Somewhere + Part 2 (cont)


Falling back on the comforter, two extremely irritated black eyes glared up at the tall European man. Words did not even have to be spoken for the blonde tressed man to understand what those inky orbs expressed. In volumes.

"What was I supposed to say, Fei? Oh can't sis, Fei's body may be intact but the man cuddling me isn't really my husband?" Zechs murmured, raking a fairly frustrated hands through his long mane.

"You could have delayed it. Now we're fucked because instead of merely 12 hours of standing in your sister's presence, I'm going to have to pretend to be something we both know I can never be for a week!" The scowl on his lips deepened, onyx orbs raking over the tall European.

"Oh forgive me. I forgot. I'm supposed to rearrange my life to accommodate you." Zechs ground back, fierce blue eyes meeting the boy's glare.

Wincing, Wufei snorted and turned aside, focusing upon the paintings on the far wall.

"Besides you seemed awfully comfortable tonight." Zechs added, watching for the boy's reaction. Sure he was hitting a little low, playing on the boy's baser fear of being judged. `You're being nasty, Millardo.' He warned himself, `You can't keep blaming him. It wasn't his fault. And what if they are merely combined as one person now? You should try to understand him. Try to help him...' Even though the boy's face was turned from him, Zechs inherently knew the boy was blushing.

"I... I was merely covering for you."

"Covering? Is that what you're calling it. I say call it by its real name. Flirting."

"FLIRTING?" Wufei seemed to choke on the word. Black eyes pinned down the platinum blonde man. "I was acting the way I would think I should act. Quatre said you seemed in trouble-"

"Quatre?" Zechs repeated, blankly.

"Yes, Quatre. He came and told me that you seemed to be having problems with Relena and that I..." Pausing, the Chinese youth realized that Zechs was chuckling. Scowling, Wufei dropped on the bed next to the sprawled out older man. "What?"

Sound laughter was his reply.

Realization slowly dawned on his features. "No. Masaka! He wouldn't!"

The blonde rolled onto his side, laughing heartily, watching the boy through amused blue eyes. "Looks like you've been tricked."

Anger rapidly disappeared from the boy's face, replaced suddenly with a hollow shock. He had been pushed into a situation that had never existed. Quatre and Trowa had actually set him up!

Mutely he sat on the bed, next to the still chuckling man. Bronze hand swatted at the man beside him, never really touching him. "Its not that funny." He groused.

Sitting up, the Sankian man, grinned, hair tousled, obscuring some of his face. "Well, if anything look at it this way. Mission was a success!"

"Great." Wufei muttered.

"You sound so terribly proud." Zechs murmured back sarcastically.

Falling back, lying next to the tall man, Wufei stared towards the ceiling. "Shut up."


He rubbed his temples slowly and closed his eyes. With a soft sigh he took off his glasses and settled them on the desk. The soft sounds of Mariemaia and Zechs could be heard from his open window, carried on the backs of late Autumn breezes.

Saving his work, he leaned back and just listened.

November was half way over and he was settling in. He really felt as though he had been there for a while, and he hadn't. The feeling of this being unequivocally right was starting to sit well with him. Not that he wanted to be married to Zechs, and not that he was in love with the man, or even attracted to the tall blonde, but it was a feeling he had to guess was one of camaraderie.

Sitting up, he traced the patterns of books along his shelves with his wide jetted black eyes. No. Camaraderie was something that was too loose, too war based.


"Huh." He muttered, tapping a finger on his keyboard, for the simple need for sound. "Friendship."

He supposed that it was the only explanation for that feeling. `I shouldn't allow myself to be caught up in their life...' he mused. `If I ever get pulled back into my reality I will be different... changed.

`But if I traded places with Fei, then is he living my life?' That thought disturbed him slightly. Wufei knew there was an immense difference between them, just from the attitudes from photographs, the small glimpses he was given of his other through the eyes of the people around him. `Or would they accept the new me?' The Chinese boy mused. "But Mariemaia wasn't part of my old life, I don't share my past with anyone, I don't talk to my former comrades of the war, and... and..." He stood up shakily. "And I don't have Zechs. He doesn't have his foundation. I robbed him of his happiness... Just like Meiran was stolen from me..."

The loss the other had to be feeling...

"Unless, we combined like the others have suggested over and over again." Wufei continued to think aloud. "But wouldn't I have noticed another voice or something? At least some sign that there was another body in me?" He paused and thought about it. "Or wouldn't I have to be fighting for control of a body that isn't mine? I know this isn't some dream, and I doubt this is how my ancestors think I will spend my afterlife..." He slumped back into his desk chair. "And now I have given myself a absolutely splendid headache."

Giggles floated in from outdoors.

Standing slowly, Wufei walked over to the large bay window over looking their enormous yard. Marie was tossing handfuls of leaves that Zech's had obviously just raked up at the older man. The two laughed and Zechs caught a hold of her, picking her up and gently tossing her into a mountain of raked up leaves.

Wufei smiled, a finger absently tracing the contours of the trees. And if there ever was a reason he would want to stay there, taking another man's entire life as his own, she was that one brilliantly shining reason.

Without another thought he headed out of his office and proceeded towards his bedroom he shared with Zechs. He opened up his drawers and slipped on a heavy sweater.

Opening the front door he grabbed his jacket and scarf and headed out into the yard.

The brisk autumn air swooshed around him, the breezes becoming bitter as winter rapidly approached them. Tucking a loose strand of black hair behind his ear, he grinned as Marie "attacked" Zechs with tickles.

Her sweet face brightened as she noticed him approaching. Scampering off of the blonde man, she dashed towards Wufei and enveloped his waist in a fierce hug. "I thought you were going to work all day!" She mock scolded him.

Giving the redheaded girl a light squeeze back, he ruffled her hair, a nasty habit he had absently picked up from the European man, and a habit he knew Mariemaia despised. "Yeah, well, I am more than caught up, in fact my editor is probably still suffering from that heart attack I most definitely gave him when I told his earlier today that I should have my book ready for editing before we leave for Thanksgiving."

"Wow!" She praised, taking his hand and dragging him towards the piles of leaves.

Nodding to Zechs, who was still lounging in the mountain of brightly colored leaves, he grinned, "I think you are simply giving the gardening staff more work to do, Miri."

He received a face full of dried leaves for his comments.

With a smile, he brushed them off and turned to Marie, "And you aren't helping the matter, either." And with a wicked laugh chased her around the leaves as she shrieked in delight.

Zechs chuckled, standing up to brush the leaves off of him while watching with absolute amusement as Wufei chased the girl around, the two of them tossing leaves back and forth.

"Miri!" She half giggled and half shrieked.

"Hm?" He lazily replied.

Dashing past the blonde European, Marie gasped for breathe, "Help me out here!"

"How so?" He idly pondered aloud.


"Fine, fine..." He mused, his strong arm hooking around the Chinese man's slim waist and pulling them both into the pile of leaves.

Sputtering, Wufei actually paused a moment in surprise before his features broke out into a fierce grin that soon gave way to hysterical laughter.

The Sankian man blinked in mute shock before the contagious laughter spread.

Mariemaia scampered for her camera and snapped a few shots. "This proves that I won!"

Laughter was her only response from them.


It was later that evening, the exhausted girl had gone off to finish her homework and Wufei had guessed that she had probably gone off to bed. He sat in the large, leatherback armchair by the large expanse of planes of glass. The moon sparkling like a silver ornament in the inky blackness illuminated the otherwise dark room. Sipping his tea, he watched the dynamic heavens glisten in the crisp night air.

He heard the soft padding of bare feet as Zechs sank into the chair next to him. "What's on your mind?" The man asked softly.

Sipping his tea, Wufei closed his eyes in brief thought, before he addressed his questions out loud. "You haven't been happy lately, and today... Well it was pleasant that you seemed less stressed today."

"Hm." The blonde man answered, a finger tracing the stitching along the edge of his chair.

Focusing on those distant lights, Wufei continued, "I know you are depressed... I... I can understand that, in more ways than I care to." Black eyes gazed over at the beautiful man next to him. "I'm sorry."

"It isn't your fault-" Zechs began.

Cutting off the man's dismissal, Wufei continued, "No, it is, not that I planned it, or ever even conceived that something like this can happen, I still am at fault. And for that I am sorry. I know I am not pleasant, I can try, but it just isn't in my nature, or perhaps... Well, even if he was able to become so different, I can't. My nature is, never mind. I'm just sorry for being an inconvenience that you should have never had to deal with."

"Fei... Wufei look at me." Millardo asked, softly.

Complying with the older man's request, Wufei did what was asked of him.

Millardo smiled gently, "Apology accepted, now stop worrying."

"You're depressed, Miri. I know, I've been there, and in some ways... I still am." Taking a deep gulp of breath, Wufei forced himself to keep talking. "I didn't appreciate Meiren, I was never the husband she wanted. She deserved better."

Icy blue orbs watched with a substantial, weighty stare. The Asian teen stopped as quickly as he had begun. The voice had remained flat, in an almost neutral tone. Luckily for him he was well versed in politics and diplomacy. He could faintly see the tension flitting along his arms and jaw. Such determination to remain detached. "If she had deserved better than she would have never married you."

Wufei snorted. "We didn't have a choice."

"I doubt she would have gone through or at least she would have attempted homicide if she hated you, Fei."

Unexpectedly, the boy blinked and quickly his slim hand rose to cover the smirk on his features.

"Am I right?" Miri asked, sweetly.

A small giggle escaped the boy which was followed with a small hiccup.

Silently, the Sankian Prince padded over to kneel before the boy. His large, pale hand wiped gently at the tears forming in the corners of the boy's eyes.

Sniffling, Wufei hiccupped for breath again. "I'm sorry. I wanted you to talk... It isn't fair that you... you..."

A bitter smile was slow forming on Millardo's face. Unbidden tears crawled into the corners of his own eyes. "I know you're trying, Wufei. I'll be fine."

Earnestly, Wufei grasped a hold of Zech's wrist. "But you shouldn't have to carry that in you!"

`He can't see that this is making it worse?!' The embittered thought rose into the European man's thoughts.

`He can only try in his own way.' He reprimanded.

`Try? He shouldn't have to try to want this. He had nothing but a lonely existence and now he has everything.'

Ice blue eyes kept up their steady gaze with those trembling black ones, and for a moment he swore he recognized his lover, his Fei, but then it flickered away so briefly.

`I just need to be supportive.' He decided.

`Until you break down and are forced to admit that you're life is now a living hell?' His inner voice critiqued.

`If that day should ever come, then yes.'


`Idealist.' He snorted back.

"Wufei, I'm fine. Yes I miss Fei, yes I mourn him and his presence, but I have Mariemaia, I still have my family and I still have..." He paused, he had wanted to say that he still had hope, but it had started to fleet. He had lost one lover to the pits of war, and now he had lost a husband. "I still have your friendship. That's all I require."

Wufei watched him with a scrutinized, searching eye. The man was only half lying, or he really was that good at his masks? `But,' Wufei supposed, `Zechs does have all of his friends, his sister, even if she doesn't know... Perhaps I can call Sally and talk to her about it. I hate to feel like I'm prying, but he hasn't mourned, he needs that before he starts to live completely behind his masks... Before he ends up like I am now.'

"If you ever need anything-" Wufei hesitantly started.

`You on your back screaming my name in a wanton, uncontrollable desire' Miri's inner voice snickered. He merely smiled kindly and nodded before the younger man had a chance to finish his statement. "Thank you, Wufei."

The boy nodded briefly. "I'm going to work on the book a little bit. Do you need anything?"

Stretching slightly as he stood, the European man shook his head in dismissal. "No, I'm turning in."

Nodding again, Wufei bid the man a soft goodnight.

Frozen orbs of icy sapphire-blue watched as the boy walked from their room. Did he need anything? More than ever he wanted his life back. "Perhaps I am merely destined to be forever watching my life turn sour."

Fingers pressed against the cool glass, a platinum mane was smushed as his forehead leaned against its support. "Trieze, do you see what a mess of things I make? If Fei is there with you, let him know I love him. If he isn't with you, please help him find a way back to me... I miss you both so very much."

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