Rattlesnakes + Part 4 (cont)

He felt a lump in his throat and a burning heat in his blood. Reaching up, he snagged the end of Duo's braid pulling it forward. He intended to slip the band off the end of Duo's braid, but he was slow to act, as he thought about Duo's hair on his bare skin. Before he could pull off the band, though, Duo made a negative sound, and pulled his braid away from Trowa.

His eyes were clouded as he spoke, stumbling over his words, "It would just get in the way."

Trowa nodded, and then he put his mouth on Duo's cock.

Duo shook with the vibrations from Trowa's mouth, and Trowa wrapped his arms around Duo's waist to steady him. Duo's hands in Trowa's hair became painfully demanding, but Trowa didn't mind, as he took it as encouragement.

"Trowa..." The need in Duo's voice made Trowa groan, which sent shockwaves through Duo's nervous system. "Trowa... you don't... you don't need to..."

Trowa didn't bother to find out what he didn't need to do because he was too busy licking Duo's balls. Breathing deeply, Trowa felt like he might get high off the primal scent from just beneath the base of Duo's cock.

Duo grabbed Trowa's hair abruptly, pulling him up so that he could take Trowa in a hard, forceful kiss. Trowa was more than willing to lean into the kiss, and he soon had Duo leaning back with one knee up on the bed. Duo's hands were moving over Trowa's body frantically, driving Trowa to push further. Duo sat down on the bed with a whoosh, his hands on Trowa's body all the time. He started to unbutton Trowa's pants distractedly, his face flushed and his eyes shining brightly.

"How do you want to do it?" The question seemed spurious, and completely out of place, even though it was necessary.

Trowa merely stepped out of his pants and put his legs on either side of Duo's thighs. "In me."

Duo's eyes widened momentarily. "Sure?"

Trowa leaned down, pushing Duo back onto the bed, devouring his mouth and neck and shoulder and nipple.

They tumbled over the bed a few times, pushing against each other with their whole bodies. Duo got Trowa on his back, Trowa's wrists in his hands and Trowa's thigh captured between his. Trowa arched his back to gain full contact, and Duo chucked from deep in his chest.

There was fumbling as Duo found the lube and condoms, and then Trowa put the condom on Duo, taking his time and licking Duo's stomach as he did. Duo groaned, and then flipped Trowa over to prepare him. Trowa had his leg over Duo's shoulder, his other leg spread nearly perpendicular to his body.

Duo shook his head. "Man, you have an amazing body..." His voice was deep and thick, and he took Trowa in his mouth as his fingers pressed into Trowa's body.

It had been a long time for Trowa. He hadn't been touched in so long. He was tight, but Duo's fingers were long and slim, and Duo's mouth was hot, and Trowa wasn't thinking anymore, his body writhing under Duo as he let all the sensations rule him.

Duo worked fast, but he was careful, and it felt like it was only a heartbeat later than Duo was inside of him, pounding inside of him, Duo's braid slipping over his shoulder to lay on Trowa's chest, moving with Duo as Duo's hips gyrated in a fleshy rhythm, the percussion beat of their bodies meeting keeping time.

Trowa opened his mouth to scream or moan or cheer or beg, but the only sound he could make was a whimper. His hands were on Duo's shoulders, and his finger flexed over Duo's skin.

Unexpectedly, Trowa flipped them over, surprising both of them. Duo was now on his back, and Trowa was straddling him, his hands on Duo's chest.

Trowa blinked, five times.

When Trowa started to move, it was much slower than the breakneck pace that Duo had been setting. He clenched his ass as he pulled up, milking Duo with each stroke. He let his hands spread over Duo's chest, his fingers brushing over Duo's nipples.

Duo's eyes were open, and Trowa stared down into Duo. Duo didn't blink, just stared up at Trowa, his mouth open just a little, his cheeks pink with excitement.

Duo's eyes were fathomless. Trowa leaned down further and further with each stroke, until his forehead would bump Duo's.

Duo's eyes fluttered closed, and he groaned, "Trowa!"

Trowa felt his body tighten at the sound of Duo's voice.

Duo's hands came up and grabbed Trowa's neck. He pulled Trowa down, and they kissed, Duo taking Trowa's tongue between his teeth and biting with enough pressure to make Trowa growl.

"Trowa... Trowa, faster, Trowa... god damn it..." Duo sighed and groaned, thrusting his hips as he clutched Trowa's neck and shoulders, and did everything he could to make Trowa just go faster, harder...

As Trowa was sliding up, Duo pushed forward, and then Trowa was on his back again, his head over the edge of the bed and Duo plowed into him, taking Trowa's cock into his hands, his face contorted with the effort.

Trowa didn't know he was going to come when he did, and he didn't know when Duo came or what happened after that.

There was the sound of breathing that punctuated the silence, and Trowa blinked, finding Duo resting on his chest, his hand running up and down Duo's back.

"Trowa..." Duo whimpered, his hand moving over Trowa's chest. "God damn it..."

Trowa smiled.

Duo sat up after what felt like a few minutes had passed, moving like he had been in battle for the last twelve hours. He pulled the condom of his dick, and tossed it in the direction of the garbage can carelessly. He rubbed the back of his neck, stretching out a little from his seated position, his messy braid trailing down his back, as if forgotten.

Trowa grinned, feeling ridiculously happy.

"Man... I'm sleepy." Duo grinned at Trowa from over his shoulder, his hand still behind his neck.

Trowa sighed, pulling himself up. Brushing his fingers over Duo's cheek, he smiled. "Put your head down, then, silly."

He got up, feeling loose and wet. He went into Duo's bathroom, and turned the water on so that it would run warm. He looked at his reflection in the mirror from the corner of his eye so that he wouldn't get too involved at looking at himself. His hair was sticking out in every direction, the long part in the front mostly standing straight up from his forehead.

Trowa grabbed a washcloth from the rail, and put it under the water. When the cloth was suitably warm, he put it between his legs, then over his chest. He rinsed it under the water again before turning the water off, wringing the cloth gently before padding back into the bedroom.

Duo was horizontal over the blanket, his eyes half closed and his hands under his face in a manner that Trowa could only describe as cute. Of course, he didn't say anything. Trowa sat down on the bed next to Duo, and gently ran the cloth between Duo's legs, and over his body, cleaning him with clinical fondness.

Duo opened his eyes, and grinned up at Trowa. "You're a fantastic lay, Tro."

"I know. You too." Trowa winked at Duo, somewhat uncomfortably aware that his face was fully exposed.

Duo laughed, a breathy sound that seemed to come from Duo's belly. "Thanks."

Trowa tossed the cloth into the bathroom, listening to it land on the tiled floor with a flop. He brushed the hair around Duo's face back. Duo leaned into Trowa's touches like a cat encouraging petting.

Smiling, Trowa tapped Duo's nose. "Get under the covers."

Duo blinked as Trowa pulled the sheets back. "You're... you're staying?"

Trowa didn't bother thinking about it. "Of course. Unless you are kicking me out."

Duo shook his head, shifting up as Trowa pulled the covers out from under him. "No, no, that's not... I'm sorry, it's just..."

Trowa smiled, slipping into bed next to Duo. "Does the light bother you?"

Duo blinked. "No."

Trowa nodded, and then pulled the covers around them. Duo squirmed under the covers, unable to settle. Trowa sighed, putting his hands behind his head. "Duo."

Duo seemed to blush a little, and he hid his face behind his shoulder. "Sorry. I've... I've never done this before. I mean, I've... well, obviously. But, I've never slept with anyone before."

Trowa nodded. He couldn't say that he was surprised that Heero never stayed the night, but he couldn't say he wasn't disappointed either.

"I guess I'm not sure what to do." Duo smiled to cover his embarrassment, which made Trowa brush his fingers over Duo's mouth to stop the expression.

"Just settle down." Trowa's arm was still extended, his hand touching Duo's face.

Duo nodded, his face neutral. He leaned down, and settled himself next to Trowa, before inching closer. "Is this... is this ok?"

Trowa nodded.

Duo grinned, and then draped himself over Trowa, his leg hooking between Trowa's legs. "How about this?"

Trowa put his arms around Duo, and put his chin on top of Duo's chin.

Duo sighed, and his limbs stilled on Trowa's body. "Actually... I have slept with someone before... but it was a long, long time ago..."

Trowa brushed his fingers over the back of Duo's neck to indicate his interest.

"When I was a kid, actually." Duo didn't sound like he was talking to Trowa. He sounded like he was voicing a memory he hadn't thought about in ages. "I used to sleep with Solo."

There was more affection in Duo's voice when he said that name than Trowa ever remembered hearing from Duo before. Trowa nodded, rubbing his chin over Duo's head, hoping that Duo would continue as his eyes blinked sleepily.

"My very first memory is of Solo saving me." Duo's voice was faraway, and Duo's hand traced patterns in Trowa's skin randomly. "I don't remember my family, if I ever had one, at all. I remember running away from something, something huge, I don't remember what, and I was trapped in a corner, an alley. I thought I was a goner.

"Then Solo showed up. He grabbed me, and carried me away.

"That night, I slept in Solo's arms. He promised that he would take care of me."

Duo sighed, rubbing his cheek against Trowa's chest a little, and Trowa ran his hand down Duo's braid.

"I didn't even have a name then. Solo called me Kid. The other kids in his gang made fun of me, since I was so small and had such long hair. But Solo just pointed out that I was the fastest kid in the gang, and when the pulled my hair and called me a girl, he would push them away, and put his hands in my hair, and say I was beautiful."

Duo's voice was small and colored with emotion. Trowa felt a small twinge of envy. He would have liked to have known Duo and Solo when he was child.

"I loved Solo." Duo spoke matter-of-factly, but there was still a great deal of feeling in the words. "He and I were inseparable; at night, we would bunk together, and he would put his arms around me. I would go to sleep with my nose pressed against Solo's chest. Just the smell of him was enough to make me feel safe. I thought that we would always be together. I mean, we were just kids, so it was all completely innocent, but I thought that we would grow up together and be together forever. I even asked Solo once if we were gonna get married when we got bigger, and he would just tousle my hair and say that we would."

Trowa's eyes were opened, and fixed on the dim light spread over the carpet of Duo's bedroom. Duo's wistful tones trailed off, and Trowa knew that Duo was thinking about the end of the story. He wasn't sure if he should say something or not. It was the quiet that decided it for Trowa; it seemed to weigh on him.

"What happened?"

Duo shrugged. "There was a plague. Solo was the first in the gang to catch it, but he didn't tell anyone. When the younger kids started coughin' and shit, we started to look into it. There was a cure, but the military wasn't going to waste time on givin' it out to the poor scum on the streets. They figured we were all rebels anyway, so it was just an easier way to get rid of us.

"I stole some of the treatments, and some needles and junk, but when I got back, Solo made me give it to the younger kids first. There was only a little left when everyone but him and me were treated. He made me take some first, just in case I was infected. There wasn't much left for him, but... but it didn't matter.

"He was already dying."

The room was quiet. Trowa could feel Duo's heart beating against his chest. It was comforting. He traced the pattern of the scab from Duo's tattoo absently.

"I held him while he died. He kept his hand in my hair the whole time. He... he kept whispering, reminding me not to let the guys hassle me about my hair... he kept sayin'... that I was beautiful. He told me he loved me. When he died, I promised him that I would carry him with me everywhere. If he was Solo, then I would be Duo from then on." Duo pressed himself closer to Trowa, sighing. "For the longest time, I felt like I had been gutted. I promised him that he would live in me, but I felt like I had died with him."

Trowa nodded, moving his hand over Duo's back slowly. He didn't want to speak, but he felt like the silence was bearing down on him again. "That's why you keep your hair long. Have you ever cut it?"

Duo smiled against Trowa's skin. "Only to keep the ends neat."

Trowa nodded, kissing the top of Duo's head too lightly for Duo to feel it.

"I've never told anyone that. I mean, I think I told Sister Helen, but not since then..." Duo seemed surprised that he was still talking, but Trowa just held Duo tighter. Duo sighed into Trowa's shoulder. "You're a bad influence on me, you know."


"Yeah. You treat me too well. Might give me a big head." Duo yawned, and Trowa imagined that his eyes were closed.

Trowa grinned, and bumped his leg up once. "I like your big head."

Duo laughed softly, his voice getting progressively quieter and quieter until his breathing evened out, and Trowa felt like Duo was asleep.

Throughout the night, Trowa would close his eyes, and drift off, but the presence of Duo on him would alternately startle and soothe him, until eventually exhaustion set in, and Trowa fell asleep.


Trowa woke up alone in Duo's bed, but he could hear Duo in the kitchen, so it didn't bother him.

He stayed in bed for a few moments after he woke up, blinking sleepily as he stared at the sunlight on the floor. When he finally got up, he moved slowly, stretching out every part of him in order until he was wiggling his toes. He felt loose and comfortable, his whole body pleasantly sore.

He slipped his boxers on, and walked slowly out to the kitchen to greet Duo.

Duo was his lover now. Trowa grinned softly, brushing his hair down over his face as he walked.

Duo was at the stove, making eggs. He was wearing Trowa's button down shirt from the night before, and nothing else. His braid was still messy and loose, hanging down his back.

Trowa grinned. "Morning."

Duo turned to grin at Trowa a bit manically. "Heya. Making eggs. How do you like them?"

Trowa shrugged. He didn't like eggs much, but he ate them anyway when they were what was being offered.

Duo turned back to the eggs. "I'm scrambling them, but I guess it's more like an omelet cuz I stuck a bunch of other stuff in 'em too, like cheese and ham and junk. How are you this morning? Sore? I hope you are ok. I didn't ask you last night, and I should have. Sorry. Do you like pepper in your eggs?"

Trowa sat down at the table behind Duo, smiling. "I'm fine. Great, actually."

Duo snuck a peak at Trowa quickly. "Great. Well, great. Ok. I mean, I figured you woulda spoken up if something was wrong last night, but it's nice to ask, anyway. I mean, I think it is."

"Thanks." Trowa watched Duo's hands move, holding the pan with one as the other used a fork to mix the eggs.

Duo nodded. "Ok. Well, I've never done that before, so..."

Trowa frowned. "You've never topped?"

Duo chuckled nervously. "Well, you know, Heero's not likely to spread his legs for me..." Duo trailed off, somewhat despondently.

Trowa stood up. "No one else?"

Duo just shrugged and shook his head at the same time.

Trowa nodded, and then put his arms around Duo's waist, placing his chin on Duo's shoulder. Duo started in Trowa's arms, but he just held Duo tighter. He kissed the place just below Duo's ear softly. "Thank you."

Duo shuddered in Trowa's arms, turning a little and opening his arms as if to make a denial, but Trowa kissed Duo's cheek.

"I know what it meant to you. I appreciate your trust in me."

Duo nodded, putting his hand over Trowa's arm. He turned a little in Trowa's arms, smiling up at Trowa, his eyes bright and clear.

Trowa leaned in a little, and they kissed, their lips and tongues touching, tasting, slowly and leisurely.

"My, my, what a cute scene." Heero's nasal sarcasm failed to separate them, but Duo nearly jumped in Trowa's arms, breaking their kiss. "Almost a shame to break it up." Heero's eyes were piercing, accusing Trowa menacingly.

Trowa smirked, and took the pan of eggs off the burner. "Heero."

Heero sneered, aiming his glare at Duo. "I guess you were too busy whoring yourself to meet up with Relena last night. She was very disappointed. This was her only chance to see you in months, but I guess being a slut is a demanding profession. Did you forget that you promised to help me fix my speeder today, or did you have a few more johns to fit in before then?"

Duo swallowed hard, his eyes blazing. "Jesus fucking Christ, Heero, you get tired of hitting that same note over and over again?"

Trowa smirked, and took Duo's hand. He lead Duo past Heero, to the bedroom.

Trowa got dressed quickly, not bothering to wash up. Duo rushed around, obviously a little flustered and desperate not to let on. He chatted aimlessly, grumbling about Heero, and talking about his laundry.

Trowa stopped him to get his shirt back, and Duo flushed.

"Damn it, Trowa, I'm sorry about that... I forgot that Heero... Damn, this is awkward." Duo bit his lip and looked down.

Trowa realized belatedly that Duo was having trouble meeting his eye. Trowa shook his head, though he didn't know what he was denying. He kissed Duo's forehead between his eyes quickly. "Duo. I'm not asking you to choose."

Duo looked up, his eyes wild and attempting a denial his throat would not form.

Trowa smiled. "It's ok. I just want to be with you. I knew all about Heero before last night, remember."

Duo bit his lip harder, and for a minute, he looked like he was going to draw blood. "I'm sorry, Trowa. I... I wish I could say that I was going to..."

Trowa shook his head, took Duo's face in both his hands, and kissed him goodbye slowly. When their lips separated, Trowa brushed his thumb over Duo's bottom lip.

"Call me." It was neither a request nor an order. Trowa left Duo standing in the middle of his bedroom looking lost.

He walked past Heero quickly, not giving Heero time to bait him, ignoring the glare aimed at his back. He got out to the street, and set off to walk home, the activity aggravating the slight soreness in his ass, making him smile.

Duo was his lover now. He looked forward to being inside of Duo.

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