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Somewhere + Part 6

"I tell you, I find it rather strange that he hasn't called me. He seemed almost desperate for help for this weekend, Anne."

"I'm telling you Sally, he was completely fine during Thanksgiving dinner. Actually and strangely enough, I swore he was a completely a different person at times."


"He not only let Zechs hold him and kiss him, albeit small pecks, he was so warm and open!"


"Well indeed. I mean there were a few moments where he looked uncomfortable, but anybody would have been. I mean he shared stories from their time as Gundam pilots during the first war."

There was a long silence on the doctor's end of the communication.


"And he talked about the war?"

"Yes. Sally, what's wrong? I mean you sound like, well I don't know what." Une pressed her friend.

"Fei had lost his memories of the first war." She slowly let out.

A shocked silence met Sally revelation. "You... you're serious?"

"Yeah. Now I'm breaking client doctor privilege here, but Fei is no longer with us..." she paused and after a deep, penetrating silence continued, "and this is terribly important for you to realize." Sally paused and gathered herself for a moment. Her eyes were suspiciously dewy.

"After the bullet had struck his brain there was some damage that he made me swear not to release. And... And well, I never released the folder to the council."


"He... Fei... When he woke, Anne, it was someone so lost. He remembered fights, he remembered killing Trieze. He remembered most of the Eves War and his dealings with Barton and Mariemaia, but... Jesus! He barely remembered names, especially from the first war. He couldn't tell me the traditional name given to L5, how his clan came into power, his wife's name.

"He remembered some of the pilot's last names, but no one's first. He had all but forgotten Duo's and Trowa's. And... God damn it! I can't even tell you Anne. Dammit!" Her fist struck the consul beside her.

"Sally?" Worry wore itself across the Preventer's features.

"He had lost so much. He was so bitter. I brought him books, essays, photos; everything to help him remember people, to memorize names, places, friends, family. But the light was gone Anne. I don't even know if Fei actually loved Zechs, or saw it as something that was security and a warm body" Sally confessed for the first time in her life. She had felt the weight of guilt sagging and tugging on her heart for years, now with its release, the burdened lessened. Though she knew that until the day she died, she would always remember those first few weeks.

"Sally! Do you even hear yourself? Fei and Zechs were a great couple. They had a fantastic marriage. They were ready to adopt Marie with me. I can't believe-"

"Anne. No. There was something else. Something I still can't figure out, and I don't think Wufei has a single clue about it."


"There was strangeness in Fei's behavior every once in a while. A dark bitterness. I never quite figured it out. I dealt with it as part of his depression, a side effect to have damage done to his brain. But there was something off about Wufei. Like life never really mattered. I mean he did care for Zechs, and maybe truly loved him finally. But there was something off about him."

"Anything in particular?"

"No. Well... maybe. Maybe nothing."

"Sally, I trust your instincts as much as I trust my own."

"I know Anne. Well, I guess I don't see it being of any real concern anymore. It hasn't happened in the four months Wufei has been here. So call it something that Fei had but no longer seems of any concern.

"I guess... I mean it sounds so wrong to say, but I'm glad Wufei seems to be adjusting, sharing and getting closer to Zechs. They both deserve it. Wufei is so much like Fei five years ago. Zechs deserves that this time it would be real."

"Wait, you think that Wufei is...?"

"Hmmm. Not in love, not yet. But there is a good chance. He questions me about Zechs all the time, asking how to help, how he is, and so on and so forth."

Anne smiled. "That's good. So Wufei is stable though, right?"

"Yeah. Sure he's a little depressed but his medication is at a lower dosage, and he seems to be fine. Why do you ask?"

"Relena brought up something very interesting over dinner that night."


"She wants Wufei to join her on her Asian tour this summer."

Sally nearly fell from her seat in her office. "Wait. Wait. Wait. Are we talking about the same Relena?"

Une smiled pleasantly.

"No way. Shit! You're not kidding are you? They are getting along?"

"Perfectly. In fact Relena asked Wufei without even mentioning it to her brother."


"Yep. She was most adamant about it to with me. And personally talked to the council to allow Wufei to carry a weapon with him. It was one of the most arousing and honest speeches I've heard her give."

"So the woman who hated the man has become his greatest ally. Congratulations to you Wufei."


Relena grinned as she cornered her brother-in-law. "I finally caught you alone!"

Wufei blinked quickly and smiled pleasantly at her. "You were looking for me?"

She held out a bulging manila folder in his direction. "This is for you."

He cautiously raised an inquiring eyebrow.

"Come on!" She latched onto his arm and led him through a series of halls and doors until stopping and guiding him into one particular room. "I wanted to show you all the information about my trip to Asia and get your opinion on where we, that is if you are coming with me, would be stopping."

Wufei was hardly fooled by that innocent look.

Sighing, the blue eyed girl dropped into one of the plush armchairs and pouted at the Chinese man. "Look, I want to talk to you with out my dear brother raising an objection to every place I point out. I mean I know he feels this desire to protect you, but really Wufei, you're the last person who needs his protection!"

Grinning, the black haired man leaned against the end table and looked down at the girl. "A little overprotecting husband never hurt anyone."


"So why don't you show me the route. And just for the record, I made my decision to go. I haven't told Lady Une yet, nor have I mentioned it to Miri or Mariemaia. I will need a long discussion with him before I can tell Une that I would definitely be attending you."

Smiling, Relena walked over to her desk and pulled out a large fold up map. Pushing some scattered papers aside she opened it on the large meeting table. Glaring at the map, her eyes danced across it until she found the travel route traced by a highlighter. "Okay we will start here," She pointed out to the boy across from here.

For over an hour Wufei and Relena went over the travel plans. Relena pointed out cities and confirmed those days' activities on the travel log. Wufei would make notes of his own, adding when he thought more appropriate coverage of guards were going to be needed, what to skip over, what should be added if they were able and people she should try to meet. They discussed where they would stay, if security was tight or not.

"I'm thinking we might want to look over hotel plans and security grids before staying in any certain hotel. I'm sure Lady Une is quite aware of that, though." Wufei commented, scribbling down his own suggestion to bring up with Anne at a later time.

"I would have loved to stop by the old temples in Tibet..." Relena mused aloud.

"We could squeeze it in here" Wufei replied, pointing to an area on the map. "There is enough time to get it in while we would be resting there. Of course we would have to hike a good part of the way. And that is not always the safest way for a dignitary to travel. The forests are a good place to lose somebody."

"Pish-posh! Besides I'll have a menagerie of guards" She chuckled. "And we will have to assign you a team of bodyguards. Sometimes I am still shocked that the only time Miri travels with them is when Marie is with you too!"

Wufei quirked his eyebrow.

"Oh no! You are having a team of bodyguards. It will keep my nerves down" Relena stopped and fixed Wufei with a sensitive gaze. "I don't underestimate your abilities Wufei, trust me, I really don't. I never have. It's just... Well, if God-forbid something happens... I would never forgive myself. Gundam pilot or not, you're still human. And I know how chivalrous you'd be. I would never forgive myself if you took a bullet for me. Besides, it's better for a Preventer to fire a weapon than it would be for you to do so" She finished with a nod.

"I don't carry a weapon." And he didn't. Miri had warned him. All the pilots had. And while he felt bare walking around unarmed, he grew use to it. It wasn't like he needed a weapon to hurt or even kill someone.

"You will be."

Surprise danced across his features. "No. Relena I can't. I swore before the council that I wouldn't carry a weapon."

"Anne has the power to lift it. Besides, I informed the council that it had my complete backing."

Blinking a few times, Wufei responded back with a simple "Whatever you feel is the best course of action..."

"Wufei!" She admonished, "You are an important figure I'll have you know! I mean between you and my brother. And if only he would give up on that stupid notion of flying that metal nuthouse of a machine! He would be such an amazing diplomat!"

"Relena..." Wufei mumbled beginning to grow embarrassed about the conversation.

"Not only are you Marie's father you are married to the Prince of Sank. So technically you could be considered a Prince too. Not only that you are a war hero! A Gundam pilot!" She leaned closer to the shocked boy. "Most of all you are the last one of the most powerful clan from China."

"How...?" Wufei asked, completely baffled by that last revelation she gave him.

Smirking, the girl leaned back in her seat, "Hey. I have my connections."

Wufei chuckled, hands held in defeat. "You win. Just let your brother pick out the agents alright?"

Relena giggled back and smiled broadly at him. "You seem so different, Wufei..."

Wufei blink quickly, carefully hiding every ounce of fear that blossomed in his breast the moment she said those words. `Oh ancestors! No! NO! She can't have noticed anything.... I've played Fei flawlessly since we saw her at Thanksgiving.'

His mind quickly flickered through the few days they had been there. `No. I can't remember an instant the last five days that I have messed up. Onna, what in hell could you have picked up on?!'

She quickly spotted his look and waved her hand in dismissal. "For the better. I mean it's hard to pin it down, or even explain. You seem, well you just seem more grounded Fei, that's all."

Grinning, and internally sighing with relief, Wufei nodded, "Thanks Relena."


As something akin to snowballs were tossed at Millardo and Wufei, the two said men merely gave the "attackers" a steady look.

It had snowed the previous night, leaving a new spread of fresh powder over the grounds. Though the scenery was slightly marred by the make shift snow forts and two squealing and laughing girls attempting to make contact with snowballs.

"You could try aiming" Miri suggested to his sister, as her clump of snow fell dramatically short of its intended target.

"Or throwing harder so that you might hit us" Wufei suggested, leaning on a pine tree near Zechs.

"They are mocking us, Aunt Relena!" Mariemaia intoned, packing together a few snowballs.

"Maybe we should have split them up..." Relena responded tossing a snowball Marie handed her, missing them once again.

"Whose idea was it to declare boys versus girls?" Marie asked.

With a laugh, Relena's eyes twinkled. "I forgot they were well trained? Hey, even I thought that they didn't have projectile training in snow fights!"

Two well aimed snowballs from the boys impacted her.

Brushing the cool snow off of her body, she glared balefully at the two attackers, who merely smirked back.

Watching the girls being pummeled by snow, Pargan made his presence known. "Lunch is nearly ready."

Walking over to the loyal man, the blonde prince grinned, "Are you sure you wouldn't want to join them?" His tone referring to Relena and Mariemaia.

With a smile, the elderly man replied, "They seem to be doing fine on their own."

Quirking an eyebrow, Zechs turned in time to see his husband "jumped" by Relena and Mariemaia. Wufei laughed hysterically as the two woman tried to pin him long enough to dump snow on him.

Briefly freeing himself, Wufei grinned wickedly, and reaching up pulled down on a large branch of the pine tree.

Walking over to join Zechs and Pargan, he left to snow drenched women sputtering behind him.

Quickly two snow covered girls joined them on the steps of the manor, brushing the snow from their persons. "We're gonna get you back for that Fei!" Relena threatened.

With a wry grin, Wufei replied, "you could try."

Pausing in the foyer, Wufei took a moment to brush off patches of snow he now had on him, as the two girls walked past with wide grins.

Leaning over, Millardo helped him, by brushing some of the snow into the neckline of the young man's clothes, causing Wufei to shudder at the sudden coolness tricking down his back.

"Either help or don't" he balefully replied to the grinning blonde.

Playfully smacking the older man's hands, Wufei finally shed the winter clothes, leaving him mostly clear of the cold, wet powder. "Groping does not count!"

Pausing while the boy hung up the wet garments, Miri noted that the boy seemed so entirely different that day. Without really thinking of his actions outcome, he leaned over the smaller man. Running his cool fingers along a tempting part of the boy's bronze skin, he stroked the smooth flesh just above the boy's jeans.

Wufei froze for a mere moment, his eyes fluttering closed without resolve. He felt as if there was no controlling his body at that moment. Gasping, he leaned marginally closer to the taller man.

Pressing against the seemingly willing victim of his assault, Miri leaned in closer to steal a kiss.

"Oh come on, Miri!" Relena called out. "Leave the poor boy alone!"

From his position, the blonde merely glared at his sister.

Wufei was, to say the least, jostled from that prior moment. He automatically followed the blonde and his sister. Fear was racing through his thoughts. `My body responded without my consent! How? I mean..." Glancing in the mirror as he passed one in the hall. `It still looks like me...' But the assurance didn't seem to settle his thoughts any.


Wufei glanced nervously at the taller man still getting prepared. Watching the slightly older man brush the silken long strands of hair, Wufei settled himself on the edge of the bed.

Relena had insisted on taking the two of them out for dinner for their anniversary, and surprisingly Zechs had agreed. Wufei was put beside himself on that. He had hoped that Relena wouldn't have pushed this wobbling vacation to its limits, although he had to admit, Relena was virtually clueless to the real predicament he and Miri were in.

Taking in the older man, Wufei glanced over his attire with some interest. Those long legs were clad in woven black pants, matching the jacket carefully laid out next to his person on the bed. The crisp white shirt tucked into his trousers. As much as he hated to admit to it, Millardo made a stunning sight. Even if the man had teased him mercilessly about this being their so-called first date.

The blonde broke the serene silence with a question. "How come you're already done?"

With a smirk, the Asian man simply replied, "I'm merely a more efficient dresser than you are."

That earned him a scowl from the taller man.

Zechs' comeback was cut short by a knock at their door. With a smile, Wufei moved to open the door.

Before him stood Relena. With a gentlemanly nod, he held the door open for her inviting her inside their room. "Miri is still getting ready, Relena. You look very nice this evening."

With a slight blush, Relena smiled coyly. "Thank you Wufei, you look quite ravishing yourself." Tugging a strand of his jet-black hair playfully, Relena winked at the boy. "Miri hurry up!"

"Ready" he replied, standing and walking over to them.

The trip to the restaurant was a peaceful one Millardo was relieved to note. Wufei had been acting slightly strange as of the last few days. It had been hard to pin down, but the blonde finally concluded that Wufei was trying extra hard to pass himself off as Fei. Yet, in so doing so, Millardo noted, Wufei was completely off in his assessment of how Fei acted. Not that he was in any quick need to correct Wufei. If fact, as awful as it seemed to him at times, Millardo knew he was enjoying the changes in Wufei. Even temporary ones.

Now whether the boy knew he was changing was another matter.

It baffled the blonde that in a mere four months the boy, despite some larger inconveniences, had actually changed so dramatically. This only fanned his hope that somehow the Chinese youth and his Fei had somehow merged into one being and were slowly sorting out who was who.

While the blonde's thoughts were contemplative behind the guise of listening thoughtfully to his sister asking his advice on a certain diplomat, Wufei's thoughts were jumpy and nervous.

Wufei had felt strange leaning against the man so openly. He had not taken well to the team of bodyguards following them. `They aren't even being discreet' he complained, eyes darting to the tinted windows and glancing into the traffic around them, all Preventers cars of course.

`Face it Chang, you aren't even use to the idea that you are deemed this important to others. Relena I expect this for. I'm sure even Zechs is somewhat use to it.' But he wasn't. Even being an important member of his clan, he had never received this treatment. It made him feel... awkward.

On the other side, it made him feel... special. It was bizarre to see his name in papers and so on. He supposed he was lucky that he kept a low profile. While, surprisingly most of the world forgave and forgot his role in the Eve's War, there were some groups that seemed intent on his blood. He didn't blame them. He could logically see their fear and hatred.

Still, somehow, in the blonde's protection, in those friendly arms... `I am loathed to admit that I almost like it. That it has been...' Wufei sighed almost audibly, leaning back unconsciously against Millardo.

"Wufei, don't you think so?" Relena's voice broke through his thoughts.

"I'm sorry Relena, I missed the question" Wufei replied, turning his attention to her.

"See Relena, I see my point proven" the blonde man chuckled.

"You're lucky we've arrived" Relena replied, scowling at her older brother.

It was a media fiasco outside the restaurant. Wufei swallowed as he watched Zechs climb out of the limo, opening the door and offering a hand to his sister who gladly accepted. Once she was out, the Sankian man smiled brilliantly and offered a hand to his husband. "Ready, Wufei?"

"Thanks for making it sound like my execution" the Chinese man grumbled back, taking the offered hand and stepping out into the streams of flashes.

Wufei smiled shyly as he and the blonde accompanied Relena into the restaurant. Zechs slide an arm loosely around his husband's waist, grinning marvelously at the Asian man.

The Asian man was more than relieved once they were safely inside the restaurant. He finally remembered how to breathe normally by then. Though he had a sinking feeling that he would be seeing flashing lights in his vision for days to come.

Finally settled at their table, food ordered, and wine poured, the small talk began.

Relena grinned with a coy vain at her brother "so, my dear brother..." she began.

One look from Millardo and he knew his sister was up to something. With a suffering look, he gave her the Look.

With a nervous chuckle she sipped quickly at her wine. "Well, I went over the preliminaries of my trip to China with Wufei the other day, Millardo."

"Really?" He replied with a slight glance at his husband. "It seems that he never mentioned it."

"Probably because he knew you would react like this" she sniffed back.

"Well, I would have mentioned it sooner or later, Miri. It wouldn't be as if I would just hop on a plane and gallop through the Orient like some madman with your sister."

Relena chuckled at her brother's expense.

"Your confidence in me is overwhelming, Fei" Millardo shot back, sipping from his wine glass.

"We simply went over a few things. I would prefer to think you would rather I show concern over her welfare than not, Miri" Wufei jibed, glancing over the rim of his glass at the said person.

"Of course!" The blond admonished.

"Then that's settled" Relena grinned, leaning forward to smile sweetly at her brother.

"I never said I was for certain going to be attending, after all I don't want to leave Mariemaia or Miri without a second thought."

"You know what I meant" she sighed.

"We'll have to discuss it with Mariemaia" Wufei offered.

"Really, Relena" Millardo began, "I don't think there will be a problem. It just that Lady Ann, Wufei and I need to discuss it with Marie. There probably won't be any issues."

Relena gave them both a look.

Wufei glanced at the Sankian man who merely returned the questioning look.

"Cut it out you two!" She exclaimed in exasperation.

Both faces cracked grins. "We had her going didn't we?" Zechs chuckled.

Blue eyes shifted between the two snickering men. "Had me going where?"

"Please Relena! We've already talked it over with Anne and Marie!"

"She was buying into the whole subverted conspiracy, wasn't she love?"


Clearing her throat, the said woman pinned the two with a mock glare. "Alright, enough fun at my expense!"

The two men were saved from a reprimanding as the food was served before them. Relena leaned on one fist and sighed happily at the sight of her older brother and his husband before her, flirting, laughing, and teasing each other. They really were the perfect match.

Refilling her glass, she raised it to them. "I'd like to say a toast."

When their glasses had lifted she began in earnest.

"To the most perfectly matches couple I know, my brother Millardo and his amazing husband Wufei. Through good times and bad you two have weathered so much and still pulled through

"You to have grown from the first days I've known you. We've shared good times and bad. Wars and peace." She paused and smiled softly. "But you didn't come here to hear me rant on, though for the two of you I could never run out of things to talk about. It is fairly easy to speak of your faithfulness, your shining bright passion.

"So, Miri knows I am a quote fiend. And it took me weeks to decide on a quote that is a beginning for what you two have. Sophocles once said, `one word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.' For 5 years together and to an eternity more to come. Brother, and my dearest Wufei, Happy Anniversary!"

Glasses clinked and drinks were taken, and somehow Millardo couldn't seem to swallow the lump in his throat. `Happy Anniversary, Fei. I love you.'

In the distraction of his own thoughts he was scarce to hear his sister. "What did you say Relena?"

Chuckling at Wufei's flushed face full of embarrassment, she replied back, "They are playing some absolutely wonderful waltz. Perhaps you should ask your husband for this dance?"

"Relena!" Wufei exclaimed, cheeks blooming in a darker crimson still.

"Relena," Millardo began hands up in defense.

"Please? Or I will all but toss you onto the dance floor myself!"

With a glance the Sankian man noted that there were not many couples on the dance floor itself. He hesitated. "Relena, it is not very private..."

"Other couples are out there" she pointed out.

With a light laugh, the blonde man stood and bowed gracefully to an entirely embarrassed Wufei. "May I have this dance?"

Wufei accepted with a little hesitation and followed hand in hand with his husband to the fairly empty dance floor. Leaning close, Wufei mumbled to himself privately, `this is only to keep up appearances. This is *only* to keep up appearances.'

As the taller man lead him into a simple stepped waltz, Wufei had to swallow the urge to follow his instincts and bolt through the front door and hail the nearest cab to his home. The discomfort of all the people watching them bothered him greatly. `And why did the other couples leave the floor? We didn't ask for a solo! Idiots. We certainly didn't need the entire floor to dance to amuse Relena!'

He could hear the clicking and see the flashes of cameras going off around them. `Don't these people even have a shred of fear in them? Two ex-terrorists are in their presence and they sit there and watch, taking pictures?! Ancestors, these people are such morons!'

"You dance well" Millardo commented softly, dipping his head to whisper in the younger man's ear.

"Do I?" Wufei replied.

Smiling softly, the blonde traced his hand along Wufei's jaw before regaining the younger man's hand. "Divinely." At the Asian man's insidious glare, Millardo chuckled softly. "No really you dance very well. And to tell the truth, I am a bit surprised. I never took you for a dancer. You're really doing quite alright."

`And there within lies my problem' Wufei sighed. Looking up carefully, the Chinese man studied his partner for a long second. "Fairly well. Did... did Fei dance?"

A sweet smile appeared on the blonde's face. "No actually. I am however enjoying myself quite well up here. And you seem to be quite relaxed doing this as well."

`He calls *this* relaxed?' Wufei mentally gaped. `I'm pressed against the man, *dancing* for my ancestor's sake! Not only just dancing, no! Dancing in front of people who I don't know! I'm closer to having a cardiac arrest than relaxing!' Shaking his head slightly from his rampant thoughts, he replied back to Miri's question. "It's probably the wine."

With a leer, the older man gave the Asian man a sly look. "So. I guess this means I need to get you drunk more often?"

Snorting, Wufei pinned his partner with a look. "We do that almost every Friday." Then as an after thought added, "The habits I have submitted myself to."

All the Sankian man could do was grin triumphantly and lead his blushing partner off the floor as the music ended. Not before, of course, taking a small bow to the clapping crowd.

At their table Relena stood clapping, her features beaming with unbridled happiness. Wufei only knew his face illuminated itself with his dark blush.

Pulling the chair out for the smaller man, Zechs grinned at his sister. Wufei merely blinked and blushed.

With a wink, the taller man sat down as well.

Blushing even harder now, the Asian man rolled his eyes. "You're incorrigible."

"Only when you're involved" Millardo quipped back.

Relena could just giggle in delight.


She watched the two men seated across from her as they rode home. A smile tugged at her lips at the sight of the two of them cuddled close. Wufei had taken to leaning against her brother, his eyes turned to watch the cars and scenery rush past them as they drove. Her brother seemed involved in stroking a few strands of the jetted black hair, his eyes fixated on his husband.

Settling back she felt a great sense of relief watch through her. For sometime she had harbored such distaste for the Asian man. He had been callous, mean hearted, and generally cold to the world. Even when he was with her brother, he never seemed there completely.

Which was not entirely fair and she knew it too. Wufei had taken a bullet so close to his brain that some memories had to have been hurt. He had been through such trauma. `Still, from what I remember he was like that before that incident.' She mused further.

`He's changed somehow. I can not begin to know what or even why it has happened.' For a long while, up until Thanksgiving really, she had considered the Chinese man someone she had to marginally cordial to. Even then, she didn't ever see the need. There had seemed to be no lost loved between her and Wufei.

There had been times where she was terrified of the acidic black hatred in his eyes. Not for only her, but for those he should have considered friends and family. There had been that desperate dread of what the man was capable of.

Her own unsettled fear was to one day hear that Wufei had finally snapped and her brother would be dead. A trepidation that she knew usually showed in her meetings with the Chinese man.

And then somehow, he had changed.

She was not sure how or why, but that pain and hatred that permeated his being, that festering revulsion of the world dissipated more rapidly than she considered feasible. Relena knew her brother had mentioned in one of their many conversations that his husband changed medication. But to her, that alone could not have achieved the miracle of the last couple of months.

Alien mind control seemed more realistic to her than the sudden change. `Easier to explain as well' she ceded.

There had been a few weeks of wrestling with her so held dear to conception of what he was and how he had been acting recently. He was easier to approach. Not so stand offish. He seemed to genuinely care about her. And she now genuinely cared for him.

`With his guard down he seems so much more approachable. I want to get to know him better.' Hence why she came to the near immediate decision to ask him to join her on her trip to Asia. `I can think of no one who would be more appropriate then him.'

Her cornflower blue eyes turned back to her brother and Wufei once again. She could no longer doubt the love the Asian man had for her brother. `One day Wufei, I may ask your forgiveness for my own unforgiving stance against you for so many years.'

Smiling, Relena leaned back to be more comfortable for the remainder of the ride home, her heart warmed by the true love her brother had found and the close new family she had in the two of them.


He had been wondering how to broach the subject with Wufei for the last few days. The warmth the man had displayed was something he was not ready to lose.

Millardo glanced at the Asian man sitting curled up on a low slung chair reading, those wire rimmed glasses slipping down his nose. Unconsciously, the boy always looked beautiful, but when that guard was down he seemed so ever more approachable.

Climbing into bed, he counted down the minutes until the Chinese man finally settled his book and joined him. On the other side of the bed, with at least 2 feet between them. Miri repressed a sigh.

Or at least he thought he did. Wufei seemed to have caught it and looked over at him. `Well I suppose that now would be fine to ask' he dully thought.

"You... in the hall the other day. What was that?"

Blinking, Wufei gave him a look. "What was what?"

Repressing the urge to do something comical like fall onto the floor and twitch, Miri explained to humour the boy. "You. You seemed like you were, oh I don't know, reacting to me."

"Reacting to you?"

"Lord above Wufei! You practically tumbled into my arms in the damn foyer as I went to kiss you!"

"Oh. That."

"Yes. Oh. That." He snorted back sarcastically.

Cheeks tinged with red, Wufei averted his glance elsewhere. "I don't know. I guess my body merely responded." Raking a frustrated hand through his hair he glared balefully down at the comforter. "Look I just don't know, Miri. It was like all the sudden I was dazed and unattached."


Wufei glared over at him.

"Just responding" he grinned playfully at the scowling Chinese man.

"It doesn't mean anything."

"Of course not. You're straight. You don't like men that way."

"Well, you seem to forget sometimes" Wufei responded.

"I forget?" Turning his icy eyes to the younger man, Millardo snorted. "I forget? Maybe you are mistaking my responses for your actions."

"Hardly" Wufei snorted.

"Hn." With that, Millardo gave him one last glare and turned his back towards the Chinese man, lying down to go to sleep.

Wufei clicked off the light and looked at the man's back. Biting his lip he lingered for a long few minutes. It had been such a wonderful evening and week. He was ruining it on their last night there.

Stifling a sigh, the Chinese man shifted closer to Millardo.

Blinking, the Sankian man glanced down in surprise to see Wufei snuggling up next to him. "Um... Wufei?"

Without glancing up towards the other man, Wufei wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist. "It's your anniversary. I can handle sleeping like this for one night."

Miri moved slightly, adjusting himself and wrapping an arm around the younger man. Reaching out with his other hand, he stroked that black glossy hair. "Thank you."

Snorting, Wufei closed his eyes and murmured, "Whatever. Just go to sleep."

Chuckling, the blonde man snuggled closer. "I think you're warming up to me."

"Keep dreaming" Wufei replied. "Night."

"Good night, Wufei." Miri whispered back, closing his eyes and letting sleep take him.

Wufei laid there in the dark, soothed by Miri's peaceful breaths, watching the rise and fall of the man's chest. He wasn't even sure why he did what he did.

His mind flickered in thought. He began to wonder what it would feel like to lay against that bronze chest without Miri's and his own cotton t-shirt dividing them.

Little by little he inched his hand lower and finally slipped it beneath the older man's shirt. The European man's flesh was smooth to the touch. He could feel the strong muscles under the soft skin relaxing as the taller man drifted into the deeper sleep cycle.

Running his fingers along the man's stomach muscles, Wufei closed his eyes, privately relishing the way they felt beneath his fingers.

His eyes opened and widened in shock the second after he thought that. Quickly he pulled his hand from under the other man's shirt. It was trembling.

He took a few long breaths to calm himself and unconsciously snuggled closer to the taller man's warm body. `It must be the weight of our situation getting to me' he figured, relaxing slightly. `I've been so lonely for so long that any warmth seems acceptable.'

Still, he did feel nice and actually slightly comfortable in the man's arms. Closing his eyes, Wufei settled to sleep leaving any worries for the morning. After all, it was only for this one night.

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