author: trixie
see part 1 for notes, disclaimers, etc.
notes: sex, drugs, and rock and roll, baby. ^_~

Rattlesnakes + Part 6

Trowa leaned his head back, the top of his head digging into the arm of the couch. His back arched upwards, and his hands gripped Duo's arms tighter. He sighed, a ragged noise that made his stomach quiver. Duo was nibbling on his neck, under his ear, his hands on Trowa's chest. Duo was looking for Trowa's 'spot.' They had discussed Trowa's 'spot' many times over the last week, and Duo had become zealous on the subject of finding it. Trowa pushed his feet against the end of the couch, shoving his groin up higher into Duo's.

Dr. Clarkson's couch was not nearly as comfortable as either Trowa's or Duo's, but it was a forgivable fault given that the only other option was to be talking about their abandonment issues with a doctor who was currently jacking off watching them dry hump.

Duo's mouth was hot and wet. Trowa felt a little like that heat was seeping into his skin, invigorating his flesh and shocking his nerves. Duo's braid had slipped over his shoulder and was swaying slowing, hanging over the edge of the couch. Trowa watched it with half-lidded eyes as Duo squeezed his nipples and sucked on his ear.

Sighing, Trowa placed his hand on the skin just above Duo's pants, slipping it down so that he could squeeze and grope Duo's ass. He grabbed as much of flesh he could, and held Duo still as he drove his hips up again, and again. Duo gasped, and Trowa knew the sound by heart. He felt like he lived for the sound.

Duo gripped Trowa's shoulder and gritted his teeth. His eyes were closed tightly, and he wiggled his rear a little so that he could throw Trowa's leg over his hip. They continued to push and grind into each other, their bodies undulating against each other. Duo moaned, though he tried to bite back the sound so that it was trapped in the back of his throat. He bit Trowa's neck playfully, then whispered in Trowa's ear, "I'm gonna cream my pants..."

Trowa groaned, his head lolling back, exposing his neck to Duo's mouth and tongue.

The urgency had left when the timer rang, indicating the end of the session. Dr. Clarkson was sitting so that he was facing away from them, his pants open and his hand hidden.

Trowa was glad that Dr. Clarkson used his left hand. He was still able to sign the forms that Duo grabbed off of his desk with his right hand.

It took a long time to catch his breath. Trowa leaned against the back of the elevator, watching Duo play with the end of his braid. Trowa lowered his head as he smirked.

"You know," Trowa spoke softly, "I think it's very likely that Dr. Clarkson knows that we are lovers now."

Duo's eyes flicked to Trowa for a second, and then he burst out laughing.

The sound of Duo's laughter made Trowa's heart beat a little faster.

Duo kept laughing as the doors opened, needing Trowa's assistance to move. The sedate business people in the lobby collectively watched the strange pair of young men with a mixture of disdain and shock. Duo even needed help lighting his cigarette out on the sidewalk.

Duo looked up at Trowa with wet, bright eyes. "You are really funny, Tro."

Trowa's back stiffened properly. "I know." He said it with enough disgust that it was obvious he thought more people should realize how funny he was.

That only made Duo laugh longer.

They walked to the bus stop together, Duo laughing and wiping tears out of his eyes as they walked. But when the bus came, it was so full of people that neither Duo nor Trowa made the slightest movement to get on. They walked to Duo's apartment because it was closer.

Trowa walked very close to Duo, his hand swaying at his side so that it brushed against Duo's ass periodically. If someone was walking by them without paying attention, they probably wouldn't have thought anything of it, but anyone watching them would have been very suspicious.

The very fact that overt homosexuality was still somewhat taboo made the whole walk all the more exciting. Trowa was looking forward to some very good sex when they got to Duo's apartment.

Leaning close to Duo's ear, Trowa spoke conversationally. "So. Did you cream your pants?"

Duo smiled teasingly. "Hm... only one way to know for sure, I think..."

Trowa felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise. He let his hand brush against Duo's back. "Oh, and how is that?"

Duo sighed dramatically, stretching his arms above his head. "Welllllll... I've always found the direct approach... useful."

Trowa lowered his eyes, biting the inside of his lip to keep from grinning. "It's a long way to your apartment."

Duo looked at Trowa over his shoulder with surprised delight. "Think we can find someplace... closer?"

Trowa scanned the street with discerning eyes. There were the usual assortment of shops and business offices, but he kept looking. They walked closely enough so that they could feel each other as they brushed against each other, and each step heightened the tension that was coiling in Trowa's belly.

Finally, he spotted his quarry about three blocks later.

"There." He put his hand on Duo's back, and directed him across the street.

Duo laughed when he realized where they were headed, but he dutifully did as he was directed.

Trowa slid his credit card through, and after it had been processed, the door to the photo booth unlatched. Duo slipped in first, and Trowa followed, closing the door after them.

There wasn't much room in the booth. There was a small shelf that was supposed to be a seat facing a cheerful screen with directions on how the photos would be taken.

They ignored the screen. Duo leaned his shoulders against the side wall, and spread his arms out, giving Trowa full access. Trowa smirked, looking Duo up and down before he moved. It was a bit awkward, but he sat on the shelf, and put his hands on Duo's waist. He ran his finger across the top of Duo's jeans twice before he quickly unbuttoned them, sliding the zipper down slowly.

There was a flash of light.

Trowa pushed Duo's jeans down a little and kissed Duo's lower belly. He hooked his fingers under the waistband of Duo's boxers and pulled them down, inch by inch, greeting the newly revealed flesh with his open mouth.

Another flash.

Trowa found Duo's half-hard cock and the crusty remains of Duo's earlier climax. He licked the palm of his hand, and then took Duo's cock into his mouth. He had been studying Duo's oral techniques with all due diligence ever since Duo's demonstration in the park, and he hoped to show Duo the fruits of his study. Meanwhile, he cupped Duo's balls in the palm of his hand, and brushed his thumb over the space between Duo's cock and balls.


Duo groaned, biting his tongue as he arched his back, pushing his groin forward into Trowa's mouth. Trowa sucked hard, using his one hand to massage Duo's balls, and the other hand to tease Duo's hole.


Duo came quickly, Trowa alternating between sucking on the tip of Duo's cock as if it were a baby bottle, and deep throating Duo, milking him. Trowa continued to lick and clean Duo as the aftershocks of the orgasm shook Duo's frame.


"Wow," Duo heaved, his eyes glassy. "You get a lot of pictures for two credits."

Trowa nodded thoughtfully. It was true.

After Duo had rearranged his clothes, they slipped back out of the booth, collecting their pictures as they made their way back out onto the street.

It took another twenty minutes to get to Duo's, mostly because neither of them felt much like walking quickly. It was chilly enough that they both huddled in their coats, especially after what they had just done, but it was twilight, and the waning light was dark and shadowy. Their encounter had left Trowa feeling very aware of his body, and he felt like he could actually feel every breath enter and leave his body. Each step seemed distinct, and Trowa felt inclined to stay out walking with Duo for a long, long time.

It was therefore almost a disappointment to get to Duo's building.

Duo got the door, smirking at Trowa over his shoulder as he made his way inside, trusting Trowa to follow. Duo stopped to get his mail, and suddenly, the space of five feet felt like a chasm to Trowa; he needed to be closer to Duo.

He put his hands on Duo's waist, and kissed the back of Duo's neck, pushing aside the braid with his nose. Duo's whole body shuddered with pleasure, and Trowa needed to press his chest against Duo's back so that he could feel the shiver all over.

"So," Trowa asked conversationally, "what do you want to do tonight?"

Duo must have been in a good mood, because he burst out laughing again. The sound pleased Trowa so much, he put his arms around Duo, bringing their bodies as close together as they could be, burying his face in the back of Duo's hair to breathe through the air through the filter of the thick, chestnut hair.

"Maxwell!" The voice was an unwelcome, unfamiliar intrusion, so Trowa held his position firmly. "I don't want no more trouble from you, now!"

Trowa lifted his head from Duo's hair to glare at the squalid man standing by the side door in the lobby.

The man shuffled from one slippered foot to the other, still glaring. "Hmph. You got another man. You better not be running any damn business from that apartment, you little shit, or..."

Duo sighed, and turned to face the man. "Relax, Jack, nothing's going on."

The man ran his hand through his greasy black hair. "Eh, you've been nothing but trouble since you first crossed that door, yeh disgusting little colony brat."

Trowa turned a little to face the man, keeping one arm on Duo's shoulder and the other at his side, his hand balled into a fist. His lips were deformed in a snarl as he seethed. The man's eyes went wide, and he took a half step backward. Trowa continued to hold his expression, even as he smirked internally. He could still be a good mercenary.

Duo closed his mailbox, and smiled at the man, making a kissing gesture. "Night, Jack."

They walked up the stairs together, Duo whistling a low tune off-key as they took each rickety step one at a time. Trowa watched Duo from the corner of his eye the whole time, trying to analyze how Duo was reacting to the man in the lobby. He expected Duo to say something. It wasn't usually difficult to get Duo to talk, but the other man seemed perfectly content to just whistle.

He wasn't particularly good at whistling.

Duo was unlocking the door to his apartment when Trowa decided to ask.

"What was that all about?"

"What?" Duo looked at Trowa as he opened the door in perfect puzzlement. "Oh, you mean in the lobby? Oh, that was just my landlord. He's a dick."

Trowa stepped inside of Duo's apartment, his hands in his pockets and his eyes straight ahead as if he hadn't just asked a question.

"It was just that... well, Heero was over yesterday." Suddenly, there were a million things Duo needed to do with his hands. "We were arguing... and the dumb ass fuck of a neighbor was bangin' on the wall... And I mean, the only way we could've really been bothering him is if he had his fuckin' ear pressed against the fuckin' wall anyway... But Heero was really pissed, and he threw a coupla things around..."

Trowa's eyes darted around, looking for clues of Heero's violence, but the apartment was in its usual state of organized disarray, so it was hard to distinguish potential rubble from intentional piles.

"Anyway, after a while, he kinda threw me to the ground... Well, then there was this pounding on the door and shit. The fuckin' neighbor had called the fuckin' cops on us." Duo shook his head, his eyes narrowed as they silently interrogated the carpet. "So the cops are at the door, saying they're gonna bring the door down if we don't open up, and I've got my ankles up by my ears and Heero's in me..." Duo blushed, rubbing his hands over his arms in embarrassment.

Trowa looked down at the carpet in sympathy.

"Anyway. It was this big fucking mess. Heero didn't want to give the cops his id, since he's supposed to be Relena's fiancÚ, and shit, so there was all this screaming and yelling for damn near an hour... Well, finally the cops left, and there wasn't too much else to it, except my landlord is a dick and my neighbor is a fucking busybody ass." Duo shrugged, sighing quietly.

Trowa nodded patiently, his eyes still on the carpet.

Duo sighed. "Can I fix you something for dinner? Maybe some pasta?"

Shrugging, Trowa nodded minutely in assent.

Duo headed for the kitchen, seemingly glad to have something to do. Trowa stayed in the living room, picking through Duo's cds with dissatisfaction. He felt an anticipatory anxiety straining his nerves, and he wanted to unwind. Images of Duo, his back on the floor and his legs in the air, being assaulted by Heero crossed over his vision like a wave through a field of grain.

There was so much violence and anger in Duo's life, and it caused Trowa to be even more lethargic than was his wont. The burning pressure of desire that had consumed him in the doctor's office and in the photo booth had dissipated, giving way to the searing, lasting heat of the embers.

It was now immediately urgent that he had his hands on Duo's skin.

He quickly checked to be sure that all the locks and the safety bolt on the door were securely locked, and then he progressed into the kitchen. He stood in the doorway, watching Duo for a moment, taking stock of the other man's movements, waiting for the right moment to move in.

Trowa slipped off his shirt, leaving it on the floor where he had stood and he went to stand behind Duo as he stirred the sauce.

Duo was using a store-bought sauce, and adding some spices and fresh vegetables that he had already cut up. The water for the spaghetti was boiling away, and as Duo stirred, he watched the spaghetti pot, making sure it didn't boil over.

Trowa leaned in, placing his lips on Duo's neck gently, giving Duo a moment to shudder before putting his hands on Duo's body. At first, he just let his hands touch Duo's hips, but then he slipped one hand over to Duo's groin, cupping Duo carefully.

"You've already come twice, haven't you." Trowa placed another kiss on Duo's neck, this time opening his mouth a little as he kissed Duo's flesh.

Duo leaned back, inhaling loudly. "Hm... that's true... I have..."

Trowa's other hand came around Duo's front as well, sliding up under Duo's shirt to rub Duo's chest. Whispering right into Duo's ear, "I bet I can get you to come again."

Duo let the spoon sit in the sauce, and his arms drifted back to touch Trowa's flanks. "What would you bet me?"

Trowa smirked against Duo's skin. "What do you want?"

Duo laughed, low in his chest, and rubbed his ass against Trowa's cock. "Mm, I think what I want is back here somewhere... Oh, yes, there it is..."

Trowa groaned as Duo ground his ass against his cock, his braid moving up and down Trowa's chest like a rope. "I think the spaghetti is ready."