Author: kc-chan
Rating: R
Warning: Language, yaoi, angst, AU, possible OOC, lemon.
PAIRINGS: 6+5/5+6 ; mentions of 5xM/M+5; 3x4; and 1x2x1
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Somewhere + Part 9

Wufei dolefully noted that they had been at the same bar for over five hours, making it well past midnight. It also meant that a good number of them were drunk. He tried not to remind himself that he was not going to have a liver by the time he reached thirty.

"The next round" Heero announced, setting down a full pitcher.

'Make that twenty-five' he mentally decided, ticking off the lives left in his mortality.

Scooting close to the Chinese boy, Duo downed half his drink and fixed Wufei with a questioning glance. "Now that I finally have you cornered, I have one pressing question, Wuffie. How was Relena duty?"

Smiling, Wufei chuckled. "Actually not that bad, Duo. However if I see another pink object worn again it will be too soon."

"Pity. I heard pink was this year's black" Trowa chuckled even as Wufei glared at him.

"Please. Don't. The creator of the colour pink should be slowly tortured to a gruesome death" Duo said. "Trust me Wufei, I know the pain. One wonders why one would need conceivably that many pink outfits-"

"Shoes..." Heero murmured.

"Accessories..." Wufei sighed wearily.

"At least I can't add limo to that sentence" Millardo grinned, sipping from his mug.

Shivering, the American boy gave him a glare of contempt. "That thing was probably one of the most embarrassing to have to ride it. The only person who had it worse was the poor Preventer suckered into driving it."

"I still get thank you cards from him every year since I accidentally let it be destroyed" Heero added.

"Accidentally-on-purpose" Duo smiled. "It was a beautiful moment. It exploded so brilliantly."

Quatre just shook his head. Changing topics, he turned to the Blonde and Wufei and asked, "Mariemaia seemed happy that you are home now."

Softly grinning, Wufei nodded. "Yeah, she is."

"Did Zechs miss you too?" The American asked snidely.

There was a choking noise from the Asian man.

Laughing, Duo smirked. "I'll take that as a yes." He pitched up the beer pitcher in dismay. "Man, we just ordered that one. Oi! Another round!"

"Another?" Heero asked, finishing the drabble of beer left in the pitcher.

"We're here to celebrate! Wufei is home!" The America replied, matter-of-factly.

Wufei for his part merely glared at the American, but deep inside he feel truly happy. It was quite a wonder having a friendship with his comrades.

They had traded tales of Relena as another hour and a few more rounds went by. Millardo smiled softly as a very nearly drunk Wufei leaned against him. The smile was slightly bittersweet though. He didn't want to push the issue but-

"Another round" Duo called out, interrupting his thoughts.

"I think we're plastered enough, Duo" Quatre chuckled, resting into his tall lover's arms.

"There is always room for one more round" Duo lectured, flagging down

the waitress.

"A Duo Maxwell fact of life?" Heero snickered.

"And a fine one at that!" Duo retorted grinning as the waitress came over.

"No, thank you" Wufei muttered. "My liver is ready to give up."

"Designated driver has its perks" Heero grinned sipping on his new glass full of water.

Pouting, Duo turned back to the Asian man. "Wufei, you have to! It's your celebration after all!"

"That I made it through three months of pink?"

"Exactly! And it's your year anniversary today!"

Wufei blinked. "Huh?"

The blonde stiffened ever so slightly at that mention. He forgot how perceptive Maxwell could be.

Duo rolled his eyes. "One year? Since you got here? Ring a bell?"

"Congratulations!" Quatre laughed, cheeks flushing wildly.

Millardo merely watched for Wufei's reaction.

"I'll join in another round for that" Trowa replied.

Beer was poured and glasses rose. All joined in on toasting Millardo and Wufei to a congratulations on their first year. And to many more.

That had left an uneasy tension lingering between him and the blonde. Wufei downed his beer with fervor, but it didn't take the edge off the atmosphere for him and Zechs. He did consider it lucky that the others hadn't noticed the slight change in both their demeanors.

Wufei had to try not to bolt the moment the sluggishly started to head towards the door a half an hour later.

"Good Night" Wufei replied to Quatre's wave, as his and Trowa's limo picked the two of them up.

Winking, Duo tossed a friendly arm around the slighter man. "Yeah you two. Watch out for horseplay!"

Wufei blushed furiously, "Maxwell!"

"Hey, it's a fair warning. Blondie seems to rock it and cause inter-dimentsional shifts. All Hee-chan and I can do is rock the bed. I am jealous."

"Baka" Heero snorted.

"Hey, Zechs has bragging rights to display!" Blowing a kiss at them, he followed Heero to their motorcycle.

Wufei was left standing frozen to the spot watching them race out of the parking lot. It wasn't the shock, but the flash memory of that event. His stomach churned.

Wrapping an arm around the smaller man, Zechs pulled him close. "People say stupid things when they're drunk."

Wufei pulled back and followed him to their car.

Settling back, Wufei looked down at his hands. "Do you think that what Duo said was true?"


"About what he said" Wufei murmured back.

Zechs stopped the engine and fell back on his seat with a sigh. "You really want my answer?"

"Yes" Wufei replied softly.

"I did think about it earlier."

"Oh. When Duo made the big fuss about our one year."

There was a long silence. "I remembered earlier this week when I looked at a calendar. Didn't you?"

Wufei swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat as he peered over at the blonde beside him.

Zechs sat with his eyes closed, but he radiated sadness.

'No. I didn't' Wufei thought silently.

"Well, yes, but I didn't, well, want to mention it know" he muttered. 'Nice one, you idiot!' he scolded himself. Wufei didn't want to draw attention to what the real one year anniversary meant to Zechs.

"I see" was all the blonde replied as he revved up the car's engine.

Wufei felt it better to remain silent.

"Let's go home" Millardo muttered, pulling out of the bar.

Driving in the silence was slowly driving his guilt to new heights. "Miri?" Wufei began. "I'm..."

"What?" Miri asked, in a tone that read that he didn't want to hear anything coming from the other man.

Swallowing, Wufei shook his head. "Nothing. I'm sorry, it was nothing."

"Hn" Millardo grunted in reply.


He figured he was trying to scald himself to death. Wufei cranked the knob and cooled the water blasting out of the shower head cool down some.

This was not supposed to be bothering him. He wasn't gay. He didn't have any interest in men at all! So, he had forgotten that he had been there a year. It wasn't that big a deal.

'I've been enjoying myself that's why. There's no use lying about it. I love having him as a companion. I love being Marie's father. I love being able to'

He shook his head.

'Of course Miri wouldn't forget. Would I forget the day Meiren died? I all but essentially killed his husband. Dammit!

'I want to help. I want to make it better. But I can bring his husband back...'

Wufei stopped, blinking suddenly. What if...? What if he had sex with the blonde? After all, it didn't even make sense, so if he got here on this night/morning through sex, then maybe it would work in reverse?

'Of course,' he noted privately, 'that it would mean I had to...'

He stopped and swallowed slowly. It would mean he would have to let the other man fuck him.

Shivering he leaned on the cool tile for support. Wufei didn't honestly know if he could willingly let the taller man actually take him. Hell! He wasn't even sure he knew exactly what it would entail.

Sure, he could gather the basics of it from his far removed but none the less basic understanding of the male form.

Grimacing, Wufei squeezed his eyes shut. His stomach knotted itself harshly.

He briefly experienced it in those hazy first moments he arrived there. Brief moments that he didn't really want to think about.

Opening his eyes he sighed. 'In the end I guess I have to. I can't just steal someone's life.'

And if it works? his mind seemed to ask.

'Then I return to the world I am supposed to be in.'

Alone and miserable?

Frowning, he glared at the tiled wall. 'This isn't about me. I have a wild chance in hell to make this whole escapade righted. I could

give Miri back his Fei. I'll deal with my issues when I get to my world. Only then. I am going to stop being selfish.

'This isn't about me. It's about him.

'I am doing this for him.'


Hesitantly Wufei exited from their bathroom, stepping into the cooler bedroom. Miri had lounged, sprawled across the bed, one arm flung over his eyes which seemed to be closed.

"I have a theory" Wufei stated.

"I don't particularly want to hear it" the European man muttered.

"I think you might" the black haired man pressed.

Sitting up with a slight growl, Millardo fixated Wufei with a nasty glare. "Stop fucking around! I really really am not in the mood to debate this tonight!"

"I am not opening it up for a damned debate! All I was going to say was do you think Maxwell was right. I wasn't going to turn this into a fighting match. I was going to ask a simple damn question!" Wufei heatedly responded.

"I don't want to think about!" Zechs retorted, standing suddenly.

"You never seem to want to!" Wufei snidely remarked.

"How often do you want to open debate the subject of your wife's death? Huh? So you dare come in all haughty and superior. I don't want to fucking hear it!"

"Maybe you should!"

"Since when were you the fucking authority on emotion, Wufei? You the neurotic, depressed, anti social asshole of the fucking year! My husband is dead! I can't fucking mourn for him! I can't abandon you. I can't have a funeral for him! I can't even talk about it. I have to pretend everything is all goddamn fine! I don't need you spouting theories to add to my already miserable, shitty existence!" Zechs glared down at the scowling Asian man, using his height superiority to look down at the boy.

"I am trying to help you!" Wufei hissed up at him.

"I don't want your help!"

"If you would just listen-"

"Shut Up!"


"Shut UP!"


"I said SHUT the HELL U-!"

Squeezing his eyes closed, Wufei hissed out in true anger and hesitation, "Fuck me."

There were a few seconds of absolute silence in which Millardo's mouth was opened in shock.

Finally, he managed a choking noise followed with a broken, "What?"

Gritting his teeth, Wufei dared not to look up at the man. "You heard me fine. I do not plan to repeat that out loud."

The blonde's voice was truly baffled when he finally voiced his response, "Why? Why are you even agreeing to...? Why?"

Breathing slowly, trying to release his anger the smaller Chinese man replied, "What if Duo's drunk theory was right?"

Pausing, the taller man thought for a moment what the other man was talking about. "That us having sex, tonight, maybe reopen some inter-dimensional vortex and set things back to the way they were?"

He added after another moment's thought, "You sure?"

Wufei focused his eyes intently on the rug. His voice was barely above a whisper. "What if, what if it worked? It's insane enough to work. I can not think of anything else." And silently he added, 'And if we don't we'll never know.'

"And you're okay with this?" Miri asked hesitantly.

Swallowing, Wufei steeled up his courage to respond to the blonde's question. 'After all I would be giving up...' He shook his head briefly and firmly responded to his own questioning thoughts. 'It is not my life! If this works I will never be a bother to him again. I won't be his problem anymore. I would be where I belonged.'

'Alone and forgotten' his thoughts reminded him.

"You would get your life back and I would get back mine" Wufei calmly stated.

Miri just looked at him. Wufei could feel the weighted stare on him.

'She is not my daughter. This isn't my life. I didn't create this, I didn't work to make it happen. I just appeared and took it. But in the end, all that matters is that it isn't mine.

'It never really was.'

It took a lot Wufei realized to admit that to himself. For months he worked to fit into the life he had here.

'I will miss it terribly. I will miss her terribly.'

He felt his heart clench slightly. 'I will miss h-'

"Let's do it" Millardo replied, breaking off Wufei's last thought.

Blinking, Wufei promptly forgot what he was thinking and looked at the man before him. "Huh? Oh, yes." When had they backed their way over to the bed? Swallowing, Wufei blinked rapidly. 'Ancestors!' he pleaded silently. It was one thing to think about having sex with the other man, another entirely to actually do it. 'Crap. Up to this moment it was a good idea." His stomach twisted tightly.

"Um..." Wufei started.

Millardo watched emotions flock across the smaller man's face rapidly. He began to realize what Wufei's fear was. 'You positive about this?" he asked hesitantly.

Wufei nodded.

Miri backed them up the last few steps to the bed. Wufei flinched as the back of his knee's touched the cool sheets.

Leaning forward, Millardo positioned the smaller man onto the bed.

Looking up, Wufei felt his stomach knot itself. The robe around his fell slightly, exposing his freshly cleaned skin to the cool bedroom air. The tall man leaned over him, straddling him really.

"The moment" Miri whispered into his ear, "you don't want..." He shook his head. "The moment you can't do this tell me to stop. Promise me."

Wufei felt entirely too entranced by those light blue eyes. He mutely nodded.

"I don't want you to get hurt." Miri finished.

Turning his eyes to focus on something that wasn't the man above him, Wufei murmured his response. "Promise."

There was a shifting above him that drew Wufei's eyes back to Millardo. The tall European was stripping.

'What the fuck did I just agree to?' Wufei's fear surged through him.

He swallowed and turned away.

The weight returned above him and he flinched when soft lips touched his throat. That velvet tongue drew small circles as it moved up and captured his mouth.

Black eyes flew open as Millardo's tongue stroked over his own.

Quick fingers glided over his exposed chest, tugging gently on the restrains of his robe.

Cool air rushed over his bare skin as the European man brushed away the terry material.

The gentle caress of the other man's flesh against his own only tightened the dread in Wufei's stomach.

Miri pulled away from his lips and gently fondled and dipped around his earlobe. Wufei accidentally groaned as the taller man stroked that tender flesh.

Wufei could feel his breath hitch. "Can we please... Please just... Just skip to the... skiptothesex part!" he gritted out. If the older man was going to play with his body like that, Wufei knew he was going to enjoy it far more than he wanted to admit.

He could feel the man grinning against his cheek. "Hm?"

Wufei knew his breathing was increasing. He did not want to be affected by this! "Let's just get this over with!" he hissed.

There was a playful chuckle. "I've never figured you would just want to jump right into it. I figured you would need to get used to me touching you."

Wufei grimaced slightly. That was the last thing he needed. "Miri!" he growled.

The Asian man was not used to feeling so terribly vulnerable. He didn't want to like it.

"Fine, fine" the older man whispered gently. "I am warning you it is going to hurt."

"Just get this over with!" Wufei commanded.

"As you wish" Miri whispered, placing one last kiss on Wufei's lips before repositioning the younger man beneath him.

Sliding those muscular bronzed skinned legs onto his own, Miri lifted the boy slightly.

Wufei hissed as the other man's finger slid into him, a cool, slimy gel covered finger invading him. His eyes squeezed firmly shut. Teeth bit deeply into his lip so he wouldn't scream out in shock or pain.

Rasping, he felt that finger poke and prod gently before sliding out.

Those coal lit eyes flew open in surprise when two fingers entered him. He bucked slightly; vaguely realizing that Millardo's other hand was holding him firmly in position. Fingers gently massaged his thigh.

Fingers began to stretch apart and Wufei grunted, his head shaking back and forth slightly. 'Why the fuck did I agree to this?!' he silently screamed. Was going back really that important to him?

Of course his mind reminded him that he did experience this once before, and actually began to enjoy it to then too.

Wufei really didn't respond to that because in all honesty he didn't want to think about what happened when he first arrived.

A whimper escaped from his lips as a third finger slipped into him, stretching him further. He couldn't escape the bucking of his hips this time. His body was going to respond whether or not he wanted it too.

Millardo leaned close to the smaller man's ear and whispered, "Are you sure about this?"

Wufei trembled, licking his lips and tried to control his hitching breaths.

Swallowing, he closed his eyes and nodded.

"Wufei?" Miri whispered.

"Yes." Wufei grated out.

"Wufei? Are you certain?"

"Yes!" Wufei hissed. Damn it! He didn't want to feel this sensation creeping up in him!

"Tell me the instant you don't. I promise to stop."

That sounded terribly foreboding to the Chinese man.

Millardo move one of his legs over his shoulder, and pressed closer. Wufei gasped as the other man's stiff penis rubbed against his inner thigh.

What the hell did he agree to?

He felt it press against his entrance and slowly slide in.

Wufei clenched and hissed violently. It hurt!

Millardo's voice whispered calmly at his ear. "Relax."

'Relax?!' His mind whirred. 'He wants me to fucking relax?'

"Relax" Miri repeated, massaging the bronze skinned man.

Wufei took a moment to calm his breathing. He slowly relaxed like the taller man instructed.

"Good" Millardo murmured. "Keep relaxed. You'll be fine."

The Chinese man listened intently on the soothing voice of the older man. Distantly he could feel himself being filled.

Shutting his eyes, Wufei tried to remain calm and breathe normally. He could feel Miri inside him. Feel him!

Then he realized that the blonde was all the way in him.

Millardo paused for a moment, letting the smaller man adjust to the foreign sensation. He watched Wufei's breathing increase ever so slowly.

Finally, Wufei adjusted himself; it didn't hurt quite as much as before. He still throbbed down there, but it wasn't a searing, agonizing pain erupting through him.

Then Miri moved, and slowly pulled himself out.

Wufei freaked mentally. He wasn't really quite sure exactly how this whole thing worked. He hadn't ever tried to work it out in theory while his teammates pounded the walls. He had usually concentrated on sleeping not the mechanics of homoerotic foreplay and sexual intercourse.

Once again the older man slid into him. Gently again, but still there was more force this time.

Once Miri slid in the third time, Wufei gasped as the blonde's penis inside him stuck something.

His hips bucked at what he thought was an impossible angle. A surge of rushing pleasure jettisoned through him.

Hissing through clenched teeth, he bucked again, the pleasure coursing through him.

Then his stomach tightened and something began to flush with pleasure.

Millardo's lips fastened themselves to his neck as he moved and rocked forwards and backwards. One arm securing Wufei in place, the other gently working its way up the younger man's inner thigh.

Muscles flinched as fingers tickled along his inner thigh.

Wufei's eyes wrenched opened when it finally dawned on him where Miri's hand was heading.

The man's thumb playfully rubbed against the tip of his penis.

Squealing in a hissing fear and pleasure at the touch, Wufei rocked his hips upwards. 'What the hell am I doing?' he hazily questioned.

A strong grip grasped around his slightly slackened member and began to stroke him. Every touch twisting something inside him, pleasuring him, and hardening him.

Panting, the bronze toned man could do nothing but feel and on some deniable level, begin to enjoy the flushing craving.

Millardo's fingers teased the younger man's stiffened penis. His thumb constantly rubbing the tip of Wufei's penis. Precum dribbled from it slowly.

Carefully, pleasurably Miri worked his fingers up to Wufei's balls.

Smirking, the European grinned triumphantly as Wufei screamed out in undeniable pleasure.

Wufei's arms slid up, grasping those long blonde tresses, and pulled the other man's mouth towards his own. Firmly he pressed his lips against the older man's. Thrusting his tongue into Millardo's mouth, the Asian man took delectation in exploring every inch of that blissful mouth.

Tongues intertwined as hips thrust against one another.

Wufei arched painfully as the blonde's penis stroked something deep inside him once again. Jerking his hips, he pushed himself down, ramming himself down on that hard member.

Lips started exploring, he was caught up in the understated perfection of pleasure he was feeling. Every nerve was raw and aching with a yearning.

Latching onto Millardo's ear lobe, Wufei nibbled at it playful, grinning wickedly as he heard the older man groan in velleity.

Miri thrusted himself into the boy over and over, his pace picking up. Their hips rammed against one another, his fingers pumping the younger man's penis.

He could feel those long fingers gripping his hair almost painfully, as Wufei screamed out in pleasure with every single thrust.

Ecstasy pumped through every nerve of his being. Wufei panted harshly, pressing himself down on Millardo's hard penis. He wanted release damn it! He wanted unbridled bliss!

Wufei let out a loud scream in pure, unabated rapture as his release ran through him at a broken dam's speed.

The heated flush of joy followed quickly by a rush of fearful coolness. As if his body was floating.

A tremble ran through him.

He felt a blackness surround him.

Just like the day of the accident.

Just like the night that had brought him to this new reality.

Seemingly drowning in the freezing abyss of jetted blackness, he groped for familiarity. If he found it, surely it would be his body.

Panic slipped in as it seemed like seconds were ticking away into minutes.

It was taking to long!

Suddenly a dense heat washed over him, yanking him downwards.

His eyes wrenched open to total whiteness.

Fatigue quickly began to shut him down.

On the edge of exhaustion he held onto one last remaining thought, sending it out with all his might. 'Good bye Mariemaia. Good bye Mir-'

The sleepy blackness of weariness finally burned him out. Settling into a comfort that could only be what he figured was his body, his world; he gave in and passed out.

A smile graced his lips.

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