Somewhere + Part 2 (cont)

Though it had shocked him a few weeks ago when Wufei was up to join him for his morning run around the grounds of his estate. Or the thrill he had gotten when he accidentally walked in on the boy doing his martial arts. Something his Fei had never down in all the time they were married. Considering that his Fei dropped anything that reminded him of the war, his mistakes, while this Wufei never really had that adjusting, and was finding a way to work off his energy leading a normal life.

"It's going slowly. I'll have something to show that editor soon."

"You are enjoying it, aren't you?" The blonde asked.

Pausing a moment, as to think over his answer, Wufei nodded. "It gives me something to do. I'm familiar with researching topics, and even if I have not done it in a long while..." `Since my wife died.' He added silently, "It is nice to be doing it again."

"I can't wait to see how you'll take teaching next year, if you go through with it."

Grimacing, the boy sighed. "One thing at a time. I may have to pass on that."

"That's your choice." The blonde agreed, standing up and checking the time on the microwave. "Think the caramel is done?"

"Hm." The black haired man answered, lifting the cover for inspection. "And how did Max... er... Duo, talk you into this again?"

"Oh. You mean having the Halloween Party here and not as his and Heero's place?" The taller man inquired, opening the refrigerator and grabbing the platter of apples all ready for dipping.

"Yeah. How were you sweet talked into this, or was this another part of his so called `Master Plan' of adjusting me to a new life?" Wufei snorted.

"Probably, knowing Duo." Zechs agreed with an all knowing smirk.

"Thank you for that amazing insight." Wufei snorted. Stirring the caramel he slowly became contemplative. The whole party was probably planned by Maxwell to `open him up' as the American called it. The last six Fridays had been spent with the boys, slowly degenerating his liver. The habits he was adapting. He was starting to believe the theory that he had perhaps combined with the other Wufei. He could not have possibly let himself fall into a habit of spending his Fridays getting drunk with his teammates. Well, he hadn't really gotten drunk, a drink or two was all he could handle, and he still would wake up the next morning with a hangover the size of China.

But he knew he was relaxing, in more ways than the others could ever tell. And he also knew he was making them adjust. Seeing Zechs' face when he joined him on the morning run. Obviously his other self had forsaken any respect for his body. He also knew Zechs would watch him doing his martial arts. It was strangely comforting, and strangely confusing. He wasn't sure why he even cared that the blonde watched him.

But he would grudgingly admit that he was finding a companion in the tall European, as was he finding with the other Gundam pilots. Winner had taken to talking with him at least once a week. Something he thought would initially bother him, yet in was slowly turning into a friendly call he looked forward to. He was slightly upset with himself, so easily adjusting to another man's life. Yet there was a warmth that he wanted so desperately, and they gave it so freely.

"I smell CARAMEL!!" a bright voice shouted happily, as the thin redhead bounced into the kitchen, jolting him from his thoughts.

"I can sense a long winded sugar-high." Wufei murmured, placing the sticky spoon in the sink and turning off the stovetop.

She stuck out her tongue. "There are some healthy components in caramel apples!"

"There is until you put the caramel on." Wufei retorted with a smile and handing her an apple. "Try and save some for the party tomorrow."

Grinning, with a sparkle of the expected sugar rush, she began swirling the apple in the sticky brown goo. "We'll have some plain, some with chocolate sprinkles, some with rainbow sprinkles, some with nuts, and some doubled dipped in fudge and sprinkles!"

"Remind us to keep those ones away from Duo." Zechs murmured, chopping up one of the apples and dipping into the caramel.

"Don't double dip!" Mariemaia scolded, glaring at the blonde.

"Sorry." Zechs chuckled.

"I doubt any of them would care." Wufei murmured, scooping some of the caramel into a small bowl. "There, double dip all you want."

"You're so sweet." Zechs teased, placing a piece of apple in Wufei's mouth before the boy could retort.

Pouting around the offensive piece of fruit, Wufei bite into it and pulled the rest out. "Hn."

Mariemaia giggled, and started on dipping the second apple. "We need cookies, and later we get to go to grocery store, we need candy!! And chocolate, and cider!"

Her list continued on and on while Zechs shot a look at Wufei. "We'll have some popcorn there just for you."

"I don't hate sweets."

"You just don't approve of them." Maia shot back, her fingers covered in the brown glop.

"Think of it this way Fei, at least Sally will enjoy the veggie platter with you." Zechs smiled, dipping another apple slice into the caramel.

The European watched Wufei sigh and turn and help the redhead with the apples. Well, more that Marie was scolding Fei for not smothering the once healthy treat in a mountain of caramel. Chewing thoughtfully, he reflected the month and a half with the boy. Sure Wufei adamantly opposed sharing a bed, still he might add. Every night the Chinese boy repeated the mantra of how he was supposed to stay on his side of the bed. Zechs couldn't see how it would not be possible, after all it was a king size bed.

But other than his raging hormones missing their nightly release, there was still a hole in his life. His husband was gone. It was a harsh reality to live with, even if the other pilots tried to help him out. Sally had talked to him as a grief councilor would, like he lost a loved one. Lu tried telling him that it was okay to flirt with the `new' Wufei, that it wasn't really cheating on his husband; it was merely his husband in a new light.

Whatever his problem, he was lusting after a straight man. A straight man who resided in his bed with him nightly, walked naked past him, was raising their adopted daughter with him, and basically looking exactly like his husband.

Maybe Quatre was right in suggesting that the two had merely combined. It had some merit. After all, the boy was adjusting fairly quickly. But it wasn't Fei. "I'll be right back." He murmured and headed towards his bedroom.

He was oblivious to the strange glance the Chinese man gave his retreating back.

"And I really think that if we bake sugar cookies, we can put icing out for everyone to decorate. Though Mr. Duo would probably use up all the black icing so we would need more." Mariemaia continued on with out hesitating, engrossed in her preparations.

Scrunching his nose in thought, Wufei leaned back. "Mariemaia?"

"Hm?" she blinked up at him.

"I'll be right back."

"God. Can't you two at least wait until I'm asleep or something!" She said in good humour, grinning at the blush across the Asian man's face.

"Uh..." Wufei replied smartly, backing up, feeling his cheeks radiating a rouge hue. "I'll just be back." And all but ran out of the kitchen.

He slowly headed up the stairs, not quite sure why he was following the older man. "Miri?" He called out quietly, not wanting to let Mariemaia onto the real problem.

He headed towards their room, freezing as he heard a muffled sob. Carefully he leaned back against the doorframe of the bedroom door. His mind didn't quite register what was happening. Zechs was crying? What ever for?

Wufei knew the man seemed a bit, well, depressed the last weeks, growing steadily with each passing day. The reason was impossible for him to determine.

With a sigh, he moved closer at a leisurely pace, not quite sure if he was intruding or not.

As he neared the bathroom door he stopped in his tracks.


Wufei swallowed and left the room and quickly fled to the main upstairs hallway, finally remembering to breath. Zechs was grieving. He had never thought how his presence had effected the other man. He now knew what had been bothering him about Zechs' expression. It was the one he wore when his wife died.

An expression, a grief he knew all too well.


Black eyes blinked at the platinum mane facing him in the bed. It was hard to figure out what to say to the man, what he had witnessed, and then when Zechs had finally returned downstairs.

It was with extreme watching and dissecting that Wufei started to realize that the man was placing a mask up for Maia. Just as he was. Arms tightened around his bare chest, looking towards the ceiling for the hopeful sign of divine insight. And when that didn't work he settled for watching that fall of near white blonde hair before him. It wasn't right that they had to pretend the world was as normal around the girl. Sooner or later she would find out. Sooner or later she would hate them for lying to her. Sooner or later she would learn the truth...

"Zechs?" He whispered, hoping his instincts were correct and that the man was still awake.

With an almost aggravated sigh, the said man turned over and faced him, "What, Wufei?"

Black eyes blinked and slighted to the side. "What happens when Mariemaia finds out?"

"Huh? Find out about what?" The taller man asked, falling back on his pillow and flinging his arm over his eyes.

"Me. Us. You know." The Chinese boy hedged.

"Oh." And Zechs fell silent for a long while.

Wufei studied the man for a long while. "Zechs?"

"What, Wufei." This time it sounded like the man was irritated.

"I'm sorry."

Zechs paused, removing his arm from his eyes. Sitting up, he looked down on the boy. "What for?"

Not facing the other man's eyes, the black haired boy continued. "For messing up your life. For causing you pain." `For making you cry. For making you grieve for a man who should not be dead. Who would not be dead if I were not here.'

How was he to respond to that? Scrubbing his face he fell back onto his pillow and stared at the ceiling. That the boy hadn't ruined his perfect life? That the boy was the perfect, most gracious guest? That the boy had basically killed his husband? `Stop it, Millardo.' He scolded himself. `He didn't mean for any of this to happen. Try to be diplomatic about it.' Then after a moment. `Try not to beat the boy to a bloody pulp for making your life a complete mess.'

"Well, at least you didn't do it on purpose." Zechs replied slowly.

"You mean to say that it is my fault, but you're trying to be nice about it. That I ruined your life, and you hate me."

"I didn't say that." Zechs murmured, thinking, `Fucking brat. Don't you see how hard this is for me!?'

"Because you are trying to be nice about it." Wufei cautiously approached.



"Just... Just go to bed."


"Go to sleep." And with that said, the man turned the other way and closed his eyes refusing to move or budge when the other still whispered oppositions.

`Just go away.' Zechs thought bitterly. `Just go away.'


The beeping alarm ripped through Wufei's pounding headache. Squirming, he burrowed himself into the warmth of the bed. Why did Zechs and Mariemaia have to live in such a cold house? Did they have to live with the freezing Autumn weather? Obviously they had never heard of an invention called heat, Wufei had decided.

Millardo yawned and carelessly placed his hand on the alarm. He hated getting up this early on his weekends, especially when he didn't even have work. Except he had somehow let the American idiot talk him into having the Halloween party at his place. How? The Sankian prince still wasn't sure. And that meant a whole mess of problems, other than the caterers.

It meant that his sister was coming. That meant Dorothy was in tow. That meant friends from work that Wufei didn't know that he was supposed to were going to be there. It meant that Wufei was really going to have to control himself and act like Fei. And he somehow knew that the boy would mess up and then there was going to be a large mess on his hands.

Why did he ever agree to have the party here?

"Fei?" He murmured, turning his head to the side to wake up the Chinese man.

Ice blue orbs blinked in surprise that the usual pouting face wasn't there. He felt a movement he could only call a snuggle against his torso. Cautiously he turned his eyes downward.

He nearly choked to death on his shock.

"Um... Fei?" Zechs whispered quietly. The boy would scream if he even thought that... `Wait a minute...' The man paused in his panicked thoughts, `HE'S cuddling me. I'm not even holding him...'

That was strange.

`Looks like even Mr. Homophobic gets lonely at night.' Millardo thought, slowly slipping his arm around the sleeping form hugging his waist. `Maybe Lu was right... Maybe they merely combined. It could make sense. He's been adjusting faster than I would have ever predicted. Hm...' Icy orbs narrowed in contemplation. Reaching out, he gently ran his fingers though the boy's mane.

"Hm...." Wufei practically purred in delight, hands tightening subconsciously around that waist.

"Morning!" A bright cheery voice hollered down the hall. A moment later a redheaded girl popped her head while knocking on their door. "You better be dressed!!" she added with a good humour in her tone.

"You're up early." Zechs commented, good-naturedly.

"Of course I am! We have decorations to finish hanging, pumpkins to carve, food to make, call the caterers, set up the banquet hall, and go food shopping for more candy!" Maia listed.

"Did you cover everything?" The European asked.

"Puhleeease!!!" She rolled her eyes, entering the room completely. "Fei!! Get up!!"

Black eyes blearily opened, blinking to register in his location. "Marie?"

"Its morning! Get up!! Oh, you are soooo lazy!" She cried out with a smile.

"Its not laziness" Zechs answered for the boy, "He just isn't a morning person."

"I'm up..." Wufei murmured, his face brilliantly blushing. `How did I end up practically humping Zechs?! I'm all over him. I have to stay calm. Maia can't find out... Oh ancestors! Someone take pity on me...'

"We're up, Maia. Give us a few minutes to get dressed and showered." The blonde grinned at the girl, rubbing soothing gestures on the boy's back. He could feel those muscles radiating tenseness; at least he was hiding his reaction in front of the girl.

"Okay!" she agreed, scampering out the door, her footsteps thumping as she headed towards her own room to get ready.

As soon as the door had closed, Wufei went to yank back from his position on the blonde, or at least he attempted to. The taller man's arm held him in place.

"Just so you know," the European began, "YOU cuddled with me, and I only held you after I woke up to find you holding me." Removing his hand with that said, he shifted and sat up, letting a surprised Wufei fall onto his lap with a yelp.

Darting backwards, the Chinese boy removed himself from Zechs as quickly as his limbs would let him. "What was that for?" He demanded, obviously referring to where Zechs had let him drop to get a face full of the man's lap.

"A reminder." Zechs replied pensively.



"Hn." Wufei pouted.

Gathering some towels, the blonde tossed one at the boy sitting on the bed. "Hurry up. Maia will be knocking down the door in fifteen minutes."

Blinking slowly at the towel on his lap, Wufei slowly replied, "You're joking, aren't you?"

"About?" The man replied evasively.

"I'm not showering with you. I thought we had an understanding." Wufei crossed his arms over his chest, glaring in defiance.

Raking a frustrated hand through his tangled mane, Zechs glared back, matching the jetted black gaze. "For the love of God, Wufei. You've showered in a boy's locker room, haven't you?"

"Of course." Wufei sniffed.

"Have they ever jumped you during a shower?"

"Of course not!" The black eyed boy replied back in shock.

"Think of it the same damn way. I'm not going to jump you while you're shampooing your damned hair. Now either you move along, or I will go over there and throw you in the shower myself."

The Chinese boy knew where and when to hold his ground, but the promise lying in those blue crystals made him get out of the bed and head towards the shower. "The moment I feel you touching me, that limb is broken. Are we clear?" He added his own threat.



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