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Somewhere + Part 3

His lips lingered on the boy's neck, nibbling contently as the sensation of long fingers grasped gently at his mane of platinum blonde. Tracing the bronze flesh along that delicious collarbone, Millardo continued to map out Wufei's skin. Pausing, he gently tugged at that firming nipple, coaxing it with a playful roughness between his teeth.

"Miri..." The begging gasp came, hitching on its intake, A soft, alto voice, breathless and drowning before him.

"Hm?" The other nipple was taken into captivity.

Fingers clutched tightly, weaving themselves into his hair. Black eyes were clouded over in a yearning.

Stroking the boy's hardening shaft, Millardo smirked against that chiseled chest. Fondling and teasing the Chinese man, Zechs used his free hand to guide that chin towards him. Lips pressed firmly against the other set, tasting them, enjoying their sweetness. A brief, chaste kiss.

Hips buckled upwards, that hard member throbbing with the man's heated desire. A soft gasp escaped the European man as he felt the ticklish sensation of fingers playing along the edges of his taut belly. "Fei...." The barely coherent growl was released in utmost craving.

With Wufei's hand working the other man's cock, the Chinese youth leaned up and licked the curve of Miri's ear. "You are too beautiful..." He whispered.

Icy orbs fluttered closed, basking in the glorious ardor his lithe partner had behind that prim exterior. Forgetting the youth's own hard shaft, the Sankian man growled softly, pushing the boy onto his back. "And now you are as well."

Grinning at his partner's absolutely wicked look, Wufei bucked upwards, rubbing their heated hardnesses together, painfully wanting the man to hurry up and claim him. "So now you can fuck me, Miri."

"So demanding..." Zechs purred, the soft rumbles sending shivers to the boy below.

"Miri..." The Chinese youth begged, strong legs wrapping themselves about the other man's waist, casing themselves securely. His tight entrance brushing itself against that rock hard penis.

"So very wonderful." Fingers stroked the boy's high cheekbone.

Latching onto those long tresses, Wufei gently yanked the European's face down to his own and captured that mouth with a fierce, tongue engaging battle.

Sliding a finger into the lubricant, the taller man nudged it into that hot, tight asshole. Gasping fervently into their kiss, arms captured his shoulders, holding him close.

Sliding his finger in and out, Wufei began to lift his hips in acute wanting. "Miri!"

Hot kisses trailed down Wufei's neck, strong hands placed themselves on his hips. Whimpering, the Asian youth wiggled, constraining in that hold. "Miri!"

Gently he pressed himself into the boy, glowing in the cry the boy released from his panting lungs. A sharp movement and Wufei had embedded himself on Millardo's hard-on. Desire filled kisses took hold of them as the European man began to move within the boy. Slim hips rode back and forth, tilting upwards in a vain attempt to drive the taller man further into his hot entrance.

Sweat and slick bodies grinded against one another, tongues gliding along the moist flesh of one another. Bronze fingers woven into damp strands of fine hair, his own head tossed back in rapture. Pounding together, rhythmically in sync.

Wufei cried out as that large hand stroked his painful erection slowly. "Miri!"

Brilliant white flames darted across his sight, illuminating him in a fantastic world of ambience, his own voice sounding so very distance, a far crying echo from his senses.

With one last plunge he could feel his small lover crying out in ecstasy, he could feel himself tightening beyond his control, ready to release inside that unbearably hot cavern.

A high-pitched beeping startled the tall European man, jolting him upright in his bed. Flustered, he took a long moment to locate the source of the ear splitting racket.

The alarm clock.

"Of course" He groused, slamming it onto snooze and looking blearily about the semi-dark room. The sun was creeping up along the horizon. Five AM. He supposed he should have just laid back down to sleep, after all, that was all he truly needed about now. He was working late, staying up to do reports, or making up reports to do. Three hours or less every night that week so far.

Maybe if he was lucky, he would develop insomnia.

Stifling a yawn, he carefully tugged the sheets off of himself, grieving at the night's beautiful dream.

A soft moan drew his attention from his dresser to the bed. Ribbons of black silk sprayed across the white sheets. That caramel skin rich against that pureness.

Groaning, Millardo slipped into his sweatpants and tugged on his running shoes. `Get a grip, Peacecraft. Forbidden fruit. He isn't Fei, never can be Fei, and never will be Fei. He just looks like him.' And after a long moment, `Even moans like him.... NO! NO! NO! Don't even think about moans, Peacecraft!'

Sighing, he quickly ran a brush through his sleep trussed hair. `But just looking like Fei is bad enough.' Clear blue eyes watched the boy turn and curl towards where he should have been lying in bed. There was a soft whimper, and the Chinese boy slid into the place where the Sankian Prince had just been, yanking the blankets around him tighter and nestling into the spot with a content smile on his features.

`I swear that I can believe that Fei is sometimes stuck in the same body as that brat.' And with that last tread of thought, Zechs headed out of the house for his morning jog.

The crisp late Autumn air briskly blew in breezes, making the man glad he had decided to wear his sweatshirt. The trees had almost all lost their leaves and the ground, thanks to the engaging staff of groundskeepers was clear of most leaves.

His feet hit the ground at a steady pace, gently jogging around the paths of the large estate. `I should have awakened the brat. He usually enjoys running with me. Something Fei never did.' The blonde man thought, rounding his first corner.

`Still it was impolite of me to just go off without telling him, or at least inviting him.' A particularly cool breeze snapped by the jogger. Smiling, Zechs chuckled, `And it is endearing watching the boy complain how cold it is.' Oh he could imagine the small man, a charming pout settled on those lips. His own sweatshirt practically drowning the boy.

`Not Fei, its Wufei. He is not the same, Millardo!' He cursed himself, picking up his pace some. The sun was rising higher in the morning sky; the soft blues of what looked to be a clear day were celebrating dawn's arrival.

Harder and faster he ran, lungs pounding, blood rushing through his veins, and all to push himself to not think. His feet thundered across the worn path, his body blindly knowing where to go from the numerous times it had been down the trail.

Sweat glistened along the tan flesh of the Adonis as he wandered aimlessly through the woods of his property, his mind deep in thought, his eyes barely registering his surroundings.

`How am I suppose to live with Wufei forever? I'm not one to think long term, Trieze used to complain about that. I live too much in the moment. So if I pull myself past the moment, what am I left with?

`An incredibly confusing situation.' He finished. `Because I don't know if I can live a lie forever. Even if Wufei merely combined with Fei, which is mind boggling from the onset, since Wufei is definitely in control of the body and the mind.' Every science fiction reference he could think of usually had the two souls combining, not one just taking over.

`Then...' He admitted, remorsefully, `Wufei could have taken over the body, dumped in it, accidentally forced Fei into his world, and is now stuck here.'

The European man knew he was going to have another long day and a migraine to accompany him.

`Wufei is dead set on not loving a man. Face it Peacecraft he is straight. Completely and unmistakably straight.' Grimacing, he wiped his sweat damp skin with the corner of his sweatshirt.

`But it doesn't mean that Fei isn't still there.'

"Hn." He grunted. `He has been adjusting faster than what I would have ever guessed, and he really has changed a great deal in a couple of months.' Slowing his pace down some to a more steady jog, the European man pulled his sweatshirt off and tied it around his waist and kept on running.

`He does seem to really love Mariemaia, which has helped. I couldn't bear to think what would happen if he hadn't. If he had not cared. I don't want to loose her, too.

`She's all I have left...'

"She's..." Gasping, he stopped suddenly, his chest heaving. Wetness trickled from his clear electric blue eyes.

Hiccups of emotion turned into a downpour of once pent-up emotions. To his knees on the dirt he tumbled, sight blurred with the teary streaks that clouded his vision.

She was all he had. Wufei wasn't Fei. "God... Fei!" A strong fist slammed itself repeatedly against the cool dirt.

He was sharing a bed with a man who hated to be touched.

He was living under layers of masks he promised never to take up again.

Every day was a lie because he was pretending everything was alright and he damn well knew they were far from it. Wufei stood as a constant reminder of what he had, the full grasp he had on love. The perfection to slide away without him being able to stop it.

"Damn it!" He hissed, muscles tight with tension, fingers clawing into the rough filth littered with blades of grass. "Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT!!"

His throat burned with hatred towards that black eyed THING that had invaded his life, took his Fei, ruined his faultless and perfect life. The anniversary was two weeks away and every day, every hour, every minute he could feel the depression grow. He couldn't mourn around others.

Mourn for a man who was supposedly right next to him.

The loss that encompassed his daily life weighed down on him. "The burdens of a king..." He murmured, long forgotten words he could vaguely remember his father whispering in times of decision. Bitterness and piercing self resentment stinging his usually fair tone of voice. Anger crackled beneath the hopelessness. To render that brat into a bloody pulp was the only thing he truly desired.

Hands buried themselves painfully into his mane, ripping at the scalp. "Fei..." Tears left their salty trail along his cheeks, overflowing, ceaseless in their onslaught.

Anguish was all it meant to him to be alive.

Two weeks before he entered his abyss of agony.

Slowly, the coughing hysterics settled, leaving him so devoid, so terribly hollow. To feel so incredibly shallow, to rest at the point right before he decided he no longer cared.

Carefully he stood, brushing all signs of his tantrum from his person. Hair was quickly straightened and he began his long jog back to his home.

Milliardo took a longer, slower pace as he neared the familiar gardens close to the back deck area. Stretching, he worked his muscles to a dull state before entering back into his house, his masks perfectly settled in.

Strange noises caught his attention. It was the sound of someone in the kitchen. "Odd..." He murmured, walking in the direction of the morning's late breaking news crackling over the distinct sounds of eggs scrambling.

Wufei beamed as the older man entered the kitchen. "Morning."

"Hi." The answer was dull; even those once vibrant eyes seemed so much less that day.

A sort of frown came upon the boy's poutful lips, "You left early on your run."

"Hm?" The blonde haired European replied, bleary eyes blinking owlishly.

Tapping the spatula against the side of the frying pan, he placed to the side and walked towards the taller gentleman. "You left early on your run."

"Ah... yes. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to head out early." Zechs mumbled, reaching into the refrigerator and grabbing a bottle of water.

"Hmm." The Chinese youth replied, nose scrunching up for the briefest of moments as his eyes narrowed, accessing the man. "If you say so."

"Look, I'm sorry. Next time I feel the urge to break out the running shoes at four am, you'll be the first to know."

With an exasperated sigh, the Asian boy waved the Sankian man away. "Go get a shower, I'll delay breakfast some. But you had better hurry if you plan on eating with Marie and I." Wufei called after the platinum blonde mane as it headed upstairs to the shower.

"I hear you, Wufei." His response came.

"You WILL be eating with us Miri." Wufei demanded as black orbs narrowed again, watching that retreating figure before moving back into the kitchen with a call to their redheaded girl he could hear dashing about the upper levels of the house. "Mariemaia, I'm giving you your ten minute call before breakfast is served!"

"I'll be down soooon!" Her responded echoed back to him.

"I'm turning domestic." He mourned softly, walking back to his pans. Cracking the eggs opened onto the pan, he poked at them gently, turning to then finish cutting up the bagels. The Chinese man's thoughts turned elsewhere. `He looked really worn out. I know he hasn't been sleeping much lately.'

The eggs crackled and spat on the heated frying pan.

`Then again, I didn't sleep much that first two years after Meiren passed away.' He gently chided himself. `So Chang, you see the man loose himself in paperwork and reports, work late, miss meals, tumble into bed at the wee hours of the morning only to get up a few hours, if even a few hours, later to run.' A deep, apprehensive frown developed on his features.

`Remind you of anyone?' A small, irritating voice chided him from the back of his whirring thoughts.

"Hn." Wufei grumbled aloud.

Pushing again at the yellowing eggs he returned his focus to the problem before him. `So how to approach Miri on this. I am still responsible for it, no matter how much he denies it. I blamed OZ and the Alliance for... Well, I still blame Meiren's death on them. And... on myself.' He admitted quietly before continuing his train of thought. `I know how one grieves for the loss of a loved one. I know how to close myself off from the world, to surround myself with masks. To shut the world out.

`He can't do that.' Wufei finished firmly. Jetted black orbs softened some. ` Iie, I don't want him to do that. I care about him, not as a lover, but... as a friend. He has shown a depth of blinded toleration for my presence, welcomed me, helped me, and I should at least try to return the favor.'

Tucking a strand of hair behind his ear, he looked up and smiled as Mariemaia frolicked into the kitchen, her tidy uniform in place, and looking quite eager to eat. "Breakfast ready, Fei?"

"You bet." The Chinese man grinned. "Finish setting the table, would you?" He scraped the scrambled eggs onto a clean plate.

"No problem." The redheaded girl agreed and began rummaging through the kitchen, picking up placemats, plates, cups, silverware, and resting them on the hardwood table.

"Sleep well?" He asked, arranging the bread onto a plate.

"Hm. I did. The weather is perfect for sleeping!"

"If you're a penguin." He snorted, shivering at the memory of waking up in an empty bed, before that lead him to the stark realization- `Why should THAT bother me? I used to sleep alone all the time.' He mindless stepped towards the refrigerator and rummaged for the juice. `It doesn't bother me. I was just concerned from habit.'

`Habit?' That annoying voice came back.

`Routine.' He calmly replied.

`How can you have a routine or a habit from lying next to the man for less than three months?' It sniggered at him.

"Juice, Marie?" He asked, firmly shutting off the vengeful speaker in his mind. He was not used to sleeping with a man. He didn't want to get used to it.

"Hm, please."

Still, it had been very cold in bed without waking up next to another person.


The cafeteria seemed abnormally empty to the European man as he leaned back in one of the table's hideous bright orange chairs. His tray sat nearly full before and Noin had been sitting there scrutinizing him for the past five minutes.

"Yes, Lu?" He asked finally, opening one eye to peer at her.

"You aren't hungry?" The black haired woman asked, twirling her fork between her fingers.

"Eh." Millardo shrugged, noncommittally, "I had a large breakfast."

"You should have said something, I could have waited for a while longer."

"It isn't a problem."

"So..." Noin began somewhat uneasily, "How's Marie doing?"

"Fine." The blonde man replied, eyes closing again.

"Uh-huh." She paused for a long moment. "And Wufei?"

There was a moments pause before an overly detached sounding voice replied, "Decent."

"Decent, eh? Decent good, decent fine, decent pain-in-my-ass? Could you expand on that, Zechs?" Noin asked, pensively awaiting his reaction. She wasn't the only one that had noticed the man's changing behavior. Zechs was staying late, finding seemingly anything to keep him from going home. It was the braided American who had first noticed that the European man was staying late to finish reports up.

Then Sally had mentioned that Zechs staying to work out late at the gym facilities.

Then she had over heard a couple of the younger Human Resource girls chatting about how strange it was to see him arriving to work so early.

Zechs finally shrugged. "Good decent, I guess."

"You guess?" She pressed, settling her fork on her near empty lunch tray.

"We've both been busy."

"So, do you want to tell me what is really going on?"

Anger briefly flashed through his eyes. "Nothing Lu, drop it."

"Hmmm." She mused, watching his reactions closely. "Nope, not this time, Zechs. Something is bothering you. Look, I'm your friend, have been your friend since we were in the Academy together. No secrets between us."

"I'm sure you've kept some secrets from me, Lu."

"Can't think of one, Zechs."

Cracking an eye, he glanced at her earnest face. "How about why you let me be first in our graduating class?"

Her eyes narrowed some. `Two can play hardball, Blondie.' Taking her napkin off her lap, she smiled up sweetly. "How about those juicy details from our early says with the Specials, who was that cute redhead guy, you know the one you said had the nice ass?"

Clearing his throat, electric blue eyes scanned the filling cafeteria. "Let's move somewhere else."

"Works for me." Standing up, Noin followed the tall man out of the mess hall and back towards his office. Once safely inside, her warm eyes watched her dear friend sump in his chair.

"I am beginning to wonder how to keep control of my situation with out blowing everything out of proportion." The Sankian man began, resting his weary head on the palms of his hands.

"That's a vague beginning..." She pressed.

With an irritated sigh, the blue eyed man continued. "I can't mourn for Fei's loss, Wufei is trying, well for him, I'm lying to Mariemaia everyday by pretending everything is fine. It's hot and cold with Wufei. He tries then he doesn't, he let's me touch him, then conveniently he remembers he is supposedly straight. I feel like I should be in mourning, I can't be. Wufei gets worried and upset and then I feel bad for pushing that onto him."