author: trixie
see part 1 for notes, disclaimers, etc.
notes: lemony, lemony, lemony... yeah.

Rattlesnakes + Part 5

Trowa spread his fingers out as he ran his hands over Duo's back, the slick oil squishing between the skin on his fingers and the skin of Duo's back. He was hypnotically focused on the movement of his hands over Duo, the slow repetition of strokes seemingly timed with the beating of his heart. He felt like his arms were moving in time with the air coming in and out of his lungs, and the process of rubbing Duo's back was inexorably linked to the process of taking in oxygen.

Duo moaned as Trowa's hands moved up his back, his face down, and his body shuddering from the force of the sound in his chest. Trowa spread the oil over Duo's back and shoulders, and then methodically rubbed down each muscle group precisely. The bold strokes of ink that formed the wings of Duo's tattoo captivated Trowa as he moved, his eyes fixed on the swirls and lines as he moved from Duo's shoulders to his back.

Trowa was shirtless as well, and they were both also barefooted. Trowa wore a pair of thin sweatpants, and Duo wore only his boxers. Duo's braid trailed like a well-fed snake over Duo's arm and aside him on the bed.

Only Trowa's breathing and Duo's moans punctuated the silence.

The moon was full, and brilliantly bright, casting a whitish blue light over Trowa's bed. The room was slightly cold, as Trowa usually preferred to keep his apartment just on the side of chilly, but there was a film of heated sweat forming on Trowa's bare skin, the heat stealing up through his hands, over his arms, and over his chest.

Trowa had never before engaged in such protracted foreplay.

Once he had passed over every inch of flesh three times, and his hands were beginning to tire, Trowa stopped, leaning down over Duo so he could talk into Duo's ear. "Feel better?"

Duo turned his head so he could grin up at Trowa. "Thanks."

Trowa's fingers moved to the tattoo, tracing the lines and swirls absently. "I'm surprised they had you work on a Filger-Gleesan by yourself."

Duo shrugged. "It's a fairly complicated engine. There are integrated mechanical and electronic parts, so it requires more finesse and intelligence to diagnose and repair."

A small wrinkle wedged itself between Trowa's brows. "That's why I would have thought they would assign at least two people to the job."

Duo laughed as he turned over, still lying between Trowa's legs. "I don't play well with others."

Trowa let his fingers trail down Duo's chest, down his abdomen, to where the elastic of the top of Duo's boxers were. He didn't look at Duo's face as he spoke, more interested in the indented crease of Duo's bellybutton. "I don't agree with that."

Duo grinned. Reaching up, he put his hand behind Trowa's head, and led Trowa's mouth down to a kiss. Trowa opened his mouth, just letting Duo control things. He passively rested over Duo, concentrating on the feeling of Duo's body against his.

Duo turned them so they were both on their sides, facing each other. He insinuated his leg between Trowa's, and put his arms around Trowa as best he could in the position they were in. "I don't want to play with the guys at work. They can't fly like you can."

Again Trowa let Duo control the moment, just feeling Duo's leg moving between his and Duo's mouth moving over his skin, Duo's hand in his hair and Duo's skin brushing against his.

There didn't seem to be any reason to rush what was to happen. There was a quality to the way that Duo moved next to him that felt like it might last forever, if Trowa could let it happen.

Eventually, all this teasing would reach the inevitable breaking point, and Trowa would press Duo's back against the mattress and take Duo's body for his own, but Trowa was appreciating the anticipation.

"Do you like your job?"

That question seemed as perfectly in context as the hand that was slipping beneath Trowa's waistband to tease Trowa's genitals. The only reason he paused in answering was because he needed to catch his breath.

"Of course not. Should I?"

Duo chuckled, his lips against Trowa's throat. Trowa brought his arm up slowly to cradle Duo's head.

"No, I suppose not. Do you ever feel..."

Trowa wasn't aware in any break in the train of thought as Duo slipped down to lick and bite Trowa's nipple.

"You know. That you are doing any good."

Trowa blinked, unconsciously pushing his hips against the hand that was handling his cock.

"I doubt it."

Duo jerked Trowa's sweatpants down to Trowa's knees, taking the time to run his hand up and down Trowa's exposed thigh, from the hip to the mid thigh.

"Yeah. I sometimes think... you know, that the vehicles I fix are out there, saving the day."

Trowa sighed as Duo leaned down and kissed and sucked on that space of abdomen just above Trowa's groin.

"Does that... Does that matter?"

Duo chuckled, and he came back up to suck on Trowa's lips. He pulled his braid forward, and used the end to tease Trowa's chest.

"No. I actually couldn't give a rat's ass."

Trowa put his arms around Duo and pulled him so that Trowa was on his back and Duo was on top of him. Duo put one knee down on the bed so that he could get the proper leverage to drive his hips down into Trowa's. The sound of breathing in the room was thicker, and Trowa was aware that he was sweating. He felt hot, so he pushed his sweatpants off with his feet.

The 'phone rang. It rang several times, and then stopped. Then it started ringing again.

This cycle continued for several minutes, showing no signs of stopping.

Duo sighed, slipping off of Trowa, to rest on his side. "What the fuck. Get the damn message already, we aren't answering the phone."

"It's Quatre." Trowa spoke mechanically. He continued on unprompted. "If it was Catherine, she would have given up after the first time."

Duo raised his eyebrow, grinning with one side of his mouth. "And no one else ever calls?"

Trowa shrugged with one shoulder. "You."

The 'phone ringing seemingly got louder and more annoyingly insistent.

Duo was scowling. "Want me to answer it?"

The very idea amused Trowa enough that his expression egged Duo on. Duo didn't bother to get dressed, he just hopped out of bed and walked uncomfortably to the living room, where the 'phone was set up. Trowa leaned up on one elbow, so he could see the glow from the 'phone's monitor.

"Hey Quatre! Wow, it's been years, I think. How are you?"

Trowa smirked, the tone of Duo's voice amusing him.

He could hear Quatre sputter, and not everything he said was perfectly audible. "...Duo... expect to, well... you."

"Oh, yeah, I spend as much time in Trowa's as he spends in mine."

Trowa actually wanted to laugh.

"...good. I guess you two are... Who would have guessed it?"

Duo laughed. "Well, no one ever got rich betting on anything. It's the unexpected things that you can count on. So, I hear you are married. That's a surprise. What's that like?"

Trowa could almost hear Quatre blush.

"...settling down, thinking about the future. It's wonderful, really."

"Man, you know, I don't feel like I'm old enough to get hitched. But then, I guess you do have quite a different set of obligations... Well, I'm happy for you, you know."

"Thanks, Duo. ...Trowa?"

"Oh, Trowa can't come to the 'phone; he's not dressed."

Trowa smiled as he pictured Duo's completely straight face.

"That's why I'm doing the answering. Wouldn't want you to worry yourself that our boy is busy offing himself or something."

Trowa put his hand up over his mouth, hiding and suppressing his mirth.

"That's not funny, Duo." Quatre was using his stern, grown-up voice. "And you aren't dressed, either."

Trowa could actually hear Duo wink. "I'm more dressed than he is, Q. Well, I suppose you really called to talk to Tro, so I'll pass along your regards and let you get back to your work. It was really good to talk to you again, Quatre."

Duo actually sounded like he meant it, too, which Trowa had no doubt that he did.

"...too. Tell Trowa to call me as soon as he can. Bye."

Duo clicked off the 'phone, and chuckled as he walked back to the bedroom. He slipped his boxers off as he was getting into the bed. "I don't think Quatre was happy to talk to me."

Trowa covered Duo with his body, his mouth devouring everything that it could contact.

Duo was laughing as Trowa sucked on his nipple. If he had been trying to speak, Trowa didn't notice or care. Duo's body was shuddering under him, and it made Trowa a little crazy.

He needed to be inside of Duo, he needed to be over him, he needed to hear Duo scream. Trowa's eyes narrowed, and he bit his lip. He put his hands on the bed on either side of Duo's neck, his fingers digging into the sheets with enough force to tear them. Duo grunted, and Trowa used his knee to push Duo's legs apart.

Duo threw one leg over Trowa's hip, and pulled the lube and condoms off the nightstand. Trowa sucked on Duo's neck while Duo prepared himself, his back arched so that his shoulders and his foot were the only part of his body in contact with the bed, his fingers busy.

Trowa actually growled, a sound he had never made before, but he wasn't paying attention to the noise he was making, he was too busy shaking as Duo rolled the condom over his dick.

Trowa closed his eyes. He thought he might be burning up.

He wasn't aware of anything. The world seemed to compress. Trowa felt like he might be dying.

It was exquisite.

The air was suddenly cold. Trowa was laying flat on top of Duo, and Duo's legs were wrapped around him. He was still inside of Duo.

He felt cold, but just on his skin, which made him feel awake. He blinked several times, his vision clearing with each blink. Duo's eyes were half opened, half closed, and there was this coy smile teasing his lips.

Trowa smirked.

Duo's hands moved over Trowa's back carelessly, his fingertips pressed down into Trowa's skin. Trowa pressed his lips against the skin of Duo's neck, just breathing.

Duo sighed. "Trowa?"

Trowa nodded slowly, his lips still in contact with Duo's skin.

"I'm starting to get a cramp."

Trowa pushed up a little, gently easing Duo's legs down as he slipped out. Duo pulled the condom off of Trowa, tossing it in the general direction of the garbage dismissively.

"You're staying." Trowa spoke quietly, resting on his side, his hands joined in front of his face as if he were a little boy getting ready to go to sleep when he wasn't the least bit tired.

Duo ran his hands through Trowa's hair. "How do you get it to do this? Stick out, I mean."

Shrugging, Trowa watched Duo's hand moving through his hair and over his face. "It just sort of does."

"Your hair is very coarse."

Trowa thought about nodding, but his head didn't actually move.

Duo pulled his braid forward, and teased Trowa's nose with the end of it. "You like my hair."

It wasn't a question, so Trowa felt no need to respond to it.

Duo leaned over impulsively, and kissed Trowa hard enough to make him feel like his lips would swell. "Do you want me to stay, Tro?"

Trowa put his hand on Duo's waist, and rolled over to his back, guiding Duo to lie on top of him.

Duo chuckled soundlessly, his chest shaking on top of Trowa's chest. "I'm still sticky."

Shrugging, Trowa moved his hand over Duo's abdomen and legs, collecting up the offensive material. He licked his hand from the heel of his palm to the tip of his finger in one long stroke.

Duo looked very serious right before he leaned in to suck on Trowa's lips, his tongue slipping inside to taste Trowa's mouth.

Trowa put his arms around Duo, and enjoyed the kiss. When they pulled away, he lightly kissed Duo's face, along his cheekbone, and then just under his ear. Whispering, Trowa asked blankly, "You want to stay with me, right?"

Inserting his leg between Trowa's, Duo sighed, and put his head down on Trowa's chest. "I'm cold. Pull the blanket over us."

Trowa complied wordlessly, trying not to move his body as he arranged the thick blanket over them. Duo's breathing was regular and warm against Trowa's collarbone, and Trowa felt a drowsy contentment settle over his thoughts, hazing anything rational, until Trowa's thoughts were blank, dark, warm dreams.

He imagined that Duo shared the same dream, and when the alarm clock rang in the morning, he was so thickly enwrapped inside his careless unconsciousness, he did not move until Duo sat up, rubbing his face with the back of his hands, his hair loose and mused up and his body languidly loose.

He spent the day at work feeling out of place every second, almost mourning the loss of sleep.


The coffee was too bland. Trowa only had the instant kind. He didn't like coffee that much; it tended to fill his mouth with flavor uncomfortably.

Duo was fiddling with his bagel, pulling into bits and then pulling the bits into smaller bits. Trowa watched Duo's fingers as they made progressively smaller and smaller bagel-bits. Duo's braid was over his shoulder, and the end of it was pooled in his lap. Trowa held the coffee cup in both hands, his fingers wrapped around the ceramic mug as if he were cold. His own bagel was undefiled and undestroyed, though Trowa was quite certain that Duo would soon run out of bagel-bits to tear up and would then turn to Trowa's bagel.

Clearing his throat discreetly, Trowa looked down into his coffee. "I was planning on eating it."

Duo's whole body jerked, his eyes shooting up. "I'm sorry?"

"My bagel."

Duo looked confused, looking from Trowa's bagel, to Trowa's lowered head, back to Trowa's bagel, and then to his own hands. "Oh! Heh, good one, Tro." Duo smiled at him, and his bare foot bumping Trowa's leg playfully under the table.

Trowa looked up at Duo, and picked up his bagel with defiance.

Duo's foot moved slowly up and down Trowa's leg. "Can I have a bite of your bagel?"

"You had your own bagel." Trowa tore off a piece and ate it slowly.

Duo titled his head to the side, his face affecting the look of innocence and need. "But I want to eat yours."

Trowa's body froze, his hand halfway to his mouth with another piece of bagel. He left his hand where it was, meeting Duo's mischievous look evenly. Duo pushed himself up in his chair with his elbows, leaning over the table, his mouth opened just a little. He moved with patient slowness, giving Trowa ample time to pull away, or move, but Trowa was immobile.

Duo's mouth slowly encompassed the piece of bagel, and continued to move down until his lips sealed over Trowa's fingers. He lifted his head, his lips making a smacking noise as they cleared the tips of Trowa's fingers. Duo sat back, grinning.


Trowa raised an eyebrow, his lips quirking. "Good thing we have plenty of time before work. If you make me feed you lunch, though, I'll definitely get written up."

Duo changed. His shoulders drooped, and he seemed to collapse into himself. His chin dipped until it almost touched his chest. Duo's bangs were long, and thick, and with his head bent down like this, Trowa couldn't see his face.

"I've got plans for lunch."

Trowa bit into his bagel decisively. He knew what plans Duo must have. He couldn't say it didn't hurt, but then, he didn't want to think about it. He didn't like the path those thought would take. "Ok."

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok."

"I can cancel... Well..."

"Duo, it's fine."

"I'm sorry." Duo sounded completely dejected.

Trowa ignored the blank feeling in his stomach, and reached out to touch the back of Duo's hand with his fingertips. "Duo. It's ok."

Duo's chin stayed down until they were done with breakfast. Trowa got dressed while Duo was in the bathroom, and then they switched, Duo getting dressed while Trowa quickly cleaned up. They walked together to the bus stop, neither one speaking. On the bus, Duo sat by the window, and kept his face to the glass the whole time.

At the corner where they separated, Duo squeezed Trowa's hand before walking quickly away.

It wasn't until Trowa was halfway through his inbox that he remembered that he had intended to have some oral sex after breakfast.


Trowa wandered aimlessly around his apartment. He had the feeling that there was something that he ought to be doing, but he couldn't remember what it was. He narrowed his eyes, examining the carpet by the couch. He could have sworn that just a *minute* ago he was thinking of doing something.

He was sort of hungry, but that would require either cooking something, or heating something up, or fixing something. He just couldn't be bothered.

He could do the laundry. He didn't really want to do that.

The sheets on his bed did need to be changed. He and Duo had made a bit of a mess. But, for some reason, Trowa felt loath to take away the evidence.

He blinked, thinking about what, exactly, he was romantically clinging to. He turned on his heel and went straight to the bedroom.

After he had set up the washer with the first load, Trowa was feeling like the inertia of his body was working more on the side of movement, and so he went to the kitchen and warmed up a cup of ramen. He ate it with a plastic spoon straight from the bowl, leaning against the counter.

He finished the ramen, and then moved the laundry, starting another load as long as he was in motion anyway.

The 'phone rang, but he ignored it. They didn't leave a message, or call back, so Trowa assumed it was Catherine. He made a mental note to email her in the morning, and went to put fresh sheets on the bed.