Author: kc-chan
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Language, yaoi, angst, AU, possible OOC, lemon.
PAIRINGS: 6+5/5+6 ; mentions of 5xM/M+5; 3x4; and 1x2x1
++SPOILERS++: to be safe I'll say the entire series especially Blind target, Episode Zero manga, and Endless Waltz.
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Somewhere + Part 1

"Fei!" Two arms flung themselves around the Chinese man blinking into nothingness at his workstation.

The sudden motion jolted him from his thoughts, followed by a familiar frown settling upon his lips. "Maxwell."

Violet eyes glittered back at the frowning boy. "Lighten up there, Wu! You were baring holes through your desk, man. Actually, it was frightening, man. You, not paying attention! That, I believe is a first." The American smirked and flicked his braid over his shoulder. "Wish I had a camera."

Drowning out his fellow pilot, he merely 'hn-ed' and looked around for what he was doing. Strange that he couldn't remember... Blinking, he pressed his fingers into his forehead, attempting to massage the oncoming headache. Odd how his desk seemed different somehow. Wasn't he typing something? But his desk only had a memo and an envelope labeled urgent. Maybe he was looking at his mail?

A set of long legs attached to a head with a long platinum mane stopped in front of his desk. "Duo."

Grinning, the American replied back, "Heya Zechsie. Whatcha need?"

"Une just called us. We're to meet up with Yuy in the parking lot."

Chang Wufei shook his head, it seemed, fogged for some reason. He didn't seem to find the cause of it either. The whole place felt- foreign. The voices, with the exception of Zechs' seemed to be so far away, as if he was hearing an echo, or that he was at the end of a tunnel. But he had merely come to work like any other day, hadn't he? His mind barely registered the other Preventer's instructions he had received from Une. The American's voice briefly jolted the Chinese boy from his thoughts.

"Hey, Fei? You alright?" The American asked, pausing in his briefing with the former OZ pilot. Concern poured out from the American's eyes. "You really seem to be out of it today."

Black eyes blinked quickly, "Fine. Let's just go." He waved his hand with a dismissing gesture. "I must have taken decaf instead of regular coffee today."

Slowly both men nodded. "If you say so. Duo, you go with Yuy. I'm paired up with Chang."

The said man nodded and grabbed his keys and his jacket. "Am I driving or are you?" Why had he been relieved to go with Zechs?

Walking with the Asian boy towards the main elevator Zechs replied back, "You. Noin needs our vehicle."

That sent an unfamiliar wave of disgust up his spine. Why did he care if Zechs was partnered with Noin? Zechs had always been partnered with Noin. He didn't even care for the blonde man. "Why aren't you going with her?" That had come out angrier than it should have. And perhaps a slightly bit jealous, something the blonde had never heard in the boy's tone.

Zechs blinked in some surprise. The boy's tone was overly... nasty. He knew that the boy and his lover didn't get along, but still. "She had another emergency to attend to. She is on assignment with Sally. She left this morning. They aren't expected back until next week." He paused slightly, looking down on the boy. "Are you sure you're alright?"


The silence of their walk let him alone with his thoughts. The boy had been acting fairly strange the past week, for what reason was anyone's guess. 'Better not worry about it. Maybe he finally got it through his thick head that he's a bit of a bastard and it finally sunk into his skull that no one around here cares for him. He has no reason to be such a mean spirited person and walk all over everyone.' Yet there was something that seemed off about the boy. A man who pushed away all human contact? Or was it because the boy reminded him of himself, a good number of years ago? 'Neither.' He reaffirmed himself. 'Just trying to but a human emotion to that little killer. Can't believe he got off scot-free from the Mariemaia Affair. I would kill to see him in a high security prison, the little brat.'

As they walked out of the elevator into the Preventer's parking lot, Zechs grimaced as the boy headed towards his bike. "Can't you get a car?" Somehow a motorcycle didn't seem to fit the ridged attitude of the Chinese man. Or perhaps it was his lack of trust of placing his life in the hands of the brat. Chang Wufei wasn't the safest and most cautious of drivers.

Onyx eyes glared up at him. "You can always walk."

With a sigh Zechs plopped himself behind the sour boy who revved his engine. "Hundred Eighth Street."

"Hn. I heard you upstairs."

With that acknowledgement, the two on the bike zoomed out of the garage, weaving through the traffic and following the Japanese and American in their SUV. All around them other cars zoomed with them, heading to the emergency. A sea of black cars, trucks, vans, and bikes. A formidable wall to ever break.

"What did you say was the problem?" The Asian boy asked over his shoulders.

"I thought you said you heard me upstairs?" Zechs frowned back.

"I heard the street, I didn't quite catch the problem."

Tucking a lock of blonde hair behind his ear, the Sankian man replied back, "Drug ring is getting shut down."

"This isn't quite undercover here, Marquise."

"The regular swats are there, the place is surrounded, we've got the snipers out and ready, but the negotiators are unsure if the group is bluffing or not about hostages."


"My sediments exact-"

Zechs was cut short. There was a blurring moment as one of the Preventer's cars slide out of control, sideswiping them. The world speed up as his body seemed stuck in slow motion. Black eyes widened as arms closed around his waist pulling him back against a warm chest as open air flew about the rest of his body.

A painful jerk shook his body as it collided with the hard ground. Vaguely he could feel arms slipping away from him. Shouts and screeches rose about him as something unbearably hard collided with his torso. It seemed to render his body motionless, the air shoved from his lungs. Rolling this time, the shrieks and shouts grew fainter and fainter.

Blood pounded through his body, the heart thumping as if it were next to his ear. Breathing hurt. Laying there, he felt disconnected. Foreign. It hurt.

A coldness seemed to surround him, a sinking blackness swallowing him. Pounding and pounding. Drifting. The senses could no longer tell him up or down. There was a swelling, a hard intake of breathe as a sharpness shoved through his body, ripping him apart.

Vaguely, he screamed out, or at least it sounded like him. A far echoing cry that poured forth from his soul. Finger clawed, ripping for a stable object to hold onto. Something more than black. Something that didn't mean he was dead. Something that showed him life. Blackness meant he was alone, when the nightmares would come, and in that darkness he would scream out for the friend or lover who was no longer there. He needed _something_ to hold onto. Anything. Fingers tore out, desperate for solidness.

Finally they found it. Cool and slick against his rough grip, he wrangled them in his fist as his body still drifted in nothingness. It was probably better than feeling the pain. How could he have not prevented it?

There hadn't been time to react.

He was not going to die like that!

He didn't want to die alone.

He didn't want to die alone.

A hot, increasing warmth devoured him. Consuming him. His breaths grew short as they solidified in his lungs. Panting as his body quivered in agony. Something was ripping him apart! Again he cried out, arching as it invaded his body again and again. A surging then retreat, only to plunge into him harder, faster.

Suddenly he became very aware of his body, eyes opened in deft shock to only widen in terror. Blonde. Almost pure white hair. Platinum. His mind held only to fragments, being shattered by the movement deep in his body.


Gasping, his eyes frantically searched around. Nothing made sense. His muscles were tightening; he could feel himself growing in an acutely foreign sensation- arousement. He was being aroused. Confusion settled in.

Where was he? This couldn't have been the hospital! Unless they had started a new form of physical therapy. What had happened? The white cloudiness of sensation fogged his thoughts, letting only the erotic motions from the person above him become his foremost thoughts.

A hiss formed on his lips as a strong hand firmly began to stroke him. Any shriek he was going to release was stopped by a set of lips upon his own. Black eyes wrenched open in alarm as he tried to grasp the concept of being kissed. He overwrought mind grasped the concept.

He was being kissed.

He was having sex.

He was having sex with a MAN.

He began shaking, unsure if it was from disgust or fear. A tongue stroked his own, entangling it with its own movements. Against his will, his mouth began to respond. His hips arched up. They began to meet the pounding sensation.


A strangled noise gurgled at the back of his throat. 'Gods! Oh gods...' His brain refused to process that thought. Those fingers stroked him harder and they work paid off, he began to react to the administrations. His penis swelled, hardening. Hips arched up at an impossible angle as he was continuously rammed up his ass.

His own fingers surged upwards in am attempt to remove the man doing this horror to him. The kiss ended, but those lips suckled the side of his neck. A hiss of desire left his mouth. His bronze fingers latched onto the mane before him.


Zechs Marquise was fucking him.

Before he could process that thought any further, a marvelous moment of ecstasy swept over him. A primal scream left his lips as he released into the man's hand. There was a hot, fluid warmth buried deep within his body. Exhaustion swept over him and back into the dulled warmth of darkness he fell.


Warm light touched his skin. Blearily, he blinked his eyes, his body still cuddled in an exhausted state. Wufei attempted to take stock of what was happening. There was an emergency. He was driving to that emergency?

No. He was hit. Sideswiped. He was in a hospital?

Last night?

A nightmare perhaps?

It had to have been a nightmare. But it was strange. He was sore, there was a definite rawness in some parts of his body, but he had been hit. Hit hard and he had been going fast on his motorcycle. Marquise?

A wave of nausea overcame him. Did the other man survive? He did remember that Zechs had pulled him close. Zechs had taken the initial hit off the bike and cushioned his fall.

Why? Why would the man do that? Did he see the car coming at them before they were hit? But why try to save him? He and Zechs were not close. The man didn't even like him. Why try to save him?

He wasn't worth saving.

A movement beside him awakened his senses more. A scent hit him. Musk? Definitely a musky scent. Sure he hadn't smelt that scent in a good few years, but he knew he could recognize it. There was also a warmth. Eyes focused and briefly widened. Before him was an expanse of tanned skin, not his own. Bronze skin of his own arm complimented the lighter flesh tone before him.

The flatness and the smoothness of flesh. Well toned and muscled flesh. A male chest. Pale blue orbs opened and looked directly into those panicked black ones.

"Hey sexy." The soft voice murmured, pressing his lips against Wufei's slack lips.

One thought rose to the forefront of Wufei's mind. Zechs Marquise was in the same bed as him.

"Fei? You okay?"

Something between a muffled cry of shock and disgust sent the boy reeling off the bed and consequently onto the wood floor. "Zechs?"

The said man gave the boy a strange look. Leaning forward he looked over the edge of the king sized bed, "Fei?"

Mutely, the Chinese boy nodded.

"Since when have you called me 'Zechs'?" The blonde inquired, his confusion clearly showing on his features.

Jetted black eyes looked up in uncertainty. "What would I call you? What's going on Marquise? Where are we? This isn't the hospital, is it?"

Sitting up in their bed, the Sankian man raked a hand through his trussed mane. "You haven't called me Zechs, let alone Marquise in years. What else would you call me, love?"

Wufei's mouth opened and closed in silence.

Seeing the absolute puzzlement on his lover's face, Zechs sighed heavily. He wasn't sure what was going on with the boy. "You call me Millardo. What's wrong Fei? What are you talking about with a hospital?"

"Hospital. A hospital. A car slammed into us!"

"Car?" Zechs scooted to the edge of the bed and slid his long legs off of the frame. "What is going on Fei?"

Standing, the Asian teen walked a few paces. Turning back to the blonde sitting before him in a well placed sheet, Wufei felt himself drag his eyes back up to those icy crystal blues. "Yesterday... the drug bust?"

If he could have given a more blank state, Wufei could not have imagined it. "Preventers? The drug bust? The car hitting my motorcycle?"

"What are you talking about, Fei? Did you hit your head? Are you experiencing a flashback from the war?" Reaching out, the blue eyed man touched his lover's arm. "I think I should call Sally..."

"The Preventers. You know what they are, right? Do you have amnesia? Should I get a nurse?" The Chinese boy asked slipping out of the strong grip the taller man held on his arm.

"I know who the Preventers are. Shit, Fei... I better call Sally. You're starting to scare me."

Bronze fingers latched a hold of the hand reaching towards the vid phone. "Why am I scaring you?"