Rattlesnakes + Part 5 (cont)

When he got the second load into the dryer, he got to feeling really tired, so he went to lie down on the couch and stare at the ceiling. In an attempt to pretend that he wasn't going to waste the rest of the night, he brought the laundry he needed to fold with him.

When the 'phone rang, he automatically assumed that it was Catherine, and went to answer it without looking.

He clicked it on from the side, leaning against the wall as he waited for the other person to speak.

First, there was a very loud sigh, and then, "Trowa, damn it, get in front of the 'phone already."

Trowa blinked three times, not sure if he should move or not. But another whining sigh got him in front of the 'phone, despite himself.

Duo smiled weakly. He looked tired, his eyes seemingly lined and his hair limp. "Hi."

Trowa nodded shortly.

Duo lowered his head, obviously shaken. "So. How's it going?"

Trowa considered shrugging. His eyes fell to the carpet between his feet. "You know."

Duo nodded, his eyes still mostly concealed by his bangs. "Yeah."

Trowa felt the uncomfortable need to keep the conversation going. That was not usually his role in any conversation, so he was distinctly out of his depth. "You have a good lunch?" He had not intended to ask that, nor did he want to hear the response, but he at least had the satisfaction of having kept his tone neutral.

Duo laughed bitterly. "Not really. Heero and I had this huge argument, and we got kicked out of the deli. Then, he made me late for work getting back, and I had to stay late so my boss could act like he was my fucking superior. All in all, I had a pretty awful lunch. You?"

Trowa had to think for a minute before he could respond. "I don't think I took one."

Duo smiled again, the expression washing over his face like the low tide, clearing the sand of footprints. "He just left. We had sex."

Trowa nodded mutely.

"I think I should apologize or something."

Trowa half-shrugged, and half shook his head. "I'm not going to ask you to choose."

"It would be easier if you would." Duo sounded morose, but Trowa couldn't only see the top of his head as Duo rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well. I'm not going to ask you."

Duo turned his head away, and Trowa found himself wanting to be able to see Duo's eyes. He imagined Heero biting Duo's neck, and the image killed him a little.

"Hey, Trowa?" Duo smiled, his face still turned away, his eyes closed. "Can you auto-fellate?"

Trowa blinked several times before he was able to make sense of those words in the order they had been placed together. "Excuse me?"

Duo winked at him, teasing. "Well... I was thinking about when... I mean, you are so... *flexible* and all... If *I* were as flexible as you are, well... I don't think I'd ever leave my apartment." Duo winked at him again, his grin invitingly contagious.

Trowa took exactly thirty-seven seconds to appreciate how unfair it was that Duo could make a person smile after telling him that he was fucking someone else, too, and then he shrugged. "I don't know. I've never tried to."

Duo leaned forward, his elbows on the console of his 'phone, grinning at Trowa. "Try."

Trowa considered it for a moment. He honestly had no desire to taste himself, or to cause his own ejaculation. On the other hand, Duo would be watching.

He shrugged dismissively, and took off his shirt. He turned to take off his pants, but Duo stopped him.

"Adjust the scope of your camera, so I can see the whole couch. And do it so that your hips will be facing the phone once you get them up in the air."

Trowa nodded, making the necessarily adjustments to his camera before slipping his pants off, and then lying down on the couch.

It was a bit awkward. He didn't like having to touch himself to get things going, but on the other hand, it would be useful to be started already before trying anything advanced. He belatedly thought that it might have been a good idea to stretch out a bit before trying any couch gymnastics.

"Don't try to touch yourself." Duo's voice was somehow soothingly commanding. "Just put your hands on your belly, and listen to me before you start. Imagine that I'm in the room with you. I'm standing at the end of the couch, and I'm naked. I've got my braid in my hand, and I'm leaning forward. I'm touching your dick with my hair, just a little. Can you feel it?"

Trowa was having a little trouble hearing over his labored breathing. He closed his eyes to facilitate the fantasy, and found his fingertips ghosting over the skin just below his belly button absently. He didn't think that Duo's question required an answer.

"I lean all the way over, and I've let go of my hair. The braid falls over your belly and your groin. It's heavy, and it tickles a little. My mouth is just a little bit over yours. My hands are right next to your body. I move my head from side to side, and my braid moves over your skin, slowly, so the end tickles your groin. Does that feel good?"

If Duo wanted something more coherent than a groan for a response, he wouldn't be talking to Trowa like this, now would he? Trowa let one hand slip lower, grazing his hard cock as he rubbed his inner thigh.

Duo was smiling. Trowa could hear it. "Ok, so I stand up again, and I push your legs up. Higher. I push them so they are straight up in the air. And I let my hands run all the way from your ankles to your ass, and I feel up your ass. God, Tro, your body is like a work of art. I push your ass up... higher... until you are resting on your shoulders. Your feet are now behind your head.

"Trowa. Open your mouth."

Trowa did as he was told, and he stretched his legs out a bit behind his head. The tip of his cock bumped his chin, and with only a slight adjustment to his hips, he had it in his mouth.

Duo groaned for him, and he wet his lips with the fluid gathering at the slit.

"More, Tro, you want more..."

Trowa agreed, and he wrapped his lips around his cock and took more in. He could feel his muscles stretching over his back, almost painfully at his neck, but he was only aware of two things: Duo's voice, and the feeling in his groin.

It didn't take long, with Duo moaning and milking him with his voice.

Afterwards, he stretched out over the couch, his legs flopped uselessly, one straight out and the other over the edge so his foot was on the floor, and his arms above his head.

"See?" Duo sounded very satisfied. "Isn't life fun with me around?"

Trowa grinned. "Very."

"Are you sleepy?"


"Then clean up and go to bed, Tro."

Trowa nodded, but didn't move.

"And Tro? I think we should have lunch together tomorrow. Ok?"

"Ok." Trowa waited until Duo disconnected before he thought about rolling off the couch.


There were too many children around. Trowa didn't really care for children that much. They tended to be loud and messy, and they spent considerably portions of their life just having fun.

Trowa was certain that it wasn't natural.

Duo was at the counter, buying ice cream. Trowa stood close to the door, his arms folded over his chest, watching the whole scene with distrustful eyes.

Duo seemed to like to talk to and tease the little hellions swarming around him, but Trowa wasn't certain that Duo really was enjoying it. The one pulling on his braid was certainly earning some harsh looks along with the too-wide smile.

Trowa kept his eye on the braid-puller as Duo came toward him with his purchases. Duo kept his eyes on Trowa the whole time, his expression very clear.

In another time, the braid-puller would have had to learn to get by without kneecaps.

"You like fudgsicles?" Duo smirked as he handed Trowa the treat, his eyebrow raised just enough to share the joke with Trowa.

Trowa lifted his chin, effecting defiance. "This is lunch?"

Duo shrugged, taking a quick pull off the top of the fudgsicle. "Eh. Who cares? I actually wanna eat this, so..."

Duo walked out of the convenience store without looking at Trowa to see if he was following. They walked like that, Duo ahead and Trowa ambling behind, as if they were merely going in the same direction. Duo headed for the park, which was mostly empty, due to the weather.

Trowa followed dutifully, not bothering to work at keeping up. He knew that Duo wouldn't get too far ahead.

They walked through the paths for a few minutes before Duo plopped down on a bench randomly. Trowa sat down next to him, but he was concentrating on his fudgsicle. It was melting, the drips of chocolate threatening to fall on his fingers. This was definitely unacceptable. Trowa monitored the situation carefully, and dealt with any aggressive drips with impunity.

"We have therapy this afternoon, right?"

The question seemed to fall in the category of small talk, so Trowa felt no urge to respond. He made a preemptive strike against the fudgsicle, licking up the side quickly. He decided that he didn't much care for foods that required him to stick his tongue out.

"I don't think we should tell him about us."

The statement hung out there, and Trowa kept up his campaign against the fudgsicle as he weighed each word individually with care.


Duo shuddered, his slim shoulders shaking as his head turned away. "It's just... none of his damn business. He's such a pervert anyway. After I told him about Heero, he just wanted to talk about all the details... At first, I thought he was just, you know, being all psychiatrist-y, but he really just wanted to know about the actual sex part. That's when I realized he was jonesing on it. I just..."

Trowa watched as Duo pulled his legs up under him, the line of his neck temptingly displayed as Duo hid his face. Trowa considered it. He wasn't sure if there might not be something else motivating Duo, but the truth was, the other man had a good point.

Trowa nodded, and even though Duo was looking away, he seemed to understand that Trowa had agreed, because he seemed to relax a bit.

"Anyway, I don't think we need any help." Duo looked at Trowa from the corner of his eye as he sucked on his fudgsicle. Trowa's eyebrows raised as he realized how dirty Duo made it look. "I think we got all the mechanics down just fine."

Trowa swallowed a piece of the top of the fudgsicle before he'd even realized that he'd taken a bite.

Duo's grin widened. "I was really impressed last night. You are... very talented."

Trowa beamed quietly as he went back to his campaign against the fudgsicle.

"I have talents, too." Duo spoke nonchalantly, looking straight ahead, but his whole manner was teasing.

Trowa turned his head to look at Duo more directly, intrigued.

Duo smiled. He started to lick the fudgsicle with long, full-tongue motions, slowly enjoying the treat. When he had Trowa's complete attention focused on his mouth, Duo smirked before slipping the fudgsicle between his lips, pulling back and forth, pushing in further and further until he was thrusting the whole fudgsicle in and out of his mouth.

Then he sucked the whole thing in, his cheeks moving in and out violently. He kept the fudgsicle in his mouth for a long time, long enough for Trowa to start squirming.

When he finally pulled the stick out of his mouth, it was completely clean, without the slightest trace of chocolate.

Trowa's eyes widened, and he looked back at Duo, grinning like a Cheshire cat with his mouth clearly full. With an exaggerated effort, Duo threw back his head and swallowed hard, his throat working hard to take it all down at once.

Trowa couldn't keep his mouth completely closed, it seemed. Duo smirked as he licked his mouth clean, watching Trowa floundering.

Blinking innocently, Duo smiled, and pointed at Trowa's hand. "Want some help with that?"

Trowa blinked, and looked dumbly down at his hand. His own partially eaten fudgsicle was melting over his fingers. Still, even knowing what Duo was talking about, Trowa wasn't able to figure out how to speak in response.

Duo sighed, and leaned down. He licked Trowa's still fingers slowly, working his way up until he was licking Trowa's fudgsicle, taking soft bites out of the remains.

Trowa watched Duo service his fudgsicle, sitting stock-still as if he were carved from stone.

Not all of him, of course...

When Duo sat up, after slurping up the last of Trowa's treat with satisfaction, it was only the inertia that had taken a hold of him that prevented him from attacking Duo's mouth in response. Tossing the cleaned off fudgsicle stick with disgust, Trowa crossed his arms over his chest.

"You *would* do that when we're in a public park." Trowa had tried to sound cross, but he was content that at least he didn't come off as whining.

Duo wiggled his eyebrows. "Ya wanna go someplace private?"

Trowa didn't bother thinking about it for any length of time. He just got up and took Duo's wrist, heading off down the most direct path that would lead to a bus stop.

Duo laughed, needing to run a bit to keep up. "Trowa, our lunch break is almost over!"

Trowa grunted.

Duo kept laughing all the way through the park, only managing to bring himself under control as they were just about to get to the bus stop. Trowa did not let go of his wrist, though, because he found the contact soothing to his desire.

The next bus came only after a few minutes, which Trowa took to be a sign that he was due really good oral sex. He certainly thought so, so he wasn't about to argue with fate.

The elevator in his building had a nasty habit of making a great deal of noise as it moved up the shaft. It was somewhat irritating, and Trowa always pictured the schematics of the elevator when he was riding up, thinking about the various potential failures in the maintenance that would cause such noise. It was the sort of irritation that was enjoyable, as it was distracting.

Today, the elevator slid up smoothly, without making the slightest groan or screech of metal against metal, which Trowa thought was odd, although it could have just been that he couldn't hear it over the sounds he was making as Duo fondled his cock.

They made it inside Trowa's apartment, although Duo spent a bit more time fishing through Trowa's pocket that was likely entirely necessary getting the keys. Trowa was not prepared to take another step before he got the oral sex.

He stopped short, grabbing Duo's wrist, letting it slide through his grip so that he was just touching Duo's fingers before Duo turned. He leaned so that his shoulders were flush against the door, and he unbuttoned his pants.

"Please." Trowa didn't beg, and from the gleam in Duo's eyes, he didn't think that he had to.

Duo got to his knees as a penitent man drops to his knees before an altar. He put his hands on Trowa's hips, and looked up at Trowa, slowly resting his chin on Trowa's stomach. "Open your shirt."

Trowa threw his tie over his shoulder, and undid the buttons as quickly as he could. Duo watched him, his chin on Trowa's stomach, and his eyes wide open and unblinking. When Trowa's clothes were completely open, he let his arms fall to his sides, and he looked down at Duo, expectantly.

Duo smiled, just a little in the corners of his mouth, and then he pressed his lips to Trowa's stomach, just above his belly button. His hands pushed Trowa's pants down a little, but he left Trowa's boxers in place for the moment. His tongue slipped out, and traced the muscles of Trowa's abdomen slowly, before circling in to dip into Trowa's belly button.

Trowa reached over, and let his fingertips touch Duo's head, slipping into his thick hair. He did not try to guide or motivate Duo, just let his hands rest there. Duo moved his head down, and breathed over Trowa's hard, but still covered, cock. Trowa heaved, the effort of breathing almost painful, and he bit his lip, to keep from pleading.

Duo showed mercy. He pulled the boxers down, and set his mouth to work on Trowa's cock. He used long licks and short sucks at first, before he started to take it into his mouth in earnest. Trowa was only partially aware of Duo's hands, caressing his balls and inner thighs, as his entire being was solely focused on the mouth that had so successfully brought the fudgsicles to the end of their existences.

Duo shifted, getting more serious about his task, and he wrapped one hand around the base of Trowa's cock. He started to take it into his mouth, sucking hard on the tip as he began, so that Trowa threw his head back and banged it on the door.

Duo twisted the hand that was holding the bottom of Trowa's cock, slowly encompassing more and more of Trowa's length, sucking hard all the time, so that the sound of the air passing through his nose as he adjusted his breathing was deafening. Duo's lips reached his hand, and Trowa wasn't sure that he would be able to take in any more. Trowa was not overly proud of his length, but no one had ever deep throated him quite this fully before.

But Duo was determined, and he was very effective when determined. It seemed to happen very quickly, as Duo stretched out his throat, opening up, and sucking Trowa's cock in. Trowa wasn't sure what kind of noise he made, nor was he in control of the fingers that were digging into Duo's scalp, but he was pretty sure his feelings at the moment were being appropriately expressed.

At least, Duo was definitely getting the message. The suction was so great, and the heat, the moisture, everything, surrounding and enclosing Trowa, like he was trapped in a cave, like the pleasure was chains binding his whole body, and he felt utterly helpless, totally at the mercy of this heat and pressure...

Trowa did not like the moment that came right after an orgasm. There was a sense of vertigo that seemed cold. He swallowed hard, and stared at the ceiling, feeling fundamentally at a loss.

Duo let Trowa's softening cock slip out of his mouth, until the very tip slipped out with a smacking noise. Duo licked his lips, and leaned forward to kiss the base of Trowa's cock. "You taste a little like honey, Tro. Did you know that?"

Trowa smiled, his eyes fixed on the texture of the paint of the ceiling.

"Better than chocolate eight days a week." Duo sounded very sure, so Trowa believed him.

Trowa regained control of his hands, and he stroked Duo's head tenderly. "Thanks."

Duo grinned up at him. "I came on your door. I hope that's not a problem."

Trowa shrugged, and then slipped down, his back against the door and his feet holding their position on the ground, until his ass touched the floor. He caressed Duo's face and ears, his expression still a bit dazed. "Thanks."

Duo raised an eyebrow. "You said that."

Trowa leaned forward and kissed Duo, pressing his tongue as far into Duo's mouth as he could get. He could almost taste the lingering presence of a touch of honey.

Duo groaned, putting his head on Trowa's shoulder. "We have to go to therapy."

Trowa didn't nod, as he was sure that Duo knew he knew anyway. They didn't move right away, their bodies still limp. Trowa ran his hand down Duo's braid. "I think we need to clean up a little first."

Duo chuckled, the sound emanating from the bottom of his chest. "Ya think?"

Trowa simply nodded solemnly.

They were understandably late for therapy, though they offered no explanation. Duo put his head on Trowa's lap and stretched out over the rest of the couch. Trowa brushed his fingers over Duo's hair, playing with the loose tendrils around his ears as Dr. Clarkson droned on. He asked them about skipping the afternoon of work, and then barreled into many other questions that seemed oddly personal in nature.

Trowa felt in daze, though, and he barely acknowledged any of it. He spoke when it was required, and offered vague responses that were tersely abrupt. Duo spoke dreamily, acting as if he were perfectly content.

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