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Summary: The weekend is over: Duo and Heero have rejoined the world in their own... lemony fashion, but things aren't as resolved as Duo wants them to be.

Contact at Pub in a Tub + Part 5

Waking up to find himself cleaned had happened to Duo too often that weekend for him to be too surprised. He was lying on a couch in Heero's office; his shirt was placed over him, covering his body. Heero was sitting at his desk, fully dressed, typing.

"Let me finish this file, Duo, and we'll go to dinner." His voice washed over Duo, making him tingle.

"Cool. Does that mean I can go `as is'?" asked Duo smartly, standing up and letting the shirt drop to the floor. Heero didn't even look up or pause in typing.

"I wouldn't mind, but there are laws against streaking and I would hate to see you carted off to jail au natural. I'd bail you out as quickly as possible, of course, but who knows what would happen to you while behind bars?"

"You're a sick minded little man, Heero Yuy."

"Yuy Heero," he corrected.

Duo looked at him blankly. "Huh?"

"It is Japanese custom when addressing someone by their full name, to use their first name last and vice versa."

"Uh-huh." Duo sucked his lower lip in and let it out with a small, considering sound. "Yeah well. It is American custom to look at someone when you're talking to them."

Heero paused in his work and looked up. "The sooner I finish this, the sooner we can go out and I can feed you."

"Ya know, if I thought you meant literally spooning food into my mouth in a somewhat seductive manner, I'd jump at the thought, but I think you're meaning something more along the lines of an expensive dinner at an equally expensive restaurant."

"You have a problem with that?" Heero's lips twitched and he regarded Duo for a moment before resuming his work.

Duo looked at his watch and noted that it was past office hours. Everyone else should have left. He yanked his pants on, his anger boiling just beneath the surface. If Heero noticed the jerkiness of his movements, he gave no indication. When Duo was as dressed as he cared to be, which meant his shirt was on but not buttoned, he grabbed the rest of his clothes and stalked to the door.

He opened it, and gained Heero's attention. "Where are you going?"

"Home, Heero. My home." He swallowed hard and took a deep breath, but neither staved his temper. "You can take your expensive dinner and shove it. I don't know what to think of you. That first night, you were like a heaven-sent dream come true and waking up to you the morning after was beyond anything I could have expected. I blame myself for coming to find you at the luncheon, but you didn't seem to mind."

"Duo-" started Heero, only to be cut off by a sharp movement of Duo's hand.

"No! Listen. I didn't mind the whole `pass-out after sex' deal. The whole situation seems fishy to me, but I could deal with that. I just wanted to be with you. I guess that in Japanese culture, that translates another way. I didn't expect this afternoon, but I'm grateful for it."

"Duo, calm down. I don't know why you're in such a dither-"

"Shut up, you patronizing bastard." Duo gritted his teeth and internally winced when Heero blinked at him. "Listen. I want to spend time with you. Some time that doesn't include sex."

"You made a point of telling me that you were a proficient lover, Duo. I would have thought that you'd be happy with what we've been doing."

"Sex isn't everything," he cried, and then paused as he realized what had just come out of his mouth. He shook it off. "If you had listened to me, you would have known that I haven't had sex in almost two years. The first two years of college, I was a virtual whore, I'll admit it. I slept with anything that walked, crawled, or looked at me."

"You've mentioned that before," Heero said coldly, leaning stiffly back in his chair.

"There's more. I made the mistake of sleeping with my best friend, shortly before he met his soul mate. After that, he was on this kick about `sex should be with someone you care about' and all that trite crap. Then one of the girls I'd been sleeping with came up positive for HIV and I realized that I was just leading myself around in circles until someone finally found a gun to shoot me with."


"Listen! So, I stopped. Cold turkey. I refused to have sex with anyone, even those partners that claimed they were clean. I waited six months, got my test, came out negative and haven't gone back that way since. That was three years ago. I had started seeing Wufei about a year before that all happened. I wouldn't have sex with him. It was like... before, I was teasing him. It gave me power over him.

"Then after all that happened, it was self-preservation. I knew that he'd been faithful throughout that whole time, but I had this deep fear that the very next time I had sex, I'd contract some horrible disease that no one had heard of yet, and I'd die in a sweltering, putrid mass of yellow slime."

"Morbid," Heero commented, no longer trying to stop Duo.

"Yeah, it was. Anyways, a year ago he finally drove me too far, and I slept with him. I knew after that that we'd never work. There was no connection with him, no spark. I had to break up with him, but I was so afraid of hurting him. My solution was to get drunk and break up with him then, but things backfired and we ended up having sex two more times that night. We broke up the following morning."

"And have been great friends since?"

"Something like that. There's been no one since him." He stared deeply into Heero's eyes, hoping that he'd understand. "Until you. I just wanted you to understand what I mean when I say that as great as the sex is, it's not enough. -Especially- not if I'm working with you. I can't do this sort of thing, Heero."

"The sex is great, but it's not enough. What does that have to do with dinner?"

"A fancy dinner serves two purposes. To impress a future conquest, or to appease the conquered."

"Or to impress a lover," interjected Heero. Duo shook his head.

"Think about it, Heero. How eager are you for a long sit-down? A deep conversation?" The other man didn't answer. "I didn't think so." He opened the door. "I'll have the report ready to you by tomorrow afternoon, Yuy-sama." He bowed low and left, shutting the door behind him.

Heero stared at the door long after he had left.


"I'm going to kill Maxwell when I get my hands on him," Wufei muttered into his green tea. Tayles made a noncommittal noise in the back of her throat and then moved on to serve another customer. It was with relief that she saw Duo enter the pub a little later, but that feeling was short lived.

His braid was a mess, his hair sticking up and to his head in odd places. His jacket was off, his pants wrinkled, and his shirt was only half-buttoned. [**^1^**] . He was frowning; his violet eyes dark as he walked across the pub and settled forlornly onto the stool next to Wufei.

The black-haired man turned to look at him and immediately started growling. When Duo didn't even acknowledge him, he pursed his lips and stared at his ex-boyfriend.

"What's your problem, Maxwell?"

"I'm an idiot," Duo answered simply, slumping forward farther until he was lying half-on top of the bar. Tayles placed a shot of clear alcohol near his head, but he didn't even spare it a glance.

"Nobody's arguing with that, Maxwell, but I was referring more to your... "

"You look glum, guv, and it isn't `ealthy. What has you so down?" Tayles interrupted softly and quickly. She placed a hand on his head and smoothed his hair down. "What has the monster done this time? Fallen asleep again?"

Duo sighed and shook his head as well as he could with his head down. His cheek smacked against the bar and he closed his eyes. "Nothing, really. He wanted to go to dinner. A nice dinner out. Expensive meal, discreet waiters, romantic atmosphere. The whole jazz, I'm sure."

"Then why on earth are you here?" Wufei asked, his eyes nearly bugging out. Duo grunted. "You could be out having sex in his car again, and yet you're here, unable to even drown your sorrows."

"I don't want to have sex with him," Duo started, but then paused. "Take that back. I want sex, but I want something more. I want to talk to him. I want to learn about him and his family. I've just started to notice that he never talks to me. That night here was the only exception. Any other time, and he talks at me, like I'm a child. Even earlier, he had this superior air."

"He's a man of business, Maxwell. He's used to dealing with peons everyday," Wufei said unhelpfully. Tayles rolled her eyes at him and moved the glass away. He narrowed his eyes at her, daring her not to serve him. She ignored him and focused on Duo.

"Give him time, Duo. He just needs a chance to get to know you."

"What if he doesn't want to get to know me?" he countered, looking up. His eyes were bleak. "I am -so- fucking confused at this point that it isn't funny, Tayles. I don't know which way is up."

"Up is the way in which you -aren't- going," Dorothy said calmly, taking the stool next to him and facing him. "What happened this time?" Duo refused to answer. "Listen, lover-boy, be nice and I'll help you out with the sex-machine, okay?"

"Must you be such a vulgar chit?" Tayles asked, her blue-gray eyes narrowed. Dorothy regarded her for a moment, her head tilted regally. Then she smiled.

"Of course." She turned her attention back to Duo. "Heero and Relena were raised together. Until three years ago, it was accepted by both of their families that they would marry. However, Heero being gay was a big deterrent to that and the engagement was dropped. With the upcoming election, Relena's chances of becoming mayor could be influenced if someone found out that the man she was going to marry once upon a time is gay."

She paused and the other three narrowed their eyes at her impatiently. Tayles pointed a finger. "Finish, wench."

"Of course, my dear girl," she smirked. "It was easy enough to convince Relena that she would have to find a way to woo Heero back to her. The pills were a double-edged sword. She would move in on him after he'd taken one, when his defenses were down do to the effects of the drug."

"Basically, he'd be too horny to argue when she jumped him?" Duo supplied.

She chuckled and nodded. "After the act, she was to convince him that he'd proposed. To Heero, a commitment is a commitment, drunk or not. He would have wed her and she'd have gotten her way."

"She was just going to have sex with him?" Duo was nauseated by the thought. "She knows that he doesn't want her, but she's willing to trap him any way she can?"

"Was. Now that there's someone else in the picture, she wants nothing more to do with it. She's going to use her friendship with you and Duo as a boost. "A modern mayor with a balance of contemporary out looks and old-fashioned values."

"Great for her," Wufei said grumpily, sliding off his stool. "I wouldn't have voted for that weak woman any way, but that cements my vote against her." He put money on the table and left. Dorothy looked at Duo.

"After today, you should have no problems getting him to perform repeatedly, so don't be discouraged if he fell asleep this afternoon."

"That's not it," Duo said softly, turning his face away. Dorothy shrugged and looked at her watch, and then at Tayles.

"Ten o-clock, Midori." Then she, too, was gone, leaving Tayles and Duo alone at the bar.

"Midori?" Duo questioned. Tayles blushed.

"My last name," he looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "She insisted, so I told her!" She huffed and turned to walk away, but he grabbed her hand, putting his own worries at the back of his mind.

"What did you say to her earlier?" She tried to pull away, but he held tight. She sighed.

"Your boyfriend said that she was only sticking around because she probably had a thing for me. He said that if I asked her out and he was wrong, she'd be offended and leave, but that if I was right, I could probably get her to leave anyone to prepare." She frowned. "I just wanted her out of the bar."

"You have a -date- with her?" He asked, incredulous. She nodded glumly. "Oh, Tayles. I'm so sorry. That makes my love life look happy."

She sighed and yanked her arm back; this time he let go. "Don't go making a big deal out of it. Unlike you, I'm up to being wined and dined at an expensive restaurant."

"Have fun." He picked up the shot of liquor and downed it, gasping. "I guess that you didn't need the Everclear [2]?" His eyes boggled as he stared at her


Wufei closed the door to his apartment with a weary sigh. He hadn't seen Treize on his way upstairs, but that didn't mean much. The man had an uncanny ability to appear when Wufei was least expecting him. He reached out to flip the light on and walked fully into the main room. He paused. All of his furniture was pushed against the walls, leaving the center clear. A throat cleared and he looked up to see Treize standing in entrance of his bedroom, leaning nonchalantly against the wall.

"Hello, Wufei. I'm glad to see that you've finally decided to join me." The older man smiled charmingly. Wufei ran quickly to his sword, surprised that Treize hadn't removed it first thing after their last incident. The reason why was made clear when Treize straightened up and moved forward. He was holding a sword in his right hand.

"Listen, Kushrenada. This is my apartment and you have no right to enter it without my permission, landlord or no."

"My dear Chang, you are sorely mistaken. I have every right to be here. After all, you are here, and to me, that is enough reason for my presence."

Wufei held the katana to his side, the blade pointed out. "I'm assuming that you're here to duel this out. What is the prize for winning?"

Treize smiled. "That's the spirit. If you win, I will be your willing slave. If I win... " He grinned. "If I win, you are mine."

Wufei thought about it, but could see no other way around it. He brought his blade in front of his face. "I accept."

"Good." Wufei attacked first, taking the offense. Their swords clashed together as Treize blocked. The sound of metal scraping on metal filled Wufei's ears as their swords rubbed against each other. They broke apart and he raised his sword, ready for Treize's next move.

"Come on, old man. Let's see what tricks you have up your sleeve."

Treize stepped forward, but didn't attack. He looked regal; he was wearing a blue jacket with ruffles at the neck and cuffs, his legs clad in tight, white pants.

"I didn't realize that you were truly a swordsman, Wufei. I had assumed that it was all show. Silly me, to have underestimated such a worthy opponent." Wufei struck again, using both of his arms as he slashed downwards with the sword. Treize countered, spinning to the side and parrying with his own weapon.

Wufei squeezed the hilt tightly, and then relaxed his grip. Treize was already breathing hard; all he had to do was outlast the older man, and he would be victorious. He narrowed his eyes, and then lunged forward again. This time, he kept swinging his arm, forcing Treize to continuously defend himself.

He was matched blow for blow with a block. Treize's ability to neutralize his attack earning him a new admiration in Wufei's eyes. They moved slowly toward one side of the living room as he backed Treize closer to the wall, hoping to corner him there.

Suddenly, Treize was attacking, forcing him back. His eyes widened when he realized that the older man's attacks were as good, if not better, than his own. Not to be so easily swayed, Wufei worked hard to defend himself, looking for and using every opening he saw. He blocked a blow aimed at his head, ducked, and swept back inside. He used the momentum of his turn to reach up and rip the other sword from Treize's hand. He stepped quickly under his arm and stepped out of range, holding both swords. "Victory is mine."

"So it is," Treize concurred. He bowed gallantly, one arm over his waist. "Your wish is now my command."

"You're seriously going to go through with it?" Wufei asked. He had thought that Treize would back down in the face of defeat. He hadn't expected this humble acceptance of his loss. It put the older man in a new light.

"Of course. A deal is a deal, Chang Wufei, and I honor my word."

Wufei returned the extra sword to its master. Treize accepted it, sheathed it, and then started for the door.

"Wait!" Treize stopped and turned around. "You said that you were my slave. I didn't give you permission to leave. Come back here." The older man raised an eyebrow, but did as he was bidden. Wufei handed him his own katana. "Clean this."

He watched as the older man took it with a confused frown. It was against custom for anyone but the owner to clean a sword, but he was entrusting it to another. Treize eyed him patiently and pointed out the kit to him.

It took ten minutes for Treize to clean both blades to Wufei's satisfaction. When he was done, Wufei placed them both carefully on the mantle above the fireplace. He stayed with his back to Treize for several minutes before he built up his resolve. "Come." He walked to his bedroom, leaving Treize to follow behind. "Shut the door." Treize shut it. Wufei, with his back to the door and Treize, spread his arms and legs out. "Undress me." He tried to keep his voice authoritative, but it wobbled, showing his nervous intent.

Treize grinned and walked forward. He pressed against Wufei's back and reached his arm around to unbutton the other man's shirt. He took his time, his face turning into Wufei's hair to breath deeply of the other man's scent. He could feel Wufei trembling in his arms, but the dark-haired man said nothing.

When the shirt was undone, Treize untucked it from Wufei's pants and slowly peeled it down his arms as Wufei lowered them. Next came the pants, with Treize's hands resting against Wufei's abdomen as he slowly unbuttoned the polyester material. He pulled the tab of the zipper down and brushed Wufei's penis with his hand. The younger man bucked against the touch, but stayed silent.

"Should I call you `Master'," asked Treize. Wufei shuddered against him and shook his head. His jaw was clenched and it was obvious that he was trying to hold back his verbal responses to Treize's touch. "Can I call you `Fei, like Duo does?"

"No!" Wufei said sharply. He took a deep breath and said more calmly, "Please don't. If you must call me anything, call me Chang."

"With pleasure, Chang." He breathed the word out, sending it along with his breath to graze Wufei's ear. It elicited a moan and a shuddery breath. He hooked his thumbs into the tops of Wufei's briefs and slid them unhurriedly down Wufei's legs, his eyes trailing after the cloth, his hands aching to skim that same path.

Wufei stepped out of the last article of clothing and moved away. Treize held back his disappointment and waited. Wufei was too honorable to take him that far without some idea of going further. He simply had to be patient. The raven-haired man stopped and turned around, his head held high, his body bare to Treize's scrutiny. Wufei was not tall, but his legs were long and lean, well muscled and evidenced of exercise. His whole body looked sinewy and strong, without being buff. Treize's eyes were drawn downward, past the hairless chest, to the black hair at the apex of his thighs. Raven- colored hair protected the base of his erect penis, giving the red muscle a striking backdrop.

"Well?" Wufei asked, his voice sharp. He was fighting with embarrassment and modesty. Treize smiled.

"What would you have me do, Chang?" He spread his arms wide and held back a smirk with Wufei frowned. Obviously, Wufei had expected him to take charge once he'd initiated it. Treize had no intention, however, of doing anything more than he was asked for.

Wufei licked his lips. "Come to me." Treize did so willingly, but stopped just short of touching him. He could see the frustration in Wufei's dark eyes plainly. "Damn it, Treize! You're not making this easy."

"I'm sorry, Chang. What would you have me do to rectify the problem?" He smiled smugly at the younger man.

Wufei grabbed him by the jacket and pulled him down so that they were nose-to-nose. "Knock it off. Do whatever it is you've been wanting to do to me and get it over with, okay?"

"Gladly." Treize gripped the back of his head and pulled their faces the last few centimeters between them, pressing his lips against Wufei's in a searing kiss. Wufei returned it eagerly, his hands moving down to draw Treize closer. The older man's clothes inhibited him and he pulled back, his hands already working quickly at the buttons. Treize grinned. "Eager?"

"Just shut up and help me get these damn clothes off of you," Wufei growled. Treize grabbed the hem of his jacket and ripped the buttons apart in one move. Underneath, he wore a thin white shirt, which Wufei was quick to pull over his head. Before Wufei had a chance to reach for them, he was pulled back into Treize's embrace, his mouth sought and found in an open-mouthed duel of tongues.

They moved slowly towards the bed, their arms trying to draw the other ever closer as they kissed and rubbed. Wufei felt his legs hit the bed. He pulled Treize down and spun them around so that he landed on top. He grinned down at the older man, his hair escaping his ponytail to frame his face. "Mine, right?"

"Absolutely," Treize replied. He leaned up and captured Wufei's lips again, his arms moving around the slender body above his, his hands moving down to cup Wufei's derriere. "And later, you can be mine."

"Mmm... we'll see. For right now, we have a problem, my slave." Wufei said, smiling. He wiggled his hips his cock rubbing against the imprint of Treize's through the tight material of his pants. "I don't have anything up here. So, either we stop now, we go down to your place-"

"Or we get in my jacket pocket and get the tube I brought with me."

He leered, his eyebrows waggling suggestively. "I'm always prepared, sexy. Don't worry about that."

"Then we need to get these pants out of the way." Wufei ran one hand down Treize's hip and brought his knee up to rest between his thighs. "Take them off."

He rolled off of Treize and watched as the other man stood and quickly discarded the last of his clothing. His body was well proportioned. Where Wufei was on the slender side, Treize was filled out, his musculature well defined. He had hair on his chest, ginger- colored like that on his head, and short, like that between his legs. Wufei licked his lips in anticipation. He lay on his back as Treize came back. He moved to spread his legs, but Treize stopped him by straddling them. "I'm yours, remember. That means that -you- get to do all of the work."

"I could command otherwise," Wufei pointed out. The older man grinned and settled against Wufei so that his cock pressed against the cleft of his ass. He gasped and arched upwards, already envisioning that tight heat surrounding him. "You forgot the lube."

"So I did," Treize sighed and stood up again. Wufei collapsed back on the bed. He closed his eyes and waited. Treize returned a second time and resettled his weight into the same position as before. His hands roamed over Wufei's chest and down his side. A finger dipped into his belly button.

"Stop that!" Wufei forced out, his body not sure whether to moan in pleasure or giggle at the slight tickle. "Roll over, onto your back."

Treize complied. "Are you sure I can't call you master?"

"Call me `Master' and I'll leave you where you are."

"Oh, don't do that. Of course, you'd have to come back to me eventually. I'd keep your bed warm like the dutiful slave I am."

Wufei rolled over on top of him and chuckled. "There are times that I think you're insane."

"It's a family trait. You should meet my sister." Wufei placed a finger over his lips and shushed him, then leaned forward and melded their lips together. He took control of it, plunging into Treize's mouth, his hand reaching to take the lube from Treize's. He continued to kiss him as he worked the lid off and spread the water- based lube on his fingers. He reached between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around Treize's length.

The older man bucked into his touch. Wufei smiled into his lover's lips and continued to stroke the other man, moving his hand in a slow, gentle glide over Treize's erection. "Mine?"

"Yours." Treize breathed into his mouth. His hands were clutching Wufei's hips, holding him above him. "Wufei," he broke off on a groan, whatever he was going to say lost in a groan of pleasure as Wufei's other hand reached down to press against his opening.

"Say it again," Wufei demanded, slipping the finger inside completely. Treize moaned his name. Wufei smiled and added his second finger. Treize's hands moved from his hips to his face and drew his mouth back down to his. Treize's legs spread wider and he wrapped them around the back of Wufei's thighs, forcing their erections to press together.

"Now." He growled the word between clenched teeth, his chest heaving as he breathed heavily. Wufei was only too happy to oblige, not minding in the least that his 'slave' was giving orders. He quickly coated his penis with the lube, forcibly controlling himself so he didn't succumb to the pleasure of his own hand, and then aligned himself with Treize's opening.

"Mine," he asserted one last time as he pressed inside. He felt Treize tense at the intrusion of his body, but pushed the other's discomfort to the back of his mind as he buried himself to the hilt. His breath left him in a rush and he nearly passed out then from the pleasure.

"Move, Chang," it was half-command, half-plea as Treize shifted his legs to allow Wufei to draw back. He withdrew partway and then plunged in again, making them both moan. He started with a slow rhythm, his hips moving back and forth with concentrated effort as he fought for his control. He managed to maintain dominance until Treize reached behind him and inserted a finger into Wufei's anus. His control snapped, and he rode the other man hard, pressing him into the mattress and making the bedsprings squeak in discordance as the tempo increased. It was neither gentle nor rough, but the simple bonding of two bodies. Wufei pressed forward one last time and then climaxed, his seed shooting into Treize. He squeezed the other man's erection and stroked it hard, bringing him to climax as well.

They collapsed together, their bodies weary from their fight and their lovemaking. Wufei grunted sleepily as Treize's arms moved to wrap around his torso. "Mine," the other man said quietly.

Wufei sighed and yawned. "Wrong."

"Want to bet?" Treize asked.

"Yes. I refuse to be `owned' by a man that smells like a woman."

There was a long silence. "I do -not- smell like a woman." He was affronted by the accusation.

"You take a bath in rose water and wash with rose scented shampoo. You smell like a woman." Wufei argued. His arms slid up to curve around Treize's shoulder in a half-embrace. "Quiet, slave."

"Wufei?" Treize said his name quietly.

"What, Treize?"

"You will be mine." His voice carried a promise. Wufei snorted, yawned, and sighed.

"If I agree, can I go to sleep?"


"Yours," he said simply.


[1] Rae would -love- a picture of this and is willing to beg, plead, and bribe to get it if anyone is interested.
[2] Everclear is one of the strongest liquors you can buy. It's like 180 proof, which means that it's mostly alcohol. Sniff rubbing alcohol and you'd be close.
The fight scene was written from an ignorant point of view. I know nothing of swordplay, except that it's dangerous and the swords are generally sharp, and I wrote it assuming that everyone else knew as little as I did.


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