo that was resting against the bed and snaked across his chest. Warm fingers brushed against his nipples, making him gasp. The hand around his erection sped up, making him pant and groan as he was quickly brought to climax.

His semen shot out into the blankets, his vocal release a grunt and gasp that escaped from his throat. The cock against his lower back rubbed against the top of the crack of his ass. Heero shifted lower, so that his penis was pressing into the cleft of Duo's behind, his hand moving from cock to thigh in order to press more firmly against Duo's body.

Duo smiled and reached an arm behind him to grip Heero's hip. "Your turn."

"No," Heero murmured in a quiet tone, his open mouth moving down Heero's shoulder to kiss and lick the edge of his shoulder. "I don't have anything up here."

"I do," replied Duo with a soft chuckle. "My bathroom is stocked for just such an occasion."

He felt Heero smile against his skin, his fingers moving in small circles around the inside of Duo's thigh. "Then let's move this to the bathroom."

Duo was only too happy to comply.


Water is an aphrodisiac. The silken movement of a water droplet as it trails down a lover's body is an arousing view, one that can be heightened by anticipation and one climax already reached.

When they stepped into the shower together, Heero turned to face into the spray, leaving Duo to stare at his back in a moment of uncertainty, the bottle of lube forgotten in his hand. Moments of such stillness were few and far between, but they did manage to catch up with the violet-eyed exec, forcing him into a few seconds of inactivity before the site of a wet Heero overwhelmed that initial inclination.

Duo's tongue began the assault with a gentle laving of Heero's right side. He felt the muscles bunch beneath his tongue and decided to explore further, his hands coming up to rest on the other man's shoulder blades. He trailed a most circle on Heero's skin before pressing his lips against the spot and sucking.

Heero giggled. The sound surprised Duo into stilling for a second before he increased the suction pressure. His slender fingers trailed down Heero's back, his nails scratching lightly against the other's bronze-color skin, eliciting a quiver.

The fingers of his left hand stopped at the gentle rise of Heero's butt, the right stopping to rest by Duo's face as he continued to focus his attention on making his mark on the other man's body.

Under the spray of water, Heero tasted like salty water. Most of what Duo could imagine as his own taste was washed away under the pressure of the shower. He withdrew his mouth and skimmed his right hand the rest of the way to Heero's hip, then walked his fingers down the crevice of thigh and hip, until his fingers slid into the soft hair that surrounded Heero's penis.

He knelt behind the other man, but before he could bring his left arm around to wrap Heero in his embrace, the other turned around, presenting Duo with a very close and personal view of his arousal. Their eyes met, cobalt meeting Prussian in a quick, silent conversation that expressed better than words ever could their lust for each other.

Duo smiled up, his cheeks flushed. Water still dripped over Heero's shoulders, but his back and shoulders stopped the force of the spray. His face, too, was ruddy from passion. His eyes stared intently at Duo's face as the braided man leaned forward and wrapped his mouth around the tip, his tongue gliding gently around the foreskin.

Heero closed his eyes and pressed a hand against the wall to steady himself, his breath rushing out between clenched teeth. Duo's hand encircled the engorged cock at the base, the warm muscle slick beneath in his grip. Taking a deep breath, Duo opened his jaw as wide as possible and drew in as much of Heero's erection as he could, which was a sizable half. He stopped when the tip hit the back of his throat.

His cheeks drew in as he sucked and he increased the pressure of his lips. Heero's hands clenched in his hair, twisted into the sodden mass of his braid. His breathing was coming out in sharp pants, his narrow hips twitching and bucking in a mockery of rhythm, making Duo's head bob with the motion.

The long-haired man was trapped, his head held in place by Heero's penis and grip, the muscles around his mouth stretching to accommodate the girth of the former and his scalp starting to smart from the pull of the latter.

With a need to breath and swallow freely, Duo pushed on Heero's hip, forcing the other man to take a step back. Heero grunted, but followed the action, his eyes slitting open as he gazed down at Duo.

Duo gave a small smile, which turned into a grimace as his lips stretched again. He pumped the erection he still held in his hand to show that he wasn't stopping and licked his lips. Heero's seed tasted salty and bitter. Not the best of mixtures, but he thought that it tasted like Heero, and that made it not only bearable, but also enjoyable.

The smile was returned with a small one from Heero, and then they were kneeling together on the floor of the shower, the water now falling on the both of them as they kissed feverishly, their hands roaming the other's body, touching, caressing, nails occasionally digging teasingly into flesh before fingertips would smooth the area again.

They were nearly silent as they came together that time, Heero rediscovering the lube mere seconds before he rediscovered the puckered entrance to Duo's ass and invaded it. The water slicked their skin, allowing them to rub against each other with little friction. Duo's erection was trapped between them, caressed by both their stomachs as they rode ecstasy together.


There were many, may terms for the boneless feeling that follows a good bout of sex, but Duo was too tired and drained to waste the energy to come up with them all as he laid in Heero's arms. The water was off, but they hadn't moved further than the bathtub. They were lying in the cold porcelain bowl, their arms wrapped around each other, their bodies lax against each other. Duo was sated and happy. Heero was asleep.

He had turned the shower off with his foot when it became apparent that they wouldn't be moving anytime in the near future. A sigh escaped his lips as he closed his eyes. Despite the fact that his lover was once again unconscious, he was feeling rather good. He had expected Heero to be gone in the morning and it was nice surprise to wake up next to him in the morning. Even if Treize had had to ruin the moment by being there, too.

One hand came up and made a lazy trail down Heero's back. Being so close together was bringing Duo's penis back to an erection, but since he was trapped under Heero's body, he figured that he was just going to have to suffer. Oh, what wonderful suffering it was, though. Heero's cock was still buried inside of him, his right hand still caught in Duo's braid. His breathing was even, his breath wafting across Duo's neck.

All in all, the morning had turned out rather well, Duo thought as he slowly drifted into sleep himself.


It was eleven o'clock before Duo roused again, stark naked on top of his bed. His room was shadow, the curtains drawn, the door closed and the lights off. The other half of the bed was empty.

He sighed at his own foolishness in believing that his one-night stand would have extended beyond the night before and that morning and rolled out of bed. Not surprisingly, the rest of the apartment was empty. He was in the middle of pouring milk over his cereal when he heard the door to his apartment open. Since the locks were controlled by an automatic mechanism, he ignored it, knowing that it had to be someone with a key.

His assumption proved correct when strong arms wrapped around his waist and a polyester-covered groin was pressed to his butt cheeks. "Back off, old man."

"You're no fun, Maxwell." Treize nuzzled the skin behind Duo's ear before doing as requested. Duo glared at him as he started to eat his breakfast. "So, how did it go?"

The interest in his gaze was unmistakable. Duo sighed, recognizing the inevitable. "Well enough. A repeat performance this morning after you left. He fell asleep. -Again-."

"Hm." Treize said non-committally, leaning back against the counter in a causal gesture. As always, he was dressed to kill, wearing black dress pants and a jacket that could have served some European officer of the eighteenth century armed forces. Classy, but overdone. "Maybe he has some sort of disease. I knew a girl once who fell asleep every time she laughed."

"I'm sure that you were very helpful in telling her jokes." Duo said sarcastically, though the thought did seem somewhat logical. It didn't matter if it was true, or not. He'd more than likely never see Heero again and if he did, the chances of them having sex again were slim. He smiled wistfully around a mouthful of sugar-coated bran flakes. With a lover like Heero, the sleeping could be overlooked in favor of all the wonderful things he managed while awake.

"There's something more, isn't there?" Treize asked wisely. Violet eyes looked at him sharply before Duo nodded. "You're comparing him to Wufei, aren't you?"

"As a lover? No. Hell, 'Fei and I only slept together three times and I was drunk during two of those times. Not exactly the most memorable of relationships, if you know what I mean."

"If you hadn't made him wait three years before sleeping with him, things might have turned out better," Treize pointed out. Duo rolled his eyes.

"The only reason I slept with him was to shut him up. Our relationship was doomed from the beginning. I'm actually surprised that we lasted three years, between me nagging him to death and him constantly bemoaning the fact that I wouldn't put out."

"I, for one, am glad that things didn't work between you. That left the field open for me."

Duo looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "The field is open for you, but you won't get a chance at the goal until you stop slapping everyone else's butt. Pardon the analogy." Treize laughed, the deep-timbered sound echoing around the small apartment.

"You're pardoned. That's horrible, Maxwell. I do hope that you come up with something better when you talk to Wufei."

"When I talk to him about what?" asked Duo suspiciously.

Treize smiled charmingly, standing to his full height. "When you convince him to give me a chance. You're going to tell him how serious I am about being with him and how faithful I would be in a monogamous relationship."

There was silence for a moment as Duo thought that through and regarded the older man. Finally, he set his bowl on the counter and looked at Treize. "Have I ever told you that I -don't- lie?"


Duo stared. Wufei glared. From twenty feet away, Treize leered.

Back at Pub in a Tub a mere sixteen hours or so after having left, Duo was enjoying his Saturday afternoon much the same way he had enjoyed his Friday evening; which is to say that he was miserable and beginning to hate the world again.

"Maxwell, if you mention his name again, I will be more than happy to shove my tea cup down your throat and watch as you choke on the leaves and porcelain," Wufei said threateningly, his dark eyes daring Duo to 'make his day'. "I have more important things to do with my afternoon than listen to you ramble on about the virtues of a man that has no redeeming values."

"Fine," Duo hissed out angrily, leaning across the table. "Then let's try this. If you don't give him even one chance, he's threatened to kick me out of the building -and- he says that he'll make sure that other landlords around the city blacklist me. If nothing else, at least think of me!"

"Maxwell, I don't care. I'm sorry, but it's true. If you had kept your mouth shut when you first moved in, he would never have known that you knew me, and you wouldn't have to worry about trying to play matchmaker between me and the lecher."

"Gah, 'Fei." Duo groaned as his head hit the table. "I don't want to have to move in with Hilde. Can you imagine? Having to survive the two room prison that she shares with Sally? Bras everywhere, men coming over to be with -them-. It's my hell brought to life."

"It wouldn't be that bad, Maxwell."

"Not that bad!" Duo roared as his head came up, eyes blazing. "I spent the night there two weeks ago and ended up staying awake until three in the morning while the hotties next door went at it like wild animals. It was horrible. I don't think I've ever heard two guys that go at it the way they do."

"How many times did you come just listening to them?" Wufei asked with mild curiosity. Duo rolled his eyes and slumped back against the vinyl seat of the booth. For mid-day, the pub was mostly empty, the only occupants being Tayles behind the counter, he and Wufei, Treize hiding in another booth, and a man that Duo had only caught sight of out of the corner of his eye.

After a moment, Duo admitted grudgingly, "Three. I even asked them if I could join, and they told me that they're 'satisfied' with each other in their relationships and that they 'see no reason to include outsiders. No offense,' end quote. If I didn't like the little blonde so much, I probably would have been offended. They're cute together, though."

"What you need, Duo, is to find someone that doesn't mind your constant chatter, your tireless libido, your screwy landlord, your handsome ex-boyfriend, and your psychotic cousin."

"And someone who falls asleep after sex," Duo added quietly. He took a sip of his gin and tonic and slumped even further into his seat. Wufei didn't say anything, but Duo knew that he had heard him. Their eyes met and Duo looked away. "I met someone, but all I have is a name, a car, and that he knows the future Mayor Peacecraft."

"Weak woman. She'll ruin our city," Wufei said snidely. He quickly reverted to silence. "Do you have any idea where this man could be right now?"

Duo thought about it for a moment and nodded. "He should be at a luncheon with the weak woman and some other people. I was even invited."

"If you have an invitation, then you're not crashing the party," Wufei pointed out, a sly smile on his face. He was looking at Duo with a gleam in his eyes that reminded the braided man of his landlord.

Suddenly, the idea of setting the two up together had dangerous connotations for Duo.


It was almost too easy. The luncheon was being held on the lawn of a rather fancy resort. Duo had approached the guard at the gate with a casual gait and a racing heart, and had given his name with more than a little trepidation. The guard had checked his list, nodded, and let Duo through without any trouble what-so-ever.

Something that simple could only be followed by extreme awkwardness and embarrassment, of course. The other guests had already been served and his entrance had brought all eyes around to him. He had stood frozen at the end of the long table, his mouth open but no sound coming out. His eyes had quickly scanned the table and found Relena, but no Heero.

"Mr. Maxwell." Relena rose to greet him, and half of the guests rose as well. "It's a pleasure. I'm sorry that we didn't wait the meal for you. I wasn't certain that you would be attending." She smiled, the look not quite reaching her eyes.

"Um…actually…" He stiffened as a hand was placed on his shoulder. He expected to see a guard there, ready to drag him away, but when he turned his head it was only Heero that looked at him.

"Actually, Relena, we were running so late we almost didn't attend at all," Heero lied glibly. He propelled Duo to two vacant chairs halfway down the table and waited until Relena was seated before pushing Duo into the chair on the left.

Duo smiled uneasily at the woman next to him and the man across from them, his cheeks feeling warm from embarrassment. A hand gripped his and he looked at Heero, feeling confused and out of place. The other man smiled at him, squeezed his hand, and then proceeded to ignore Duo almost completely as they were served.

The event wasn't over after the meal, either. After the table had been cleared, the guests moved on to an afternoon of gossiping, talking, chatting, laughing, and playing mind games with those they believed to be inferior. Duo was asked twenty-six times what he did for a living, twelve times how he and Heero had met, and only twice what his name was. Sometime during the first hour of 'twenty questions' Heero and Relena had both disappeared.

"What did you say you did for a living?" Duo gritted his teeth as yet another guests asked, this time a woman in her late twenties. Her eyebrows were forked and everything in her manner said that she thought that he was beneath her but she was asking anyway.

He smiled at her, his eyes narrowing. "I sit in a tiny corner office and suck up to my unintelligent and rather naïve boss. Then, when his back is turned, I go through all of his work and correct it so that I don't get in trouble for not noticing things. After that, I spend the other half of my day on the phone with busy, 'important' people like you trying to explain that my boss is an idiot and that I work with morons without ever giving 'the customer' the feeling that they're dealing with inadequacy."

"Really?" She said smoothly, her own eyes narrowing. "Does it pay well?"

He opened his mouth to answer her and then snapped his jaw shut again. After a moment, he laughed and she laughed with him. "No. It's a horrible job that pays about half of what it should for the stuff I put up with."

"You poor thing. All of that, and you still have to go home to Heero. You are living together, right?" It was a smooth question, but Duo wasn't fooled.

"No, we don't live together. Although, I don't think that going home to Heero would be all that bad."

"You don't know the half of it, babe." The woman said, leaning closer. "The word on Heero is that he picks up a new toy every other week and drops them just as suddenly."

"Really?" Duo said, copying her tone from earlier. Her eye twitched. "That's funny. Did you know that he picked me up just last night and has already screwed me senseless twice?" He heard a gasp behind him and stiffened as he recognized the pink of Relena's suit out of the corner of his eye. The woman smiled at him cruelly, as if he'd just walked into her trap.

He turned to face Relena and licked his lips. Heero was standing right behind her, his blue eyes emotionless as they rested on Duo.

"I didn't mean that quite the way it sounded," Duo said quietly. The woman in pink looked about ready to pass out from shock, her eyes wide and a hand to her chest. "Sorry, Miss Peacecraft. I probably shouldn't have come today."

That seemed to draw her back to herself. "No. I'm glad you did. It truly has been a pleasure meeting you, Duo." She held out her hand and he took it; instead of shaking it, he kissed the back of her hand and smiled gratefully.

"I haven't had much of a chance to talk to you really, but I think you're pretty okay for a politician."

She laughed slightly. "I think that's one of the most underhanded compliments I've gotten in a while."

Duo released her hand. "I'll be going now." He was surprised to see Heero step forward. It took him a second to realize that the other man was still playing their little charade. He bid his leave of the other woman and walked out with Heero's hand on his elbow.

He was starting to dread the rest of the afternoon.


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