Contact at Pub in a Tub + Part 7 (cont)


It was more difficult than he would have thought. Heero moved into the kitchen, threw together what looked to Duo to be a tofu and soy sandwich, and sat down at the table. Duo joined him with the cold remains of his own food, and they ate. They finished eating, took care of their respective dishes, and returned to their seats, all without saying a word.

Then the silence stretched. They stared at the table, their hands, the walls: everywhere but at each other. Finally, Duo had enough and he growled, dropping his head to the table. "This shouldn't be so difficult!"

"Why?" asked Heero. There was no inflection in his voice. Duo peeked through his bangs without raising his head.

"Why what?" he asked in return, his head moving awkwardly as he spoke with his chin firmly settled on the tabletop.

"Why should this not be difficult?" This time there was a note of interest in Heero's voice, and it gave Duo a small hope that he was interested.

"Because if this was really a relationship, or at least enough of one to make this kind of conversation worth it, then we should be able to find something to talk about. We know almost nothing about each other, so the easiest way to start would be to get acquainted, but for the life of me, I don't know what I want to ask first."

Heero digested that for a moment, nodded, and crossed his arms on the table, leaning closer. "What kind of information would you like?"

"Everything!" Duo snapped, sitting up and leaning back. He sighed in frustration. "I want... to know something about you that will make me want to be in love with you because I can think of nothing."

"So, at this moment, you do not find any thing of me worthy of your regard? Other than my body, that is?" Heero asked, his tone cold.

Their eyes met and Duo bit his lip when he realized how his words had sounded.

"I didn't mean it that way," he sighed and leaned his elbows on the table. I'm almost positive that I love you, but it's hard for me to believe, because I've always thought you had to know someone to love them, you know? And I don't know you."

"That's a pity," Heero replied. He didn't say anything else and Duo felt an angry desperation well up inside of him as he realized that Heero didn't seem inclined to help him in this conversation.

"What am I to you, Heero? Huh? A good screw?" His voice was more harsh than he intended, but Heero didn't even blink. "Am I just a short fling to you?"

"A fling implies sex for the sake of sex. If I could not touch your body and the option was mine, you would still be here."

"What about Relena?"

"The Peacecrafts are the closest thing I have to family. I think of Relena as a... cousin, of sorts."

"And her brother?"

"Her brother was... " He broke off, frowning. He raised a hand and scratched under his nose, then resettled his arms on the table. "Her brother was insistent. He wanted me and I wanted to steer Relena clear of the feelings she thought she had for me. In the end, he persuaded me that if I gave in to him, everything would work out. I would have something more than a surface relationship with the family."

He looked down and away. "It was a mistake from the start. Milliardo needs someone who can pamper his ego and cuddle him. I can't do that." He looked up into Duo's f ace, his own expression pained. "I cannot be responsible for another's esteem. I could not... express to him the love I had for him as a brother, because he wanted the adoration of a lover. In the end, I was... cold, and he left me for his ex."

Duo licked his lips. "If it's over between you, why did he show up here today and why did Dorothy make it sound like he did that often when he and his boyfriend break up?"

"As I've already said, Mil needs constant reassurance. Occasionally, he'll find someone that can offer that to him, but after a while, they get tired of his games and they'll leave him. Then he runs to me, or his best friend Otto, or his other ex, who I think was in your bed with us the other day."

"Treize?" Duo asked, remembering the incident.

"Yes. Anyway. I'm normally last on his list of people to run to, but if he thinks that a bout of gratuitous sex will cure his problems for the moment, he runs to me."

"So, you've only had one lover, but he sometimes comes back for more?" Duo was pretty sure that he didn't like the sound of that. It made it seem to possible that the events that had happened earlier could happen again, and he didn't relish standing outside Heero's apartment wearing pajamas.

"He's only come back once. Normally, he runs to Otto; he's the only person I know of who can deal with Mil for extended periods of time, though as far as I know, they've never been lovers."

"Interesting," Duo said, for the lack of anything better. He lowered his eyelids and stared at Heero through the lids, already exhausted from the odd cycle of people and relationships. "So, you're not planning on kicking me out anytime soon, right?"

"I hadn't intended to, no."

"Good." Duo smiled and slipped from his chair. He walked around the table and pushed Heero's shoulder, making the other man lean back in his chair. He straddled his hips and embraced him. "I'm already getting a headache from the list of who's sleeping with who, and who isn't sleeping with each other and why. The next thing you know, I'll find out that Wu finally gave in to Treize, or some other such nonsense."

Heero returned the embrace, his right hand sliding down to cup Duo's rear and tilt him so that their erections rubbed together. Duo moaned.

"I don`t need sex," he told Heero, his lips already trailing kisses along the other man's jaws.

"So you say," Heero replied, using both hands to rock Duo's hips against his own, his head tilted to the side to allow Duo access to his neck.

Duo stilled suddenly and pulled back, his eyes searing into Heero's. "It wasn't just a tired rambling, either, Heero. I told you yesterday, and I told you earlier, but this is the first time that I'm going to say it to your face, and I want you to know that I mean it. I love you. I'm in love with you. If you don't want me, and I'm talking long term, you better let me know soon, or you're never getting rid of me."

He kissed the other man before he could answer, and then whispered against his lips, "now lets go do that thing we both know we don't have to do, but want to, `kay?" Heero's reply was to stand up, his arms wrapping around Duo to hold him protectively as he carried him through the apartment to the bedroom.

"It seems you've regained your strength," Duo noted, shortly before being dropped on the bed. He bounced on the mattress, then lay back and grinned at Heero. "Now come here, you. You said that the only thing about you that I found worthy was your body, but I'm not certain I've touched it enough to judge that, or not."

Heero crawled onto the bed and pressed his body on top of Duo's. The braided man tried to lean up for a kiss, but Heero evaded his searching lips. "Why do I not remember you being this talkative?"

"Um, because you were too busy making love to me?" Duo grinned, running his hands down Heero's sides until his fingers hooked in the waistband of the other's pants and pushed them down. Heero lifted his lips and waited until Duo had the material to his knees before moving to help. Then he pulled Duo's clothing off and moved back to the bed.

Duo took control, moving so that he was straddling Heero, his braid hanging over his shoulder so that the end occasionally trailed a path on Heero's torso. For every brush of the bushy end, Heero's fingers stroked gently under Duo's ribcage, returning tickle for tickle. Duo chuckled but continued his ministrations, lickinng and kissing and nipping a path down Heero's neck, collar, and upper chest.

He stopped at a nipple and settled his lips over it, suckling it gently. One of Heero's hands moved to Duo's hip, and the other tangled itself into the end of the braid. When he had laved enough attention to the first nipple, he moved the second, smiling when Heero arched his back into the contact.

Duo was happily moving finishing with Heero's other nipple when the hand in his hair tugged his head back up to Heero's for a kiss. He smiled against his lovers lips before leaning up.

He pressed his hands into the mattress on either side of Heero's shoulders and grinned down. His hips rolled forward deliberately, his expression wicked as Heero groaned. The hand in his hair shifted to his hip and Heero bucked beneath him, grinding their bodies closer together. Duo released a moan of his own.

"Oh, you're a wicked one, Heero Yuy," Duo muttered thickly, leaning down to lick Heero's lips. The other man assumed that he was going to kiss him and seemed surprised to find his lips puckered expectantly without a mouth against them.

His head dropped to the pillow. "Yuy Heero."

"Hai. Anata no hiza ni suwattemo yoroshii deshoka?" //Do you mind if I sit in your lap?//

Heero seemed to freeze, his eyes widening. Duo sniggered above him, until the blue-eyed man rolled them over, pinning Duo beneath him. "You are an odd person, Duo Maxwell. I hate to repeat that I don't remember you speaking this much the last couple of times we've done this, because that would spur you into repeating that the last few times, I've been too busy making love to you. At which point, I would just like to say that I'm trying to be busy again, but your talking makes that difficult."

Duo blinked and bit his lip, his eyes looking up with a small measure of uncertainty. "You don't like my Japanese, Heero?" Then a gleam invaded his eyes, and before Heero could react, he found himself flat on his back, Duo holding him down by his shoulders. "You are a sexy little man, Yuy Heero."

Before Heero could respond to that, Duo crushed their mouths together, his tongue attacking the other's as he spread his lips and sat on Heero's erection. The pressure made Heero elicit a keen cry of passion into Duo's waiting mouth.

Lube appeared in Duo's hand, the tube somehow appearing out of thin air. Heero was in no position to question that little magic act; his attention was focused solely on the slender hand that coated his penis in the slick gel, his eyes closing and his head arching back as Duo stroked his lenght, spreading the oil evenly.

Without preparing himself, Duo guided Heero's erection to his anus, one hand spreading the skin for better access. Heero's hips were on his hips, running up and down the insides of this thighs, occasionaly straying close enough to touch Duo's lenght, but never staying long enough to offer more than an enticing, teasing pleasure. Kneeling over Heero, Duo rode his lover, skewering his own body with the forceful rising and lowering of his body around Heero's shaft. He lost concentration for nearly ten seconds when Heero's hand wrapped around his own neglected cock and pumped it in time with his movements.

Through slitted eyes, his head tilted back, Duo watched the play of emotions on Heero's face, the way the other man strained up into him, the look of strain as he tried to hold back his own climax until Duo was ready.

With an out of practice, but altogether very skilled touch, Duo reached around his body to find Heero's entrance. His gaze resting on Heero's face to catch his reaction, he pushed his still lubricated finger inside, smiling when Heero gasped and opened his eyes, his startled orbs resting on Duo. For a moment, his whole body seemed to still before he relaxed and pushed into the touch. Release came quickly after that, both men worked from both sides, the doubled sensations causing their seed to spill, Heero's into Duo's body, and Duo's into Heero's waiting hands.

Tired and weary, Duo simply fell back, his head hanging over the edge of the bed, his lower body sprawled across Heero's. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but he was too out of it to move. His eyes closed, a sated smile stealing over his features as he slowly relaxed into sleep.

He was barely conscious when Heero shifted. The other man pulled him toward the middle of the bed so that he wasn't laying over the edge, and then stretched out beside Duo, his arm circling the braided man's waist as they slipped into slumber together.


End note: Aw! Mental picture: Heero crawling to the other end of the bed to lay with Duo...*sighs dreamily* That's so sweet. I don't know if I'm entirely happy with this, or not. Feedback is appreciated.


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