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Somewhere + Part 7

Millardo closed his eyes partially, having a lazy glance at Mariemaia typing furiously with her friends online. Her comments sounded extraordinarily loud in the silent plane cabin. Every once and a while she would sheepishly turn around to see if she had disturbed her parents.

Smiling, Millardo would shake his head and she would return, albeit slightly quieter, to her friends.

Meanwhile, oblivious to it all, the Chinese man slept silently beside him. Stifling a groan, the European man bemoaned his short sightedness of not hazarding to guess that Wufei would have eventually fallen asleep lounging on him. When it did happen, soon after they took off, it left him and his spine in an awkward position. One he was certain it would take a few days to work out.

There was just no comfortable way to get relaxed when sitting up straight and another person using you as a body pillow.

He supposed he should just move a little, if only to work the kink out of his back, yet, Wufei looked so eternally peaceful snuggling against him.

He looked up to note that Marie was watching the two of them over the back of the seat in front of them.

"Hey," he whispered.

"Hey back," she grinned, resting her arms on the back of the chair and leaning on them. "Is he still sleeping?"

"The entire time and hasn't stirred," Miri replied. "How are your friends? Any exciting gossip to catch up on?"

"Nothing really happened," she shrugged.

"I thought getting a boyfriend was gossip worthy... " Millardo smirked at her.

"He is not my boyfriend!" Mari hissed with embarrassment, before slapping her hands over her mouth and checking if her outburst had awakened her other parent.

"Miri!" she whispered harshly.

Grinning innocently, the blonde man winked at her. "Okay so no boyfriend yet."

"Gah! I can't talk about this with you! You're like my dad Miri!!"

Chuckling softly, he smiled at her. "Alright, alright. You getting tired? We still have another hour before landing."

Taking a cue when she saw one, Marie snuggled up on her open side and lounged as well. "Nite Miri," she whispered, closing her eyes.

"Good night, Mariemaia," he whispered, closing his eyes and basking in the feeling of perfect silence and comfort. It was going to only get better from then on in he conceded to himself.

It was only going to get better.


In all it had not been a complete disaster. No strange moments. Relena had been none the wiser about her brother-in-law. Marie had a well-deserved break and was also still very much in the dark. He was relaxed, a little sorry that when the weekend was over he would be back at work. Though, he supposed, that if he wanted he could merely ask for the rest of the upcoming week off.

It was a tantalizing thought. Wufei had been much more open and in a way responsive than he had been before. Millardo was almost hesitant to leave it where it was and risk the chance of the Chinese man slipping into their former, cooler transactions.

Sighing softly he slipped the latest set of developed rolls of film out of their package. He would need to get a new album soon. Unconsciously, a smile slipped onto his face as he flipped through the images from their vacation. Eyes lingering on the Asian man for a few seconds longer at each image.

"Marie is as adamant about photos as I am," he murmured aloud as many slightly a skewed images graced the roll. It had seemed that their daughter had an obsession with capturing them together on film.

"It must come from a shared lack of a real loss of a normal family between the two of us," he murmured, a set of new pictures capturing his attention.

They were snapshots of him and Wufei on the slopes from their recent trip to his sister's.

Sitting back, he let he memories slide over him.

"I didn't realize you skied so well," he commented, watching the Chinese man skid to a stop.

Relena stuck out her tongue. "Jealous brother? Obviously Wufei's been practicing."

Zechs merely sulked while his husband laughed.

Stopping beside them, the auburn haired woman smirked. "Out of practice dear brother?" And she tossed a strand of hair over her shoulder and skied off.

Turning, Wufei grinned up at Miri.

The older man rolled his eyes in response, "Come on Mr. Bunny hill champion. I'll race you to the bottom."

Snorting with amusement, Wufei smirked. "I'll see you at the bottom then."

Zechs looked up from the photo as the Chinese man entered the living room holding two mugs in his hands.

Wufei looked at him and questioned, "Are you alright?"

Nodding, the blonde took one of the cups. "Thank you. I'm fine, just remembering our little race."

Wufei snorted with sarcasm "Race? I don't remember any race." Placing his cup down on the table, he took a seat on the arm of the sofa next to the blonde. "I don't believe one could consider it much of a race. I think I should let Anne know that her head of department needs skiing practice."

"Really?" Millardo questioned, eyeing the man standing before him.


Swooping up, the taller man scooped Wufei up and dropped him onto the couch. "Maybe I didn't tell you that I am a horribly sore loser," he replied, smirking down on the younger man.

He leaned in close over the slightly befuddled and dazed Chinese man. "A very sore loser... "

Two feet came barreling through. "I'm home! Don't do it on the couch! I would never be able to sit there again!"

Wufei turned bright red.

Straightening up, Miri turned towards the curtain then back towards the direction, their daughter had darted through. "I thought school ended at three?" He picked up his husband's wrist to look at the time. "It's only 12:30."

"Hm," she replied, walking in with a cookie in one hand and her coat in the other. "Snow storm warning. Pretty bad. We heard it was a few towns over and so they let us go home early." With a noncommittal shrug, she walked to the front closet to hang up her coat.

With an audible sigh, Millardo leaned back on the couch rubbing his temples anticipating an oncoming headache. "Mariemaia? What have I told you about these situations?"

She sheepishly looked between her two parents trying to access the situation. "Um... call you and let you know?"

"Yes. What if something had happened to you?" He pressed.

Marie started to pout. "Nothing did."

Wufei leaned forward and looked her in the eye, "but something could have."

Slipping his arm around Wufei's shoulder, Miri looked down from the ceiling to her blue eyes. "Mariemaia, we aren't yelling at you. But next time, just please call us?"

Sighing with just a hint of aggravation, she scrunched her nose. "I got home fine."

"That isn't the issue, young lady," the European man replied, frustration seeping into his tone.

Wufei noted the glaring contest building up between Marie and Millardo. Slipping a hand onto the Sankian's, Wufei tried to calm the man's growing temper. "The point, Mariemaia," he started, turning his attention to the redhead, "is that if not us, then someone has to know where you are at all times. We're not trying to make you're life harder. Think of it as a precautionary security."

She pouted and rolled her eyes.

"Mariemaia... " The European's voice was straining with patience now.

With a huff, she glared evenly at the two of them. "I'll be in my room, doing homework or going online. Does half the freaking world need to know that?"

"Mariemaia," Zechs stated sternly.

"I'd hate to be risking a breach in security, Miri!" And with that last scream, she whirled around and pounded up the steps. A good minute later, the two men heard a door slam.

With a releasing sigh, Millardo collapsed back onto the couch.

Wufei looked over at him for a long moment. "Miri?"

"She'll be fine. She is a teenager, well almost a teenager. I'll talk to her later about this."

"We'll talk to her later about this. In the meantime, I'll call Anne and let her know Marie is here before she has half of the Preventer force combing the city for her."

The blonde merely nodded and pinched the bridge of his nose. He definitely had a headache now.

Smiling, Wufei turned and dialed Lady Une directly.

"Wufei! Hello! How was skiing?" She asked upon viewing the young man on her vid screen.

"Really nice. There were plenty of snowfalls giving us some great slopes. And your conferences?"

Cracking a grin, she folded her hands. "Let's put it this way, the next time your husband wants to point a beam cannon at the planet tell him I have a list of countries to aim for."

From where he was, the blonde man cracked open an eye. "I heard that."

Wufei chuckled richly. "Don't encourage him. But really, this unfortunately was not a complete social call, Anne. I wanted to tell you that Marie is home."

He saw her typing off screen with a bewildered look. "Really? She doesn't get off yet... "

"It seems that there was a snow day called."

Une sighed.

"Don't even go there Anne. We already attempted a discussion with her." Millardo informed her from his position on the couch.

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, she replied, "It can't be helped. Just tell her that there will be a guard assigned to her school from this point on."

Wufei nodded, "We'll pass the news along."

Snorting, Millardo griped, "Teenagers. I certainly never acted this way."

"No. You just tried to put a hole in the planet," Anne countered.

"Okay. Seriously. That joke needs to die."

Laughing, Wufei peered over his shoulder. "Makes one think twice about future actions. Besides, Miri, you take the teasing so well."

With a leer, the European countered. "Well, maybe I shouldn't. But in any case, I have a beam cannon I'd love to point at you, Wufei."

Une laughed as Wufei turned beat red, his mouth opened in shock. "Well, on that note, I'll let you two go. Just remember to talk to Mariemaia, or would you prefer I break the news to her?"

Getting up, Miri leaned over Wufei to look at the vid screen. "Perhaps you should. I would loathe to look like an over protecting father. She might be calmer with you Anne."

"She might," Anne consented. "Good afternoon then gentlemen."

"Bye Anne," Millardo replied, turning off the screen.

Wufei recovered enough to blink.

Millardo enjoyed a lazy walk back to the couch and seated himself, sorting through the abandoned pile, sipping on his coffee.

Wufei finally turned his head to look at the older man skeptically.

In response, the older man gave the Asian man a leering grin.

Rolling his eyes, Wufei went over to join him. "You're such a pervert."

Looking up at the younger man, "No arguments there."


"Marie! Dinner!" Wufei called from the kitchen door. Pausing, he looked over as Millardo pulled the chicken from the stove. With a sigh, he tossed the dishtowel onto the counter. "I'll be down in a second."

"I'm sure she heard you," the blonde responded.

"I have my doubts. I mean she practically in another wing of the house."

Shrugging, the European man nodded. "If you feel the need to."

"I'll be down in a minute," Wufei replied, heading towards their daughter's room.

He paused before knocking. "Marie?"

After a few minutes, she opened her door and glared up at him. "What?"


Pouting, she glared at him. "Did you check with security? Am I cleared to come out?"

Wufei merely gave her a Look for that comment.

She did not look like she cared, for she merely glared back up at him.

With a slight sigh, he leaned on her doorframe. "Mariemaia... Look. You just got us worried. I know you merely forgot but what if something happened to you? I know Miri would never forgive himself. And neither would I."

Biting her lip, she looked to the side. "I didn't mean... " Launching herself into his arms, her voice was muffled through his sweater. "I didn't mean- I just... I didn't think there was any danger!"

Gently stroking his hand through his hair, he hugged her close. "You've lived your entire young life with security constantly about you. I know you want to be a normal girl, Marie. And you can be. Miri and I will never stop you from being so. Just, also remember that you are Mariemaia Khushrenada, Trieze Khushrenada's daughter. A girl who was almost ruler of the world. People are going to sometimes dislike you."

A sniffled response came his way. "I know."

"If we didn't think security was an issue, do you think we would have a Yuy-certified security system?"

Snorting, the pre-teen rolled her eyes. "Do I meet the Yuy-standard?"

Scoffing, Wufei smiled down at her. "Heck, no. Other wise I'd never see you." Faking a dramatic sigh, he added, "You'll have to make do with a Wufei or Miri certified version."

Chuckling, Marie smiled. "Well... Considering the alternative, I guess I can cope." They began walking down the hall towards their awaiting dinner. "Do I really need a guard at school? I mean Anne already had the place wired and constantly under closed circuit viewing."

"How about we test it out. I mean Miri and I have been pretty lax. So at the end of school we'll see how it fairs, alright?" He answered.

"Fei! That's months away!" She stopped, gaping at him.

Wufei raised an eyebrow.

Squirming slightly, she tried another approach. "Valentine's Day?"

"A month is definitely not enough time to see if something is working or not."

"Spring break?"

Another look.

"Um... Easter?"

They entered the dining room and Wufei smiled, "Through high school."

"April Fool's Day?"


With a sigh of defeat, she shoulders slumped and she murmured, "End of the school year?"

"What a wonderful idea!" Wufei praised.

"What's a wonderful idea?" Miri asked, serving the chicken from the pan onto their plates.

"The length we'll test a guard out." Wufei explained, returning to the dining room with two bowls of vegetables.

"I want a female guard!" Marie added.

"Fine by me, just as long as you are done pouting," the European man smiled.

She stuck out her tongue at him.

"Go help Wufei bring the last of the food in," he ushered.

"Fine. Fine," she replied.

"Did you at least finish your homework whilst being in your room?" Wufei asked as she came back into the room with a plate of food.

"Yes," She responded, taking her seat.

"All of it?" Millardo asked, placing his napkin on his lap.

"Yes!" She responded, exasperated. "What is this? Pick on Mariemaia night?"

Wufei smiled at her.

"Oh? Did we neglect to mention that to you?" The blonde asked innocently.

"Miri!" was the girl's loud response.

Millardo, for his part just laughed along with Wufei.


Wufei stood in the door, just out of Mariemaia's line of sight, watching her. `Something is definitely up' he thought. Marie had been cheery up until the previous week. He idly wondered if it had anything to do with Valentine's Day, which was approaching them in three weeks.

With one last glance he decided that it was `Time to call in the Calvary,' sighing as he finished his thought.

Heading towards his office, he noted that since Millardo was working that weekend, the house seemed more quite than usual. Closing his office door, he sat down at his desk. "Call Maxwell," he requested, the vid comm accepted the command and within moments, a familiar set of violet eyes were blinking at him.

"Yo Wufei!" Duo greeted his comrade.

"Good afternoon, Duo," Wufei replied with a smile.

"How have you been?"

"Fine. You and Heero are well?"

"Fine as always. Taking in the wonders of down time. Relaxing." Duo paused and looked to his side and smirked. "Well some of us learned what the word relaxed meant at some point in our lives."

"I know what it means, Duo," Wufei heard Heero reply from off screen.

"Application issues?" Wufei ventured.

"On the rest and relaxation parts yes," the American agreed.


"See, Hee-chan? If Wu-kun can learn to relax then you can as well!" Duo called out as his lover mumbled leaving the vicinity.

"Have you tried sedatives?"

Duo's eyes twinkled. "No, but that idea has merit."

The two friends chatted back and forth for a while, talking about everything, catching up from the last time they spoke. Wufei finally asked, "Duo? Has Marie mentioned anything about why she's been upset lately?"

Quirking an eyebrow, Duo looked at his friend. "Nothing. She's depressed or something?"

The Asian man sighed. "Not depressed, but not her usual cheery self."

"Well, she is on the verge of teenage-hood, Wu-kun," Duo reminded him. "You know how kids go through such terrible mood swings."

The Asian man refrained from rolling his eyes. "Duo if I needed an explanation on puberty, I would have merely have called one of those crazy women of Mariemaia's friends."

"Hey, just a guess," the violet eyed man defended.

"Sorry. She has just been a little testy this week. I'm sure Anne mentioned she has a guard now, right?"

"Puh-lease. Hee-chan's first reaction I swear was to break out in a celebratory jubilee break dance or something."

Wufei blinked. "Dance?"

With a smug look, Duo nodded. "Yeah, who would have thunk it?

"Dance?" Wufei repeated skeptically.

Tapping his chin in thought, the American paused for a minute, and then brightened as something dawned on him. "Has she mentioned anything about the Valentine's Day dance?"

Blinking, Wufei stared at him. "There's a dance? Aren't they too young to be dating?"

Rolling his eyes, Duo rested his chin on his hand. "Says the man who was married by the time he was thirteen."

Pursing his lips, Wufei glared at the braided haired man.

"Hey, well, technically I do believe these wild and whacky kids do date these days at the ripe young age of twelve, Wufei. But I guess you didn't know that the school has a dance every year. This would be the first year M can attend, so it's a Big Deal from what I can gather." Duo explained.


"Yeah oh. Maybe she hasn't been asked yet?" Duo asked.

Shrugging, Wufei leaned back in his chair and looked up to Duo for a bit of support.

Duo watched his friend carefully. `He's scared. Wufei is scared about parenting. I mean I guess it is understandable that he is constant fear he'll mess things up, but can't he see that he is doing a great job. I mean half a year ago he was a completely different person than he is now.'

"I don't know what you should do, Wu-kun. Maybe we good ol' Gundam pilots should stand down this challenge and call for the alternative forces?" Duo suggested after a moments more study of his friend.


Nodding, Duo agreed. "Or Relena. They are the two closest women in M's life. Maybe even Lu. I know she does a lot with M's guarding from a far."

"Are we sure she won't be... umm... difficult with me?" Wufei ventured.

"Difficult?" Duo parroted, momentarily confused by the Chinese man's question. That was until it dawned upon him what Wufei was asking.

"Lu's an avid supporter Wu-kun. She would be more than willing to hang you know. Sure you were never close, but she does question about you and Miri all the time." Duo replied slowly.

`I know Miri talks to her, as much as I lean on Sally at times. But Duo would never steer me wrong... '

Sighing, Wufei ran his fingers through his hair. "Maybe I should ask Anne. I mean, she is like Marie's mother figure. I feel Miri and I never include her enough."

"Lady A would never think that, Wufei!" Duo cleared up for him. "Trust me; the woman's practically making sure that the world remains at peace as well as four floating colonies. She does not have a lot of free time. She counts on you and Miri to be there when she will never be able to for M."

Smiling, Wufei nodded. "Thanks Duo."

"No problem," Duo grinned back.

"I should give Anne a call before she leaves for lunch. I'll call you soon."

"You better. And let me know the second M gets a date to the dance."

Raising a skeptical eyebrow, Wufei looked at Maxwell. "And we give Heero the bad rap."

"Hey, what's the point of working for the government if there aren't any perks? I consider it standard security, personally." Duo insisted.

"I think the term you were confusing your protectiveness with is obsessed." Wufei snidely remarked.

"Love you, too, Wu-chan!"

With an exasperated sigh, Wufei bid his friend farewell and hung the comm up. He tilted back in his chair for a long moment before calling up Millardo to check about asking Anne about the whole dance thing.

`Parenting is not quite as easy as I thought' he mused, calling the Sankian man on the comm.


Wufei heard the front door slam and a heavy book bag hit the wood floor in their foyer. Footsteps lead the culprit to stand before him in the kitchen doorway.

Mariemaia was not herself.

"Hello, Marie," Wufei started cautiously, not certain if she was going to talk about what was bothering her without any prodding.

She stormed over to the refrigerator and took out a juice can and sipped at it. "Hey Fei."

Drying off his head and turning off the sink's faucet, he placed the towel down and leaned against the counter. "Are you alright?"

With a sigh, she placed the half finished can back in the fridge and closed the door with a heavy sigh. "Yeah. I'm dandy."

"You sure?"

There was a long, pondering pause before she whispered, "Wufei... I'd like to talk about it, but... "

"But?" he asked.

"I'd feel odd about it! I mean you're a guy. My dad!" she explained, glaring helplessly at the tiled floor.

He looked her over for a moment, before speaking. "Duo mentioned something about a Sadie Hawkin's Day dance or something coming up soon."

She glared at the tiles even harder.

He closed his eyes briefly, steeling his nervousness, before opening his eyes with determination. "Well," he began, "I certainly can't help you with your girl problems, but I think I of all people could help with you boy problems, Marie."

She stifled a giggle which quickly turned into a tearful sob.

"Marie? What happen?" he asked softly.

She turned and buried her face into his shirt and mumbling through her sobs, "I asked Blake to the dance! And... And... He turned me down!"

Swallowing tightly, he gently stroked her hair. "Then he was obviously a fool and not worthy of your affections."

"But he said he could never date an evil person like me! He called me evil and self centered and a wretched girl!" she wailed into his chest. "He called me a self centered bitch, Fei! A bitch! In front of the entire hallway! The entire school knows now! I don't know how I can ever face anyone again!"

"Oh, Mariemaia... " He whispered sympathetically, hugging her tightly. "He's an idiot."

"I didn't cry! I wouldn't cry! I refused to look like some weary- eyed girl in front of him. But all day people whispered about it and everyone I know has a date and all my friends are going and I'll be home alone when everybody is at the social event of the all because I made one huge stupid mistake in my life!!" she cried out, her fist balling up the material of his shirt.

"I'm sure not everyone is going," Wufei coaxed.

"Everyone I know is!" she retorted angrily.

"Can you go... what's the word Duo used... Stag?" he suggested.

"I'd be a laughing stock!"

"Maybe you can go with that nice Russian boy you met at Relena's? You two are good friends now. I'm sure he'd be delighted to take you" he suggested.

"I already asked and he's in the Colony's with his parent's and can't make it!"

"There's still time. You can always ask someone else," he suggested.

"And have them turn me down too?" she snarled at the floor, angry with herself for being such a loser.

"You don't think that."

"Wufei they know!" she shouted, her blue eyes brimmed with tears, fear, self loathing, and self hate. "They all know. I can pretend all I want but doesn't change the fact that they know! I bet they all hate me! They should hate me... "

Sternly, he faced her glare, and hugged her tightly. "That is untrue. And you're friends would say the same thing."

He paused and released a sigh.

"You know Miri is going to flip when he hears what I'm going to say, but I think its time you really learn who was involved in the Eve's War. This way you won't be caught defenceless when people accuse you of things falsely. Which I fear will sadly happen more often as you grow older."

Sniffling, she wiped at her tear stained cheeks with the palm of her hand. "I know... I probably should. I just... I just don't want to think about the horrible person that I was. I thought I had changed. I thought that if I showed people that, I would be forgiven. That the past would be forgotten."

"You don't have to start yet. Only when you feel comfortable about doing so. But Marie?" He tilted her chin up to look at her in the eyes. "It was never your fault. Don't ever blame what we adults did as your own doings. You are a wonderful person, you were then and you are even more so now. Not everyone will always see that. They will prefer to see you as something they've built up in their minds and vilified. But there are those who matter to you, and we know who you are. You are a sweet, kind and generous young girl. If the others can't see that, they are blind with their own hate and nothing you will do can ever change that. They don't matter Marie. They never have and they never will."

She gave him a hopeful, shakey grin. Relief flooded into her eyes. "Thank you Fei," she whispered.

"No need to be thanking me. I was merely stating the truth." He hugged her sweetly, stroking her hair as she sobbed out her relief and the stress of the day.

When her tears began to slow down to a sniffle, he wiped them away and offered her a tissue. "Now, what can we do tomorrow, since it is Saturday, and you need to be cheered up and spoiled."

Laughing softly, she shyly smiled. "Shopping."

With a sly grin, Wufei rolled his eyes. "The most dreaded word in the English language."


"Shopping it is. You sure you won't want to hang out with your friends?"

"No. I definetly want to spend my day with you guys instead. Do you think Miri will be able to join us?"

"I believe Miri is working tomorrow," Wufei replied. "I'm not sure if he will be able to take off. But I bet I convince your other shopping buddy to come."

Hugging Wufei tightly, Marie grinned, tears subsiding. "Great! You, me, and Anne and the shopping mall! You're the best Fei!"

Grinning, Wufei ruffled her hair teasingly. "For you, anything." Returning her hug, he took a moment to bask in the joys of fatherhood.


Glaring at the structure, Wufei scrunched his nose up at the food court. Three hours of shopping and he had finally met his match. The food court.

"I knew I should have eaten something more than a banana this morning," he bemoaned.

"A banana, eh?" Anne winked at him, when Marie's attention was elsewhere.

"Get your thoughts out of the gutter, onna," Wufei groused at her.

Grinning at the Asian man, Anne strode ahead a few paces to catch up to Maire. "Cheese fries?"

Looking over her shoulder, Marie chuckled at Wufei's horrified _expression. Returning Anne's conspiritous wink, Marie nodded. "Cheese fries."

"You're trying to kill me," he bemoaned, joining the two women.

"They're not going to kill you," Anne adomished.

Chuckling, Marie replied in a very good Wufei impersonation, "Sure it can. Dioxin has been found in healthy cows and has been linked tentivley to cancer."

"Why, or rather how do you know these things?" Anne asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"It is a long and boring story, Anne. And the reason the tv remote is kept away from Wufei." Marie explained.

"It's a story with a lesson," interjected Wufei.

"Cheese fries, Mariemaia?" Anne restated her question from a few minutes ago.

"Cheese fries," the girl confirmed.

Grimacing, Wufei bemoaned his fate. "The world is truly against me."

"You'll love them! I promise!" Marie replied, half dragging the man into the dreaded food court.